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Opening Sound Effect Provided by StephenSaldanha under the Attribution License.

  1. Setroid

    Setroid22 seconds ago

    I was frustrated with the Armos Boss, as I remembered that arrows worked in the original. I think I used arrows on his back to defeat him. I don't think I was swinging my sword very much. He lost his armor one way or another.

  2. 10 and 12

    10 and 122 minutes ago

    I got the seashell finder at 15 seashells, maybe 30 is for hero mode?

  3. Zero Nebula

    Zero Nebula3 minutes ago

    What's the next zelda remake?

  4. Airsh Bornely

    Airsh Bornely6 minutes ago

    I just telephoned the old man and got all my hints that way. Surprised many ppl struggled with this

  5. Levi Davis

    Levi Davis8 minutes ago

    Handheld mode?

  6. Jonathan Elliott

    Jonathan Elliott10 minutes ago

    I wish, if you had Switch online, your save files could be used on another Switch. I have a friend who has her own Switch, but also has a profile on my Switch. It would be awesome if you could have your Nintendo ID linked on both, and saves on both.

  7. Alan Nicholls

    Alan Nicholls14 minutes ago

    Thank you so much I really didn’t know where they were

  8. adriano ramos

    adriano ramos15 minutes ago

    THE ADVENTURES OF THIEF FULL HD 🤣🤣🤣🤣,one my best funny part of game , classic .

  9. Ra y

    Ra y18 minutes ago

    That was painful to listen to. Too much autotune. Yikes. I'll stick to the japanese version.

  10. Sploo Is Terminated! D:

    Sploo Is Terminated! D:19 minutes ago

    press f for respects

  11. Phaedos

    Phaedos19 minutes ago

    Heads up #12 can be had without the hook shot. You can make that gap with Pegasus boots and rocs feather

  12. TaliesinMyrddin

    TaliesinMyrddin21 minute ago

    "What I remember back in Australia" Bob's your uncle is English! Also now I'm just wondering if the player is Australian or just visited

  13. sorry 4 da weight new k fuck LA chiraq or no way

    sorry 4 da weight new k fuck LA chiraq or no way24 minutes ago

    It's trash with no cool Joy cons 😂😂💯 it's a joke man

  14. 123 Me

    123 Me24 minutes ago

    Everything is perfect but you should change the background

  15. chef

    chef32 minutes ago

    ok lol

  16. Ultimate Ctt Show

    Ultimate Ctt Show33 minutes ago

    This is TROLLS

  17. Kim romero

    Kim romero34 minutes ago

    For Dampe's, do I have to build 4? Or can I do the two I built in the training course?

  18. Damin Mance

    Damin Mance34 minutes ago

    This is what you call a video game👍

  19. KirbyPhelpsPK

    KirbyPhelpsPK37 minutes ago

    People are complaining that this 12 or so hour game isn't worth $60 but...when did 12 hours become not worth it? Is there some kind of rule that if a game is $60, it's gotta be 100+ hours long or something? And if you're an adult with a job and other responsibilities, do you even realistically have time for long games like that?

  20. Aukku 28

    Aukku 2838 minutes ago

    I dont know if this only was a offer in Europe but if you owned Nintendo switch Online you could play Mario tennis Aces, the whole game, for a week.

  21. Jonny Knocks Will

    Jonny Knocks Will39 minutes ago

    Can i Transfer the cartridge to the internal Storage so i can play it while the cartridge is in my switch but it uses the better loading ?

  22. Archeluas V

    Archeluas V50 minutes ago

    I prefer the original song!!!!!!

  23. M view

    M view51 minute ago

    Thanks for ruining some of the puzzles

  24. dodooow

    dodooow54 minutes ago

    Worth to mention: your playtime won't increase if you download your profile

  25. Kevin Joseph Sheridan

    Kevin Joseph Sheridan56 minutes ago

    I'm surprised that no one mentioned PSO2. When (if?) that comes to switch, the NSO service will be so sweet.

  26. FireyFuad _

    FireyFuad _56 minutes ago

    how do i send invites?

  27. Tom Anderson

    Tom Anderson58 minutes ago

    Running really well, though id love to see some brookback bog gameplay and see how it handles it

  28. Rainthunder

    RainthunderHour ago

    Half life and portal is in same universe but in portal 2 endin sky is clear. Cuz glados or turrets killed chelly. İn greek mythology when you go to heaven you woke up at a what farm or corn farm with your best friend

  29. Sqrootofbeetroot

    SqrootofbeetrootHour ago

    Let’s be honest all of us prefer handheld to docked when it comes to the switch.

