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  1. Peter Griffith

    Peter Griffith12 days ago

    If the show wanted Arya to kill the Knight King it could have been very easy. The red Priestess Kavara goes to jaquan and faceless man, saying The Red God request the faceless men to kill the man that stole a million life from the Red God. So Jaqan tells Arya to kill Knight King and her slate would be clean and she would be free and not hunted by other faceless men.easy thanks for reading

  2. Kris Yeti

    Kris Yeti15 days ago

    fuck Sansa, what a waste of a story line.

  3. Charles Garrett

    Charles Garrett16 days ago

    I would like to see agons conquest and the dance of dragons

  4. Kain Gutierrez

    Kain Gutierrez21 day ago

    Sure, plot twists and surprises can be entertaining. But the end should honor what the entire story has built up to. I accepted it at first, but Jon's buildup story was not honored. He went from a bastard to a king so that he could kill a last minute villain. It's not like it's supposed to be realistic...this is a story. We all agreed to that when we saw giants and white walkers. So why make it democratic and dispersed? People are entertained by death and heroes that save the others. I would rather the Stark family dies than what happened. It was too good to be true and too depressing in all the wrong ways.

  5. Deborah Kogan

    Deborah Kogan24 days ago

    Excellent! Thank you so much!

  6. Yos

    Yos29 days ago

    Hey Buzztox.. I've been following your blog for a while since GOT. Honestly i wish you would watch Dark on Netflix. It's German and it's better to watch it with the original audio but it's ok cause once it starts it's that good you will forget about it. Interesting. Debatable. Great story great cast. Fantasy and Sci-fi but still with the most logical interpretation. It's realistic in a way. The series in getting momentum now so maybe we could enjoy even more contents on your channel:D ( and i think you would have made a better story for GOT S7&8 than the guyz at HBO✌️)

  7. Blue Fox

    Blue FoxMonth ago

    Leaked or not, the finale still sucked lmaooooo what a useless leak 🤣😂

  8. ismail marican

    ismail maricanMonth ago

    The ending for Games of Thrones is a blessing in disguise as i dont miss a single bit of it anymore. I used to watched the episodes again and again, now i just cant be bothered. They shld have wrote a better ending as a respect for us hardcore fans.

  9. Jarma

    JarmaMonth ago

    you're absolute right. bran betrayed his own character to be king lol

  10. Jeff Scott

    Jeff ScottMonth ago

    News Reports just announced the many faced god is angry and is demanding that Benioff & Weiss must pay for the character arcs they executed in season 8 with their lives. "It is all the same to the many faced god."

  11. emin777

    emin777Month ago

    I am looking forward to it. I dont think it will be as interesting and rich in story as the original Game of Thrones, but we'll see.

  12. emin777

    emin777Month ago

    I totally agree with your review.

  13. Abigail Knox-Leet

    Abigail Knox-LeetMonth ago

    I love this!!!!!!!! Jon Snow 4 Life ♥️

  14. michelle mcgill

    michelle mcgillMonth ago

    So many important points were abandoned and character arcs were just thrown right out 🤦‍♀️

  15. Alberto G

    Alberto GMonth ago

    GOT is dead for me im not even interested in the winds of winter book its going to have the same stupid ending that the show .

  16. David Gray

    David GrayMonth ago

    Buttox I feel your pain to sit through 8 seasons and get completely shattered because you never got the present for Christmas that you wanted. Just like the tens of thousands of other's who are clearly pissed at the twin Santa's Benioff And Wiess. Don't worry I felt ripped off as well because the only one who could legitimately take the crown was Bran and like many others I believed him or his character when he said he wasn't interested in the throne. I was convinced he was going to get it because you don't go through all the stuff he had too unless there's a greater plan for him but the two Santa's threw in a white king sorry white lie to throw us who had been paying attention off the scent and I am not unhappy about it. Two Starks end up running the Kingdom from the north to south and Arya in the west of Westeros no doubt

