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Cats Trailer #2
  1. Vs.8

    Vs.8Minute ago

    This interviewer was bad smiling the whole time

  2. Rose Thorn

    Rose Thorn3 minutes ago

    No one is talking about Lauren’s outfit? Ok

  3. Tali The Dog Lover

    Tali The Dog Lover10 minutes ago

    love you cam ♥️


    CACHUR TOP513 minutes ago

    Drake handled that with class tho...

  5. Kawabxl

    Kawabxl13 minutes ago

    1:50 you are the only one man.

  6. Heisen Glet

    Heisen Glet15 minutes ago

    Thank goodness for Favreau and Filoni. They are showing it can be done right. If only they'd been running the show to begin with.

  7. Jay Hardin

    Jay Hardin16 minutes ago

    Elizabeth Banks, you’re pretty, you’re smart, and you work very hard. But your movie bombed because nobody wants to watch another Charlie’s Angels movie, not because men are sexist. Women didn’t go see it either

  8. Midlife

    Midlife17 minutes ago

    Why are people surprised by this? He's a degenerate who happened to get lucky and made money being a rapper. He's a degenerate with money . That's all he is . I don't know why people expect better from him.

  9. ChiWanders

    ChiWanders17 minutes ago

    Meghan, are you ok?

  10. apro

    apro19 minutes ago

    If she would let that victimhood mentality and that arogance aside, maybe she would be reconsidered in the public eye. But I doubt her lack of character and education would let her fit into the rules and protocol of royal family. She's an outsider with too much of a bad attitude.

  11. Ornella Garyga

    Ornella Garyga20 minutes ago

    This is exactly what I needed to heal my Lucifer post season 4 depression

  12. Terena S. House

    Terena S. House24 minutes ago

    We have been losing so many Talent People who never known when they were going to End due to an ENEMY. There are unstable crazy...people out there in the world. This is why, its important to have a moment with God before doing anything. Nipsey is a victim of an unstable person. RIP Nipsey🛌you are one of the Rainbows.🌈👍

  13. Ornella Garyga

    Ornella Garyga25 minutes ago

    "Chloe is just madly in love with Lucifer" and "Happy ending" is all heard

  14. Vogel Stern

    Vogel Stern26 minutes ago

    They forgot to mention that Ed and Lorraine Warren were nothing more than snake oil sales people.

  15. Michele m

    Michele m27 minutes ago

    Megan is disgusting..and I can't wait until shes off the show..I dont watch anymore..I cant take her. Last season was my last season

  16. Kathleen Henson

    Kathleen Henson28 minutes ago

    Charlie would never have such unattractive Angels. I won’t watch another movie ruined by women. I am a woman but we need to stop. Make original movies and quit stealing.

  17. Occam's Razor

    Occam's Razor29 minutes ago

    What waste of 3 young lives. Pointless and greedy.

  18. Sheila Chang

    Sheila Chang31 minute ago

    I’m disappointed in her losing her accent, like there are so many British actors in America who has a normal accent. Also what I have noticed is that she spells colour the American way. She’s becoming American

  19. Safia Cassim

    Safia Cassim32 minutes ago

    Now i get why im obsessed with her, its her too cute of a smile,

  20. All The Praise Goes To The Maker

    All The Praise Goes To The Maker33 minutes ago

    okay but even if Cam was alive, they'd be stretching it with D4 cuz tbh D3 was not all that. secondly, that is disrespect to his family if they do it w/out him. like remember toy story 4? Don Rickles died in '17 and they spent hours getting his voice to make the whole movie. That is respect. If Descendants was an animation they could do the same thing but it isnt. thirdly, just show some respect ffs.

  21. bro vs sis

    bro vs sis34 minutes ago

    Billie Eillish why did you dye your hair green at the Roots I like to blue hair not green

  22. T W

    T W36 minutes ago

    Omg all daughters look just like Bruce Willis. They're ugly

  23. ComradeReaper

    ComradeReaper37 minutes ago

    Is it me or does the music blaring in and out annoying? But any who you girls should join us,as in us i mean Antifa we could use your skills. Comrade Reaper out.

