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  1. Ангел Цветилов

    Ангел ЦветиловMinute ago

    KPOP and JPOP are completely fabricated by Companies, while they are superb performers they ain't musical artists

  2. Dozzszz

    DozzszzMinute ago

    Why is this in my recomended? Its 10 years old

  3. kkolbuc

    kkolbuc2 minutes ago

    Yes the Grammys can be biased. People naturally have biases. But when are we going to stop this argument, "Blah blah blah is HUGE. Why didn't they win? They were #1 on the charts!!" It's about what's best, not most popular.

  4. Joe Mills

    Joe Mills3 minutes ago

    I won't pay for a Joker sequel. Even if it's good. It was meant to be a stand alone story and should remain so. But it'll get made because it'll make some people money, just like the Terminator sequels.

  5. JaySee5

    JaySee55 minutes ago

    Who cares about the Grammys? Talk about Hong Kong.

  6. McKenzie P

    McKenzie P6 minutes ago

    Y'all!! I got an ad!! Holy hell.

  7. cookingwithjesus

    cookingwithjesus6 minutes ago

    Now I’m reminded of those flappy things in front of car dealerships.

  8. MissNovel

    MissNovel9 minutes ago

    Hearing cristine curse has got to be the strangest thing I've ever heard

  9. TriforceGaming

    TriforceGaming10 minutes ago

    Iran is increasing fuel prices to fund their secret nuclear program. They could care less about the people, because what dictator has ever cared about the population. I hope the protesters tear down the government, same with Hong Kong.

  10. Donna Rollason

    Donna Rollason11 minutes ago

    Prince Andrew: "I'm convinced I was never in Tramps with her." "I don't know where the bar is in Tramps." "I don't drink." "I don't think I've ever bought a drink in Tramps *whenever* *I* *was* *there* ."

  11. Chris Mandigo

    Chris Mandigo11 minutes ago

    To any k-pop fans that are upset about representation on a shitty awards show: welcome to the world of metal fans over the last like 20 years

  12. Joe Mills

    Joe Mills12 minutes ago

    Re: Golden Globes. I really don't care. So some good looking, famous, talented millionaire doesn't get the trinket they wanted? I have bills, they have lots of money, looks and status, they'll be fine regardless. In fact I find it difficult to think of something more trivial that gets the same attention.

  13. tazmon122

    tazmon12212 minutes ago

    per usual, Trent Reznor was able to my succinctly express how much bullshit the Grammys are over someone else, but the other person gets the soundbite.

  14. T&C Rogers

    T&C Rogers14 minutes ago

    Do you not read off a teleprompter? You look right into the camera and it flows so smooth every video... how do you memorize the news? Either way, I really enjoy watching you be passionate about delivering the news and it not looking like you read off a promoter (even if you do ;)

  15. Victor Lahti

    Victor Lahti14 minutes ago

    Grammys suck

  16. Brett Langston

    Brett Langston17 minutes ago

    After I watched Joker, I told my brother that I wouldn’t mind if there was another one made, but it’s gonna go down as a masterpiece by itself. The way it ended was perfect, but it could also be used as a perfect prequel to another movie.

  17. Taragon Leaf

    Taragon Leaf18 minutes ago

    Hold on, Epstein didn't kill himself?

  18. CoMa

    CoMa19 minutes ago

    Who paid the $100k bail for them? No way they had that much money.

  19. Devil RedHD

    Devil RedHD21 minute ago

    Who even are these people in these podcasts😂 And who cares for the awards? Its a self made fart sniffing competition.. BOOOOOOORIIIIIIIING! Celebs need murdering off 😂 not even people

  20. LittleSeaPig

    LittleSeaPig22 minutes ago

    After years of watching how...have...I...not...noticed...your...hands 😂

  21. Blakhawk1703

    Blakhawk170324 minutes ago

    lol they scared another country is gonna investigate someone. LMAOOOOO Get over yourself. They scared something is gonna be uncovered!