  17. David Stanley

    David StanleyMonth ago

    Hey man, I say all of this with constructive criticism. After 10 minutes of your video I decided I didn’t want to watch the rest. Here’s why: your writing, editing, and thus the points you raise and the questions you ask, all need a lot of cleaning up, revision, and tightening. You ask the viewer questions aloud, and then say, “I don’t know,” which may be true but... we can actually begin to answer some of these questions or at least pose a set of hypothetical answers that are open ended, leaving room for what will actually happen, but still provoke thought. Instead you raise a bunch of kind of obvious questions, and ironically make sweeping statements and decisions about your personal assessment of how they messed up Williams character development. I think because you haven’t thought even further outside the box than you are used to (which is a hallmark of this show), you don’t realize that what is going on with William is as complicated as the rest of the show’s questions. You might feel like that shores up your “they messed up the arc he was on” argument but it actually doesn’t at all. Is William who he thinks he is or is he what he actually does? He’s in a fidelity test at LEAST at the end.... the unity of themes here, humans being on a loop just as much as the hosts, what defines who we are, are we even conscious of who our own “self” is...... you just kind of blow by these extremely crucial points and decide by yourself that the show runners crapped on their own story. Not in this series my dude. good luck to you.

  18. Alyne Pustanio

    Alyne PustanioMonth ago


  19. Toronto Raptors

    Toronto RaptorsMonth ago


  20. Linda Nicholson

    Linda NicholsonMonth ago

    Great thought. Jon arrives at Castle Black to find it infested with Wildlings and (gasp) a wolf. As the only living member of the Night Watch, he evicts them and escorts them out of town. Maybe confiscates the wolf and holds him as hostage.

  21. TCM 214

    TCM 214Month ago

    Not feeling it

  22. Daiveon Mallery

    Daiveon MalleryMonth ago

    Mighty THOT not mighty thor. Besides how the hell does she suddenly become worthy to wield the hammer.

  23. thefinnishguy

    thefinnishguyMonth ago

    this was a nice video. you actually seem to know a lot from these movies compared to some big movie news channels. good job

  24. PunchQuote - formerly hhh1200

    PunchQuote - formerly hhh1200Month ago

    Mary Sue Thor. Maybe she can join forces with Ter-Man-Hater 1000.

  25. PunchQuote - formerly hhh1200

    PunchQuote - formerly hhh1200Month ago

    Mary Sue Thor. Maybe she can join forces with Ter-Man-Hater 1000.

  26. Helvetron

    HelvetronMonth ago

    Keep this Mike guy on the channel!!!

  27. Patriot77

    Patriot77Month ago

    The massive muscles Thor, a Norse god, is replaced by a 98lb weakling who is more "virtuous" and can do things he couldn't. What could go wrong?

  28. BuzzTox

    BuzzToxMonth ago

    Trying something new! I talk comics with Mike and just be warned the audio needs work :P This is just a part of the process to refine how we make these videos! Let me know what you think! -Max

  29. LongNights W/HotPie

    LongNights W/HotPieMonth ago

    Totally excited about the new series. Cant wait!!!!

  30. cocafofo

    cocafofoMonth ago

    I love how in this video cersei's best punishment envisionned for danaerys is litterally what the show ended up doing to her in a written execution: destroying all she stood for. Good job D&D, might have been better if an actual character like cersei had carried the sentence but who knows..

  31. Clint Burford

    Clint BurfordMonth ago

    Why bother? We know how the show ends and its garbage. Not giving HBO another chance... waiting on the books.

  32. brontewcat

    brontewcatMonth ago

    I liked Arya killing the NK, for me it was very satisfying emotionally. I think her character arc made sense. Her giving up on killing Cersei made sense too.

  33. Harold Ramson

    Harold Ramson2 months ago

    I’m not excited! Doesn’t mean anything to me.I’m excited about Watchmen and Westworld. I have moved on. You should too.

  34. Nathan

    Nathan2 months ago

    What if on the highest story the walls were rounded to the back. The first window coming from the stairs would just be the lack of a curved piece. The windows farthest from the stairs could be a place for a man cannon.

  35. DL Southwell

    DL Southwell2 months ago

    So long as Arya is not in it I'll probably like any spin-off. Bloodmoon sounds good so far. I'd like to see ancient Valyria.

