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Rod Wave
Rod Wave

Rod Wave - Heart On Ice
RodWave - Pain

RodWave - Pain

10 months ago

Rod Wave Freestyle
RodWave - 3:33
RodWave - Krushin
Rod Wave  - Jumanji
Rod Wave - WYB
Rod Wave - Dear Wave
Rod Wave  - Mile

Rod Wave - Mile

2 years ago

Rod Wave - Jumanji
Rod Wave - Mike Tyson
  1. 9.1.9 Wood-Up D-Black

    9.1.9 Wood-Up D-BlackHour ago

    Dis my song rite heeerrrrrr9.1.9 Baytown Texas d-Black

  2. Steven

    Steven3 hours ago



    VICTOR ROGERS5 hours ago

    Instrumentals are freaking awesome, top of the charts.


    ICEY PABLO5 hours ago

    This song so Powerful it needs 100m viewsπŸ€¦πŸΏβ€β™‚οΈ

  5. Nikeya Brunson

    Nikeya Brunson6 hours ago

    Yes lord I love his music

  6. The Lanier Twins

    The Lanier Twins6 hours ago

    1:30 best part no cap

  7. Tyerikson Johnson

    Tyerikson Johnson7 hours ago

    Damn I wish this mf was longer this one of them late night cruise bangers

  8. Jeanette woodson

    Jeanette woodson7 hours ago

    I fucks with this song β€πŸ’―

  9. Tamera Im Shawn’s

    Tamera Im Shawn’s7 hours ago


  10. Rhonda Smith

    Rhonda Smith10 hours ago

    I told my mom I hope you feel the same way

  11. MrZmoney253

    MrZmoney25315 hours ago


  12. MrZmoney253

    MrZmoney25315 hours ago


  13. Lowkey239 Str8 like dat

    Lowkey239 Str8 like datDay ago

    239 definitely fuck with rod wave shit everything bra drop frfr πŸ’―

  14. A K

    A KDay ago

    Sorry I’m late guys πŸ€¦πŸ½β€β™‚οΈ this is πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯

  15. Lauren Nicole

    Lauren NicoleDay ago

    That real shitπŸ’―

  16. Ryans Bataille

    Ryans BatailleDay ago


  17. IAM TEE

    IAM TEEDay ago


  18. joe ace

    joe aceDay ago

    Who disliked this song smd πŸ’―

  19. SodaVanillaWaffl

    SodaVanillaWafflDay ago

    This nigga really taught me sum

  20. SodaVanillaWaffl

    SodaVanillaWafflDay ago

    β€œKnew that you would leave cuz they all do” that hit me harder than anything

  21. Johnny Wallker

    Johnny WallkerDay ago

    This nigga sound like youngboyπŸ˜ͺ

  22. Cj Cain

    Cj CainDay ago


  23. Hitthe Slasher

    Hitthe SlasherDay ago

    Lost my friendπŸ’” bro my girl πŸ’”πŸ’” and there not dead but I ain’t even do nun Idk what to believe any more so I get this song

  24. David Jackson

    David JacksonDay ago

    First time listen to em...I'm smelling homie doe

  25. Empire CrownmanYT

    Empire CrownmanYTDay ago

    Drop this

  26. Day ago

    The best song he made




  28. Awi Phe

    Awi PheDay ago


  29. Awi Phe

    Awi PheDay ago

    Rod wave the only rapper that’ve been helping me cope with life rnβ€οΈπŸ˜•

  30. Rashan Turner

    Rashan TurnerDay ago

    I been lied to backstab and heart broken πŸ₯Ά

  31. Keesha Gallion

    Keesha GallionDay ago

    This shit hard

  32. Life of Jayboi Groovy

    Life of Jayboi GroovyDay ago


  33. Prince Patron

    Prince PatronDay ago

    Fuck all 290 people who not feeling his music πŸ’―

  34. Jalisha Jenkins

    Jalisha JenkinsDay ago

    I swear he hard love all his music I swear I be bumping his shit all day

  35. XXVI Nadia

    XXVI NadiaDay ago

    i love this guy

  36. Nashay _Love

    Nashay _LoveDay ago


  37. Audiwan Kenobi

    Audiwan Kenobi2 days ago

    Shout out to Erika Nicole! Thanks for putting me up on Rod Wave....he definitely worth spending my money on!

  38. courtney wells

    courtney wells2 days ago

    Really made me feel some type of way about this dudeπŸ₯Ί

  39. Chicken Barnes

    Chicken Barnes2 days ago


  40. Tampa Goon

    Tampa Goon2 days ago

    I play dis jam all the time Tampa fucking with you hard you motivated me more.

