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Mikey Chen
Mikey Chen

Hey! It's Mike!
This is a channel about my life and all the things I do. So...yea...hmmm...that's all.

My FIRST LOVE...Fail :(
  1. juan_lijuan

    juan_lijuan3 minutes ago

    May I know where is the hairtail fish stew which you went?

  2. Oh Curlee

    Oh Curlee6 minutes ago

    I can't wait for Mikey Chen's cooking!!!

  3. Oh Curlee

    Oh Curlee7 minutes ago

    Sorry for your break up Mikey! But Do I finally have a chance?

  4. Seoul Searcher

    Seoul SearcherHour ago

    Tteeokbokki and odeng make me happy too..and yes the broth! 💜

  5. Nicolás Rodriguez

    Nicolás RodriguezHour ago

    Omg Pakistan trip???! I LOVE Pakistan 😍😍😍😍😍 YAAAS

  6. emahyeswater ahdelicious

    emahyeswater ahdeliciousHour ago

    Mikey you shouldent mix non-halal utensils with halal food...

  7. Tayyaba S.

    Tayyaba S.2 hours ago


  8. Dark Tower

    Dark Tower2 hours ago

    Awww man...had to drop a like after u opened up about ur relationship n Korea.

  9. ronak narkhede

    ronak narkhede2 hours ago

    Bruh Mikey is a tycoon he has many businesses so cool.

  10. Annette Mazziotti

    Annette Mazziotti2 hours ago


  11. Annette Mazziotti

    Annette Mazziotti2 hours ago

    As her. Father I see what’s being done , it’s not going to continue . I’m not sure who is doing what . C

  12. amalia maherani

    amalia maherani3 hours ago

    Danggg... u are single.. woahhh

  13. Holyflame

    Holyflame3 hours ago

    I wish i could also casually leave my house and say i'm gonna go to Japan lol.

  14. Juan Ng

    Juan Ng4 hours ago

    bro you are jacked

  15. kakui02

    kakui024 hours ago

    You like hanging off things and possibly getting hit by a car? Try hanging on to a jeepney when you come back to Manila. Lols

  16. scarecrow 556

    scarecrow 5565 hours ago

    That melon looked like a devil fruit from op

  17. Justin G

    Justin G5 hours ago

    This guy Chen doesn't speak Chinese he is a white a President Trump . But why do people listen to him?


    B.ZAMORAS5 hours ago

    Poor guy needs to get laid so bad!! Find your food mate my dude!! Good luck!!

  19. Dave Lister

    Dave Lister5 hours ago

    You want to try a full Scottish breakfast ! Puts that to shame. No, they stab each other in London ! Come to Scotland our Asian and Indian food is way better than that ! And we have real Aberdeen Angus steak !

  20. Justin G

    Justin G5 hours ago

    I'm a loser punk named Chen. And my friend who never liked me as a relationship said no. Waaaaaass

  21. sapuu _ JR

    sapuu _ JR5 hours ago

    Mikey chen you face is like jackie chen

  22. 진수현

    진수현6 hours ago

    Welcome back to seoul. Weather's little colder now.

  23. Hazel Michiko

    Hazel Michiko6 hours ago

    You just got to let it go. Don’t worry as ur 第二春 will be here soon! 😊

  24. KiNG jAWBo

    KiNG jAWBo6 hours ago

    Love the vids as always, thanks for the work out regiment!

  25. Ivria Honi

    Ivria Honi6 hours ago

    i saw you in insadong last week hehe

  26. FEELING FINE AT 49 Amanda

    FEELING FINE AT 49 Amanda7 hours ago

    Welcome to London 😜😜😜😜🤮🤮🤮. True Brit experience 🤣🤣🤣

  27. sara lipkind

    sara lipkind7 hours ago

    I love smoked salmon/ lox so good I could eat the whole thing

  28. nur umairah

    nur umairah7 hours ago

    1 Hermes bag can cost up to $sgd 30k hahahhaa u might wanna bring that toiletries back

  29. michelle zhuo

    michelle zhuo8 hours ago

    Some people comes into your story, when they leave their chapter end. Doesnt means your story ends with them. We are always stronger than we think.

  30. Girl Nxt door

    Girl Nxt door8 hours ago

    Dalena looks so nervous pouring the sauce

  31. Seth Wertz

    Seth Wertz8 hours ago

    At higher altitudes our taste buds become less receptive therefore everything taste more bland so some airline put a lot more seasoning to counter it but sometimes it’s not healthy at all so some airlines (probably the one you flew) keep it to as minimum as possible.

  32. Lorna Levi shoeswomen

    Lorna Levi shoeswomen8 hours ago

    there going to throw you off the flight 😀mike

  33. GrandMaster Mythnuss

    GrandMaster Mythnuss8 hours ago

    I moved from Illinois a year ago. this video was true food porn Mikey!