  36. Nije Bitno

    Nije Bitno2 months ago

    Evolution of your pronounciation: Dolores Dolorys Dolerys Donerys Denerys Daenerys 😂

  37. Sal ty

    Sal ty2 months ago

    What do you mean the WW were never a threat? just because a woman killed them? go jump a stump, dufus.

  38. D3V!L HUNT3R

    D3V!L HUNT3R2 months ago

    I think this GoT Prequel will suck just like S8 sucked

  39. Mat Tash/ Riley

    Mat Tash/ Riley2 months ago

    How do I go on a empty forge map

  40. kana mees xd

    kana mees xd2 months ago

    So in this show there is really the long night fight and then it is over really

  41. Jeff Scott

    Jeff Scott2 months ago

    Before the GoT season 8 premier was released, what was a man to do? A man watched seasons 1-7 repeatedly until season 8 started. Now a man regrets ever watching season 8 and he reads George RR Martin's GoT book series with hopes the last 2 books bring a man closure to how the TV series should have ended.

  42. Jeff Scott

    Jeff Scott2 months ago

    I'm reading the GOT five book series and hoping George RR Martin's last two books provide an ending that properly follows the narratives, plot arcs, foreshadowing and reaches a logical conclusion that gives the reader some satisfying closure like all the great literature that has been written. Like Tolkien's books concluded for example. Reading the last two books if & when they are completed by Martin is my only hope of getting some real closure that can override the bastardized TV show series ending. D&D left out so many important details from the books in GoT that would have made the TV series so much better. D&D BS's HBO and stole a 10 season GoT series away from the fans. The disturbing part about the Bloodmoon prequel is that Martin will not have any input to the writing of the TV series. HBO fumbled the ball so badly on GOT and ruined what could have been the best TV series in television history. The set up for the prequel leads me to believe that HBO will fumble the ball again. The way they lashed out at the millions of fans who are upset with the GoT ending only shows HBO doesn't care about what the fans think.

  43. blackdaripper

    blackdaripper2 months ago

    And now my watch has literally ended!

  44. Roger Black

    Roger Black2 months ago

    I’ll watch, but excited for it? No.

  45. Etienne Kordalski

    Etienne Kordalski2 months ago

    You said the night king was defeated in one battle? Haven't you seen the battle in hardhome or the battle where viserion died?

  46. Tyler Amzona

    Tyler Amzona2 months ago

    This will flop

  47. Jay Gatsby

    Jay Gatsby2 months ago

    All these ” i will not watch it” comments, B please you will..!

  48. AR Mostafa

    AR Mostafa2 months ago

    You're great 💙

  49. Morad Mohammed

    Morad Mohammed2 months ago


  50. Matthew James

    Matthew James2 months ago

    I want my last two books goddamn it

  51. Kieran M

    Kieran M2 months ago

    Bittersweet, whilst I’m still so gutted about season 8, I’m also still really excited to see this

  52. Ashley

    Ashley2 months ago

    I understand everyone's frustrations, I really truly do, but it saddens me that everyone seems to have given up on the entire universe because of D&D's utter failure. I am also not particularly excited about the franchise at the moment, but I will watch the prequel 1) to support the crew and GRRM, 2) because I am hopeful that the new showrunner will actually give a damn, and 3) because I fucking love the world of ASOIAF. (Obviously, the GoT world and ASOIAF world are different, but so too are GoT and "Bloodmoon"). I am, of course, not telling anyone else how to feel because the reactions in the comment section and in the fandom as a whole are 100% justified, but I personally will be watching this series with the full understanding that I might (and probably will) be disappointed, but with the hope that I will not be. It's a different beast, with a different showrunner and cast, and I am not going to punish her/them for the mistakes of two assholes. Again, no judgment for the people who are over it all, this is just my two cents.

