Hannah Stocking
Hannah Stocking
Hannah Stocking

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  1. Noura jackson

    Noura jackson7 seconds ago

    فين جيش نور ستارز 😘😘 It mean where's noor stars fans 😍😘

  2. Lina Tarek

    Lina Tarek41 second ago

    who is here for noor stars

  3. Reem Reem

    Reem Reem2 minutes ago

    I don’t like noor she looks like she’s acting

  4. Pug IsLife

    Pug IsLife2 minutes ago

    U re used the intro

  5. Reem Reem

    Reem Reem4 minutes ago

    نور ستار مبين التمثيل بطلت احب انور منك وبعدين حركات ثمك ومنخارك بتقهرييييي أف

  6. Noura jackson

    Noura jackson4 minutes ago

    Nour is the bestttt look how beautiful 😭😭😭😭❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️who's agree💚

  7. Moonstar Chronicles

    Moonstar Chronicles4 minutes ago

    The sister looks like one of the girls from xxxtrasmall on pornhub, and the same exact nails aren't helping either.

  8. My Vids

    My Vids5 minutes ago

    Joker is after you now Run

  9. Ayano The Elf

    Ayano The Elf5 minutes ago

    i actually liked that look his sister gave her....xD

  10. Chorfi Susen

    Chorfi Susen6 minutes ago

    I love Hannah but these two are just eww

  11. Patricia Lugay-Douglas

    Patricia Lugay-Douglas6 minutes ago


  12. Fox Hound

    Fox Hound7 minutes ago

    I need a series of science with Hannah!

  13. Rose

    Rose7 minutes ago

    Anyone Arbian person Ilove u noor and hanna an anwer so much this video so comdey

  14. Amelia's Gym tutorials

    Amelia's Gym tutorials9 minutes ago

    GOOOO HANNAH!!!! WOOOO yay 😊☺️☺️☺️🤗😇😜🤓😎🤡🤠😛🤑😂🤣😅😀😃 hah lol yay g single get a boy sooner!!!!

  15. Emilie McCarthy

    Emilie McCarthy10 minutes ago

    You can't subscribe if u are already subscribed

  16. Saskia_leanneMay _

    Saskia_leanneMay _11 minutes ago

    ☺️☺️ love this ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  17. Ariana Grande

    Ariana Grande12 minutes ago

    I really like your vids they are amazing x

  18. Sharif Studio

    Sharif Studio14 minutes ago

    Who else saw this clown girl on Tiktok?

  19. Firdausiah Ramadhani

    Firdausiah Ramadhani14 minutes ago

    Anwar thought it's feel like a pillow

  20. Quirky QWERTY

    Quirky QWERTY15 minutes ago

    Who else likes Hannah's hair dye?? :)

  21. RealProps TV

    RealProps TV16 minutes ago

    Subscribe just because hannah embarrassed herself in yt

  22. k-pop lover

    k-pop lover17 minutes ago

    You sre so amazing Hannah 💜💜💜💜💜

  23. Hajar Fan

    Hajar Fan19 minutes ago

    مين عربي هون و مين عجبو تمثيل نور ستارز الي يحب نور لايك

  24. sandy brook

    sandy brook19 minutes ago

    I love it 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  25. Helen

    Helen21 minute ago

    Hmmm I‘m gonna do this with MY Brother....😉

  26. Fox Hound

    Fox Hound23 minutes ago

    Hannah is awesome. The content of her videos is entertaining, funny and sometimes informative ? But seriously I respect her ❤

  27. Yugyeom's Earring

    Yugyeom's Earring23 minutes ago

    I've been staring at the damn video until I realised it had only been 1 hour and I thought it was released a few months ago and I must've watched it already.

  28. Anni

    Anni24 minutes ago

    aww how cute she said the german 💕

  29. Shernika Phillip

    Shernika Phillip24 minutes ago

    I need a man like this doggg


    BUSHY CAT25 minutes ago

    I love you Hannah your representation is very beautiful and confused at the same time😘❤💚💜💛

  31. snowyee ng

    snowyee ng26 minutes ago

    Love yourr viddss😍💙💚💛🧡💜❤❤

  32. Fabian Sawh

    Fabian Sawh27 minutes ago

    I miss the laugh of Hannah Stocking

  33. Reham li s

    Reham li s29 minutes ago

    Noooor I love you so much... Because im Arabic fan😘😘🇮🇶🇮🇶🇮🇶🇮🇶

  34. Raj Kothari

    Raj Kothari29 minutes ago

    So unfunny

  35. Football World

    Football World31 minute ago

    the video is more than wonderful

  36. Menna Abdelsalam

    Menna Abdelsalam31 minute ago

    Hes way to short

  37. Nasr Ahmed

    Nasr Ahmed31 minute ago

    It is awesome and I like the end 😀😀

  38. 19xxKid Memer

    19xxKid Memer32 minutes ago

    This is how many people from pakistan ❤️🤗🇵🇰

  39. viper 7

    viper 732 minutes ago

    2:21 when she did orange justice but it didn't work.

  40. Kyaw Nah

    Kyaw Nah32 minutes ago

    The girlfriend is on tiktok

  41. BlackRed CE

    BlackRed CE33 minutes ago

    Imagine deleting the comments. Lol what a loser

  42. Brenda Mushi

    Brenda Mushi33 minutes ago

    Love u Hannah

  43. Aavi Khan

    Aavi Khan34 minutes ago

    How she have more subscribers than ANWAR???

