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NVIDIA... Bruh

NVIDIA... Bruh

18 days ago

What are Gaming PCs?
EKWB made a Gaming PC??
  1. mepooloo

    mepooloo17 seconds ago

    How do you completely destroy it and then send it back?

  2. Eirik Kristiansen

    Eirik KristiansenMinute ago

    its a good pc, to be a laptop tho

  3. Charles Hines

    Charles Hines3 minutes ago

    I would like to see a cooler like the wraith spire but made entirely of copper except for the mounting parts.

  4. Rastko Vojinovic

    Rastko Vojinovic3 minutes ago

    maybe pcie port is bad who knows

  5. cnflct

    cnflct3 minutes ago

    I have a medical condition and the difference between 75 and 144 is a puke fest. I wonder if native refresh rate (similar to native resolution) makes a noticeable difference. More pseudo-science please!

  6. iTry Nano

    iTry Nano7 minutes ago

    "can i do it faster?" you bet ur sweet ass, Jay... will it work or have components... well, that's a different story

  7. Jammer Jamski

    Jammer Jamski9 minutes ago

    All yours for £80 ...

  8. Greg Hughes

    Greg Hughes9 minutes ago

    mine comes up that its not recognizing my graphics drivers. fml

  9. Stan .Rarick

    Stan .Rarick10 minutes ago

    @10:00. "you see how..." No, I can't - black wire & black sleeve against black shirt ...

  10. Nickolas Arnold

    Nickolas Arnold10 minutes ago

    Would the 2700x work on your budget build from approximately 3 months back ? There is a sale at micro center for 190 off.

  11. free thinker

    free thinker11 minutes ago

    Ok a guy in 24 hertz film thing said similar ! i after viewing a few video , it seem. Camera have a setting to adjust ! exposure to light duration or whatever ! But once this is done ? Good luck noticing the difference ! Maybe side by side and even then , it’s so slight that it’s not worth the bandwith cost ! Now you know why. Movie are still all in 24p ! The list that is higher is so short it’s laughable! Lord of the ring is one ! Most cable won’t go past 1080i and for good reason ! It cost less to ask movie maker or content creator to set properly then sending terabyte of data per user ! I am surprised you haven’t learned this yet.! google go to 30 p but but they could go to 1080i24 and nobody would notice ! Check game streamer , they have to lower their bitrate because of bandwith cost! and for most content ? 1280x720p 30 frame per second is enough

  12. A

    A11 minutes ago

    this video is GOLD. :D:D

  13. clownavenger

    clownavenger16 minutes ago

    i cant see over 30


    JUST FORTNITE17 minutes ago

    I have a msi rx 480 gaming x .is raising power limit up to 150% harmful for the gpu . Cause when the power limite is 100% the core clock is not stable at all

  15. SebastianH88

    SebastianH8824 minutes ago

    Talking about smoothness, check out Phil's arms and hands!

  16. diogo mendes

    diogo mendes27 minutes ago

    I still gave my vg248qe 144 hz old but still a nice gaming Monitor

  17. PSK Research

    PSK Research28 minutes ago

    Why the hell do you need your hard drive to light up brightly anyway?

  18. Sebastian Stroissnigg

    Sebastian Stroissnigg28 minutes ago

    I once thought my PC was broken, because an update of Forza Horizon 4 set the framerate to 60Hz... I usually play on 144, so that jump was quite big.

  19. CheapBastard1988

    CheapBastard198828 minutes ago

    My experience is that I mainly notice high refresh rate when playing with keyboard and mouse. If I play with a controller then 40-45 fps makes all the difference and any higher hardly matters. So open world 3rd person games like GTA, Saints Row or Watchdogs look fine as I play them with a controller in ultra relaxed mode. In 1st person shooters I play with keyboard and mouse and 70fps is absolutely awful and I need that high refresh rate.

