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Brennen Taylor

One time i elbowed a 7 year old in the face to get a picture with Kylie Jenner.

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  1. jdiggzz66

    jdiggzz663 minutes ago

    Wait a minute is that a chicken wrap from McDonald's? They don't sell those at the McDonald's by me anymore those are one of the only things I really liked at McDonald's!?

  2. Siba Soropogui

    Siba Soropogui3 minutes ago

    jaystation: im so exited for this 3am challenge Me: *reads time on stove * he sayed 3am its 6:35

  3. x-vNoHxpe-x [XIIX]

    x-vNoHxpe-x [XIIX]11 minutes ago

    Its called hyperventilating you get dizzy cus u dont have enoight oxgen going to your lungs n ure brain

  4. Vital God

    Vital God13 minutes ago

    Ok the wine one was just the pressure 🤔

  5. Fortnite Gunreview

    Fortnite Gunreview19 minutes ago

    Make her go fund me

  6. fallenAlien 626

    fallenAlien 62628 minutes ago

    I'm emo and this is my day 😂

  7. ozzie Gray

    ozzie Gray30 minutes ago

    Vindt u het ook belachelijk dat als YT het niet moeilijk maakt om geld te verdienen dat al die luie tieners dan rijk kunnen worden zonder uit hun bed te komen. Ik ben er voor dat YT het lastig maakt om geld te verdienen met het maken van video’s.

  8. ozzie Gray

    ozzie Gray31 minute ago

    Vindt u het ook belachelijk dat als YT het niet moeilijk maakt om geld te verdienen dat al die luie tieners dan rijk kunnen worden zonder uit hun bed te komen. Ik ben er voor dat YT het lastig maakt om geld te verdienen met het maken van video’s.

  9. GinXz

    GinXz31 minute ago

    5:19 : Quote = Step-Bro what are you doing ?

  10. Jack Scully

    Jack Scully47 minutes ago

    3:22 There washable, aren't all shirts?

  11. IwanDee LIVE!

    IwanDee LIVE!Hour ago

    Review 1star hotel & Expect to be 1Diamond Hotel. Srsly?

  12. Tommyfails '

    Tommyfails 'Hour ago

    6:35 the top said everyone knows what they know and i cant make out the bottom writing

  13. Kaylee Wilhelm Prater

    Kaylee Wilhelm PraterHour ago

    Just subscribed and turned on post notifications. Your video about meditating and thinking about life in the positive has really helped me as I just lost my baby boy a little over 3 weeks ago he was only 5 months old. And this has literally been the most difficult thing in my life so far for 21 years. Thank you brennen.... ❤

  14. Biohazard Memes

    Biohazard MemesHour ago

    We all know that it was a F to pay respects

  15. Ale Ortiz

    Ale OrtizHour ago

    Nice kiss shirt

  16. iiTycoon Mania

    iiTycoon ManiaHour ago

    Ngl he looks high

  17. Heidi

    HeidiHour ago

    This hotel is just disappointing. I thought they might change - but alas not.

  18. We Are Weebs

    We Are WeebsHour ago

    He is 23 yrs old?

  19. Emma Dondarrion

    Emma Dondarrion2 hours ago

    Its Asian what do you expect

  20. SøuI

    SøuI2 hours ago

    Boi called fruity pebbles captain crunch

  21. xBbiiee

    xBbiiee2 hours ago

    I have certain goals i wanna achieve and i am always a believer in my goals, but lately everything has been going the wrong path and for the first time in my life, i told myself i could not reach this goal, but this video reminded me that i should not give up!

  22. Xavier Ortiz

    Xavier Ortiz2 hours ago

    Lol she saved her stuff u mean what u couldn't sell lmao😂😂😂

  23. Joyce Woodruff

    Joyce Woodruff2 hours ago

    Everybody needs a friend. A true friend.

  24. Isidor Potatoe

    Isidor Potatoe2 hours ago

    Sam looks so cute in the beginning🥺🥺🥺😂

  25. Ready Show Time

    Ready Show Time2 hours ago

    7:20 may just be me but why did he zoom in so close lol.

  26. v_v Sensei

    v_v Sensei2 hours ago

    Jake looking stressed cleaning till he was eating pizzaa 🤣🤣

  27. David

    David2 hours ago

    @9:30 says it’s raw from a small corner but he wanted a Medium rare which is the whole thing.... 🤦🏻‍♂️

  28. pascal Chi

    pascal Chi2 hours ago

    After having this viewers make sure u make the money and help her too

  29. Tori

    Tori2 hours ago

    "Actually quite dank."

  30. Devansh Dhadda

    Devansh Dhadda3 hours ago

    How japanese spirit knows english

  31. Sam And Colby fan

    Sam And Colby fan3 hours ago

    Peanut butter and pickles are great idc what u say

  32. chyanne bell

    chyanne bell3 hours ago

    8:10 Colby: oh so am I just nonexistent to you now!!?

  33. NikkiRed

    NikkiRed3 hours ago

    If you know her name..., why does your title say.. homeless makes me think you’re just doing it for The views... and subscribers

  34. Nutz Ssh

    Nutz Ssh3 hours ago

    i like his vlog now better than the previous one.

