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Freaky Friday | Lele Pons
  1. Trryhpr 1975

    Trryhpr 1975Minute ago


  2. Yalda Rezaei

    Yalda RezaeiMinute ago

    Woow its very good lele ... I love you

  3. Lilbrownfella /Michelle Samuel

    Lilbrownfella /Michelle SamuelMinute ago

    Lele gives me confidence

  4. Hogwarts superfan

    Hogwarts superfan3 minutes ago

    you deserve 100 milllion subscribers

  5. Ezra Bridger

    Ezra Bridger4 minutes ago

    Felix and Marzia the Mexican Ripoff

  6. Layla Mahammed

    Layla Mahammed6 minutes ago

    hi my name is nasteha and im 7 years old and i was born in the united kingdom

  7. Plasma boy 908

    Plasma boy 9086 minutes ago

    Lele pons is the uglyest Hannah is stunning

  8. vipin kumar

    vipin kumar10 minutes ago

    3:55 awful smile.😂😂😂

  9. Hanna Hafizzah

    Hanna Hafizzah11 minutes ago

    So cute

  10. Mohammad Hmood

    Mohammad Hmood12 minutes ago


  11. Gella Maye

    Gella Maye15 minutes ago

    This is funny😂😂 I love all your vids Lele❤️❤️

  12. Rayyan Hamad

    Rayyan Hamad16 minutes ago

    d grade

  13. Genesis Andrews

    Genesis Andrews21 minute ago

    You are probably wondering who is the Hint: Look at the first two words 🌹💗🌹 amazingest loving kind person is in this world

  14. 10,000 subs for pizza

    10,000 subs for pizza21 minute ago

    If you're reading this . Hope you achieve your dreams . My dream is to be a good youtuber like Lele .

  15. Emliy the pink cat

    Emliy the pink cat22 minutes ago

    Everyone pretends lele’s is like Katie perry or Taylor Swift or somethin

  16. Master Cold

    Master Cold22 minutes ago

    That scary girl was anwar😂😂😂😂😂❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  17. Luna Night light

    Luna Night light23 minutes ago

    Look at juanpa 🤣🤣🤣🤣 and were is Innana it's been so long she isn't there 😟

  18. Tommy and Katie

    Tommy and Katie23 minutes ago

    It feels as if Lele's body got possessed by a demon coz of her voice! it's kinda creeepy

  19. 10,000 subs for pizza

    10,000 subs for pizza23 minutes ago

    Who else loves Lele ??? Like to activate Edit : Oh , my like button is blue .

  20. Genesis Andrews

    Genesis Andrews23 minutes ago

    Lele your my ROLE MODEL you're so sweet and nice and just keep being you! You really shouldn't change for ANYBODY whatsoever you deserve kindness from EVERYONE! I love how creative and funny you are. 🌹❤🌹

  21. Hisham Majed

    Hisham Majed23 minutes ago

    Lele This is the best video and every other video

  22. Santa’s Favorite Little Bitch

    Santa’s Favorite Little Bitch24 minutes ago

    Lol 2:52 that girl in the background she’s just standing there and looking LOL

  23. Shannan Louis

    Shannan Louis24 minutes ago

    Hey Lele.. I'm your huge fan.. can I get a heart from you.. please I've been waiting for you to upload your video.. ❤️❤️❤️

  24. Dayang Ernah

    Dayang Ernah29 minutes ago

    I like your video lele you soooooooo pretty and cute I hope twan like you

  25. mommy rocks

    mommy rocks29 minutes ago


  26. Selina Does stuff

    Selina Does stuff32 minutes ago

    Hi llo

  27. It's alexa

    It's alexa35 minutes ago

    My favorite part is the makarina dance

  28. Kim_Chae Hei

    Kim_Chae Hei37 minutes ago

    Yes,I’m Early!!!

  29. itz Lola Editz Heart

    itz Lola Editz Heart38 minutes ago

    "Yes i am i am pregnant!" 😂

  30. mohammed hamawandi

    mohammed hamawandi39 minutes ago


  31. T owenfam

    T owenfam45 minutes ago

    I use Google to it is amazing and u are to

  32. King Virus

    King Virus45 minutes ago

    All sluts .....

  33. Hakan Yazıcı

    Hakan Yazıcı46 minutes ago

    Türkler buradmı Ayaklanın Beyler bura bizim@@

  34. Armando Gaming

    Armando Gaming48 minutes ago

    0:00 when you hit puberty

  35. Saki Reina

    Saki Reina53 minutes ago


  36. HappyWolf 66

    HappyWolf 6655 minutes ago

    Beast vid

  37. Christian Jima

    Christian Jima56 minutes ago

    A las putas se Llama a esa hora..

  38. chuggggggy

    chuggggggyHour ago

    Lol you didn't even have to speak for this video. I like that, you always looking ways for making different videos.

