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  1. Kinini Wong

    Kinini Wong15 seconds ago

    I already know all of your paper airplanes thanks to foldable flight

  2. Sebastian Elytron

    Sebastian ElytronMinute ago

    How do you check the weight of a Red Hot Chilli Pepper? Give it a weigh, give it a weigh, give it a weigh now.

  3. Zach Thompson

    Zach ThompsonMinute ago

    "That guy" is Smoakin' Ed Currie, Patron Saint of Hot Ones and you will respect his name and his craft

  4. braingasim

    braingasimMinute ago

    What kind of toilet paper does he use? ^^

  5. Felipe

    Felipe2 minutes ago

    I thought it was adam sandler

  6. Jackson Parkinson

    Jackson Parkinson2 minutes ago

    Now THIS... Is an avengers level threat

  7. That one Kid

    That one Kid3 minutes ago

    Why is the 15 year old doing sat prep

  8. RaptorTV

    RaptorTV4 minutes ago


  9. Helmi Hermain

    Helmi Hermain4 minutes ago

    Why it looks like that mia made this video watchable

  10. Julie B

    Julie B4 minutes ago

    Found his website. puckerbuttpeppercompany.com/ Can't handle even habaneros, unfortunately. But curious what he's got somewhere between a habanero and a jalapeno.

  11. The Invisible Hand

    The Invisible Hand5 minutes ago

    Also: how great is it that his name is currie

  12. Zeluth

    Zeluth5 minutes ago

    I was searching for dogs. This will do.

  13. Jose Derwis

    Jose Derwis5 minutes ago


  14. For me it was Tuesday.

    For me it was Tuesday.5 minutes ago

    On the Georgeipez show she had no native blood on the DNA test.

  15. John Van T

    John Van T6 minutes ago

    You’re Boston, just ask them to say “car”

  16. ʟᴏɴᴇᴠᴇɴᴛʜᴏʀɪᴢᴏɴ

    ʟᴏɴᴇᴠᴇɴᴛʜᴏʀɪᴢᴏɴ6 minutes ago

    What an interesting dude

  17. FabledSomething

    FabledSomething7 minutes ago

    A guy that loves to hurt people, walking around his happy place surrounded by torturing peppers. Yep, It's close to Halloween alright.

  18. Jay Pence

    Jay Pence7 minutes ago

    Carolina Reapers are GMO

  19. Fawful has chortles

    Fawful has chortles8 minutes ago

    I think you have something with peppers

  20. V Wegman

    V Wegman9 minutes ago

    this man needs therapy

  21. Gamma Light

    Gamma Light9 minutes ago

    I wish i had his job

  22. Comments And Likes

    Comments And Likes9 minutes ago

    gold is useless? bananas have more value? If you were a South Vietnamese refugee fleeing for America in 1975, would you rather bring a suitcase full of bananas, or four bars of gold tucked away in your coat when climbing on board the ship? When you arrive in America, you can sell those bars of gold for literally tonnes of bananas, but your suitcase of bananas would have rotten before the ship reached Hawaii

  23. KungFuPimp2000

    KungFuPimp20009 minutes ago

    Looks like she's barely 30. Then: "Thank you for all your Googles!" SHE'S FIFTY! I KNEW IT!

  24. Rene Carrillo

    Rene Carrillo9 minutes ago

    The name of his store fits lmao.

  25. Beau Larimer

    Beau Larimer10 minutes ago

    Watching this in my high school classroom and the fire alarm literally went off in the first five seconds of video.

  26. 100subswithouta video

    100subswithouta video11 minutes ago

    After making Daisy The bottom layer is solved that is white layer is solved but the entire bottom layer is not solved I tried it 3 times. Please help me

  27. Du er sød Noah.

    Du er sød Noah.12 minutes ago

    This is just like Great Big Storys video.

  28. Daynger

    Daynger12 minutes ago

    idk why i watched this😂

  29. Marcus De Villiers

    Marcus De Villiers12 minutes ago

    Eats raw pepper. Awww soo good

  30. Bobby Harrell

    Bobby Harrell13 minutes ago

    4:45 - Almost five minutes in and college level took me to church with those jazzy gospel sounds. (Edit) 10:13 - Now I just have to learn keys... I'm loving piano right now.