  35. John Moran

    John Moran3 hours ago

    He should marry her and stop acting like he wants to healp her 🤦🏻‍♂️ he wants that dark chica

  36. Abigail Hernandez

    Abigail Hernandez3 hours ago

    It’s ok Bryce and Micky both sound like some 15 year olds that haven’t hit Puberty yet

  37. clownery luv

    clownery luv3 hours ago

    afghan food is literally the best food in the world and u should go back!! PT 2 !!

  38. ItsNuuska

    ItsNuuska3 hours ago

    I can do better pizza than he

  39. Definery22

    Definery223 hours ago

    Brennen:"-take over my body..." Also Brennen: Begins to flirt with the waitress. Me: The ghost perhaps 🤷🏻‍♂️?

  40. Kate Brusseau

    Kate Brusseau3 hours ago

    I normally like this channel but I think the channel, how to cook that, does a better job at debunking these because she’s able to actually explain what is happening and what should be happening

  41. Louise A

    Louise A3 hours ago


  42. SL127TV

    SL127TV3 hours ago

    Get her a room monthly stop wasting money

  43. Iqra Maryam

    Iqra Maryam3 hours ago

    The pill is to absorb urine...

  44. Utkarsh Bhageria

    Utkarsh Bhageria4 hours ago

    He spoke more yos than legit words in the whole vid

  45. Kate Brusseau

    Kate Brusseau4 hours ago

    With all due respect, please educate yourself on what Plan B actually is. Plan B cannot harm existing pregnancies and it’s actually written on the label.

  46. Cloudy Damia Sofea

    Cloudy Damia Sofea4 hours ago

    The workers: Not today miss My mom: Welp I'm done with this.. Me: Shocked because my mom brought 7 knives

  47. mcassattack

    mcassattack4 hours ago

    Don't say it's better than Chick-Fil-A. I've had both and Chick-Fil-A is way better.

  48. EXObaek

    EXObaek4 hours ago

    You're so cuteeee

  49. jade allison

    jade allison4 hours ago

    The mess of that table was killing me

  50. EXObaek

    EXObaek4 hours ago

    You guys are amazing💕😍

  51. Natalie

    Natalie4 hours ago

    U guys do put all the bedsheets back every time dont u

  52. Blair Boyd

    Blair Boyd4 hours ago

    This guy is very helpful more than the government who the people them voted for,they only knows the people only the election times. Most people only sees you when you on your feet, and when you down. Nobody hardly business with you because you are no good to them, this guy is a very good Samaritan to the black sister. I appreciate my son for this young lady from your heart, I hope other people will chipped in too with some more help.

  53. Hamizah Ariff

    Hamizah Ariff4 hours ago

    Goshh it is one star hotel. What do u expect tho🙄 if you want some fancy go and find 5 star hotel.

  54. Joyce Woodruff

    Joyce Woodruff4 hours ago

    She hit her mom with a pipe. She crazzy. I know he better be careful. Whoever hits there own mother ain't got no respect for nobody. Oh yes they will use you to get what they want.

  55. EXObaek

    EXObaek4 hours ago

    Bro goals 💗

  56. D Wood

    D Wood4 hours ago

    Why are u exploiting this homeless woman? Stop it!

  57. Jovonda Mullin

    Jovonda Mullin4 hours ago

    How is Kim doing now

  58. Blair Boyd

    Blair Boyd4 hours ago

    There is too much homeless people living in the United States, the time they are worrying about other countries people. While they having millions of people is living on the streets, because they cannot paid their rents. Because the rents is too high,how the hell a person is making less than $10 per hour and. Their rents for a two bedrooms apartments is $1,400 to $1,500 per month. Plus light bill,water ,car insurance, food out of nothing. That is what the government should be more focused on, people working all their lives, and getting also people is getting less than $500 per month.If you travelled around the United States, you will see millions of people is living severe poverty. While the government is giving away billions of dollars to other countries, and the citizens that is living in country is suffering. There is millions of people is living without health insurance, nowhere to lives,also no food. She is a prime example of tents city in Fort Lauderdale, where hundreds of living under the tents.It is worse now some of them is living on the side walk sleeping in the drew,like some wild animals. That lady does not looked too bad at all, she only need a job to give her a start in life.She needs to help very badly Don t tell me that the government officials don't how she is living, that they cannot give her some help. Because where she is living, it is very dangerous to live.

  59. Manix Hazarika

    Manix Hazarika4 hours ago

    I saw so one back in window with black wear at 8:47

  60. Suwilanji Moyo

    Suwilanji Moyo5 hours ago

    Kim baby girl didn't you just finish the whole make up palate, girl

  61. Emma Gobble

    Emma Gobble5 hours ago

    Try pop corn and chocolate together ❤❤❤❤

  62. GTLbart 362

    GTLbart 3625 hours ago

    Why do I always see homeless men and never see homeless women

  63. Nicole Feurtado

    Nicole Feurtado5 hours ago

    DTS yr mom so u live hr to go wair she is now

  64. Nutz Ssh

    Nutz Ssh5 hours ago

    i don't know why i'm watching this. it's so cringe worthy. haha.