  34. Caleb Mitchell

    Caleb Mitchell8 hours ago

    Hello from New Zealand i fully enjoy watching your food travels and have fallen in love with seoul and kyoto japan my 2 places i would love to travel to it is definitely on my to do list over the next 2 years keep up the good work

  35. Wendy Walsh-Pardey

    Wendy Walsh-Pardey8 hours ago

    Gozeleme. Is the stuffed Turkish soft ,pan fried pastry. Usually cheese and spinach or lamb and spinach. Pidde is the stuffed open bread.

  36. Hi Im James

    Hi Im James9 hours ago

    you can be sad when you have tacos

  37. Yvonne Nunez

    Yvonne Nunez9 hours ago

    Mike the only guy that has flown first class and doesn’t recognize Hermès as a luxury brand. 😄

  38. Irishgirl41

    Irishgirl419 hours ago

    The upstairs can be used as guestrooms and the open loft space can be used for an office. The barn could be a great spot for a recording studio. Or you can set it up as a guest house

  39. mixio hili

    mixio hili10 hours ago

    dan must be having college nam flashbacks

  40. Khin Hnin Kay Thwe

    Khin Hnin Kay Thwe10 hours ago

    Mike: "her may" "her me" Hermes" Also Mike: " don't they sell macaroons"

  41. Matari Nica

    Matari Nica10 hours ago

    The food, the superlatives used and you made my day. Incredible scenario and food experience through you. What's next? Look forward to seeing you and the new video.

  42. Richmond gentry

    Richmond gentry10 hours ago

    They got a phone in the pooper!! Thats when u know its nice!!

  43. al katraz

    al katraz10 hours ago

    That broth is so rich, it has it's own building!

  44. al katraz

    al katraz10 hours ago

    That broth is so rich, it has it's own building!

  45. jesuslikedpie

    jesuslikedpie10 hours ago

    That might be cool under different conditions, but this doesn't seem too protected. That's a big no for me. I can't imaging the "seasonings" that have made their way into this soup.

  46. Steve

    Steve11 hours ago

    Herrine Ro true wifey tho

  47. Mira Samao

    Mira Samao11 hours ago

    I love how honest you are about the food. I feel the same way about Asiana Business Class and I hate watching videos where they get nothing but praise.

  48. Carla Pitsinger

    Carla Pitsinger11 hours ago

    Please eat your broccoli! It is healthy food!

  49. Ron Hu

    Ron Hu11 hours ago

    Just found out about your channels and I’ve been binging your videos everyday after work and all I got to say is thank you for providing us with quality videos . Keep up the great work you’re very much appreciated!!!!

  50. Foxx0108

    Foxx010811 hours ago

    I've always wanted to know how you stay so skinny while eating so much food! like you must have a good workout schedule

  51. Sharon Rubaszewski

    Sharon Rubaszewski11 hours ago

    How do you enjoy your food when you take such huge bites. At times you look like a hamster with your jaws puffed out full of food. You like Literally inhale your food. Not good for your digestion

  52. hum phrey

    hum phrey11 hours ago

    Pick your head up Mikey, your food is ready!

  53. Randy Cassie

    Randy Cassie12 hours ago

    January u say your not over that girl she's on your mind

  54. lauren muros

    lauren muros12 hours ago

    if 4,000 people out of the 882k venmo'd me 1 dollar, my mom and I would be debt free. god bless. venmo: imlaurennn

  55. Katia L F

    Katia L F12 hours ago

    Oh Mikey, so sad for you. Sorry you and your relationship didn’t work out. You’re so sweet!!!!

  56. Samuel Wu

    Samuel Wu12 hours ago

    You've been going to Korea more after finding out that you're 8.4% Korean

  57. Jake Hoarston

    Jake Hoarston13 hours ago

    Please cook! I’d be so happy to see you cook and cook along with you!

  58. Heaven Hope

    Heaven Hope13 hours ago

    everything is going to be ok .... look at it as a lesson, when people come into our lives, they're either a blessing or a lesson, and if we're lucky, it's both. Just remember that you were fine before her and you will be fine after her!

  59. Stace D

    Stace D13 hours ago

    I love your honest, chillin and eating vids. Good to see you back in Korea. You rock Mikey!

  60. Max Wilson

    Max Wilson13 hours ago

    There are millions of people now invested in Mikey’s love life and happiness. I just want him to find love and eat all the delicious food in the world! I want to be your travel buddy!!! 🤣

  61. toin

    toin13 hours ago

    I love you Mike

  62. Soha

    Soha14 hours ago

    Woahhh I'm going to Pakistan too next month!!

  63. Zara Kbm

    Zara Kbm14 hours ago

    1:56 My mom cleaning my school desk at parent teacher conference

  64. Timothy Haskell

    Timothy Haskell14 hours ago

    I have watched dozens of your videos, I have never seen you like THIS before.

  65. Myself

    Myself14 hours ago

    I would not want to sit in the ,middle seat for any reason for any amount of time. Hell to the no...

  66. Liza Israel

    Liza Israel14 hours ago

    7:05 aaaaaawww!

  67. Tenzin Dhoundup

    Tenzin Dhoundup15 hours ago

    I love your videos!!!! 💕

  68. wnnalis cioov

    wnnalis cioov15 hours ago

    Earliest I've ever made it to one of these videos.