  39. Ridsker Yt

    Ridsker YtHour ago

    Speak english

  40. καωαιι мαиgο

    καωαιι мαиgοHour ago

    The boy named Barry is bery rude

  41. Krishna Mainali

    Krishna MainaliHour ago

    One of the funniest video I have ever watched keep it up lele..Lots of love from India😍😍❤❤

  42. HANY xol

    HANY xolHour ago

    My fav is blossom

  43. Sorrowful. Deviner

    Sorrowful. DevinerHour ago

    Lele that voice is so awesome 😍😍😍

  44. Bat Jonny ツ

    Bat Jonny ツHour ago

    What’s with all of the future stuff

  45. Tammy Alaniz

    Tammy AlanizHour ago

    Lele your my fav youtuber in the world,your so funny,pretty,and creative❤😝

  46. Vitartial

    VitartialHour ago

    Lowkey this is a reverse Get Out

  47. Where'sMy Cookies

    Where'sMy CookiesHour ago

    I love Lele Pons, do you 🤣🤣

  48. Kevin Onyansh

    Kevin OnyanshHour ago

    At first they were matching

  49. Its Chewey

    Its CheweyHour ago

    you know what im just jelous to you

  50. Its Chewey

    Its CheweyHour ago

    lele pons I wish your my mother and I wish that you can have your concert at philipines because I am a philipine girl

  51. Apsan Rai

    Apsan RaiHour ago

    F you

  52. Evelyn Wright

    Evelyn WrightHour ago

    Um, I got an ad for onlook on this video but they used part of your side chicks video

  53. Its Chewey

    Its CheweyHour ago

    my love srory is sad

  54. Its Chewey

    Its CheweyHour ago

    then he left me alone

  55. Its Chewey

    Its CheweyHour ago

    because he was my neigbor and hes name is steven then but his mother got a house they change house because steven has a girlfriend then he broke up with her gf because steven has a first sight first love on me then his ex gf fight with steven then steven get mad then he decided to go to a new house

  56. ArkaanTheOfficialMyth

    ArkaanTheOfficialMythHour ago

    3:30 the face when ur wifi starts working again

  57. Magda Martinezreyes

    Magda MartinezreyesHour ago

    Man: “OH DIS BISH DEAD” Buttercup and Bubbles: “yAaAaY”

  58. Борислава Брайчева

    Борислава БрайчеваHour ago

    What the

  59. Its Chewey

    Its CheweyHour ago

    Because im still 8 but I have a secret boyfriend my mom does not know that I have a secret bf he was with me it starts when I am 7 he said that he like me then I agree then we be like friends in our neigbor because if they know that me and my secret bf are together they will say that in our parents

  60. Abraham Kerry

    Abraham KerryHour ago

    19+ Super Mario Run😂

  61. Борислава Брайчева

    Борислава БрайчеваHour ago

    Hi I'm your bug bug fan I'm 7 your so cute

  62. Its Chewey

    Its CheweyHour ago

    I did not have my first prom because no one likes to be with me

  63. Mystery??

    Mystery??Hour ago

    xD ThE Cucaracha CrIbE

  64. Its Chewey

    Its CheweyHour ago

    lele you ask who wants to go to prom I want because I did not have my first time prom

  65. Love Demonwolfy

    Love DemonwolfyHour ago


  66. Kevin Bajraktari

    Kevin BajraktariHour ago

    The bestie !😍🔥love you from albania

  67. Gacha lover alex

    Gacha lover alexHour ago

    Thats a rap girl!!

  68. Lira grace Loresto

    Lira grace LorestoHour ago


  69. Kizzel Cabanatan

    Kizzel CabanatanHour ago

    You look stupid

  70. Me, Khim and You

    Me, Khim and YouHour ago

    I didn't expect the ending.. But this is great... Turns out, human these days cold like a robot

  71. d e a r l y r e i

    d e a r l y r e iHour ago

    1:21 When crush comes in the classroom Edit: song?

  72. Naruto BOOGER

    Naruto BOOGERHour ago

    I would rite emo

  73. Alex Gotcha channel

    Alex Gotcha channelHour ago

    Hey Lele my cousin text you if you can answer her she would love that in her because she loves her videos

  74. Shadow The Potato

    Shadow The PotatoHour ago

    “I don’t even like anybody there!” ***seconds later*** **GASP** OMG OMg I MISSED YoU SO MUcH

  75. Madhav Aggarwal

    Madhav AggarwalHour ago

    Awesome 😂😂😂😂😂😂 If you are an Indian please don't click on my face to see content similar to this.

  76. richieboi 31

    richieboi 312 hours ago

    1:21 I'm crying now🤣🤣🤣🤣

  77. Irish sacdalan

    Irish sacdalan2 hours ago

    we all know we like.... oh sh-

  78. Lolo Laya

    Lolo Laya2 hours ago

    منو عربي و يحب ليلي بونس Lele pons Lele you are amazing person♡

  79. Alta Van Der Merwe

    Alta Van Der Merwe2 hours ago

    So today I have learned that guys like it when we put on long socks😅

  80. Revengeful Cookie

    Revengeful Cookie2 hours ago

    The dog is my favorite out of the😂

  81. Kayden Gooden

    Kayden Gooden2 hours ago

    *"Shes duuuumb" -ButterCup*