  20. MarisaTM

    MarisaTM28 minutes ago

    who the fuck cannot see the fps difference? only a console player.

  21. Marcus Mitchell

    Marcus Mitchell28 minutes ago

    Try getting someone younger, and maybe someone older then look for correlation.

  22. Ryan Evertowski

    Ryan Evertowski29 minutes ago

    Hey Jay, I was curious if you could make a build for Destiny 2? I’m trying to make a build with a price range of $1000? I was curious what minimum specs I should use seen as though destiny 2 doesn’t have a set minimum.

  23. Abdelazziz Chemchaoui

    Abdelazziz Chemchaoui31 minute ago

    thank you my friend for all and i wish if you can give me more informations and details for only part of this Pc and the link to bay it

  24. Hector Martinez

    Hector Martinez33 minutes ago

    Hello JayzTwoCents I built a brand new pc everything but the Asus Strix 970 is new and here are the parts. Thermal take 750W ATX PSU Ryzen 2700x Asus ROG Strix x470 F Series Silicon Power Ram 8gbx2 (16) 512 Silicon Power SSD and I have an issue. An Issue I’ve been trying to solve for a week now and I’m getting impatient with my pc build. I seem to have everything on and fans spinning including my case fans gpu and cpu fans. I tried moving RAM and also just use one stick of RAM; using GPU and MoBO ports;tried switching from hdmi to using the DVI. I tried removing the GPU. It just doesn’t have any signal I’ve tried to different TV/PC monitor but nothing. Please help me

  25. Killajolt

    Killajolt37 minutes ago

    120Hz is the sweet spot for me, its high enough small fps drops are not too bad (below 100 is bad though) and pushing a steady 120 or 117/118 constant at slightly higher settings is a option which is nice or just better for lower end pc's. Though a 100Hz panel is still a massive upgrade over a 60Hz and I wouldn't feel bad about buying/using one. 75Hz is too small of a upgrade imo.

  26. WhiteHawk

    WhiteHawk38 minutes ago

    It’s pretty clear to me that the visual part of everyone’s brain is different and that some pick up on different resolutions and refresh rates better and some are worse at it, people who can’t tell so easily will always say the better displays are worthless and those like me will know different. 😁

  27. bigaza2151

    bigaza215138 minutes ago

    this is not ok

  28. Arthur Walker

    Arthur Walker41 minute ago

    TRY a old C R T monitor and you will be shocked how much better they are, old tech granted i a 19inch Philips for many years, in the end took up to much space, i think new flat panels are still playing catch up to C R T monitors. Jayz great site, and thanks.

  29. ElasticSparrow

    ElasticSparrow44 minutes ago

    I really wanted this for pc but I said fuck it and bought it on xbox one. Don't feel like going through a bunch of shit to play it. This will be the first time iv'e touched my xbox in over a year!

  30. Nsixtyfourlink

    Nsixtyfourlink47 minutes ago

    In a newer case, with good fans. It should not make a difference.

  31. sonicjon 999

    sonicjon 99952 minutes ago

    These strippers are taking all my money

  32. Ron Brideau

    Ron Brideau52 minutes ago

    If something moves across the screen in a tenth of a second and your at 60 fps it will show at six points of your screen and in your field of view, easy to see.

  33. Uhuru N'Uru

    Uhuru N'Uru53 minutes ago

    Well no, doesn't matter whether you can tell, visually, or not. You've both agreed that input is affected by higher refresh rates, whether you can see a difference, or not. There's a reason why professional gamers go as high as they can, and that reason applies to all gamers, your input is registered faster the higher your refresh rates.

  34. takenxtx

    takenxtx53 minutes ago

    Been using a Benq XL2420T 120hz since 2012 and can tell if a monitor has low refresh. At 120hz+ even windows feels smoother.