  22. Karishma M.

    Karishma M.25 minutes ago

    I loved Joker... no sequel please

  23. eric gonzalo

    eric gonzalo28 minutes ago

    vindman reading a damn note seems like this dude sucks at memorizing his script that so called hearing is not a real hearing its a sort of a probe in his own definition is a way to investigate if the president which is going to run next election did ask otehr country to investigate political enemy for corruption hypocrisy at its finest by the way those 2 witnesses are expert in determining the intent of anyone so we should believe them specially the guy that sucks at memorizing

  24. RealityCheck1993

    RealityCheck199329 minutes ago

    Look, those guards don't dropped the ball, and then lied about it. Obviously. But I refuse to believe that's the first time that happened, or that people higher up the ladder didn't give a pass on that behavior until it was an issue.

  25. dodge10P1N

    dodge10P1N31 minute ago

    The fact that BTS was not nominated at the very least for world album AND is the top selling album in the world, goes to show these awards shows are FIXED.

  26. A Alvarez

    A Alvarez31 minute ago

    Wow Phil. May as well call you MSM CNN when it comes to Epstein or Trump. You don’t seem to do any due diligence and just tow the MSM line. The fact that Ukraine interfered with our elections isn’t a conspiracy theory. It was even acknowledged by Politico, no friend of Trumps. Ukraine was extremely anti-Trump and did what they could to help Hillary’s campaign. And Vindman’s testimony was all about his opinions on how foreign policy should be, and he’s not the president. Also the impeachment hearings were a circus show, explaining how this was ALL based on circular impressions within a small group, and had nothing to do with anything Trump or Giuliani said. Disgusting. Are you sponsored by CNN or something?

  27. 1001010 010100101

    1001010 01010010132 minutes ago

    Boo. Chick-fil-A should never have backed down. I'm tired of not being able to feel, believe, and support what I want. Why does everybody have to love gays?

  28. xxmoonangelxx

    xxmoonangelxx35 minutes ago

    I'm honestly surprised that you haven't talked about COPPA or the FTC yet Phillip!!

  29. Krieger

    Krieger38 minutes ago

    I hope one day KPop is treated as well as equally shitty Western Pop

  30. Kyleigh Lawless

    Kyleigh Lawless39 minutes ago

    Okay but if youre trying to use a christian company and theyre open about their beliefs how can you expect them to change their religion to fit societal molds? I think if they arent attacking the community or making them feel unsafe, they can have their views. Hopefully they are true to the traditional belief that you should be kind to neighbor and love everyone despite whatever they do. I dont think lgbt people arent valid nor their struggles but you cannot expect everyone to see or feel what you see or feel. (Side note- im agnostic so please dont think im an altright christian hillbilly or something) please just respect everyone and at least be kind as much as you can because no day is guaranteed and it would be a shame to waste this short life filled with hatred or trying to find more people to persecute. Just my thoughts

  31. Jared Johnson

    Jared Johnson40 minutes ago

    My initial thought is that you, along with the rest of media with the exception right-wing publication, are convinced of Trumps guilt. I have yet to hear an unbiased report of this issue other than Tim Pool and some other "subversives."

  32. Tiffany Renee

    Tiffany Renee41 minute ago

    Meanwhile I just don't like the chicken at Chik-fil-a ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Burger King has the best spicy chicken sandwich come at me bruh

  33. bigheverly

    bigheverly43 minutes ago

    Welp Epstein is done. Those dudes are gonna take the fall under “ignorance”. Stupidity isn’t punishable by death. They’ll get a new life paid for after 3 years of cozy club fed living. The Clintons walk free and all the creepy associates can wick their sweat off happily

  34. Neon Clover

    Neon Clover46 minutes ago

    Christine looks like a genderbent Phillip Defranco

  35. Ashley  Beygelman

    Ashley Beygelman47 minutes ago

    He did it, it is obvious but Republicans will choose Party over Country and this is the end of USA

