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WRC 8 | Launch Trailer


25 days ago

  1. Матвей Васн

    Матвей Васн3 minutes ago

    I love anime, i love XBOX!:)

  2. P.M.

    P.M.12 minutes ago

    Why do you support exploitative games and companies, xbox?

  3. pete smith

    pete smith36 minutes ago

    Except it won't read the disk

  4. RoterDrache

    RoterDrache43 minutes ago

    Ace combat 5 PTSD flashbacks


    DMX DOGE49 minutes ago


  6. adam delbene

    adam delbene50 minutes ago

    Release date?????

  7. The Blue Eyes

    The Blue Eyes57 minutes ago

    I came here to watch Dan Reynold playing game

  8. Lamine Badiane

    Lamine BadianeHour ago

    le graphisme n'est pas bon 👎

  9. Victor Ndende

    Victor NdendeHour ago

    this has to be the best looking game this generation. absolutely phenomenal. can't wait to start the first adventure on the switch.

  10. RYSE 27

    RYSE 27Hour ago


  11. SaniaKun_ OwO

    SaniaKun_ OwOHour ago


  12. Crunch Buttsteak

    Crunch Buttsteak2 hours ago

    How does Gears go from baby oiled up juiced to the eyes grisled soldiers with chainsaws to Mandy Moore...

  13. The Rampage

    The Rampage2 hours ago


  14. Wicker Man73

    Wicker Man732 hours ago

    Cmon uk ban the gambling side of this game

  15. loquillo random

    loquillo random3 hours ago


  16. Omkar Rane

    Omkar Rane3 hours ago

    2:07 Combination of SSD and Solid State Drive?

  17. HollowGrapeJ

    HollowGrapeJ3 hours ago

    How to get started in Fifa 20: Step one: Uninstall the game

  18. Reaper Sans

    Reaper Sans3 hours ago


  19. OOF OOF

    OOF OOF3 hours ago

    Because nothing beats Gambling away your Life-Savings.

  20. Darryl franceo Manohar

    Darryl franceo Manohar4 hours ago

    Xbox green 12K 300 FPS

  21. mystic

    mystic4 hours ago

    Where's 2v2 Gunfight?????

  22. D'bike MTB

    D'bike MTB4 hours ago

    600gb kskssk

  23. Gabe Bear Zilla 99

    Gabe Bear Zilla 994 hours ago

    GOTG2 brought me here.

  24. ToastyDoasty

    ToastyDoasty4 hours ago

    Only real gamers will remember the OG Xbox and the Xbox 360

  25. Connor The Grimm

    Connor The Grimm4 hours ago

    only just noticed that was crypto in the start up XD

  26. Tai The Pharaoh

    Tai The Pharaoh4 hours ago

    Looks pretty good but I'd rather be the Terminator than to fight against.

  27. Aruminati 01

    Aruminati 015 hours ago

    Question Will this game be free to play in PC?

  28. Glasses Are Loading

    Glasses Are Loading5 hours ago

    Mirror world totally threw me off guard that just came outta nowhere

  29. Debbie Debbie

    Debbie Debbie5 hours ago

    Make NHL 20 for Xbox 360

  30. Ian Goforth

    Ian Goforth5 hours ago

    Saw this and I thought it was infinite but it was this one I already saw3 years ago

  31. Gyan Anchan

    Gyan Anchan5 hours ago

    I don't think 8k will pick up. I mean, even movie theaters don't go much further than 4k right? How massive would your tv have to be for your human eyes to realise the 8k in it

  32. Johnny BlackJock

    Johnny BlackJock5 hours ago

    Oh boy, more surprise mechanics!

  33. Benjamin Carmine

    Benjamin Carmine5 hours ago

    Jajaja que mal que me mori

  34. Isaac Clarke

    Isaac Clarke5 hours ago

    I’ll play it, but with the voiceovers muted.

  35. thekingofkings 89

    thekingofkings 895 hours ago

    Can you still get them after buying the game physically instead of thru game pass

  36. Jeremy henseler

    Jeremy henseler6 hours ago



    LevelSmack.com6 hours ago

    Only play this if it's on game pass.

  38. Dingo

    Dingo6 hours ago

    now its gone :<


    MEGAT ARIF BIN ANNAS -6 hours ago

    So where’s the console?

  40. ISAFMobius18

    ISAFMobius186 hours ago

    Anyone else think of MLP when they hear Alicorn? or just me?

  41. Cris Santos

    Cris Santos6 hours ago

    Where do we pre-order this game?

  42. Earl The Gamer /LighterFool21

    Earl The Gamer /LighterFool216 hours ago

    I don't even have the One X, how in the mother of heccin hecc am I supposed to to get this

  43. Pedro Vitor Thomazini

    Pedro Vitor Thomazini7 hours ago

    Arnold Schwarzenegger please

  44. BiNh0 jhapa012

    BiNh0 jhapa0127 hours ago


  45. Anthony Bob

    Anthony Bob7 hours ago

    Are there the commercial aircrafts and airlines bc there not in the intro

  46. AnimeKidMii demello #1

    AnimeKidMii demello #17 hours ago

    I love Rare and Microsoft I love them In Fact

  47. Xolotl Xtrapolator

    Xolotl Xtrapolator7 hours ago

    Where's the slot machines?

  48. Erdem Kekec

    Erdem Kekec7 hours ago

    It would be perfect If we actually could make our dream team as we like. Instead of all players need to be from the same country or same liga, it would be more sick if we could put Neymar, Ibrahimovic, ronaldo together , who normally wouldnt add up, but if you played 20 matches with em , then they could get to know each other at get better chemestry

  49. Tomasa Ledesma Millan

    Tomasa Ledesma Millan7 hours ago

    Wat xbox escorpion?