  35. Michael 534

    Michael 53456 minutes ago

    Size of the monitor makes a big difference. With my old 17 inch CRT I could BARELY tell a difference between 60-75fps

  36. Eric Gurley

    Eric Gurley57 minutes ago

    I have an Alienware ultra-wide (AW3418DW) that can overclock to 120Hz. I tried it out for a little bit. I couldn't tell the difference so I switched it back to 100Hz.

  37. wildcard749

    wildcard74957 minutes ago

    i bought a 2070 super because i wanted a 2080 but it didnt make sense to pay $900 cad when the 2070 super was 679 cad

  38. Hysteria

    Hysteria58 minutes ago

    *Nvidia Didn't Like That*

  39. COPY Ninja

    COPY Ninja58 minutes ago

    I have an i7 3070 what cheap gpu should I buy (150$)

  40. SternLX

    SternLXHour ago

    I listened. I waited. I got my Asus GeForce RTX 2070 Super 8GB DUAL in a week ago. It's sweeeeeeeeet!

  41. Richard Hruby

    Richard HrubyHour ago

    The human eye cas see up to 1000 fps however our brains can only truly see the difference up to 500fps however that is subjective.

  42. nazım nazım

    nazım nazımHour ago

    60 enouugh

  43. HeathenHacks

    HeathenHacksHour ago

    Anyone else notice Phil's Corridor Digital hat?

  44. Andreas jørgensen

    Andreas jørgensenHour ago

    I switched from 144 hz to 200 hz Acer I and the difference was noticeable but afterwards I switched to 240 hz Asus and 200 to 240 is impossible to tell the difference:)

  45. Lauri Tuppurainen

    Lauri TuppurainenHour ago

    Still can't believe I got an FX 8320 for just 30€

  46. Travis Hunt YouTube PhD

    Travis Hunt YouTube PhDHour ago

    Lol update the bios... Yeah that has never worked for me

  47. LyleJozeph

    LyleJozephHour ago

    I prefer 4k 60hz over a lower resolution and faster refresh rate any day.

  48. Daxter250

    Daxter250Hour ago

    i guessed it would be the harddrive. looks like i wasn't too far off :D.

  49. Red Rolo

    Red RoloHour ago

    Dude a small GPU fan doesn't pull enough air to be bothered by a choke-down from 3 to 2 inches. What do you think you're installing a turbo charger? XD

  50. TVfridge

    TVfridgeHour ago

    RDR2 was running fine on PC until today. Suddenly stopped working with the message: RDR2 won't launch as it doesn't recognize your soundcard. Seriously?!

  51. d k

    d kHour ago

    Whcih is why I prefer to run 120hz with ULMB (ultra low motion blur) Monitor with Gsync disable

  52. TheVillainOfTheYear

    TheVillainOfTheYearHour ago

    Frame time consistency is much more important IMO. I'd love to see comparison between game locked at 100Hz/100fps vs one that bounces between 100-144.

  53. Daryl Scott

    Daryl ScottHour ago

    Going from my lg 32gk650f at 144hz to my 4k lg tv at 60hz destiny 2 looked really shitty with no smooth motion at all.

  54. Brandon Latchman

    Brandon LatchmanHour ago

    I think you forgot about EXP GDC v8.0 a mini pcie

  55. forestR1

    forestR1Hour ago

    JAY - I have a theory that response time affects framerate sensitivity. 60hz looks horrid and stuttery on a 1ms gaming monitor, but fairly smooth on a TV. As a slide show is easier on the eyes with fading transitions, so too would a more gradual (slower) pixel response. No argument for which is better at 100+hz, but I think that's why everyone says "60hz looks horrible now"- they're seeing 60hz on a 1ms panel.