  31. Joe Sigl

    Joe Sigl13 minutes ago

    He was using marijuana, now he only does Carolina Reaper purée enemas...up his pee pee hole too!

  32. automaticchic

    automaticchic14 minutes ago

    I keep staring at her upper lippp

  33. FluffKitten

    FluffKitten14 minutes ago

    I just want to be weightless, for a day, an hour, I just want to know how that feel, (ELON; ONE WAY TRIP TO MARS, IM IN, THIS WORLD IS DOOMED)

  34. Amarah Park

    Amarah Park14 minutes ago

    Johns hot

  35. Rex Offsender

    Rex Offsender14 minutes ago

    Please, do Miami (English) vs rest of Florida. I know, you could do the whole Spanish thing here too, but I swear, the saLmon here is to die for...

  36. Steven Songer

    Steven Songer15 minutes ago

    Immediately USworkd someone eating a Carolina Reaper

  37. Marcus De Villiers

    Marcus De Villiers15 minutes ago

    I would never eat that raw

  38. Lars Alexandersson

    Lars Alexandersson15 minutes ago

    It's hot: and for that reason, I'm out

  39. alacarteno

    alacarteno15 minutes ago

    she’s such a disney star 😂

  40. Eric Burnett

    Eric Burnett16 minutes ago

    8:49 I spy a hot ones sticker!

  41. 55giantsfan22

    55giantsfan2217 minutes ago

    Good looking plants

  42. Altruistic Egoist

    Altruistic Egoist17 minutes ago

    Dude is just an addict. Chasing a high his whole life.

  43. Salka Khan

    Salka Khan18 minutes ago

    Yepee!!! Done in a first try.

  44. Lenovo Lenovo

    Lenovo Lenovo18 minutes ago

    R🌹P JS خلق من الشبه ٤٠ له حكمه سبحان الله راحو الطيبين

  45. Astride

    Astride18 minutes ago

    2:51 capricorn gang ->

  46. the pacybitser

    the pacybitser18 minutes ago

    She's so cute

  47. Joe Sigl

    Joe Sigl18 minutes ago

    Can the Carolina Reaper be vaped in a vaporizer?

  48. Wolf Gang

    Wolf Gang19 minutes ago

    Sean Carroll is awesome, loved this video!

  49. Peanut ButterJam

    Peanut ButterJam19 minutes ago

    This is my favourite series. (As an academic!)

  50. Ragzilb Ragzilb

    Ragzilb Ragzilb19 minutes ago

    Kevin Smith is going to go in History :D

  51. B. Wolf

    B. Wolf20 minutes ago

    How do they measure the heat?

  52. Lizzi Lucicity

    Lizzi Lucicity21 minute ago

    nOt ThE yElLoW oNe

  53. Dane Byrd

    Dane Byrd21 minute ago

    *Public Service Announcement:* Yes they talk about Pepper X. So there’s no need to comment about the reaper not being the hottest.

  54. tottle321

    tottle32121 minute ago

    ...so I put like 1400 plants in her backyard 😳😳😳

  55. Futuure

    Futuure22 minutes ago

    Loved this reportage thanks Wired!

  56. Nicholas Solo

    Nicholas Solo23 minutes ago

    This guys fuckin scares me

  57. Grover Collins

    Grover Collins23 minutes ago

    This guy reminds me of Stephen Tobolowsky.

  58. InvisibleMan95

    InvisibleMan9524 minutes ago

    No man should have all that power.

  59. james prince

    james prince25 minutes ago

    Wat stuff is and wat stuff does is chemistry...

  60. Gay Lord

    Gay Lord25 minutes ago

    "I don't remember" -Paul McCartney

  61. Brian Ray

    Brian Ray25 minutes ago

    : Rust Cohle is the evil counterpart to this guy.

  62. Ww Wqw

    Ww Wqw26 minutes ago

    god made it not this guy

  63. Marcus Zyker

    Marcus Zyker26 minutes ago

    Bethesda should make him a ghoul in the next fallout game

  64. Super Boy

    Super Boy26 minutes ago

    "What is ice cube's real name" "My real name is OCEAN JACK'S SON"

  65. Lilzart

    Lilzart26 minutes ago

    *ah, that’s hot*

  66. AllieW

    AllieW27 minutes ago

    Ice Cube has no tattoos????? 😲😲😲😲

  67. HurriKane BF5

    HurriKane BF527 minutes ago

    I can barely eat a jalapeño

  68. Null

    Null27 minutes ago

    Something about the audio of the narration is rly offputting, it feels like it was recorded in a way that had too much bitrate or something? I also feel like the narration was very bland and inauthentic. And 'hottest pepper' is a constant subject of contention in the hot pepper community. This feels like it was made for a ten year old or something.

