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Tiger With 436 K/D
  1. Johnny

    Johnny9 seconds ago

    Love watching this considering ima join the U.S Army this summer

  2. Grant Kendrick

    Grant Kendrick18 seconds ago

    Should throw an aside in for those who carry/keep firearms in their vehicle for self defense

  3. Davidsmith smith

    Davidsmith smith48 seconds ago

    that pokemon is called Tentacool

  4. Quang Hoàng Minh

    Quang Hoàng MinhMinute ago

    Long answer: this video Short answer: Americans

  5. Michael Galt

    Michael GaltMinute ago

    Love how this video finally talks about how the bubonic plague started in Asia. It was basically the reason that the Silk Road closed. And it killed far more people there.

  6. xDa_n

    xDa_n2 minutes ago

    No WW1 no WW2, simple.

  7. Cory R

    Cory R2 minutes ago

    Your measurement based beauty only works on a womans face :P what is the ratios for men?

  8. Ugeavisen

    Ugeavisen4 minutes ago

    The title is extremely misleading

  9. normal human being

    normal human being4 minutes ago


  10. VVM

    VVM5 minutes ago

    If i will die id take everyone around me with me


    SWEET BUT PSYCHO5 minutes ago

    back then, the doctors & nurses were madder than the patients!!!

  12. Coldfy

    Coldfy6 minutes ago

    I thought colombia was the country with most beautiful girls

  13. Motheo Sehlako

    Motheo Sehlako7 minutes ago

    Nigeria: WRONG!!

  14. Adasia Embry

    Adasia Embry8 minutes ago

    Poor guy.

  15. Ben Wong

    Ben Wong8 minutes ago

    USA and all NATO countries should raise tariff on all products made in all countries of BRICS.

  16. Isiah Friedlander

    Isiah Friedlander8 minutes ago

    Who Killed P.C. Farias????

  17. Faze Sway

    Faze Sway9 minutes ago

    Why does he have a swaggersoul mask in the beginning

  18. andrew gonzales

    andrew gonzales9 minutes ago

    Im filipino No one can rly defeat leon kilat,raja tupas enc.

  19. Chris Chapman

    Chris Chapman10 minutes ago

    How did the smell not raise any questions..

  20. Dragon Gamer

    Dragon Gamer10 minutes ago

    like my comment

  21. manu

    manu11 minutes ago

    Miss Bullshitter is real

  22. Omkar Manerikar

    Omkar Manerikar12 minutes ago

    Dreams are the events which happens in parallel universe 🤣

  23. Motheo Sehlako

    Motheo Sehlako12 minutes ago

    Beautiful women exist: Me: Ima die alone

  24. Erik Poulsen

    Erik Poulsen14 minutes ago

    Wouldn't there have been a smell?

  25. Hank Anderson

    Hank Anderson16 minutes ago

    Sure wish people believed that mental heath is real. Then I would get help.

  26. 🐸 Maahi

    🐸 Maahi17 minutes ago


  27. AceMercer AMV

    AceMercer AMV17 minutes ago

    3:11 - 3:17 Now that's a pro gamer move

  28. kamii

    kamii20 minutes ago


  29. RedHunter

    RedHunter21 minute ago

    I love T-SERIES I hate poogay he should die

  30. Mitchell Fisher

    Mitchell Fisher23 minutes ago

    Believe it or not Windex actually neutralizes the sting almost instantly... I know from experience

  31. Fwazangalang Entertainment

    Fwazangalang Entertainment24 minutes ago

    Uuuuuuuh......what about the smell of a rotting corpse?!?! That cooler must have been as cold as the arctic.

  32. Mike Whipkey

    Mike Whipkey25 minutes ago

    I prefer coke with my Morphine.. But if we are talking about drinks then give me a pepsi!

  33. PandaPoika

    PandaPoika25 minutes ago

    I'm *H A C K E R M A N*

  34. tiziano zucchetti

    tiziano zucchetti25 minutes ago

    The all religion thing is banned: they even have a religious party


    TIGERZY2K25 minutes ago

    There is a famous Bengali quotation by a 19th century saint named Ramakrishna Paramhans which reads "money is mud....mud is money". Which means money has a tendency to be spent. Alas its very much true. Sadly this famous preaching of Guru Paramhans is misinterpreted as having too much money is bad. This is the reason why the middle class and poor people try to avoid investments in equity market and try to avoid the concept of filtering out hard earned money from passive income..... thereby succumbing to financial crisis or vicious poverty cycles quite often.