  36. MyOwnDesign

    MyOwnDesign48 minutes ago

    please, no sequels!!!! make a movie with a same grim mood. but not a joker movie :(

  37. katherine liu

    katherine liu49 minutes ago

    I really enjoyed the portrayal and story of Joaquin Phoenix's joker but I think the movie was made for it to be a stand-alone film. Having a sequel to the Joker ultimately means that it will be compared to the dark knight's joker, Heath Ledger. Personally, I think it should be left alone, Joaquin's joker is the perfect portrayal of the journey to madness and Heath's joker is that madness.

  38. Meeko

    Meeko54 minutes ago

    Tbh I doubt chicfila is dipping on sales just because lgbtq.

  39. Craig Bartlett

    Craig Bartlett56 minutes ago

    Saying Chick Filet isn't forward thinking is straight up backward thinking. You are persecuting people for their views. If you hate that fact, you're a fascist. If you don't like them, take your money elsewhere QUIETLY. Why the vitriolic pressure to change people? Do gay folks want to be pressured to change? No. Just leave people alone. Chick Filet has a right to exist as they are the same as you do.

  40. Rayzersword

    Rayzersword57 minutes ago

    Thank you for bringing up Wendy's we dont really have popeye's or chick-fil-a in canada (ive only seen one popeyes i believe no chick-fil-a) and i never understood the hype my first though was it camt be that much better than Wendy's haha

  41. warrior jack

    warrior jack57 minutes ago

    I like how people think these award shows are honorable forms of merit, they’re all industry plants and they’re all calculated. They choose what’s popular.

  42. The Leap

    The Leap58 minutes ago

    How can you tell Prince Andrew is lying....HIS LIPS ARE MOVING!

  43. Maximus

    MaximusHour ago

    Great coverage of the hearings. Keep it up.

  44. R M

    R MHour ago

    Talk about muddying the waters, the Republicans keep talking about hunter Biden and his potential guilt and that was the front page of fox news yesterday. That is so irrelevant to this case. If you robbed a bank and then I murdered you, regardless of your crimes I'm still guilty of murder. If trump withheld aid and meetings for political gain it doesn't matter what the outcome would be of the investigation he bribed Ukraine to get. It's mind boggling that this is something we're talking about

  45. Oscar Ruiz

    Oscar RuizHour ago

    its good as it is, don’t mess it up

  46. Romar Paqueo

    Romar PaqueoHour ago

    The guards were paid, award shows are all bullshit, and I have a hard time believing either side of this impeachment case.

  47. Archetypal Other

    Archetypal OtherHour ago

    Joker was golden, and I would prefer to just have more movies in that universe.

  48. Kiji Art

    Kiji ArtHour ago

    Those guards feel like scapegoats to me.

  49. CGagnon5

    CGagnon5Hour ago

    BTS is for nerds. nobody gives a shit about them

  50. bigheverly

    bigheverlyHour ago

    I never realized how woke Phil was. Two months of podcasting and he’s still the only white, (seemingly) straight dude to be on it. But I know what you’re thinking... he’s gotta be running out of women minority’s right. I mean they can’t really expect us to think everyone with khaki skin and double X chromosomes is funny enough to hold an extended conversation with right??? Wait to be surprised*

  51. Andrew Foltz

    Andrew FoltzHour ago

    Joker does not need a sequel

  52. Dr BaconLegs

    Dr BaconLegsHour ago

    Phil your so democrat bias it’s crazy lol. Why not show the clip of sonland with jim jordan which showed that sondland has 0 evidence and is assuming all this junk

  53. Noah Gregory

    Noah GregoryHour ago

    The whole Taylor Swift thing has everyone calling everyone else a liar and I don't really see compelling evidence on either side, at least from what was presented here.