  24. Mikey

    Mikey38 minutes ago

    I want ana de armas to play rogue she so has that 90’s Jim Lee rogue look to me

  25. ecfs VendorQA

    ecfs VendorQA39 minutes ago

    DAMN!!! She has had so much work done!!!!

  26. james fiaco

    james fiaco39 minutes ago

    The way her hair was styled along with the way she looked at this time reminded me! Of the girl who played the Emperor's and the never-ending story.

  27. Jae Smilez

    Jae Smilez39 minutes ago

    It’s smart because they’ll make it go global like L’Oréal or Maybelline and owning 49% is still a lot of money for a shareholder so she’ll easily be worth 3 or 4 billion in a couple more years 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  28. Red Dog

    Red Dog41 minute ago

    Good on you, Kirsten. Don't listen to these failed abortions.

  29. What The Heck TV

    What The Heck TV42 minutes ago

    Id sit in that with no hesitation ill rock it to.

  30. Ghost Wolf

    Ghost Wolf42 minutes ago

    This show rocks

  31. james fiaco

    james fiaco44 minutes ago

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  32. joanna esmaeel

    joanna esmaeel45 minutes ago

    yeah... they're not dating. I don't think they would be dating and she would still not know his dog's name.

  33. Shedy Dee

    Shedy Dee46 minutes ago

    Oh fucking please.......where did she ever work to earn money????? Stop gaslighting us. It's still cool that she is successful though.

  34. Ricardo Torres

    Ricardo Torres46 minutes ago

    It’s late but I love how David said he paid for the mic after telling vardon they’re expensive

  35. Nicholas Page

    Nicholas Page49 minutes ago

    Interesting, interesting...

  36. Roger Socorro

    Roger Socorro51 minute ago

    That part at the end saying black was deep like his world was falling in pieces

  37. era chandok

    era chandok54 minutes ago


  38. I Hate Snakeu ! why ? Cuz Snakeu You Got No Jams

    I Hate Snakeu ! why ? Cuz Snakeu You Got No Jams54 minutes ago

    She aged like fine wine.

  39. Pedro Gallegos

    Pedro Gallegos55 minutes ago

    Jamie Foxx broke the bro code. Tom Cruise shouldn't speak to Jamie Foxx anymore And Katie Holmes is nothing but a b**** like most Hollywood actresses are..

  40. _emmaxhermione _

    _emmaxhermione _56 minutes ago

    Well people who are really fans of Emma Watson know that she has alredy a bf😉

  41. Red Dog

    Red Dog56 minutes ago

    She's /ourgirl/

  42. and i oop-

    and i oop-56 minutes ago


  43. setmedic

    setmedic56 minutes ago

    Men age like fine wine and women age like milk.

  44. George

    GeorgeHour ago

    The reason the Mandalorian works is that they understand the story is a spaghetti western, and they actually have a story they want to tell. The other Disney movies have put story second, politics first, and loyalty to the Star Wars genre third.

  45. kristina tellez

    kristina tellezHour ago

    She's SHAY buuuuuuuuut I really only see her as peach and Stella 🤷😂😂😂😂😂

  46. Yasmine Tahiri

    Yasmine TahiriHour ago

    We don’t have the same definition of selfmade 😂😂😂😂

  47. Mr.Bierbaron

    Mr.BierbaronHour ago

    I was more interested in a story without Jedis, but i am still intrigued

  48. wayhaught Dom and Kat channel

    wayhaught Dom and Kat channelHour ago

    Shay is sooooo Gorgeous💟💖

  49. Julissa Rose

    Julissa RoseHour ago

    this was scripted you guys 😭😭😭😭

  50. A Pixie's Whisper

    A Pixie's WhisperHour ago

    I'm so happy for her, she really deserves this! Both the award and motherhood.

