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The Rundown (Nov. 20)
The Rundown (Nov. 18)
  1. Chad Smith

    Chad Smith9 minutes ago

    It became normal when middle class couldnt afford to live their anymore, then what are you left with? The Rich and the poor, the rich are in their gated communitys they could care less so you have whats left roaming the city drug addicted and people trying to survive

  2. SayNoToSatan

    SayNoToSatan13 minutes ago

    How come i never heard of her? These grammy awards are easily passed around like candy all for the sake of diveristy lmao!

  3. K S

    K S16 minutes ago

    Broke my heart

  4. Chad Smith

    Chad Smith17 minutes ago

    No tent city but they want open borders, Makes alot of sence lol

  5. lani

    lani18 minutes ago

    At least the mother didn’t kill her like other people that don’t want kids. Anyways, She’s so adorable!

  6. D. Anthony Franco

    D. Anthony Franco25 minutes ago

    I pray the other inmates make them feel very "welcome" in prison! ☠☠☠☠☠☠

  7. luis guerro

    luis guerro26 minutes ago

    That's gmo

  8. Jacob Sammer

    Jacob Sammer26 minutes ago

    Welcome to future world with high population density and without shared moral ethics.

  9. unknown on youtube

    unknown on youtube27 minutes ago

    May his innocent soul rest in peace and may these heartless criminals suffer for the rest of their lives

  10. Lakers fan

    Lakers fan28 minutes ago

    Would pipe so hard

  11. xo Brianna

    xo Brianna28 minutes ago

    She a bot

  12. Q.T. Hound

    Q.T. Hound30 minutes ago

    This is typical hood behavior but now that everyone able to be a news reporter we finally seeing it with our eyes instead of reading about it in the newspaper. Back in the 90's a person was killed in New Orleans over a cheese burger ! Mfers have gotten killed over a cigarette, shoes , and just last Thanksgiving a woman was robbed for all of her groceries in broad day. Mfers in my city will rob u for your groceries, your motor oil , detergent, etc. This not a black thing , it's been going on for years

  13. Joseph Ludlow

    Joseph Ludlow32 minutes ago

    Why do I need to see this USwork?

  14. Shadow Mistt

    Shadow Mistt36 minutes ago

    There needs to be more testing on this, it seems like they are rushing the process. How will this affect young children? Pregnant women? Individuals with weak immune systems? Or maybe how will this spray react when mixed with prescription drugs ?. This is how diseases and harmful conditions thrive. Test them more please

  15. Emcstea

    Emcstea40 minutes ago

    She's the sweetest lady one can go off on!!

  16. Roman Reigns

    Roman Reigns43 minutes ago

    judges shouldn't really express their feelings, opinions, just make the ruling

  17. Angirson Lopez

    Angirson Lopez50 minutes ago

    Good for her! As long as men do not attempt to...

  18. Nick N

    Nick N52 minutes ago

    What kind of idiot giggles about doomsday record heat?

  19. Mia Yasss

    Mia Yasss52 minutes ago

    Ik them 💀

  20. Anonymous Hitman

    Anonymous Hitman53 minutes ago


  21. meowmeow

    meowmeow53 minutes ago

    Bitter Sweet Looking at Gabriel's parents and side show cast of others I don't think he would have ever had a chance at life.....death was probably the best way out.

  22. meowmeow

    meowmeow55 minutes ago

    Look at all that god damn makeup on her face WHY When in history did Hispanic women start taking fashion cues from clowns?

  23. Funkmaster Blaster

    Funkmaster Blaster56 minutes ago

    What is it with black people and chicken..I don't get it..

  24. Lynn Young

    Lynn Young56 minutes ago

    I have not and i am not a restaurant person i BELIEVE in home cooking..i never ate one will never because of the ignorance everyone is particularly going nuts over Im different!!😘

  25. Richard B

    Richard B57 minutes ago

    LAX? figures...nothing surprise me about California

  26. Gia Pacella

    Gia PacellaHour ago

    Cancer 3 2 1

  27. JOHN RAU

    JOHN RAUHour ago

    California is the shit pit of America

  28. JOHN RAU

    JOHN RAUHour ago

    Please stay no one wants you

  29. Gavin Aahz

    Gavin AahzHour ago

    Any word on if this dude got murdered inside? Sure hope he fucking did

  30. MrDjh66

    MrDjh66Hour ago

    I gotta try it must be really good

  31. aniab aniab

    aniab aniabHour ago

    Hahaha funny🤦🏻‍♀️🤣 Propagation..