  50. Guys Like my username

    Guys Like my username7 hours ago

    Man, FIFA 19 looks ok

  51. Pat Waters

    Pat Waters7 hours ago

    At least this will wash out the taste of T6: Dark Fate.

  52. xxxgamersitoxxx 10

    xxxgamersitoxxx 107 hours ago

    Roblox :)

  53. Chenfei Lo

    Chenfei Lo7 hours ago


  54. pika pika

    pika pika7 hours ago

    I’m gonna be mad if it ain’t red for the limited edition at launch

  55. Apolloway

    Apolloway8 hours ago

    On rails?

  56. Apolloway

    Apolloway8 hours ago

    Angry joe brought me here

  57. Omega Fullbuster

    Omega Fullbuster8 hours ago

    Yes!!! Microtransactions..... I mean, surprise mechanics

  58. Lee Doyle

    Lee Doyle8 hours ago

    Jormangandr rewards aggressive play with 50 damage

  59. RedRyder Z

    RedRyder Z8 hours ago

    I will play this just for the theme song.. not really

  60. Weaponized Meme

    Weaponized Meme8 hours ago

    Imagine paying money to get the game Only to pay more

  61. Scawn88

    Scawn889 hours ago

    Spend, Spend, SPEND!!!

  62. Lort Fupa

    Lort Fupa9 hours ago

    Pls stop making Gears games

  63. Nova Day

    Nova Day9 hours ago

    Xbox supports children gambling

  64. Aled Davies

    Aled Davies9 hours ago

    Looks bloody average

  65. MontanaWhite

    MontanaWhite9 hours ago

    Xbox song :

  66. MontanaWhite

    MontanaWhite9 hours ago

  67. RAW-Gamer

    RAW-Gamer9 hours ago


  68. MobileDecay

    MobileDecay9 hours ago

    Create your dream squad! Just grab yours or your parents credit card and you're off to the races. Try not to drain your parents bank accounts though because then we might have to refund the money when they notice! Happy gambling! 😁👍"

  69. Dylan Ordóñez Avila

    Dylan Ordóñez Avila9 hours ago

    Am roblox am 😎

  70. Halal Haggis

    Halal Haggis9 hours ago

    Another year another scam

  71. Gary Turbo

    Gary Turbo9 hours ago

    How many soccer teams does it have?

  72. Hugo Rodrigues

    Hugo Rodrigues9 hours ago

    Its true ?

  73. Iceberg Titan-Sinker

    Iceberg Titan-Sinker9 hours ago

    *Sees Fifa Ultimate Team trailer* EA executives: *Evil laugh intensifies while rubbing hands vigorously*

  74. KibSquib48

    KibSquib489 hours ago

    I hope there's a LEGO set based on this

  75. TS Sharks

    TS Sharks9 hours ago

    Do you have real airlines?🙏❤️✈️

  76. iyad2446

    iyad24469 hours ago

    *_Wow im so hyped... ಠ_ಠ_*

  77. DELTRON 76

    DELTRON 769 hours ago


  78. GOAT

    GOAT9 hours ago

    This Fifa seems like the most promising Fifa since FIFA 17

  79. Simurob 2005

    Simurob 20059 hours ago

    Wow, another fifa game. It’s the same as every year.

  80. Icon of Sin

    Icon of Sin9 hours ago

    Follow me mate

  81. EthanGrewal

    EthanGrewal9 hours ago


  82. 100 subs no vids ?

    100 subs no vids ?9 hours ago

    I’ll get stared with it if I get for free

  83. Gummi Baum

    Gummi Baum10 hours ago

    Whats about russian vehicles??? That why i play the spintires Games!

  84. Ivxy

    Ivxy10 hours ago

    3:26 Sven?

  85. IronJam22

    IronJam2210 hours ago


  86. Evan Segermark

    Evan Segermark10 hours ago

    This was the funniest video game intro ever

  87. Vikas Saraogi

    Vikas Saraogi10 hours ago

    You are too good, I don't know what to do with my Xbox one x

  88. Jdogbits

    Jdogbits10 hours ago

    Every single time I watch this it bring tears to my eyes! I can not wait

  89. Knight 777

    Knight 77711 hours ago

    @1:04 there goes crypto

  90. II Dzco II

    II Dzco II11 hours ago

    I can’t wait until the new Xbox comes out the game I’m most excited for saints row 5

  91. Paulo César

    Paulo César11 hours ago

    More DLCs, More R$

  92. Lewis S196

    Lewis S19611 hours ago

    How this developers can have the Terminator license after Rambo flop videogame??

  93. rafael pozo

    rafael pozo11 hours ago

    Hentai incoming 😐

  94. Brayan ER

    Brayan ER11 hours ago


  95. Colvert 61

    Colvert 6111 hours ago


  96. Awesome Knight

    Awesome Knight11 hours ago

    Nooob lol

  97. MrNerdSmasher

    MrNerdSmasher11 hours ago

    Terminator: Colonic Resistance

  98. Emperor Calus

    Emperor Calus11 hours ago

    Bit late, I got the skin like 2 days ago

  99. Laurentiu Like boss

    Laurentiu Like boss11 hours ago

    Will we have the Proximity chat like to talk with the enemy


    RUGAL DE FRANCE11 hours ago

    Mw2 remastered...