  53. Sunloki

    Sunloki2 months ago

    What if the Three Eyed Raven is going to be revealed as a bad guy/ puppet master. Hince making us wonder how Westeros turned out after Bran took over. What if the three eyed raven was there when the children of the forest created the white walkers? Maybe he is the evil that turned the WW against the children of the forest? All this time the WW went to Winterfell just to answer the call of their boss, Bran. Who's to say that the Night King was the only WW leader? What if they show us a whole community of WW? In the books they had a female WW that one of the lord commanders fell in love with. What if she is the real leader of the WW? Martin said in a interview that this is going to tell us a story that could possibly change how we look at the story we THINK we know. I still think the main Villain of the series is not the WW but in fact the Three Eyed Raven. He got pushed back north and was sealed north of the wall. Drawing new people in to become the new three eyed raven. Moving from host to host. Could explain why bran was acting the way he was the last two seasons. The Bran we know is dead. The Three Eyed Raven took over his mind and body after luring him north of the wall.


    LUIS GONZALEZ2 months ago

    dude the only thing i care to see is the comeback of jon snow as true king!, i am still sad and mad with the last season!

  55. frizza241

    frizza2412 months ago

    8 to 10 thousand years before?????? And the world looks exactly the same????... LMAO....GTFOH.

  56. Yves Yang

    Yves Yang2 months ago

    More interested in a prequel about Roberts rebellion. It would be interesting to see everyone - Robert, rhaegar, Tywin, in their prime

  57. Zorema Pachuau

    Zorema Pachuau2 months ago

    This is the first time I heard that Bran the builder used to be a king.. Great video. 👍🏼

  58. Marcelo Augusto

    Marcelo Augusto2 months ago

    The long night... Whata joke

  59. Wesley Mons

    Wesley Mons2 months ago

    They are only shooting the pilot right still has to be greenlit..i think a 2021 release is much more plausible

  60. Stephanie J

    Stephanie J2 months ago

    I feel dead to the whole series, including the prequel. The entire debacle of D & D killed all of my interest. It is tragic. So much time, energy and emotion dedicated to that show. Now, it’s like a relationship has ended.

  61. roxstix

    roxstix2 months ago

    Season 8 ruined my interests in anything with GoT.

  62. DiaMatPhilosopher

    DiaMatPhilosopher2 months ago

    Will you be doing a post mordum on Spiderman far from home?

  63. SM Acadian

    SM Acadian2 months ago

    meh....dont really care anymore about GoT...especially if its about the white walkers. With the way dumb and dumber ruined the white walker threat i literally have no interest.

  64. Ostro1980

    Ostro19802 months ago

    Not excited AT ALL right now.....I just dont care after that ending. Maybe after some time and a trailer down the road.

  65. Kent Jensen

    Kent Jensen2 months ago

    I won't watch the prequel or anything else connected to this nonsense. Dumb & Dumber ruined it for all time.

  66. Andrew Hughes

    Andrew Hughes2 months ago

    Looking at the comments, I think that many people have the same opinion: Why build up the back story of an ultimately disappointing GOT universe. I had considered rewatching the whole GOT series, but not now. There is no point and it won't stand up to repeated viewings... for me anyway. How many HBO subscriptions were canceled? Just sayin...

  67. gunhole

    gunhole2 months ago

    I’m with you on the way the White Walkers were ultimately handled being highly problematic for any origin story.

  68. PunchQuote - formerly hhh1200

    PunchQuote - formerly hhh12002 months ago

    arent they doing the 13th lord commander and night queen. no way they can use the same night king from game of thrones.

  69. Dennis Boyd

    Dennis Boyd2 months ago

    I can’t watch a new prequel show knowing how it ended and amounted to nothing.

  70. Christian Oles

    Christian Oles2 months ago

    It was actually humorous that the mountain was somehow harder to kill than the NK??? No way it should have been that way! Looking forward to the spinoff though!