  41. Tampa Goon

    Tampa Goon2 days ago

    Keep doing your thing homie πŸ‘ŠπŸ’ͺπŸ’― you got the hold Florida with you fuck the other side

  42. Tampa Goon

    Tampa Goon2 days ago

    Real shit dis a hit πŸ‘

  43. TheyLoveBank

    TheyLoveBank2 days ago

    nobody : Me : man start dat shit ovaaaa lmaooo

  44. killem gotfamous

    killem gotfamous2 days ago

    I swear this me🀧

  45. Bianca Dee

    Bianca Dee2 days ago

    im just mad that that hoe set my bae up...opp ass hoe ...

  46. jay Tiller

    jay Tiller2 days ago

    Song was sold at "wiiiillld wild lifestyle.."

  47. Gavin Smith

    Gavin Smith2 days ago

    Street Talk they ain't making em like Rod Wave last one o heard like tis was Doe B (RIP)

  48. Tanasia Mathews

    Tanasia Mathews2 days ago

    If him and yk orris did a song it would be lit ASF ‼️πŸ”₯

  49. Ray MDB

    Ray MDB2 days ago


  50. YaboySmooth πŸ’΅

    YaboySmooth πŸ’΅2 days ago

    Nigga ruined the beat I’m sorry to say never hop on a beat like dis again

  51. vDaeAShoota YT

    vDaeAShoota YT2 days ago

    Realest rapper omm

  52. Mimi Barham

    Mimi Barham2 days ago

    This need lyrics

  53. duhhitz_. Naii

    duhhitz_. Naii2 days ago

    yeah yeah Go Grizz Yeah Look, look Winners Circle [Chorus] Just got a text from my ex, she say that she gettin' colder Baby, it's all the weight on my shoulders Maybe it's all the weight on my shoulder You know pain turn birds, just got a vulture Just got a call from my mama, she told me it's drama, yeah She said maybe you'll understand when you're older Baby, you'll understand when you're older Maybe I'll understand when I'm older [Verse] I ain't steppin' in the club, can't bring my rod in this bitch Even though it's always love with Lil' Rod in this bitch Just turned my headache to my ex 'cause she love startin' some shit Ain't got time for ups and downs and that arguing shit They left lil' Marcus at the light for that robbery shit Tryna live a better life actually cost him his shit Took him from his wife, took him from his family Dear Mom, I'm sorry, I finally understand it My life a movie right now, I'm winning, love All I wanted was for you to be with me, love But you done started some shit, I'ma finish, love But you done started some shit so we're finished, love

  54. Cory Foster

    Cory Foster2 days ago

    I feel this song so much

  55. Christian Contreras

    Christian Contreras2 days ago

    Wish this song was longer πŸ’―

  56. Lemonade girls

    Lemonade girls2 days ago

    Love this song this is myy exact feelings

  57. Johnathan Fishnet

    Johnathan Fishnet2 days ago

    It's like Kodak and Kevin Gates had a baby.

  58. Swagboyking

    Swagboyking2 days ago

    Man dis shit touched ah nigga... damn πŸ˜•... errbody stay up πŸ’―πŸ’―

  59. Slideehilt

    Slideehilt2 days ago

    Felt This 1 !

  60. Tony Yung

    Tony Yung2 days ago


  61. Jaheem Ewing

    Jaheem Ewing2 days ago

    I replayed this all day thro school, feel like this my brother they way u explain ur struggle and express ur feelings

  62. Anonumus King

    Anonumus King2 days ago

    Such a great artist, I love this guy bro fr changed my life he deserves more

  63. Angela Davy

    Angela Davy2 days ago

    My husband πŸ’œπŸ’“πŸ’›πŸ’šπŸ’™β€love him ROD WAVE

  64. Mysonne Johnson

    Mysonne Johnson2 days ago

    omg on my momma rod wave hard

  65. Acid

    Acid2 days ago

    Fw it

  66. Ackeem Hall

    Ackeem Hall2 days ago

    Main stream waiting on u bra u πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯...u made me start listening to glohk9ine