  32. Austin

    AustinHour ago

    No one cares

  33. Zach Dillenger

    Zach DillengerHour ago

    Starve and beat them to near death let them get better and keep doing it until they die. Things like that only deserve the worst of the worst sitting behind bars for the rest of their lives is to merciful a punishment.

  34. JslickGaming

    JslickGamingHour ago

    Who is she? Never heard of her

  35. Alton Riggs

    Alton RiggsHour ago

    Don't move stay,in the crap you voted for.

  36. Black Pill Yellow

    Black Pill YellowHour ago

    California is our own little 3rd world shit hole.

  37. Jesus Colon

    Jesus ColonHour ago

    I hope the CO's open their cells at night and shut off the cameras so hell can brake loose on them in prison!!! Heartless people, sick!! 😡

  38. Nologia Dragon

    Nologia DragonHour ago

    I just want to hug and protect Gabriel even though i'm 17...No child deserve that at all...Rest in peace

  39. kobe jones

    kobe jones2 hours ago

    Notice how all those people was black

  40. John Travolta

    John Travolta2 hours ago

    Pure evil plain and simple.

  41. Cricket Wireless

    Cricket Wireless2 hours ago

    Sexy af 🔥 🔥🔥 🔥

  42. Kyle Yang

    Kyle Yang2 hours ago

    Damn.... the teachers part got me crying

  43. Memes Podcast

    Memes Podcast2 hours ago

    Help me please. I hate these sketchy news programs.

  44. Jay P

    Jay P2 hours ago

    I wish these fuckers would try that in my hood. We dont use paintballs.

  45. Kenneth Huey

    Kenneth Huey2 hours ago

    What is the point of this video ?

  46. Cold Cafe

    Cold Cafe2 hours ago

    he didnt even flinch hahahaha

  47. Sandytits

    Sandytits2 hours ago


  48. Sandytits

    Sandytits2 hours ago

    That father will put the word in and that fat guy will get killed.

  49. DutchClawz

    DutchClawz2 hours ago

    Nice how no feminist is now screaming for equality.

  50. carol dehart

    carol dehart2 hours ago

    I don’t know how you can defend this monster he’s a big fat slob if he was so concerned about that little boy why didn’t he protect little Gabriel . And as for the other monster the so called mother if it was her boyfriend why didn’t she protect her son they are both to blame and she should get the death sentence . I can’t Imagine what Gabriel was thinking when he had both of these monsters taken turns abusing him. It makes me cry to think about how scared and hurt he must’ve been.

  51. zadose

    zadose2 hours ago

    I've seen cleaner homeless people in China or Japan.... let's face it, the homeless in America can find shelter and a place to live with welfare... most homeless are either mentally ill, on drugs, or ex convicts.... the mentally ill and druggies need to be in asylums, locked up because they are a danger to regular citizens.... and ex convicts should be able to get work in manual labor or something instead of the illegal immigrants.

  52. The Beit Hamikdash

    The Beit Hamikdash2 hours ago


  53. Byron Burkhammer

    Byron Burkhammer2 hours ago

    She should totally be let go. They shouldn’t punish her for a tiny little mistake. She should not be getting felony charges either. She won’t do it again !! Bless her little heart !!

  54. John G

    John G2 hours ago

    He’s also on suicide watch, that’s why they have him the he was dressed in court. Vicious and evil, vile monster. I pray and hope that he dies in Prison where he belongs indefinitely. My sincere condolences to the cab driver’s friend’s, family, and co worker’s.

  55. Richard Ackerson

    Richard Ackerson2 hours ago

    Chicken is like crack to most black people hahaha

  56. Christopher Trinh

    Christopher Trinh2 hours ago

    I love these beautiful brand new cars. 🚙 🚗 🚘

  57. James Barlow

    James Barlow3 hours ago

    Classic weathergirl: melts you even at subzero temps.

  58. Mr Me

    Mr Me3 hours ago

    IT WAS THE FAMILIES FAULT. Not the state.

  59. Eat Mee

    Eat Mee3 hours ago

    Send them back so they can get tortured in their home country no mercy there

  60. chic crazy

    chic crazy3 hours ago

    good for that GORGUY

  61. Eat Mee

    Eat Mee3 hours ago

    Give these mf’s the death penalty> beat’em to death in there

  62. Nunya Bizness

    Nunya Bizness3 hours ago

    A voice for Liberty? Who's Liberty?