  30. Wyatt Collier

    Wyatt CollierHour ago

    I didn’t know Morgan freeman had a British mode

  31. Only You's

    Only You'sHour ago

    Can you do it battery comparison to switch lite vs switch old model? Cause the old model switch price are heavily down

  32. Elliot Buring

    Elliot BuringHour ago

    Jon died 49 times?!!!....... someone needs to give up video games

  33. Nyan Pass

    Nyan PassHour ago

    Wow, much detail, such easy, very appreciate this.

  34. Toy chica

    Toy chicaHour ago

    Literally just a reference to OoT where collecting all 100 gold skultulas gave you 300 rupees which by that point in OoT are completely useless.

  35. Kun み影 Sasuke

    Kun み影 SasukeHour ago

    Thanks, this really helped me find some Z-Crystals I didnt find after becoming Champion on my Copy of Ultra sun, I owe you a thanks.

  36. Griffin F

    Griffin FHour ago

    Aww no more OHKO on the final boss with the boomerang?

  37. ChrisCa1601

    ChrisCa1601Hour ago

    Good tip. I gotta try it. Duck Hunt is the last one to be unlocked on my game save.

  38. cyberfennek

    cyberfennekHour ago

    Zelda Breath of the wild worked fine so why this blur?

  39. Volerm

    VolermHour ago

    Haha another special edition us Americans will never get that's okay we'll get one eventually haha.... end my s u f f e r i n g.

  40. Giancarlo Thomaz Senoni

    Giancarlo Thomaz SenoniHour ago

    thanks GameXplain for this guide this will come in handy if i decide to buy a Switch Lite , my best friend or my cousin or if i buy the Switch that have better battery life.

  41. Atomizer74

    Atomizer74Hour ago

    9:00 What I would love to see, is rather then you building a dungeon, it should have a dungeon randomizer, so you can challenge new dungeons, essentially a roguelike mode....or, your typical zelda randomizer rom hack, where all the item locations are randomized.

  42. J Steiner4791

    J Steiner4791Hour ago

    #10 can kiss my ass

  43. mr Tree

    mr TreeHour ago

    Man they should of done that with smash ultimate I like the tin but I still want the original case

  44. Kris P

    Kris P2 hours ago

    to be honest the only time I see myself buying this is if I don't want to take my "good" switch with me when I travel

  45. Yyok Lim Returns

    Yyok Lim Returns2 hours ago

    Thank you for beating the final boss, dude! This guy is harder than I expected, even thought I can't play this one!

  46. honeytos28

    honeytos282 hours ago


  47. TyCOnoid

    TyCOnoid2 hours ago

    i still think that a 5.5 inch screen is too small...but i have a 6 inch phone... i dont understand why this exists but long as more people play switch games i dont care!

  48. Tayos

    Tayos2 hours ago

    24:33 dark pit Or pittio

  49. Richterdgf

    Richterdgf2 hours ago

    I am sick and tired of getting fucked over on Collector’s Editions here in the U.S. Europe ALWAYS gets a superior product, look no further than the Resident Evil 2 remake for further proof. I’m not asking for special treatment here, just equal. Fuck this bullshit.

  50. Mr PoopyButtHole

    Mr PoopyButtHole2 hours ago

    Non tranny console

  51. Jim Ortiz

    Jim Ortiz2 hours ago

    SIRfetch’d? So is he a male Pokémon exclusive? Will there be a MISSfetch’d?

  52. JmBrave10

    JmBrave102 hours ago

    The visual style is quite cartoony and its top down....crazy the switch cant keep it stable. I have a feeling the game was just rushed and wasnt optimized very well.

