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The Monkey Song

The Monkey Song

7 years ago

Monster Party - JonTron
  1. Cameron Channing

    Cameron Channing15 minutes ago

    Damn, look at all them copyright claims. Kinda sad that Jon puts so much time, money and effort into these videos and they get claimed by like 15 different companies for menial shit.

  2. what whom

    what whom16 minutes ago

    You forgot the original xbox console advert about being born or something

  3. Seabass 2001

    Seabass 200141 minute ago

    Jon’s not a bad singer though!

  4. janga bannngs

    janga bannngs51 minute ago

    Next day he hit the wall at 200 mph And died of bleeding

  5. Rodri G

    Rodri G58 minutes ago

    7:15 _[Salad fingers flashbacks]_

  6. [G]555

    [G]555Hour ago

    Ø555Ø Dread 2 WHEN?

  7. MyOwnEmailShow

    MyOwnEmailShowHour ago

    13:38 replace Elijah Wood with Baby Yoda

  8. PrimeGaming 89

    PrimeGaming 89Hour ago

    1:08 jesus christ just say its a communist concentration camp hes an idiot

  9. Taiyama2

    Taiyama2Hour ago

    I'm completely certain those Elsa games are the fault of some adult with fucked up fetishes creating "kids games". Also, didn't this presage Elsagate?

  10. dstldthrlrmov -.-

    dstldthrlrmov -.-2 hours ago

    ok but y does garrett look like a younger immortalhd

  11. Chizza

    Chizza2 hours ago

    Arin was just playing himself in this

  12. Davina Krueger

    Davina Krueger2 hours ago

    Wait pause at 7:30 are his eyes going out of their sockets?

  13. John Luke

    John Luke2 hours ago

    Go watch shake hands with danger the 1980’s safety video it is funny

  14. Garry The Gopnik

    Garry The Gopnik2 hours ago

    me: *walks into goop health summit* Yall niggas selling big macs or do I gotta go down the street?

  15. Gadosen

    Gadosen2 hours ago

    Jaques is alive? Jaques is alive epic

  16. Ethan Lutes

    Ethan Lutes2 hours ago

    Most of these things are mostly bull shit

  17. Hedge

    Hedge3 hours ago

    Garret actually has a Flex Tape as a sponsor

  18. crimsonpirate9

    crimsonpirate93 hours ago

    I can only hear the song

  19. Drbigt let's plays

    Drbigt let's plays3 hours ago

    Still better than the 2019 reboot movie..

  20. Aaron Sandoval

    Aaron Sandoval3 hours ago

    How tf did I get this Low budget Cringy Ass shit in my suggestion Vids.

  21. Lukemander

    Lukemander3 hours ago


  22. chad jackson

    chad jackson3 hours ago

    Jon sounds like Timon from the Lion King. Just sayin..

  23. claire heller

    claire heller3 hours ago

    As a chef I’m highly triggered

  24. Nick The Loser

    Nick The Loser4 hours ago

    "What's a gulag?"

  25. Drago Freez

    Drago Freez5 hours ago


  26. name name

    name name5 hours ago

    Ive said it before and I'll say it again, I'd watch an entire channel of jontron making ads

  27. johnnys141

    johnnys1415 hours ago

    Sweet dude

  28. alex dias

    alex dias5 hours ago

    Is that a Jojo Reference?

  29. GLD_Josh YT

    GLD_Josh YT5 hours ago

    4:16 WHAT WHAT THE FUk


    MECHA KAI5 hours ago

    anybody going to see the 2019 charlie's angels

  31. Trollfeeder1234

    Trollfeeder12345 hours ago

    Jon you BITCH that’s how I know you didn’t watch CARS the stickers thing was a joke in there you uncultured SLÜT

  32. Areopagus

    Areopagus5 hours ago

    2011 USwork: 2019 USwork: look at the new JonTron... from 8 years ago...

  33. The Official Carson King YouTube Channel

    The Official Carson King YouTube Channel6 hours ago

    Now it’s called Fart club

  34. The Phantom of an Aries

    The Phantom of an Aries6 hours ago

    The way JonTron fell on the floor had me dead💀💀💀

  35. ABunchOf RandomStuff

    ABunchOf RandomStuff6 hours ago

    You know the most infuriating thing ..... is that the fucking cleric casts magic missile at 10:09