  71. Soy Flops Jeremy

    Soy Flops Jeremy2 months ago

    Just D.G.a.F GOT is dead

  72. erin rossi

    erin rossi2 months ago

    im still trying to get over the ending of GOT no just kidding i moved on. I am ready for the new show

  73. Wisdom Manari'

    Wisdom Manari'2 months ago

    She didn't call Drogon she was preparing to die. That's why she held hands with Missandi. It was never established that she had a connection to Drogon justin the way from Vas Dothrak she can suddenly just control him with ease. Prophesy isn't a thing in GOT this isn't Harry Potter

  74. BravoBear

    BravoBear2 months ago

    I was weirded out when Jon didn’t kill the night king

  75. CiCiDiaries

    CiCiDiaries2 months ago

    This is really interesting to watch after already having seen the movie

  76. nala beans

    nala beans2 months ago

    After major shows that produce highly viewed content are over a lot of creators get wrapped up in chasing those numbers and trying to play to the viewers. Some use that/those shows to death while others do things their viewers ask for but their not excited about, and it shows. My advice would be do what you are passionate about and the viewers will follow. There's nothing wrong in taking suggestions or polling the audience but mostly you should go in whatever direction you feel strongest, maintain the integrity of the channel and your own unique point of view. It might take some experimenting here and there, and the numbers might not be as high, but as long as you are doing things that deeply interest you, the content will remain solid and everything else will fall into place.

  77. May Shutes

    May Shutes2 months ago

    Please cover The Witcher TV series when it comes out.

  78. Rob Austin

    Rob Austin2 months ago

    My problems with season 8 . We have been looking for Azor Ahia it had nothing to do to with the profecy. We never got to meet Howland Reed. Tyrion turned into an idiot. They didn't send any spies to check on the Lannister army. I heard this was during the time of the Roses and every freaked about Jon and Danny. Hell that happened until the 20th century. Jon said to Theon he is a Greyjoy and Stark. There should have been a conversation between Jon and Danny where she told him the same thing. Jon should of challenged the night king to fight the old way because he is probably A Stark. There is so much more but the writing is terrible.

  79. Zorema Pachuau

    Zorema Pachuau2 months ago


  80. Matt Johnson

    Matt Johnson2 months ago

    From what I hear, where Daenerys is in the books, she's "chosen fire and blood"... but in the show she hasn't... not up to The Bells. She was portrayed more as a hero that had some flaws, but always wanted to do the right thing, to achieve power for a good purpose. So they crammed the show Daenerys into the book Daenerys' ending.

  81. Conscious Being

    Conscious Being2 months ago

    Not sure what you retards mean by declaring that the war against the undead "was not her war". Daenerys never volunteered to fight that war, not even after Jon explained that if the North falls to the Night King, she will have to fight a much larger undead army that would then include the undead Northerners. She demanded Jon bend his knee to get her help for the North against the undead. Jon _bought_ her support for the North by giving up his crown. At that point, she was the leader of sell-swords, nothing more. No one in the North had any reason to be grateful to _her_ . As it turned out, her help was totally useless anyway. Sure, after Bran claimed the Night King was coming just for him and not all the living, anyone with a functioning brain would have planned a different battle strategy, than risking the lives of non-combatants, including women and children, in an attempt to protect one person, Bran. Since no one knew whether they will succeed in preventing the Night King from achieving his objective, the _only_ right option available to them was to move Bran out of Winterfell and to some castle in the North, empty by then, and try to defend him there. That way the only ones whose lives would be at risk were those of Bran and those defending Bran. They could fly Bran and a few defenders on the dragons to the empty Northern castle, first. If Bran is right, the undead must turn around and head there or at least the Night King should head there. Since the Night King already raised all the dead there, there won't be any more left for him to raise. If he gets there on the undead dragon, he will be alone, or with just a few more. If he waits until all his armies walk there, in the same time all the forces willing to die defending Bran's life could get there too. Either way it will be no more difficult to get to him than "baiting" him by placing Bran in Godswood at Winterfell and putting the lives of all non-combatants at risk. Hell, if they had done that, they probably would have gotten away without sacrificing a single life at Winterfell. Anyway, no one there, including Daenerys and Tyrion, had a functioning brain. Losses suffered due to utter stupidity don't earn you any gratitude either.