  53. Ramon

    Ramon2 hours ago

    Put some respect on Luigi’s name

  54. D Storm22

    D Storm222 hours ago

    I need that Dark Samus

  55. Poison

    Poison2 hours ago

    I actually prefer knowing at least I don't have to grind to some kind of super special reward as now it really does feel more like an optional side thing to do just because you want to do it rather than feeling like it's mandatory. The only Zelda game I can think of where some form of a grind was fine was in Majora's Mask with needing all masks in order to get the Fierce Deity's Mask and getting to see the true ending, mainly because they made it so that getting most of the masks was done in an interesting way and each one had at least some purpose (also outside of the transformation masks there's only 20). But had I been forced to get all the gold skulltulas in Ocarina, all the bugs in Twilight Princess, or all the korok seeds in Breath of the Wild, I would have hated it because I don't like it when I need to do tedious stuff to get a better ending or something. Case in point: Batman Arkham Knight. Only way to get the true ending is you need to 100% the game, which involves getting every single Riddler Trophy and most of them are boring to go after. I resorted to just grabbing a 99% completed save online so I only had to grab one last trophy to actually see the ending. So yeah Majora's Mask mask collecting aside (mainly due to the amount of masks being very manageable and the methods of getting them mostly fun), I'm glad the vast majority of Zelda games avoid taking some kind of Arkham Knight-like route of making the player do tedious stuff to get some super special reward like a better ending or optional equipment that likely won't be useful to me by the time I'm able to get it.

  56. الصادق  الخناقي

    الصادق الخناقي2 hours ago

    Where is rotty tops... oh wait who is fillin the blank😉

  57. EvlutnTrnrDaisy

    EvlutnTrnrDaisy2 hours ago

    Thanks for the great guides guys! When I get the game I'll be sure to use them! Keep up the great work! <3

  58. Vro

    Vro2 hours ago

    Love the new psp

  59. EmeraldGameZone

    EmeraldGameZone2 hours ago

    It is convenient for kids so I want one but I will wait till Christmas

  60. 3agle

    3agle2 hours ago

    I wonder what the "TV only" switch is going to look like...

  61. D.J. Cannon

    D.J. Cannon2 hours ago

    Background music on point

  62. irene mojar

    irene mojar2 hours ago

    mario said so long gay bowser and i notice the kinga ohhhhhh. i get it

  63. ZGuy0fSci

    ZGuy0fSci2 hours ago

    So yeah, I'm with the people that think rationally and are realists when I say Fuck Exclusives.... but instead make a thing WORTH paying for, rather than making it Required to pay for especially if one is to have access to the things they _Already_ paid for to use.... Give people something for it, rather than making it an empty requirement. *(like with "exclusives" that don't add anything bc they are paywalled fully.) If however say in place of a rotation of picks each week out of a library you could use the FULL library at any time and basically "own" what you like to play from it.... maybe?

  64. Azurian

    Azurian2 hours ago

    Very good video. Love the music and your awesome table!

  65. adam drugzz

    adam drugzz3 hours ago

    Does the name zelda play a song like it did in the dx version?

  66. Tsyumamatsu TheHavenofGuardia

    Tsyumamatsu TheHavenofGuardia3 hours ago

    *sigh* you forgotten about the DLC bonus ones through amiibo. Do they actually contain any rewards

  67. Nicholas Anderson

    Nicholas Anderson3 hours ago

    How do you unlock Captain Falcon?

  68. Jaxon Holden

    Jaxon Holden3 hours ago

    The 3rd method is to simply switch back and forth between being primary devices. Takes about 30-60 seconds, and there ya go. Personally though, I’m making normal Switch secondary with Lite the primary, and will change which is primary in the event I take the new double battery life DQ Switch on the go.

  69. Not Andrew

    Not Andrew3 hours ago

    Arrrggh you spoiled so many already! Gotta stop watching

  70. ZGuy0fSci

    ZGuy0fSci3 hours ago

    *"Switch App" should have been native to the Switch System.....* (no "don't you have phones" comments needed, lmfao.) and the paid service should have been an extra. Not a requirement for products or services ALREADY paid for in full. . . but meh? That one would have more options but not lock the option to use your Paid For product / service at all as requiring Online to use. oh well.

  71. mariomania

    mariomania3 hours ago

    should have called this system THE NINTENDO STITCH

  72. Dark Claw

    Dark Claw3 hours ago

    There was no reason for them to cut it, now I have Netflix that I can't even use and a tv for my living room that can only be used for games now, smh, I guess I'm gonna have to get another cheap DVD player to watch the same boring movies over and over again

  73. MORKS

    MORKS3 hours ago

    Something about the box art makes me think this game is for ages 6 and up, don’t know what it is though...

