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Hi, it's me! Dubious quality. Questionable integrity. Unethical delivery. Sometimes the best lessons teach what not to do.

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CNC Wood Bearings

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CNC Router vs Aluminium
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Auto Juicer

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Animation Machine
  1. michael bradley

    michael bradley6 minutes ago

    Too fucking 😆

  2. Kaden Howell

    Kaden Howell12 minutes ago

    14:00 you are wrong it was 12:20am when it turns 12 it goes to am

  3. when shit hits the fan

    when shit hits the fan13 minutes ago

    That's proper nasty man

  4. Samuel Khasin

    Samuel Khasin22 minutes ago

    Was he declawed? And I would expect him biting to hurt more.

  5. zerochii

    zerochii22 minutes ago

    Loved this video from EggDropTv!!!

  6. pope magiku

    pope magiku27 minutes ago

    get owned

  7. Jack the king of Potatoes

    Jack the king of Potatoes32 minutes ago

    2:06 Anne frank bottom right corner

  8. vidiotzak

    vidiotzak34 minutes ago

    Nut job, love it!

  9. White Fox

    White Fox43 minutes ago

    When a new player is surrounded by professionals online

  10. Maru Ivan Rico

    Maru Ivan Rico45 minutes ago

    His face at 13:33 reminds me of Limmy too well

  11. adren

    adren53 minutes ago

    watching this now makes me more tempted to stick my finger thru the closing window to find out if you can actually snap your finger in half thanks

  12. Dr.Dinosaur64329

    Dr.Dinosaur6432959 minutes ago

    See if it can cook cake next

  13. Minx

    MinxHour ago

    GEE William ozzman predicted Mozzie from rainbow six.

  14. Gluten Free Gam3r

    Gluten Free Gam3rHour ago

    William: ..something I AM good at, computer nerd stuff. Oh I turned it off 1:40 William: (proceeds to accidentally turn off laptop)

  15. BulbousBumbo376

    BulbousBumbo376Hour ago

    Hey it's that guy from El Smosh!

  16. Robert Kraciuk

    Robert KraciukHour ago

    im having too muych fun watching this

  17. Lucien Postle

    Lucien PostleHour ago

    God there’s so many ways William could have made it better 😂

  18. Neurofied Yamato

    Neurofied YamatoHour ago

    *sees thumbnail* Why do I have a feeling peter is going to use autorotation... EDIT: Yep, of course it is. I have faith in autorotation, it is proven to be extremely safe in real helicopters, so I don't see why not.

  19. Neurofied Yamato

    Neurofied YamatoHour ago

    Of all the things Mark Rober made, this impressed me the most. a literal bag and CVS receipt. And I guess tape.

  20. Gitz The Hedgehog

    Gitz The HedgehogHour ago

    my mean mom:rolls up windows me:YEET my brother:finger gets cut off me:YEET YOU MOM

  21. everadept

    everadeptHour ago

    I see why Mark Rober no longer works for NASA the toy car didn't go 120 miles it barely went 30

  22. Zoe Steinberg

    Zoe SteinbergHour ago

    Giant wewd hat


    REZICIAKHour ago

    Michael Reeves = Keanu Reeves

  24. John Fisher

    John FisherHour ago

    I just clicked on the link to Morgan's channel. Got me good.

  25. Pastel Chan

    Pastel ChanHour ago

    This reminds me of the time I was in my grandmas truck and I stuck half of my body out the truck window and I sat on the up button and my back was caught in the middle of the window and my back was crushed but it didn’t break (at least I don’t think my back was broke or fractured) and now I have back problems

  26. FORNITE_Marco Colin

    FORNITE_Marco Colin2 hours ago

    That scared me 😱

  27. Lawyer Morty

    Lawyer Morty2 hours ago

    Laser seared steak sounds badass

  28. Cevsi

    Cevsi2 hours ago

    I remember putting my finger on the tiny gap in a opened door and my sister closed the door without realizing my finger was there all I remember is my finger bleeding and me crying and running to my mum idk how my finger wasn’t chopped off