  82. Conscious Being

    Conscious Being2 months ago

    If the viewers believed Daenerys had a justification for burning down King's Landing, Jon would believe the same because he is just as retarded as most GoT viewers. If Jon believed Daenerys was justified in that, he couldn't kill her, let alone in the most cowardly and dishonourable manner imaginable. If Jon didn't kill her in a manner that made it a crime, there would be no reason for him to be forced to take the black (now reserved only for criminals and other rejects). So the ending would be significantly different from the one GRRM planned for the books. Killing the Night King was D&D's biggest blunder. After that, they had no room left to achieve the same ending GRRM planned for the books _and_ do justice to all the characters.

  83. RJ Strayhand

    RJ Strayhand2 months ago

    Fax dude

  84. edward fischer

    edward fischer2 months ago

    I think at the end of SM2, spider man will be much farther from home than Europe. Possibly somewhere in the multiverse

  85. Montse Esquivel

    Montse Esquivel3 months ago

    He basically just spoiled the whole movie

  86. scampoli25

    scampoli253 months ago

    Totally agree, I can’t wait to see this. Also love seeing you branch out with the channel

  87. Brandon

    Brandon3 months ago

    Suggestions: Dark Altered Carbon

  88. DiaMatPhilosopher

    DiaMatPhilosopher3 months ago

    Love this new content direction!

  89. Jesus Loves me

    Jesus Loves me3 months ago

    She wus mah kween

  90. Sister Giblits

    Sister Giblits3 months ago

    Glad to see you’re doing some new stuff Max! Name is Michael from Chicago, and Spider-Man has always been my favorite superhero. Started watching you back when you started with GoT. Your Westworld stuff has always been my favorite of yours. But everything is great. Really looking forward to your channel sprouting new wings. Much luck!

  91. Kit Shibley

    Kit Shibley3 months ago

    Jon killed Daenerys to save millions of people from her wrath. I think that was pretty clear. Jon doesn't need to be KING of anything - he never wanted to hold such a position.

  92. erna minten

    erna minten3 months ago

    I've started watching The Sopranos. I'm hooked. No magic stuff here.

  93. Susan Leach

    Susan Leach3 months ago

    I am with you great video.

  94. Cecilia Ng

    Cecilia Ng3 months ago

    Like your analytics but i guess nothing Matters now

  95. chinmay marathe

    chinmay marathe3 months ago

    your story makes more sense than the show. well done.

  96. Mohamed Gargat

    Mohamed Gargat3 months ago

    Moment of silence for your theory, hail King Bran 😂😂😂😂

  97. Yeganeh Imani

    Yeganeh Imani3 months ago

    BLACK MIRROR has a lot to talk and discuss

  98. Denise L.

    Denise L.3 months ago

    Love the idea of Marvel movies discussions, The Lion King and more!

  99. Chad Krause

    Chad Krause3 months ago

    Breaking Bad took back best show for me after this season. Such a let down.

  100. Hector Estrada

    Hector Estrada3 months ago

    I will say it like this, what Dany did was not rash, It May have been emotional, it might have even been terrible but that is war. She might have been cruel to let dragon flame kids women whatever but if you understand war, you should understand they died quickly and their deaths would be a message that ends many more wars and brings an end to all who dare defy her. “She didn’t have to kill all of those people,” she did if she wanted to break that wheel, she did if she wanted to bring peace to the world. Evil does not go away o its own, it needs to know that something out there is willing to go no limit as evil always has an objective, call it chaos or control. Dany, by destroying what everyone coveted showed that nobody for no reason will defy her will. That can make a lot of peace and that can make a lot of evil vanish. John was an idiot to simple minded to understand the power and responsibility that came with her loving him and trusting him more over the responsibility of controlling the equivalent of nuclear weapons in that world. Family means a lot and he should have recognized that his family was too small or not used to understanding the gravity of the power they were being brought into. Dragon could return, he could go to Winterfeld and destroy Sansa, look at that pretty picture, he could go on killing, nobody thought about that. The second sons could launch an attack to avenge Danny’s death how many more die, nobody thought about that, when Sam brings up the idea of democracy, that laughed at him, there would be a war within 20 years between Sana and possibly Bran, guaranteed probably over something foolish how many more die. Had Dany fulfilled her mission and John by her side, the world would know there is only 1 tyrant and all had better bow. John could temper her with trust again. His sister would have to die but it’s for the right reasons.