  36. Jack Bossence

    Jack Bossence26 minutes ago

    High school starts in grade 9 in canada

  37. Zach Pilgram

    Zach Pilgram26 minutes ago

    I’m really glad the narrator put so much emphasis on the fact that this is a no frills supermarket. Otherwise I would have assumed there were frills involved.

  38. Rahul Malakar

    Rahul Malakar26 minutes ago

    Anime world has the most beautiful ones.

  39. MrShapooper

    MrShapooper27 minutes ago

    You should've compared the SAS and Delta, Delta is literally supposed to be US version of the SAS.

  40. Relentless God

    Relentless God27 minutes ago

    Puerto Rico?

  41. Gary Mota

    Gary Mota28 minutes ago

    I met my husband in Nigeria

  42. nugget buns

    nugget buns28 minutes ago

    If I have to get my last meal it would have to be 5 sushi rolls,2 large ramen bowls, and 2 pieces mint candy

  43. tiziano zucchetti

    tiziano zucchetti28 minutes ago

    What's your source? I would really like to know where you found all those informations. Watching the video it really seems you invented everything

  44. Israel Mendoza

    Israel Mendoza29 minutes ago

    these videos are like visual museums. with various unbelieveble and sometimes incredible trivias and facts.

  45. Kcc K

    Kcc K29 minutes ago

    I live a couple towns over from council bluffs, Iowa. And I can confirm this as true

  46. Maham Khalid

    Maham Khalid29 minutes ago

    The challenge should be not to be able to use any electronics.... including laptops, computers, radios, iPods, ACs, TVS, etc

  47. Warit J

    Warit J30 minutes ago

    Local lifeguard in my country say that if you confirm that you have been stung by Man-o-war or Blue Bottle (Similar shape to MoW, just blue). DO NOT USE VINEGAR it will cause the rest of the stinger to activated cuz these two species aren't the same with the rest of jellyfish. The rest use vinegar to disable the stingers is true tho... just... not with these two, unless you're a really severe case of masochism

  48. nitin angadi

    nitin angadi30 minutes ago


  49. Jaime

    Jaime30 minutes ago

    So the fact that no one notice the wroten smell of a dead body on a supermarket 🤔? I can't even stand the smell of a dead rat. I imagine that a decomposed human body smells 20 times worse.

  50. Jimbo The Guy

    Jimbo The Guy30 minutes ago

    Microsoft is better

  51. Renegade Raider

    Renegade Raider31 minute ago

    you can make a far cry game about genghis khan

  52. DCTwix

    DCTwix31 minute ago


  53. Gisley Alves

    Gisley Alves31 minute ago

    Gosh!! Can you imagine the hygiene situation on this store?? Those people must be the dirtest people ever! Disgusting!

  54. Nhiên Lê Minh Huệ

    Nhiên Lê Minh Huệ32 minutes ago

    He is kind of adorable

  55. Nationalist 1488

    Nationalist 148832 minutes ago

    Trump 2020 🇺🇸 ! Keep America great !

  56. Dhani Rose

    Dhani Rose32 minutes ago

    New Media Investments is the Parent Company to GateHouse Media, which is also the company that is currently is the middle of a multibillion dollar merger with Gannet Media, the company that owns USA Today. Both GateHouse and Gannet are Newspaper Companies and New Media Investments owns companies that are local news media and marketing companies such as ThriveHive. (Used to work for said company subsidies. Don’t miss it at all.) This makes me laugh!!!

  57. John Cu

    John Cu33 minutes ago

    Eastern Europe and Latin America - where women are beautiful and feminine.

  58. mukul pandey

    mukul pandey34 minutes ago

    THE HUNGER OF CHINA,s to expand it,s boundary will break her into many pieces these are the words of INDIAN MIND IT👌

  59. mr. Bot

    mr. Bot34 minutes ago

    How to make our face shape oval from round.

  60. Anna Fowler

    Anna Fowler35 minutes ago

    It is called liopleurodon

  61. Henry Cooper

    Henry Cooper36 minutes ago

    I knew America was powerful but not this powerful

  62. Jameson Duty

    Jameson Duty38 minutes ago


  63. •An!me Çhan•

    •An!me Çhan•38 minutes ago

    My claustrophobia just entered my brain

  64. Jezreel Ric Lacia

    Jezreel Ric Lacia39 minutes ago

    That would've smelled. How could no one have smelled that?

