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Post Malone - "Wow."


4 years ago

Post Malone - TEAR$
  1. Mysn

    Mysn59 seconds ago

    2:50 <3

  2. mmarrtti

    mmarrtti4 minutes ago


  3. Kent Kollath

    Kent Kollath11 minutes ago

    bud light runnin through my piss

  4. Short Block

    Short Block24 minutes ago

    That boy's spitting Flame's on every track..... now they can say congratulations!!!

  5. Diego Redivo

    Diego RedivoHour ago

    Top of top

  6. MrSpikegamer

    MrSpikegamerHour ago

    I remember when i first heard this song I thought Posty was black lmao.

  7. History-Simplified

    History-SimplifiedHour ago

    You know your singing career is over when post malone says the numbers better than you can sing.

  8. Gummy Worms Rock

    Gummy Worms RockHour ago

    Adorable man + adorable voice = adorable song

  9. Gianna is very very not cool

    Gianna is very very not cool2 hours ago

    Ngl I thought his music vids would just be of naked girls twerking and stuff. But this is wholesome. My already huge respect for this guy has been boosted

  10. Fr0sty Gamez

    Fr0sty Gamez2 hours ago

    Johnny Dee sung this song better

  11. Jean-Pierre Le Mentec

    Jean-Pierre Le Mentec2 hours ago

    Ça fait penser À une femme que j'aimais passionnément et que j'ai pas pût dire "Je T'aime" et "Je veux faire ma vie avec toi"

  12. Levente Szűcs

    Levente Szűcs2 hours ago

    I love

  13. Destroyer TEM9

    Destroyer TEM92 hours ago

    Can we dub post the white drizzy?

  14. dith Ilumba

    dith Ilumba2 hours ago


  15. Cole Newell

    Cole Newell3 hours ago

    Keep it up Post Malone

  16. Austintagious

    Austintagious3 hours ago

    Hes so Damn cool man I would love to meet him.

  17. Mel Racadio

    Mel Racadio4 hours ago

    Your my Idol.

  18. LIl FreeKill

    LIl FreeKill4 hours ago

    Love post

  19. Sahil Pawar

    Sahil Pawar4 hours ago

    0:00 to 2:37 is the best part

  20. JoNus yah!

    JoNus yah!4 hours ago

  21. person 32805

    person 328055 hours ago

    Young thug is trash you cant understand a single thing.he says but posty is fire

  22. xd.edited

    xd.edited5 hours ago

    The nostalgia

  23. Aditya Bhattacharya

    Aditya Bhattacharya5 hours ago

    When the bill is 9.99$ and I say keep the change🤣

  24. Sachitha Thiwanka

    Sachitha Thiwanka6 hours ago

    For some reason, Im Happy for him :)

  25. I G

    I G6 hours ago

    The first lines are the realest I’ve heard in a while

  26. Akash Megaravallii

    Akash Megaravallii6 hours ago

    who says rockstars stay skinny , Posty rocks

  27. ayooJerry

    ayooJerry6 hours ago

    This the song that blew this man up y’all should watch the documentary, very inspiring

  28. ronald pace

    ronald pace6 hours ago

    One of my favourites by far CLASS

  29. Sheikh Sakil

    Sheikh Sakil7 hours ago

    Wow joss