  56. KnightRiderKARR

    KnightRiderKARRHour ago

    It depends on person "if can see the difference" -- Unfortunately all humans dont have same abilities/sensations !!! Its like hearing -> some people can't hear over 16KHz (like the old CRT TVs buzzing noise),older ages (70+) can't hear above 10KHz :S

  57. Marvin "Syn | Marvin" Van Loon

    Marvin "Syn | Marvin" Van LoonHour ago

    Well thanks for emptying my wallet this evening... :D

  58. R3D

    R3DHour ago

    People invest $ thousands into GPUs and high refresh monitors. And then game on a keyboard with massive amounts of key travel, increasing input lag. Because it feels so nice and tactile.

  59. GrubbyTrack

    GrubbyTrackHour ago

    Can I get a quick recap?

  60. Beast6228

    Beast6228Hour ago

    If the 3950x is already an Intel destroyer, I can only imagine what the 3960x and 3970x will be like.

  61. Killer32620

    Killer32620Hour ago

    About to get my first 144hz screen soon I had came from a tv then to a 75 hz monitor but i can still see jitter when i have high fps I wonder if ill notice any diffrence in games when my new monitor comes hope it feels smoother cause 60-75 dont cut it for me

  62. forestR1

    forestR1Hour ago

    144Hz is about the only option for common resolutions (above 60Hz) these days haven't seen a 100hz or 120hz panel from any manufacturer for a couple of years apart from 4K or UWQHD etc

  63. Fortunate Talisman

    Fortunate TalismanHour ago

    50-75Hz is almost indistinguishable for me

  64. kens32052

    kens32052Hour ago

    LOL that's the same case I have.

  65. DG R

    DG RHour ago

    If playing with 75fps on a 144hz monitor will there be any screen tearing?

  66. OGT Gaming

    OGT GamingHour ago

    www.hltv.org/forums/threads/1540391/60hz-vs-144hz-0-advantage check this.

  67. forestR1

    forestR1Hour ago

    Despite being able to guess or not guess an arbitrary number; you CAN definitely sense weather it's better or worse

  68. lotechgreg

    lotechgregHour ago

    BF4?.... I was sure you'd use World of Warships, for such intense testing..........

  69. Levan Chilindrishvili

    Levan ChilindrishviliHour ago

    Same problem but the noise is coming from the power supply,any suggestions ?

  70. monk sun

    monk sunHour ago

    9000 Hz or go home

  71. Christofer Nyström

    Christofer Nyström2 hours ago

    A couple of months ago when nvidia updated drivers my overwatch settings changed from lowish to ultra with 150% render scale. My FPS droped from 200ish to 80 something. I did not notice until i joined a game of comp and i did not notice the difference in grafics but i did notice the game felt awful. I felt like i could not hit a single shot.

  72. Kyle Thurber

    Kyle Thurber2 hours ago

    I was gonna give Jay crap for being a bit of an Intel fan boy but then I found out he played WoWS too. We all good bro.

  73. Rihards Barkovskis

    Rihards Barkovskis2 hours ago

    I want jay's car's wallpapers. 🙈

  74. zEletrixx

    zEletrixx2 hours ago

    Next year: I killed my personal RIG for science... The year after: I killed my USwork channel for science...

  75. Rodrigo Lima

    Rodrigo Lima2 hours ago

    that's why i play battlefield v between 100 and 120 fps

  76. MrXanthios

    MrXanthios2 hours ago

    BF4 testing groud <3

  77. Claude Martin

    Claude Martin2 hours ago

    I can tell in ESO above 150, less then 100, and in between. But thats about it. (i have a 200fps screen) so 125 feels like 144 and 80 or 45 is about the same. Anything above 150 is ridiculously smooth and i can't tell if its 155 or 185... Or 200

  78. David Waring

    David Waring2 hours ago

    Was the OS included in the Price?

  79. Henrik Norberg

    Henrik Norberg2 hours ago

    A MUCH better test would be two computer at the same time and one with 144Hz and another with 120Hz (and test the other fps too) and see if you can tell what monitor is faster. If you cant tell right every time there is no differens in perceived experience.