  65. Kay Jay

    Kay Jay39 minutes ago

    0:20 Test in 2012? it’s 2019 my guy

  66. gottcy girl surname unavailable

    gottcy girl surname unavailable39 minutes ago

    1doller = 15rands so u can buy snacks in SA or a chiproll😂

  67. gottcy girl surname unavailable

    gottcy girl surname unavailable41 minute ago

    And they said Africans were strange

  68. Hexbug 101

    Hexbug 10141 minute ago

    There’s so much that’s way worse. I was expecting a box jelly, aka the most venomous animal on earth.

  69. SAUCE

    SAUCE41 minute ago


  70. Nightfury Matthew

    Nightfury Matthew42 minutes ago

    Okay boomer.

  71. Stick And Stuff

    Stick And Stuff44 minutes ago

    *Me trying to sleep* The internet:

  72. SAUCE

    SAUCE44 minutes ago

    My brain rn 🤯🤯🤯

  73. Joe surfer

    Joe surfer44 minutes ago

    Just more technology that Obama sold to our enemy China.

  74. Shaun Mandich

    Shaun Mandich45 minutes ago

    What happened? - E Howard Hunt's death bed confession.

  75. GDStorm

    GDStorm45 minutes ago

    I want to say that all knowledge as a price. But this? Even tho we came to understand more about radioactivity, this seems to be a little too expensive, killing thousands of people on the behalf of science. Yes I am for scientifical progress and don't understand the existance of many bioethical rules, but this is a whole other level.

  76. Ds Production

    Ds Production45 minutes ago

    Thanks man

  77. Thangzalian Hilsia

    Thangzalian Hilsia46 minutes ago

    Wel that is Florida man

  78. Mithrandir

    Mithrandir46 minutes ago

    who defined beauty? who says whats perfect? in a western society prefer being white, slim is the ideal body shape for a western society. Nothing is perfect and no one is special, face it thats how the world work. you'll die and so will I. live life as best as you can and do it quick before you die. in the fashion industry people are expected to be slim for woman and muscular for men these are the standard that WE ALL face. It is neither my concern of how people die or live and same as goes for you, as this is my opinion. We should start learning the importance of a person's personality and what type of person they are, then you can judge whether he or she is beautiful and is 'perfect' for you. and treasure him or her in your heart. ;)

  79. profesionalMONSTER slayer

    profesionalMONSTER slayer47 minutes ago

    30 days ? you are week.

  80. Hydraturtle 112

    Hydraturtle 11247 minutes ago

    3:25 spam X

  81. Josh Kusiak

    Josh Kusiak47 minutes ago

    We need more of these

  82. Housel

    Housel48 minutes ago

    This is exactly why we "dont travel". Also, I'm american, but I dont smile without a reason.

  83. MR David Motherfucking KING

    MR David Motherfucking KING48 minutes ago

    How did no one smell something rotting

  84. AtrumNoxProductions

    AtrumNoxProductions48 minutes ago

    A movie theater in Washington found a body in a locked bathroom. The body was were for three weeks.

  85. eznamesforever Tab2

    eznamesforever Tab249 minutes ago



    BRAEGON49 minutes ago

    I'm gonna come back in a few months

  87. Before You Pack

    Before You Pack49 minutes ago


  88. Captain Autism

    Captain Autism49 minutes ago

    Anywhere in south America I would imagine. Obviously not Africa they look like mutants.

  89. Anna Fowler

    Anna Fowler49 minutes ago

    The show forgot to mention the Navy and the most likely group would be the Wakandans.

  90. Rexory AJ

    Rexory AJ49 minutes ago

    Dark/deep web can be useful if users dont do illegal things. Military peeps also chat on deep/dark web for something not illegal.

  91. del trotts

    del trotts49 minutes ago


  92. John Jerwin Lagubana

    John Jerwin Lagubana50 minutes ago

    that hot doctor

  93. 90AlmostFamous

    90AlmostFamous50 minutes ago

    It’s about proportion and shape not size

  94. AdultToons

    AdultToons51 minute ago

    I bet the reason why Russia doesn't want to come forward is bc they would then have to admit that their spacecraft was actually made in China.

  95. King of the Cheese

    King of the Cheese52 minutes ago

    U can pull out ur headrest and smash the window with the metal part of it

  96. Hang up On the come up

    Hang up On the come up52 minutes ago

    China made a 🌙 so u can make a sun to simple

  97. Aek0z

    Aek0z53 minutes ago

    I had heard a case of a body being found in a club behind a wall. The body was a local DJ who regularly played at the club. Apparently when the smoking ban in the US happened, people finally began to notice the smell.

  98. Fed up with Fed

    Fed up with Fed55 minutes ago

    And all this of course depends entirely on EVERY SINGLE thing the narrator has laid out happens EXACTLY like he said!