  54. Anthony Peters

    Anthony PetersHour ago


  55. Delta-Jungly 810

    Delta-Jungly 810Hour ago

    Not a fan of Lizzo or Gaga or miley... The masses support the oddest stuff Edit: or swift

  56. Ray Lira

    Ray LiraHour ago

    I was homeless in California. For a studio apartment I paid $850. Due to rent increases when I left California, for the same studio apartment I was paying $1,350. Yeah, I'm glad to see a cap on it for my friends and family still there renting.

  57. B. Lee

    B. LeeHour ago

    Anything regarding the Grammys: OH MY GOSH, WHO THE HELL CARES?!

  58. zoezoe200406

    zoezoe200406Hour ago

    Yep, the Clinton's threw the guards under the bus for sure.. at what point will Bill Clinton be investigated?? If Prince Andrew is involved why is it so hard to believe the Clinton's were as well?? Fuck I hate the sheep that live in the world today that follow blindly with the pack....

  59. Clara A.

    Clara A.Hour ago

    Uh... Am I the only one getting distracted by all of that hand gestures?

  60. AshleyMCJ

    AshleyMCJHour ago

    I've been showing clips of your vids unpacking the Epstein case to one of my classes, and my students asked me to slow you down to .75 😂 I guess I've never noticed how fast you speak!

  61. Toby Yang

    Toby YangHour ago

    Cover the mass shooting in Fresno California, and how CNN calls it a milestone for the Hmong community. Lots of outrage about this.

  62. 93pan1c

    93pan1cHour ago

    OMG it's Cristine again! I had't been subscribed to you, yet I did wath your videos from time to time. Since today, this has changed.

  63. Vanessa Blanco

    Vanessa BlancoHour ago

    I see Simply, I click.

  64. pee pee

    pee peeHour ago

    Does it really matter about the guards when there are a group of pedophiles probably still trafficking children that we are giving our money and support to, that are living in the best life they can above the law while their victims suffer.

  65. 182atenasb

    182atenasbHour ago

    I love trumps defense of “well I never called it quid pro quo so that’s not what I was doing” I don’t expect anything from this man but other republicans are honestly surprising me. So much for country over party. Not sure Democrats would be any different in this situation

  66. Spaceboy02111

    Spaceboy02111Hour ago

    Gonna just get this out of the way right now. Epstein's guards didn't kill themselves.

  67. sacullll

    sacullllHour ago

    Chick-fil-A should dump everything in a dumpster, cheaper and no hassle.

  68. pee pee

    pee peeHour ago


  69. 13akii

    13akiiHour ago

    But.. if its about money, BTS would rake it in if they nominated them and charge the streaming of the Grammys.

  70. Chandler Deardorff

    Chandler DeardorffHour ago

    Vindman did, however, testify he didnt know who the whistleblower was, and when questioned about who he talked to following the call, he said he couldn't say one name, then Schiff said the questioner wasnt allowed to try to out the whistleblower, but if he testified he doesnt know who the whistleblower is, then how could any question to him be trying to out the whistleblower? That is purjery

  71. shane b

    shane bHour ago

    speaking about the arm movement. Phil is always complaining he doesn't have time to work out... just add some weighted wrist bands during the show.

  72. Raquel 67

    Raquel 67Hour ago

    I stopped watching or caring about award shows a long time ago.

  73. Chiara Vallini

    Chiara ValliniHour ago

    Bts should have been nominated sorry. Like not being adknowledged at all.. ridiculous. Like they are the freaking band of the year, even if you are not a fan you can’t deny that. Grammys never learn

  74. Chase

    ChaseHour ago

    I love how you ignore everything the witnesses say while speaking to the republican representatives.

  75. BlueDreamKush23

    BlueDreamKush23Hour ago

    There’s me... hanging my clothes on laundry day... And then there’s Epstein... not hanging himself on laundry day.

  76. Marv White

    Marv WhiteHour ago


  77. Whatevs

    WhatevsHour ago

    Me and girlfriend watched Joker, it sucked balls until the last 15 minutes. So I do not understand why people hate or love it when its so meh.