  80. avatarmanz

    avatarmanz2 hours ago

    I have a 240hz monitor, a 144hz monitor (overclocked to 165hz) and two 60hz monitors. I can definitely tell the difference between 240 and 165. 60hz just looks god awful. I constantly see credit card machines flickering at work after gaming for a bit.

  81. Fanb0y

    Fanb0y2 hours ago

    its not only the refresh rate, its also the fps. i have a 144Hz panel, but the input lag difference produced by higher fps makes a bigger difference for me.

  82. lastpicture

    lastpicture2 hours ago

    Your preception is not relevant to performance. It happens to me all the time that i get that headshot without rembering how I did it. Point is, even if you wouldnt see the higher refreshrate, it WILL help your reflexes target faster.

  83. 김나리

    김나리2 hours ago

    I keep seeing lights IRL flicker a lot, lol. I am really sensitive. 😂 It is seriously bothersome at certain places since it flickers so much, and yet you're the only one who can see it..

  84. ItsYaBoiDre

    ItsYaBoiDre2 hours ago

    austin used to work for jayztwocents?

  85. JAXi

    JAXi2 hours ago

    I've always loved your videos <3 The style has changed so much from the old days, but I believe that it's a good thing.

  86. Billy Gray

    Billy Gray2 hours ago

    what if you removed the blower fan and put a delta fan on the end of the pipe?

  87. Sinbadd The Pirate

    Sinbadd The Pirate2 hours ago

    Console nerds are like cave men and women stuck at their 60 FPS and eating cheetohs.........sayin "My console is basically a pc." I am rolling on the floor laughing so hard at this, I crack myself up so much. Stupid console nerds.

  88. Ron Greenfield

    Ron Greenfield2 hours ago

    3" bend?

  89. Greatest Ever

    Greatest Ever2 hours ago

    would have been better if this was a 60fps video

  90. R O X Λ S

    R O X Λ S2 hours ago

    Should have just used a celeron

  91. Lorioyama Emma-o

    Lorioyama Emma-o2 hours ago

    Thank you very much man, that helps me a lot.

  92. Justin Tomsky

    Justin Tomsky2 hours ago

    I think one thing no one compares is the smearing of the panels across multiple panels in these ranges. A max 75hz panel will not look as good as a 144hz panel running at 75hz because those pixels should have faster g2g times and less smearing.

  93. H Koizumi

    H Koizumi2 hours ago

    Funny you did this because my monitor or cable that I am using acted up couple days ago. My Displayport cable failed and nothing was on screen. I had to use HDMI for now. The issue from this is, HDMI only supports 120hz rather than 144hz. I've been on 120hz for a day and honestly, it's hard to notice. But I am going to go back to Displayport as soon as I figure out what's wrong.

  94. KelloSVK

    KelloSVK2 hours ago

    My eyes can only see 8gb of ram....

  95. Zushikatetomoto Shift

    Zushikatetomoto Shift2 hours ago

    TBH a jump from 60hz to 144hz you do notice it but you are right if you have 100hz to 144hz you will not notice it. But a jump from 75hz and under to 144hz you can tell.

  96. crixmorgan

    crixmorgan2 hours ago

    very "cool"...... !!!!

  97. Sjoer van der Ploeg

    Sjoer van der Ploeg2 hours ago

    I just cap my games at 30 FPS, except for stuff like FPV simulators where the latency is unbearable! Right now my old Sharp Aquos (2006) died and I'm using a very slow Loewe Xelos... which makes the mouse feel like it has a rubber band even in "game" mode lol!

  98. Elim 99

    Elim 992 hours ago

    I can tell because I have cybernetic eyes. they literally tell me.

  99. NoFeelings

    NoFeelings3 hours ago

    That’s actually kinda awkward - taking a dump and listening to you explaining to us you got inspired to make this vid while taking a dump... 🤔

  100. silver sky

    silver sky3 hours ago

    What a shitty gaming nerd... didnt get anything rite.. be off