  67. Chris Hyz

    Chris Hyz2 days ago

    Run that shit up bruh




  69. Tasha Gandy

    Tasha Gandy2 days ago

    πŸ”₯ πŸ”₯ πŸ”₯

  70. Tyref harold

    Tyref harold2 days ago

    This is fire on my momma

  71. Molly Lewis

    Molly Lewis3 days ago

    I feel this song on another levelπŸ˜•πŸ”₯

  72. OG ZEEK

    OG ZEEK3 days ago

    Bro homie music gonna be foreverπŸ’―

  73. Riley Barns

    Riley Barns3 days ago

    [Intro] Ayy-ayy-ayy-ayy, ayy, that's probably Tago Pipe that shit up, TNT Tanner Beats, you did it again [Verse] I ain’t been scared to die since 16 Been off Adderall and big dreams So I can't find a time to get sleep No, I can't these Name hotter than fish grease We been on that road like a ten speed Knew that you would leave because they all do I was there when you needed me But when I needed peace, I couldn’t call you [Chorus] I been prepared for the worst since a juvenile Young nigga full of pain, you can't turn him down Reminisce on dark days, make it hard to smile, Lord, Lord Okay, so right before you leave Look me in my eyes, tell me what you see You see a bottom boy survivor Even though he's at war, he keep it solid Even though he take L's, they're all in silence Even though he been quiet, he been cryin' Sound like yeah, yeah Sound like yeah Sound like yeah, yeah All sound like yeah Yeah, yeah [Outro] He's a bottom boy survivor Even though, keep it solid Even though he take L's, they’re all in silence Even though he, he been cryin’ Sound like yeah Yeah, yeah Yeah Yeah, yeah Yeah, dawg Yeah, dawg Yeah, dawg, uh-huh Sound like Yeah, that's what it sound like

  74. skyler oxendine

    skyler oxendine3 days ago

    Bruh this song slides

  75. Zac Bell

    Zac Bell3 days ago

    Ima make a song wit u one day

  76. FFRG_RASTA PlaneGang

    FFRG_RASTA PlaneGang3 days ago

    Man my idol righr here......nigga started making me rap about lyfe

  77. Deandre Miller

    Deandre Miller3 days ago

    All them thumbs down some haters on god

  78. Damarion Walker

    Damarion Walker3 days ago

    Read this real shit go like if you feel it

  79. I Phone

    I Phone3 days ago

    It’s my fault πŸ˜•

  80. Alicia Wilson

    Alicia Wilson3 days ago

    Omg love this song

  81. Joshua Otero

    Joshua Otero3 days ago

    I wanted to cry but I was to afraid to open that hit ong πŸ˜­πŸ™ luh do song

  82. Sara Ashly

    Sara Ashly3 days ago

    E-40 fucced up the song . Dc

  83. EXOTIC K

    EXOTIC K3 days ago

    😩 i love every part

  84. OTW Kilo

    OTW Kilo3 days ago

    This like a 20fps timeline or sumn. So choppy looking but πŸ”₯πŸ”₯

  85. Rj Live

    Rj Live3 days ago

    keep doing what you do uncle this maurice

  86. Jason ODonnell

    Jason ODonnell3 days ago

    Me likey lots

  87. Andrew Mcdaniel

    Andrew Mcdaniel3 days ago

    Baby you'll understand when your olderπŸ€”

  88. Iowah Redmond

    Iowah Redmond3 days ago

    I am literally in love with this song!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  89. Travarius# Drake

    Travarius# Drake3 days ago

    This make me thank of my girl ❀️❀️

  90. pete way

    pete way4 days ago


  91. Dashawn Gonsoulin

    Dashawn Gonsoulin4 days ago

    That's crazy that somebody passing away made me discover this dude πŸ”₯πŸ”₯

  92. α΄… x Ι΄ α΄› α΄„ α΄€ Κ€ ᴇ

    α΄… x Ι΄ α΄› α΄„ α΄€ Κ€ ᴇ4 days ago

    3:22 BIG MOOD 4L πŸ˜‚πŸ₯€

  93. Comets Trap

    Comets Trap4 days ago


  94. Underrated -.- JJ

    Underrated -.- JJ4 days ago

    U a theif

  95. Underrated -.- JJ

    Underrated -.- JJ4 days ago

    U stole my cousin beat


    QUEEN BEE4 days ago

    This is my husband 😍😍😍😍😍😍

  97. Alden Brown

    Alden Brown4 days ago

    H do chdjf

  98. Checkchasin Quis

    Checkchasin Quis4 days ago


  99. Fatna Osman

    Fatna Osman4 days ago

    I love karma he is one good friend. When he find out stand on truth, lie isn't good.

  100. thatnigga timm97

    thatnigga timm974 days ago

    Grow apart a part of growing This nigga snapped πŸ”₯πŸ”₯