  51. Bohemia Lite

    Bohemia LiteHour ago

    The world today will not ever ever never understand we are here for a moment only even if it's just 2 minutes or fifty years time stops at the moment you leave everything rewinds as if it just happened yesterday so love one another even your enemies. Superior needs to be broken if we don't break that barrier we will never heal our grandfathers and grandmothers always said the true meaning of life is one day at a time obstacles are put in front of us but just don't give up at the end of your trial it will all be worth it.

  52. xee doll

    xee dollHour ago

    I can tell he is a GOOD man. Bless him and his kids

  53. Mondorulezdood89

    Mondorulezdood89Hour ago

    I wish these two would’ve been allowed to create the sequel trilogy.

  54. Les Nicole Blog

    Les Nicole BlogHour ago

    Good thing I put decline to state on everything except my gender. “They don’t care about us” -mj

  55. Isha Purohit

    Isha PurohitHour ago

    Goddamn he's so attractive

  56. Hanami Alix

    Hanami AlixHour ago

    YALL NETFLIX will watch it!!!

  57. ahmad aboud

    ahmad aboudHour ago

    Gosh Anna is just gorgeous

  58. Dana Armas

    Dana ArmasHour ago

    Luke Evans x Arden Cho

  59. Gregor Black

    Gregor BlackHour ago

    She's gorgeous & I like her to get a great sultry role because I'M REAL ;) lol Funny pretty lil lady

  60. Dana Armas

    Dana ArmasHour ago

    Jennifer Lopez as belle beauty and the beast

  61. Rick G

    Rick GHour ago

    I wanna see a Boba Fett Vs Dyn Jarren..

  62. wildrose39

    wildrose39Hour ago

    The only real lady of Beverley Hills 💕

  63. Thracian Princess

    Thracian PrincessHour ago

    Why she always try to stands on her toes?

  64. Laura Reidsma

    Laura ReidsmaHour ago

    I LOVE and ADMIRE her for her work to save dogs. It’s such a hard and heartbreaking situation to even think about, suffering animals. But, Lisa has rolled up those Versace sleeves and put her money and platform where her heart truly is. Plus, she’s stunning!!

  65. Rich Rome

    Rich RomeHour ago

    Creepy looking Dude

  66. Greeneyed Gemini

    Greeneyed GeminiHour ago


  67. Khalidah Kamal

    Khalidah KamalHour ago

    It was just 'white collar crimes'..

  68. shiney x

    shiney xHour ago

    How can you hate shay Mitchell though...also she’s so gorg!! 🤩💕

  69. Roya Qurbanova

    Roya QurbanovaHour ago


  70. Roya Qurbanova

    Roya QurbanovaHour ago


  71. nick allen

    nick allenHour ago

    Up the asstain Chastain

  72. Natalie H

    Natalie HHour ago

    She just doing her job which is asking questions

  73. MSQ 54

    MSQ 54Hour ago

    Good and amazing project this last year ❤️🙏🏿

  74. Nina Edwards

    Nina EdwardsHour ago

    I don’t really care to here what he has to say I hope he apologized to his daughter. For humiliating her and exposing her in front of the world .

  75. LikerOfThings

    LikerOfThingsHour ago

    Wow she spent three and a half fucking minutes just talking about Harry Potter. Poor Rupert.

  76. Marie Camilien

    Marie CamilienHour ago

    I really love these two together, but I dread the writers going for a silly, forced, cheesy, cliche wedding😬 Idk, I can't explain it. In my opinion, it just wouldn't be right... Why can't they just simply be together?😕

  77. Ya boi Inatte

    Ya boi InatteHour ago

    Everyone: lets do a interview. *puts green screen* Billie Eilish's green hair: *I'm about to end this whole man's career*

  78. Acrocks 1968

    Acrocks 19682 hours ago

    First of all, her fucking father had dto do alot with her death, since they were jehovah witness, stupid ass religion!!!! shed still be alive i


    PYNK PANTHER2 hours ago

    Meghan one of them white females who gives a pass to Trump and would give a pass to all these police officers out here terrorizing the black community and say well their cops and they put their lives on the line so they get a pass just like she said.. THAT BITCH NEEDS TO GO. Im sure that chair like can I get a pass and get the fk from under this bitch..