  78. Sonisis Speedpaints

    Sonisis SpeedpaintsHour ago

    I wished Ben came in and gave her her tea

  79. XXX957TRO

    XXX957TROHour ago

    Trump 2020 wwg1wga

  80. Major Tom

    Major TomHour ago

    I find it hilarious that all the "Epstein didn't kill himself" people automatically dismiss that Trump could have been the one to order his murder. Epstein didn't kill himself, and Trump definitely wasn't there. *wink wink*

  81. Merkin Perm

    Merkin PermHour ago

    Stop having less talented people do your intro please

  82. Andy's Angels

    Andy's AngelsHour ago

    I’m already sick hearing of your podcast. I’m here for your channel quit plugging yet another channel of yours

  83. Kevin Porter

    Kevin PorterHour ago

    Also please all of those commenting. Register to vote and on Nov 3rd 2020 show up at the polls. Your voice matters. Your vote matters. #Vote2020

  84. Cam

    CamHour ago

    When you couldn't find any proof of interference from Russia, you go to their next door neighbor screaming "REEEEEE!"

  85. folgore

    folgore2 hours ago

    “Lock him up! Lock him up!”

  86. Kevin Porter

    Kevin Porter2 hours ago

    My thoughts on President Trump is all this testimony is very damning. #LOCKHIMUP

  87. Juha-Matti Viitanen

    Juha-Matti Viitanen2 hours ago

    "It's unfair that our music is not in the same category as the others." *Laughs in heavy metal* Also, is it a real shock that music award shows are just a circle jerk of the big record labels.

  88. Cam

    Cam2 hours ago

    Who's Lizzo and why is there a pile of poop on her album cover?

  89. Nate Taite

    Nate Taite2 hours ago

    ti seems like a creep

  90. Kinderheart Kin

    Kinderheart Kin2 hours ago

    Man that political crap is a complete freaking mess.

  91. 국민

    국민2 hours ago

    americans are very close minded

  92. snugglebunch

    snugglebunch2 hours ago


  93. Sigma Later

    Sigma Later2 hours ago

    Joker is a masterclass in how to make to properly good movie. Joaquin was sensationally good as Arthur/Joker. I would love to see him in the role again. BUT because Joker was so damn good a rushed out, cash grab sequel would be awful. I just want them to take their time with it, get a good story and explore more of this Jokers layers and push the boundaries again with the emotional impact and shocks

  94. namelesslovexx

    namelesslovexx2 hours ago

    Where is the diversity Grammy was talking about?

  95. namelesslovexx

    namelesslovexx2 hours ago

    Bts had the best selling album of 2019 yet the other artist apart from them got nominated.....

  96. EpicToadRage

    EpicToadRage2 hours ago

    Why don't you play what Sondland said right after the break? Where he said it was all his "presumption", and that "nobody on the planet" told him that Trump said anything about a quid pro quo, bribery, or ANYTHING about Biden? Why don't you play that?

  97. reem a

    reem a2 hours ago

    it was not only the best selling album in South Korea, it was the best selling album worldwide. followed by billie eilish, thank u,next, and lover. it was more than deserved.

  98. enderpony80

    enderpony802 hours ago

    The impeachment hearings are the biggest circus I’ve ever seen. What a waste of time

  99. Tristan Reid

    Tristan Reid2 hours ago

    Yeah but the popular stuff is usually generic and pandering. In a situation without corruption better music, movies, etc. most likely wouldn’t be the most popular because it would polarize listeners instead of grabbing the most attention.

  100. NewAgeGod

    NewAgeGod2 hours ago

    BAHAHAHAH 4000 on the dark web? That's all the "security" person could find? There's tens of thousands for sale in public forums on the surface web. They're acquired by running email+password lists. Same goes with netflix, pornhub premium, nordvpn etc.