  69. frances zhang

    frances zhang15 hours ago

    Theres a girl!?!?!

  70. Bajan Beauty

    Bajan Beauty15 hours ago

    Lol i give those pouches to my baby

  71. jesus garcia

    jesus garcia16 hours ago

    well hermes sold a bag for like 100k plus so....

  72. SinnerJ

    SinnerJ16 hours ago

    Haha me too. I was engaged to a girl in Korea, but we broke up last year..... still haven't gotten over it.

  73. Notis Garcia

    Notis Garcia16 hours ago


  74. Matthias81

    Matthias8116 hours ago

    Starbucks thing was yuzu, not orange!

  75. Gabrielle Schaefer

    Gabrielle Schaefer16 hours ago

    Hi Mike! I have just recently published two articles on how to fall out of love. I write from personal experience so I do reveal embarrassing things about myself. I find that just being completely open and honest; and showing people how far from perfect I am helps everyone more. It's advice coming from someone who, just like everyone else, doesn't have it all together. Also, I do tend to be pretty straight-forward and there are a few cuss words, but not too many because I don't really like cussing. Anyway, here is the link to the first article. The second article is Part 2 of this article. Let me know if it helps at all, or if it is missing something; or if you think I'm completely wrong--that's ok too. medium.com/@Gobbyneeker/how-to-fall-out-of-love-part-1-f897f1b6cf76

  76. Ariana Chan

    Ariana Chan17 hours ago

    CAMBODIA!!! Go please!!!!

  77. Christine Naval

    Christine Naval17 hours ago

    Hi Mike I really love your blogs and by the way Im a Filipina...God Bless and more foodtrips for you

  78. Anthony Saracho

    Anthony Saracho17 hours ago

    Never take taxis from the airport.

  79. Shark Party

    Shark Party17 hours ago


  80. Bill Holt

    Bill Holt17 hours ago

    man i'd love a bucket of hot donuts right now

  81. WizardOfOss

    WizardOfOss17 hours ago

    I was planning to start 2020 with a trip to Taiwan and Japan, but after seeing this, I just want to go to Seoul. Again. So much amazing food, some that I have enjoyed before, some that I haven't. Yet....

  82. lipstivk

    lipstivk18 hours ago

    Man, imagine just taking time off to just go around wherever you want. You're living my dream Mike, gimme tips on how you do it!!

  83. Alyssa Torres

    Alyssa Torres18 hours ago

    6:03 Mikey!!! Seriously! 🤦🏽‍♀️ 🤣 Hermès is a luxury brand that’s famous for their handbags! Lmao google it!

  84. Anna

    Anna18 hours ago

    Hey Mikey, thank you for sharing your experience on love and loss. I do hope you find someone nice to settle down with! And I hope you have a good time in Korea! Keep your chin up, sir!

  85. Galaxy Twstz

    Galaxy Twstz18 hours ago

    Anybody else follow this account and strickly dumplings

  86. Uranija Zeus

    Uranija Zeus18 hours ago

    Omg, hotel buffets in the morning are something special.

  87. Rachel

    Rachel19 hours ago

    This video was so enjoyable and great to watch! Thank you!❤️

  88. ashleigh coffey

    ashleigh coffey19 hours ago

    I love horsey sauce too. I eat it on everything. When I go to Arbys its on my sammie, on my fries, on my onion rings, its just noooommmm

  89. AzureSteel

    AzureSteel19 hours ago

    20:59 Mikey: "Imma get this food day started..." Me: "But you just ate a buffet for 5 people..."

  90. Maximilian G.

    Maximilian G.19 hours ago

    How does this man not weigh 400lbs?

  91. Dom Porter

    Dom Porter19 hours ago

    Love you Mikey, know what ya went through x

  92. Mstruebeauty25

    Mstruebeauty2519 hours ago

    When I was younger my grandpa used to get us stone crabs all the time during the season,,, I never knew how expensive they were until I grew up.

  93. Travis Subhan

    Travis Subhan19 hours ago

    awww mikey got struck with the love arrow

  94. Mstruebeauty25

    Mstruebeauty2520 hours ago

    Miamiiiiii my home!!!!

  95. Tulan Katyl

    Tulan Katyl20 hours ago

    It's called the "red room" ... LOL.

  96. Tulan Katyl

    Tulan Katyl20 hours ago

    Who else feel bad when Mike doesn't like a certain food (i.e. the steak on the airplane).

  97. TMG FIT

    TMG FIT20 hours ago

    must try that beef

  98. alisuo toko

    alisuo toko20 hours ago

    The brand selling macaroons is Pierre Hermé, not Hermés haha

  99. J C

    J C20 hours ago

    Mikey, been in a similar situation as you, dating someone in Korea. Really sucks when it ends, but that fades with time. Seems like you're already there, or getting there. I just focused on entirely new experiences in Seoul until I no longer associated being in the city with the person I used to be with. Such a great city to be in. :)

  100. Angela A O

    Angela A O21 hour ago

    Hermes is so expensive