  63. Jay Leno

    Jay Leno3 hours ago

    Respect to the real Jews. God bless the real jews

  64. Воры в законе

    Воры в законе3 hours ago

    I was there I was next door. Right before the fire started you heard 2 explosions. It rocked the ground

  65. Frεε Heart and Paw Necklace on my Profile

    Frεε Heart and Paw Necklace on my Profile3 hours ago

    Wow love! 💖🐾

  66. Joeyfridays

    Joeyfridays3 hours ago

    wish there was equal punishment in USA, these monsters deserve to have everything they did to this little boy done to them

  67. Amanda Shults

    Amanda Shults3 hours ago


  68. mo money

    mo money3 hours ago

    Popeyes might as well be called big lips

  69. Kevin Ellis

    Kevin Ellis3 hours ago

    As long as the Dems are running that state the homeless will keep growing. Conservatives would make the lazy able bodied people get off their ass and stop there begging and get to work. If they don't want to work, then they starve. That's one less beggar costing the hard working tax payer.

  70. David Brock

    David Brock3 hours ago

    Cory you need pro- tools because you suck as a singer give it up you can’t sing. Since nobody tells you this you are a joke in the community of music you are laughed at and I’m sure you know but your trying to scam money from people on your fake allegations about child molesters in Hollywood , anybody in there right mind that had names would come forth so that others would get molested but your just as bad as them you want to be paid because your broke and washed up, your dirty your a fucking joke.

  71. James Gotti

    James Gotti3 hours ago

    Stay out of that gang life is no joke

  72. Steve Levario

    Steve Levario3 hours ago

    ms13 lives matter!

  73. anandguruji83

    anandguruji834 hours ago


  74. Steve Levario

    Steve Levario4 hours ago

    garcetti and newsome should be locked up with him as accessories

  75. Natalie Dianne

    Natalie Dianne4 hours ago

    A teacher cried wowww not even his mom cried but the teacher did. Rip

  76. Roland Mendoza

    Roland Mendoza4 hours ago

    New chicken sandwich laws

  77. Steve Levario

    Steve Levario4 hours ago

    Nobody came

  78. Steve Levario

    Steve Levario4 hours ago

    Turning into Chicago thanks to democrats




  80. Dirty Mike _

    Dirty Mike _4 hours ago

    That shit is crazy .that girl is destined for greatness.🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻💯💯💯💯💯

  81. Princess

    Princess4 hours ago

    These people are idiots

  82. Crazyy Modder

    Crazyy Modder4 hours ago

    rip to that man

  83. kevin young

    kevin young4 hours ago

    He won't survive in gp

  84. Bradley Rock

    Bradley Rock4 hours ago

    JaneDoe15 is making John Legend a little nervous. His wife is terrified she's going to be outed.

  85. Samantha Chhay

    Samantha Chhay4 hours ago

    No wonder LA County is horrible.

  86. Ricky Bobby

    Ricky Bobby4 hours ago

    This is why they want to depopulate the planet. Some humans are like robots they follow any orders directly or indirectly. It's terrible to see so many mindless fools wasting space following any and every trend/meme/social media craze. I truly hope people wake up

  87. drae jr

    drae jr4 hours ago

    I smoke weed daily this is the perfect job for me

  88. Stephen Martin

    Stephen Martin4 hours ago

    Expiirament with dirty weed 3k in hospital bills

  89. Mubie Loize

    Mubie Loize4 hours ago

    That's methed up


    BABY GIRL4 hours ago

    like Chicago world news said stop fighting and getting innocent people that have nothing to do with your shit involved.

  91. sosweetbaby4

    sosweetbaby44 hours ago

    Wow how disgusting 0 fucks giving type of people 🤦🏻

  92. J3RMZ AVCA

    J3RMZ AVCA5 hours ago

    This shit happens to me all the dam time it's not new its fuckin pigs. Being racists

  93. Mailo Malagnino

    Mailo Malagnino5 hours ago


  94. NP138

    NP1385 hours ago

    One more reason not to live there!

  95. Taisah Aisah

    Taisah Aisah5 hours ago


  96. Houssam Mounla

    Houssam Mounla5 hours ago

    God he is a great star

  97. chris4up

    chris4up5 hours ago

    Sounds like mental illness, police need stronger tasers and what happened to rubber shotgun bullets🤔

  98. ominous thoughts

    ominous thoughts5 hours ago

    Not in area were in can spread?, what about those semi trucks and trailers? Or the buildings. Almost a who cares attitude.

  99. ronald welch

    ronald welch6 hours ago

    More illegals coming in for free stuff, California loves them, killing R people is ok with them....

  100. Ernesto Ybarra

    Ernesto Ybarra6 hours ago

    Retardo Christine Blasey Ford honored? What the hell for being a liar? Oops it's the ACLU = American Clutts Law Union 😲