  80. Papercutpostman

    Papercutpostman2 hours ago

    A lot of salty comments.... be happy for the guy! He seems genuinely in love and wants to pursue a life with Katherine.

  81. Eleanor Josefina Model & YouTuber

    Eleanor Josefina Model & YouTuber2 hours ago

    Anyone else supposed to be working but instead are watching USwork!? 🙋🏽‍♀️🤣 👇🏼

  82. Flareboxx

    Flareboxx2 hours ago

    I just don't see Steve returning to television any time soon. And unfortunately I just don't think it would be the same for the office to return without him :(

  83. Dat Raucous

    Dat Raucous2 hours ago

    The Wall remains undefeated!

  84. M F Q

    M F Q2 hours ago

    And the smokescreen for Andrew continues??

  85. turabi efe bilge

    turabi efe bilge2 hours ago

    Is that real !?!!?

  86. 77 kaltham

    77 kaltham2 hours ago

    I looovvve heeerr🖤🖤🖤🖤

  87. Signe Jensen

    Signe Jensen2 hours ago

    Anwser to the title: Yes or else I will die

  88. djReason19

    djReason192 hours ago

    Why do these people put themselves in the public eye if they aren't doing well? Being a celebrity is also a disease. I wish her the best and hopefully she can return to acting if she wants. Life is not easy for all of us. Some people really struggle to get through. But you don't need to broadcast every chapter, it's okay to disappear from the public eye from time to time.

  89. sontas gen

    sontas gen2 hours ago

    face lift

  90. Robert Wood

    Robert Wood2 hours ago

    Prettyboy is coked out of his feeble little mind..u can see it a mile away..

  91. cries in mochi meow

    cries in mochi meow2 hours ago

    I’m going to one of her concerts in 2 days and if she cancels it, I wouldn’t be mad! I want her to feel better because she says she is going through so much pain I really want her to feel better! Sinus headaches hurt like shit!

  92. Tina Tate

    Tina Tate2 hours ago

    That red table talk will NOT revive him, he's still CANCELLED 🖕🏾😠🖕🏾

  93. Lisa Gallegos - Dog Training

    Lisa Gallegos - Dog Training2 hours ago

    More Alan questions

  94. Justin Sharpe

    Justin Sharpe2 hours ago

    She was the first girl I ever liked STILL BAD ASF I SEE

  95. The Big Man

    The Big Man2 hours ago

    Gender change came after this

  96. Matt Bastubee

    Matt Bastubee2 hours ago

    Who cares. They used to all eat each other out and f**k Heff for money. Now that the cash cow is gone, they don't get along so well.

  97. x_ teamjoanne _x

    x_ teamjoanne _x2 hours ago

    I don’t even mind if they don’t get back together, but whyyy can’t they be friendss at least 🙁 like thats what’s the most upsetting, that they can’t even see each other anymore

  98. quincey carpenter

    quincey carpenter2 hours ago

    fellas having respect for women n paying attention to their words does it embarass u when u find urself looking at a womans cleavage while she speaking like an inner guily "i should not be looking at her cleavage' or asking urself can she tell im looking at her cleavage while she is talking to me"

  99. Nikunj Dixit

    Nikunj Dixit2 hours ago

    She's got a fairly obvious bump right now. I'm assuming she will probably have to be written out towards the end of the season when she goes on maternity leave. Its funny she says that Killer Frost clothing is more loose fitting than Caitlin. I always figured it would be the other way around. I'm assuming she will be more Caitlin than Killer Frost now because Caitlin has more of an excuse to be in Star Labs and be sitting behind a desk to cover her belly.

  100. Kiggy’s Kingdom

    Kiggy’s Kingdom2 hours ago

    She’s sooooo beautiful omg I love her❤️