  29. Clarke Bynum

    Clarke Bynum2 hours ago

    Yall dont know am or PM do you

  30. Cameron Sours

    Cameron Sours2 hours ago

    Safety Third sticker is the real hero

  31. Ghost fucker

    Ghost fucker2 hours ago

    I want one

  32. Patti Woolcott

    Patti Woolcott3 hours ago

    My head got calt in a over head widow 😅😅😅

  33. MildKoala 03

    MildKoala 033 hours ago

    Mister beast lookin ass

  34. Alexandra Incognito

    Alexandra Incognito3 hours ago

    I could watch these guys for days 😍

  35. Toaster

    Toaster3 hours ago

    me and my friends did this at school! and the teachers didnt like it very much

  36. Kira L

    Kira L3 hours ago

    WhAt A cLiCkBaIt!¡!¡! I thought you were Claire from the BA test kitchen and that’s why I came to this video 😂🤷‍♀️

  37. Ben Lindstrom

    Ben Lindstrom3 hours ago

    9:04 : Williams first vape hit

  38. Game Design and PS4 Play

    Game Design and PS4 Play3 hours ago

    He reminds me of Jessie from Breaking Bad.

  39. DejectedTx256

    DejectedTx2563 hours ago

    Fatally. Window wins flawless victory

  40. Alexandra Incognito

    Alexandra Incognito3 hours ago

    This is some truly feel good content. I never got into watching Williams videos. But I have a feeling I'll be binging in this ish now. Ian seems to be enjoying the ride too.

  41. Amelia Bear

    Amelia Bear3 hours ago

    I have cut my fingers in doors 3 times

  42. Apex predator

    Apex predator3 hours ago

    He looks like he's about to take off.

  43. RC Tommy

    RC Tommy3 hours ago

    Yeah. If you could please revisit this and make a version 2 soon... Pretty please? 🥺

  44. seth geist

    seth geist4 hours ago

    I always wat h your vids and I have no idea what your talking about but I go to a trade school half my school day and it's for CNC machining so I finally understand something amd it feels great 👍

  45. dinoman112

    dinoman1124 hours ago

    Did y’all drive all the way up copper hill on that thing?!?!

  46. Cool_Ender_Dude

    Cool_Ender_Dude4 hours ago

    as a kid when I got my finger stuck out a window it didn't break, but it did bruize like crazy almost instantly and a couple of layers of skin ripped

  47. Tallon Baird

    Tallon Baird4 hours ago

    The city will now know you as someone who rides in pink Power Wheels for 24 hours straight.

  48. STEELERS4hunnit

    STEELERS4hunnit4 hours ago

    Where is William from?

  49. light balb

    light balb4 hours ago

    Are you gay this is just a question

  50. Danny Boy

    Danny Boy4 hours ago

    That camber tho 100%

  51. anime master Crystal Kitty

    anime master Crystal Kitty4 hours ago

    I an nine

  52. Czechers Mic

    Czechers Mic4 hours ago

    When you realize that William Oscan really just doxxed himself

  53. Neurofied Yamato

    Neurofied Yamato4 hours ago

    0:18 Is that a mini tsar tank?

  54. Jared Coy

    Jared Coy4 hours ago

    Just saying Kmart is a thing btw

  55. Iris x

    Iris x4 hours ago

    cameraman john... you mean vinnie

  56. Michael Noonan

    Michael Noonan4 hours ago

    If you were trying to emulate slam poetry in that first skit you nailed it.

  57. Mayo

    Mayo5 hours ago

    Michel reeehevvees

  58. cris san

    cris san5 hours ago

    yo Pavlov leave them dogs alone that's animal cruelty

  59. M.J. Mucha

    M.J. Mucha5 hours ago

    “We are so bad at making videos, it’s not even funny.” Uhh... yes it is, William. Yes it is funny!

  60. Neurofied Yamato

    Neurofied Yamato5 hours ago

    "You should eat your vegetables, not smoke them." I died at that line perfect

  61. Suleiman Hassan-Olajoku

    Suleiman Hassan-Olajoku5 hours ago

    u meant 12:20 am

  62. vrm

    vrm5 hours ago

    06:20 I'm gonna leave this here

  63. Patrick Star

    Patrick Star5 hours ago

    Just look up corn hub

  64. Waseem Elbishari

    Waseem Elbishari5 hours ago

    i had my finger rolled up in a car window before, it was an old car that never detected anything in the window. so i had my finger there, it got rolled up and then it hurt alot and got really red, its the same thing as having a door squash your finger

  65. Cody Chen

    Cody Chen5 hours ago

    This thing is so extra, you could've spent the same time learning how to use chopsticks and it would've been many many times more effective.

  66. Jake Bushman

    Jake Bushman5 hours ago

    Do you hate Oliver Tree?

  67. rwdplz1

    rwdplz15 hours ago

    I wanted a Power Wheels car SO BAD when I was a kid, but our family was always broke.