  74. Daniel Higgins

    Daniel Higgins3 hours ago

    I cant tell if the one in the well is missing for me or if i already got it and its driving me nuts

  75. drbansquatch

    drbansquatch3 hours ago

    "it's extremely small, but also very compact." that doesn't mean what you think it means

  76. spicy squire

    spicy squire3 hours ago

    How long do all the chamber dungeon things take to finish? I would prefer to 100% the game

  77. Void Fame

    Void Fame3 hours ago

    No Jirachi? Boo! I understand making some of the other legendaries like Shaymin and Arceus only available in Sinnoh, but to make a remake of the game and include deoxys but not jirachi? smh

  78. Always_Serpico

    Always_Serpico3 hours ago

    I don’t.

  79. C-Red

    C-Red3 hours ago

    I'll pass, not because I think the game sucks but simply because its way too old school for me. I wasn't born in the 80s, so I didn't grow up playing these type of games. first Zelda I played was n64 ocarina of time.

  80. Bobby Osborne II

    Bobby Osborne II3 hours ago

    I'm only 10 seconds in. Chrono Trigger music hitting me in my nostalgias.

  81. Andrew Schafer

    Andrew Schafer3 hours ago

    For me, I have almost no lag ever, It does everything I want it to do, Better then last year!

  82. Caleb Willden

    Caleb Willden3 hours ago

    Ah, good ol' memory leaks with C++. That's unfortunate.

  83. Mii Tuber

    Mii Tuber3 hours ago

    "Yahaha! You found me!"

  84. Recessive Gamer

    Recessive Gamer3 hours ago

    Cloud saving is nice, I like the Kirby 3ds port (that just got released). Tetris got boring fast. I haven't seen a smash bros match higher than 20fps in ages and I own a LAN cable, NES games are boring IMO, and the SNES games aren't too much better. I still bought the service to play Minecraft with friends (I don't have any other way of playing bedrock), but it would be instantly worth it to me if they had dedicated servers and n64 games, even if it was at a $20 price raise


    ALLAINE GAMING3 hours ago

    Mii Brawler and Meta Knight are my favs

  86. Arc Ray

    Arc Ray3 hours ago

    so this is the replayability they shoved in in place of the photo thing that they could have kept? at least the reward for the photo set was finding them all since finding the right place at the right time was tricky.

  87. stryker9816

    stryker98163 hours ago

    Solid Snake, Ryu, Ken well hell at this rate y'all might as well throw in Kratos from God of War

  88. Наталья Фролова

    Наталья Фролова3 hours ago

    Screen size is exectly like old plus iphones, right? Thats kinda tiny. How do you supposed to play something like fire emblem on this?

  89. lib_ny

    lib_ny3 hours ago

    Who turned off the lights in an OUTDOOR EVENT? 12:12

  90. Humacunra

    Humacunra3 hours ago

    Meh I’ll wait for it to drop to 20$

  91. Neal Morse

    Neal Morse3 hours ago

    why would you buy this instead of a normal switch though?

  92. bl0gmOnKeY78

    bl0gmOnKeY784 hours ago

    Anybody here hate the stupid raft ride?

  93. sasamichan

    sasamichan4 hours ago

    I would like to here what's new closer to the end of the game, if any thing is added in post game for example. I mainly want to know if there is any thing vital awarded for no death runs, no death hero run. 3 heart run, no hit run etc

  94. Daniel Morales

    Daniel Morales4 hours ago

    Probably like with the 3DS version (released a long time ago in Japan) the three games are just the Android versions ported to the switch. Based on this I think that the version of DQ III is not worth it at all. Why? Well because it removes some characteristics presented in older versions (SNES and GBC), the monsters doesn't move when they attack (something that was present even in the GBC version) the "Pachisi boards" were completely removed. I hope they add those things to the switch version of DQ III, otherwise the SNES and GBC version will still be superior. The versions of DQ I and II are fine. Surely I'll download the trilogy haha.

  95. ChicSwag

    ChicSwag4 hours ago

    Ring fit trainer

  96. 我爱任天堂

    我爱任天堂4 hours ago

    how many dungeon tiles are there? plz reply thanks

  97. david trezelle

    david trezelle4 hours ago

    We need blue and yellow shell cooper also purple and yellow yoshi

  98. Christian Alexander

    Christian Alexander4 hours ago

    Why is this game the same price as BOTW?

  99. vitor killer ssj

    vitor killer ssj4 hours ago

    Thank foi Nintendo this is why i love your games

  100. vitor killer ssj

    vitor killer ssj4 hours ago

    O Terry é fooda