  65. Nicole Feurtado

    Nicole Feurtado5 hours ago

    Good job omg u blessss boy

  66. Nicole Feurtado

    Nicole Feurtado5 hours ago

    Lolol me Bally kiss

  67. Rivano A

    Rivano A5 hours ago

    Malaysia is weird

  68. Mymy Centeno

    Mymy Centeno5 hours ago

    The food dye and egg u forgot it

  69. Nicole Feurtado

    Nicole Feurtado5 hours ago

    Lol u r two good to be ture but I see and wow uplike7

  70. KingCarrot Cake

    KingCarrot Cake5 hours ago

    You can tell when that person is a good Chef when he/she speaks while cooking😄

  71. Jack Koop

    Jack Koop5 hours ago

    I’ve dine the come and mentos before it works really well you just have to drink the coke down to the top of the label for it to work

  72. Nicole Feurtado

    Nicole Feurtado5 hours ago

    Omg fi dis longtime I don't see something so butyfoll u r doing a good good ting for someone ho needit wow lol make me smile and criiiiying I love she look like me up uplike7 I hope ather wel see and do good for someone God blessss you boy Tnbj new artist kep it up kiisssssssss kiisssssssss I fel good in my salf dat hope is drrrr ii Kim love goodii kiss

  73. Hannah Wise

    Hannah Wise6 hours ago

    couldn’t try the last one cuz I’m already smackedd

  74. Kambray Pate

    Kambray Pate6 hours ago

    Lol Gee she’s not modest at all!!

  75. Klout _ariannaaa

    Klout _ariannaaa6 hours ago

    someone told me this creepy fact on what it means when trains go by at night- i was scared 😭

  76. Mercy Mwende

    Mercy Mwende6 hours ago

    I like u brennen u are just amazing good heart💜❤

  77. why can shit be fair for all why ???

    why can shit be fair for all why ???6 hours ago

    Tell these people they can buy a home in Arkansas and land for $50.Past due tax properties.

  78. Just Amzar

    Just Amzar6 hours ago

    However worst that restaurants, the plain water is still good hahahahahaha

  79. mister Savage boi

    mister Savage boi6 hours ago

    I don't know but I like he's videos This is just like what happened to sernandoe I think you're just talking about all the arrows in the video

  80. ty ty

    ty ty6 hours ago

    The Starbucks one creates so much more waste though. We’re trying to save the planet.

  81. Daniel Seavey

    Daniel Seavey6 hours ago

    3 AM is the devils hour and why would Jesus be online? Its called the DEVILS hour I don't get it

  82. Lisa Breslin

    Lisa Breslin6 hours ago

    The clown from it is called penny wise

  83. łMøønŁíţFląmę ł

    łMøønŁíţFląmę ł6 hours ago

    Others: Sam and Katrina Me: Sam and Kat! I LUV DAT SHOW

  84. Gio Gio

    Gio Gio6 hours ago

    I literally eat everything with ranch doe 😳

  85. Lou Gotti

    Lou Gotti6 hours ago

    “It doesn’t taste like anything and that’s what she’s looking for” lmao

  86. lady Gore

    lady Gore7 hours ago

    The police want to pay for her to get out their town not to send her home7:25. 7:42

  87. lady Gore

    lady Gore7 hours ago

    7:06 nosey man in the back!😄

  88. lady Gore

    lady Gore7 hours ago

    Give her some water and a rag to wash her face sir 💙

  89. Noor Abdelkader

    Noor Abdelkader7 hours ago

    I cant be the only one eating carrots dipped in mayo

  90. lady Gore

    lady Gore7 hours ago

    Help her get a place man i know your getting paid off her come on now!💀👿

  91. loli suzune

    loli suzune7 hours ago

    17:03 Oh my i just noticed his T-shirt

  92. Karla Ray

    Karla Ray7 hours ago

    It seems like miss kim is full of fights but known seem to be here fault huh has me thinking

  93. Hudson Murphy

    Hudson Murphy7 hours ago

    Ice takes up space, it’s not more deink

  94. Karla Ray

    Karla Ray7 hours ago

    I dont believe her zero sence

  95. Eleni Mauropoulou

    Eleni Mauropoulou7 hours ago

    You should go on vacation to greece and try the food there its realy good if you find good restaurants. Im not saying this cause im greek , its just people online that say its very good. And I would like to know your opinion on greek food

  96. Smac Moregamer

    Smac Moregamer7 hours ago

    cheese doesnt have lactose

  97. Karla Ray

    Karla Ray8 hours ago

    So ungreatful unappreciative totally taking advantage totally on drugs did anyone else see her eyes omg how fast she spoke made no sence any who ( HANDSOME THING YOU LOOK LIKE HER SUGAR DADDY )

  98. Dah Ler Saw

    Dah Ler Saw8 hours ago

    Ur using her to get more views

  99. Ta TheGoat

    Ta TheGoat8 hours ago

    If u know science it’s the same amount of product it’s just the ice that’s making the bigger cup fill up

  100. KaKx Hades

    KaKx Hades8 hours ago

    Whres ur dad brennen