  68. Fire and The flame

    Fire and The flame5 hours ago

    I have an idea of what William could do He could use something to kinda weigh the balloon down So the egg can slowly descend Could use the laundry bag

  69. Fire and The flame

    Fire and The flame5 hours ago

    Alex looks like mr beast

  70. Foster Aardvark

    Foster Aardvark6 hours ago

    Taser drone

  71. Anothr To

    Anothr To6 hours ago

    Jeez they added a dollar of tape to it

  72. Shane

    Shane6 hours ago

    I got my finger stuck in the window before so I already know the answer

  73. Professional Loser

    Professional Loser6 hours ago

    My first power wheels car was a barbie jeep, and in my memory I went a lot faster than this. But then again I was a very tiny kid, like 30 pounds when I was 6.

  74. Jonmichal Walker

    Jonmichal Walker6 hours ago

    Then o recommend that you don't go back to Japan again

  75. Yuhsien Lin

    Yuhsien Lin6 hours ago

    12:20 “AM” not PM

  76. Jason Mejia

    Jason Mejia6 hours ago


  77. Ecktor

    Ecktor6 hours ago

    How am I supposed to say something quirky and funny like this? 😢 Geez, I’m so sorry...

  78. Goose

    Goose6 hours ago

    You managed to put in no effort and too much effort at the same time

  79. Velma 318

    Velma 3186 hours ago

    I've gotten my finger caught in a car door 😎😅

  80. Emir Snyg

    Emir Snyg6 hours ago

    I wonder what else u could do with that ballistic jello...

  81. deadlyrefuge

    deadlyrefuge7 hours ago

    Yo, @William Osman, some info for you on machining aluminum. I do machines. As that im a machinist. With your aluminum. You want a Surface Feed per minute, or SFM of 300 to 500. This will help you get your rpm. The formula for rpm is 3.82 x SFM/ diameter. For feed you want an Inch per Revolution or IPR of .0005 to .002 for 1/8 diameter drills and endmills. .002 to .003 for up to 1/4 diameter. Some cnc mills program in IPM. To get IPM you take your IPR and multiply it by your RPM. Also if you have troubles with endmills or drills breaking. It might be because there isn't enough lubrication and the aluminum chips are not evacuating properly. Because aluminum when it gets hot from machining is sticky and sticks to your cutting tools. And then if it clogs up the cutting tool flutes, then your tools will break. Hope this helps!

  82. Eric Tea

    Eric Tea7 hours ago

    @11:08, is dude picking his nose?

  83. Awesome Apricot

    Awesome Apricot7 hours ago

    When I was five I broke my pinky in a car window

  84. thegreentaxi

    thegreentaxi7 hours ago

    Next time go through Compton

  85. Thea Pappas

    Thea Pappas7 hours ago

    This could all have been solved with a bucket hat

  86. ッSamzou

    ッSamzou7 hours ago

    alex is gonna win

  87. mmcblk05 studio

    mmcblk05 studio7 hours ago

    3 dollars in this video: that's nothing 3 dollars in Russia: OMG im hella rich

  88. ッSamzou

    ッSamzou7 hours ago

    will is gonna win

  89. ッSamzou

    ッSamzou7 hours ago

    i think mark is gonna win

  90. Mid_NightWolfStar

    Mid_NightWolfStar7 hours ago

    I hava cush meh finger s when i was five and it hurt but luckly my parents herad meh scream :(

  91. Left Twix

    Left Twix7 hours ago

    14:00 William that's a pretty dark 12 pm

  92. Left Twix

    Left Twix7 hours ago

    To the family whose son snuck out of the house. He is an epic gamer.

  93. Blnkz

    Blnkz7 hours ago

    i didnt know that was iDubbbz at first ahah

  94. Kyle Salo

    Kyle Salo7 hours ago

    William is living in Santa Clarita Now? Dang it! I just moved! I would have loved seeing them drive that thing around town.

  95. Yuv Sai

    Yuv Sai7 hours ago


  96. Saydiyoulous

    Saydiyoulous7 hours ago

    He should release a patent

  97. TB cat

    TB cat8 hours ago

    William you should work with your designing skills.

  98. Joe Shmo

    Joe Shmo8 hours ago

    You can see the AC current pulsing. Pretty cool

  99. tog bot

    tog bot8 hours ago

    Potatoes everywhere jacksepticeye has joined the chat

  100. Twisted86

    Twisted868 hours ago

    8:13 I wager she made quite a bit of growth happen with the viewers on this channel.