  69. Wasabi00009

    Wasabi0000927 minutes ago


  70. Im Bis

    Im Bis27 minutes ago

    Imagine making a bomb that disperses Carolina reaper acid. 0-0

  71. August Valentine

    August Valentine28 minutes ago

    And they said white people dont know what spicy is...

  72. Walkin dude

    Walkin dude29 minutes ago

    I thought there was an hotter pepper now. Dragons Breath pepper or something.

  73. Marcus Zyker

    Marcus Zyker29 minutes ago

    Bees when they come to his farm: ight. Imma gonna head out

  74. Søren Kierkegaard

    Søren Kierkegaard29 minutes ago

    Me: I don't care about life. Life: I don't care about you either. Me: 1:20

  75. marccc

    marccc29 minutes ago


  76. Avery the Cuban-American

    Avery the Cuban-American30 minutes ago

    Ah that's hot that is hot. I watch the Hot Ones and I can tell that it's super spicy. He is the pepper king


    AGENT KARLOS30 minutes ago

    i don't think this technique is better if not worse

  78. Jason Grady

    Jason Grady30 minutes ago

    I always bring a little stack of ceramic tiles with me when my wife and I go out to eat. My wife brings the books, socks, and the fishing weights.

  79. Marcus Zyker

    Marcus Zyker30 minutes ago

    Cross breeding. Our ancestors gmos.

  80. OwO

    OwO30 minutes ago

    This guy is more dangerous than the most dangerous criminals of all time

  81. Historic

    Historic31 minute ago

    They aren't hotter then me😏 jokinngggg

  82. Craig Nehring

    Craig Nehring31 minute ago

    bye bye

  83. Ome Omi

    Ome Omi31 minute ago

    its almost unbearable watching this dude throw a ball...

  84. Henrique Oliveira

    Henrique Oliveira31 minute ago

    Definitely a toker. Keep it going, my friend

  85. Marcus Zyker

    Marcus Zyker31 minute ago

    The mad man. He should go on hot ones

  86. NoBuc

    NoBuc31 minute ago


  87. Detective Taylor Swift

    Detective Taylor Swift31 minute ago

    I swear I thought he said he knew nothing a about science out of the show or starting the show

  88. omegazexard

    omegazexard32 minutes ago

    Thank you, very epic.

  89. Jaydog1Party RE

    Jaydog1Party RE32 minutes ago

    I’ve had salsa, hot sauce & chips with the Ghost Pepper in it. I have yet to have something with the Carolina Reaper in it!

  90. h&jgames

    h&jgames32 minutes ago

    anyone else love WIRED??? also im a youtuber heading for 1k

  91. DaKermitFrog

    DaKermitFrog33 minutes ago

    The deadly chocolate pucker but budd.

  92. Christopher Everly

    Christopher Everly33 minutes ago

    That’s a smart 9 year old

  93. BRUH

    BRUH33 minutes ago

    This type of food also causes cancer.. just saying.

  94. TheAngelskywalker

    TheAngelskywalker33 minutes ago

    Cualquier mexicano: Pica poquito...

  95. Marcus Zyker

    Marcus Zyker33 minutes ago

    Me: I eat them when I need to wake up. My tastebuds are kinda shot.

  96. Just Some Bigfoot With Internet Access

    Just Some Bigfoot With Internet Access34 minutes ago

    Literally no one: Ed Currie: Y'all ever just like, you know... Get to hurt people all over the world every single day

  97. Jackson Amaral

    Jackson Amaral34 minutes ago


  98. jMarcos Oliveira

    jMarcos Oliveira35 minutes ago

    ingenious, funny

  99. Party Cat

    Party Cat35 minutes ago

    Though great, I love making fun of the USGS people. They don't allow comments on their videos, such a shame.

  100. Scott Montgomery

    Scott Montgomery35 minutes ago

    I don't think the Earth "rises" on the surface of the moon. I think if you're on the sea of tranquility, the earth stays mostly in the same place in the lunar sky....