  44. Hajar Adel

    Hajar Adel35 minutes ago

    Nooooor start


    JACK x YASMINYMAN35 minutes ago

    *HANNAH STOCKING* Love from france 🇫🇷 ❣❤️

  46. -Layla-

    -Layla-36 minutes ago

    Who sees a comment that has many likes and wonders "Damn, i wish i said that"

  47. حوراني وعزوتي شمّر

    حوراني وعزوتي شمّر38 minutes ago

    1:40 طلع العرق العربي

  48. Jahnavi Thaver

    Jahnavi Thaver39 minutes ago


  49. Saidi Oumayma

    Saidi Oumayma39 minutes ago

    I liked the video I love Hannah and adore Nour ❤❤❤⁦🇲🇦⁩⁦🇲🇦⁩✌

  50. Quen of minD

    Quen of minD40 minutes ago

    Luv u noor

  51. globo man

    globo man41 minute ago

    Te amo Hannah

  52. Laith Amro

    Laith Amro41 minute ago

    يلي من طريق نور ستارز لايك👍

  53. Sako

    Sako42 minutes ago

    Noors fans where are you

  54. نورس نورس

    نورس نورس42 minutes ago

    Very funny video. Noor created very I love her very much.❤❤❤❤❤


    AM BATMAN42 minutes ago

    You are like the JOKER RIGHT NOW hehehehehehehe😂🤣😂😋😂🤣

  56. Hessah Hessah

    Hessah Hessah43 minutes ago


  57. Rimu Begum

    Rimu Begum45 minutes ago

    I saw ur tilk tok it was super funny i cant belive it was my fravioute

  58. VxciyFN

    VxciyFN45 minutes ago

    This is how many peopel subscribe me 👇🏻( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  59. ania chiboh

    ania chiboh45 minutes ago

    OMG you are with Noor stars i love this girl but don't worry Hanna I love to In the channel of Noor stars she speak Arabic

  60. Nola

    Nola45 minutes ago


  61. Shams Ghalib

    Shams Ghalib46 minutes ago

    اكو عرب بالطيارة؟

  62. Andrea Funes

    Andrea Funes46 minutes ago

    Ay love j

  63. نورس نورس

    نورس نورس47 minutes ago

    Omg This video so so funny 😂😂😂😂

  64. Andrea Funes

    Andrea Funes47 minutes ago


  65. Ginger Bread

    Ginger Bread47 minutes ago

    Who else is shook to see Noor here? Edit: btw I was a fan for 3 years

  66. karri koira

    karri koira48 minutes ago

    i saw this on tik tok and was like, theres a video coming out....

  67. BTS army

    BTS army49 minutes ago

    Hannah is the best

  68. Retaj & Ahmed

    Retaj & Ahmed49 minutes ago

    هانا اني احبج هواي It means I love y Hannah in iraqi

  69. Jana Abdel Baki

    Jana Abdel Baki49 minutes ago

    Is noor actually anwars sister

  70. _Aki_ _nigam_

    _Aki_ _nigam_50 minutes ago

    Amazing 😱🤣👌

  71. melat bekalu

    melat bekalu50 minutes ago

    When i watch this my face😐

  72. Cena Cena

    Cena Cena50 minutes ago

    Like wtf man

  73. Mannan Ali

    Mannan Ali51 minute ago

    I'm scared

  74. Ceka Coulibaly

    Ceka Coulibaly51 minute ago

    Hannah the number that you out by the links, does it work? (Huge Fan)

  75. maria cookies

    maria cookies52 minutes ago

    I love noor stars si much and i love hannah too😊😍😍😍💗💗💗💗

  76. Kevin Johnson

    Kevin Johnson53 minutes ago

    I last name is Johnson

  77. L

    L54 minutes ago

    Hiiii love your vids!!!! And tell lele pons i love her vids too and tell Anwar that i love his vids also

  78. Cristiano Lover

    Cristiano Lover54 minutes ago

    Anwar is damn funny 😂😂😂

  79. SaRa Bitar

    SaRa Bitar54 minutes ago

    I love noor stars

  80. Barena Makhurane

    Barena Makhurane55 minutes ago

    I subscribed 😜

  81. Hinata Rou

    Hinata Rou55 minutes ago

    Of only my teachers treated me like first class....

  82. trashmoutharina

    trashmoutharina58 minutes ago

    1:01 Me after watching the parent trap.

  83. shinobi._. boi._.2008

    shinobi._. boi._.200858 minutes ago

    I’m in class XD

  84. Sama Am

    Sama Am59 minutes ago

    Noor stars I love you we all love you

  85. blink forever

    blink forever59 minutes ago

    80% of the comments: who loves hannah stocking .... and 20% of the comments other things ....

  86. 50 000 Subscribers with 0 Videos Challenge

    50 000 Subscribers with 0 Videos Challenge59 minutes ago

    Who is a huge fan of Hannah Stocking ? 👇🏻 👇🏻

  87. Radhika Choudhary

    Radhika Choudhary59 minutes ago

    Hey Hannah may I have your heart please...??🙈🙈

  88. Eat the Babies

    Eat the BabiesHour ago

    Thank you so much Hannah. I so needed that.



    جيش نور ستارز🌚⁦♥️⁩

  90. Idward Kenway

    Idward KenwayHour ago

    ستيلا الى اللقاء

  91. Abrar Alali

    Abrar AlaliHour ago

    لكك نور ستارز شو عم تسوي هون

  92. Floranda Krenzi

    Floranda KrenziHour ago

    I saw this video but on tik tok u were like u know then the face Ahha

  93. Miray Edeer

    Miray EdeerHour ago

    I’m the jealous sister my brother had 3 girlfriends behind my back but now I can’t get mad because he died.

  94. Imanuel Ismael

    Imanuel IsmaelHour ago


  95. Imanuel Ismael

    Imanuel IsmaelHour ago

    I love it