  36. BafomDad

    BafomDad6 hours ago

    Man this song brings back a lot of good memories. Love You Jon


    MICROSOFT HQ6 hours ago

    Johntron best

  38. Dawn Eversole

    Dawn Eversole7 hours ago

    12:14 😂😂😂😂😂

  39. Spyrfighter

    Spyrfighter7 hours ago


  40. Ethan Campbell

    Ethan Campbell7 hours ago

    Gwyneth Paltrow: Starred in the biggest film of 2019 and of all time Avengers: endgame Also Gwyneth Paltrow: Trying Goop glow was the most exciting day of 2019

  41. Pootle Shnoot

    Pootle Shnoot7 hours ago

    20:35 ah yes, dollar teeth club

  42. Mother may I Have some Bleach?

    Mother may I Have some Bleach?7 hours ago

    3:20 Pee Wee holding crack

  43. Brand Rebel

    Brand Rebel7 hours ago

    God help this man

  44. Mista Cake

    Mista Cake7 hours ago


  45. Bozopi

    Bozopi8 hours ago

    This is still funny but new jontrons are overproduced and somehow less funny in my opinion

  46. Tim Seo

    Tim Seo8 hours ago

    Upvoted when i saw Jar Jar dancing at the end haha

  47. Grindstone

    Grindstone8 hours ago

    Nobody: Random Pit Crew Guy: BOY I COULD SHIT IN HIS PANTS RIGHT NOW

  48. the BonnieLass

    the BonnieLass8 hours ago

    Scary story The Kid lost the Wi-Fi password ooooh

  49. Jayden Oram

    Jayden Oram8 hours ago

    Anyone else think that Jon unironically has a pretty great singing voice?

  50. Khalil Archer

    Khalil Archer8 hours ago

    I guess jontron has never seen cars when lightning McQueen didn't have lights.

  51. Matt Petty

    Matt Petty9 hours ago

    That was a SLAMMIN' doom reference

  52. Aaron Hamilton

    Aaron Hamilton9 hours ago

    0:17-0:23 The part where Jon peed out money killed me laughing!!!

  53. Pending Poltergeist

    Pending Poltergeist9 hours ago

    I really don’t get it

  54. SFF

    SFF9 hours ago


  55. Adam McCarthey

    Adam McCarthey9 hours ago

    Jon has obviously never seen Cars.

  56. Sprout *

    Sprout *9 hours ago

    flex seal and flex tape sponsored, it's all coming together

  57. Kosuke Katano

    Kosuke Katano9 hours ago

    Please make a video on Marie Kondo’s junk shop.

  58. CbmGraphics

    CbmGraphics9 hours ago

    I could fuck this nascar man up on some actual dirt rally stages in VR sorry not sorry

  59. Anders 4710

    Anders 47109 hours ago

    Raid sucks

  60. Nick Nemitz

    Nick Nemitz10 hours ago

    Omg luke looks like trump

  61. goobee

    goobee10 hours ago

    linkara running in the crystal ball is the funniest shit

  62. Rafael Gomes

    Rafael Gomes10 hours ago

    I still have no idea what the fuck is that fireworks cover at the end

  63. Commander Doom

    Commander Doom10 hours ago

    After seeing this move.. just throw me back in the water

  64. Ded Memz

    Ded Memz10 hours ago

    1:58 Is that a JoJo reference!?

  65. Steven Oman

    Steven Oman10 hours ago

    10:33 best

  66. Gogeta The Ultimate

    Gogeta The Ultimate10 hours ago

    Your transforming into a USworkr that I am all too familiar with..... this isn’t good....

  67. The Wandering Artist: Eli

    The Wandering Artist: Eli10 hours ago

    Well then, who would've guessed this would be age restricted

  68. Xavier Romero

    Xavier Romero10 hours ago

    3:31 “don’t curse”

  69. Xavier Romero

    Xavier Romero10 hours ago

    3:31 I wonder if he had a bad experience with trains

  70. digitalnightmare exe

    digitalnightmare exe10 hours ago

    Ooooh I love this game

  71. OG Fatalis

    OG Fatalis10 hours ago

    JonTron you just either put it on wrong, or pumped it too hard

  72. Steven Oman

    Steven Oman10 hours ago

    Bye Bye Impurities

  73. Aaron Norman

    Aaron Norman10 hours ago

    "Which is 600 DOLLARS BY THE WAY" *Pulls one out*

  74. FGcash

    FGcash11 hours ago

    There can NEVER be enough sight gags.

  75. Zac Chhin

    Zac Chhin11 hours ago

    At a 1:10 we're those fallout missiles?

  76. ExtraCub

    ExtraCub11 hours ago

    When you did that truck edit I legit thought you were about to hit a truck at first.

  77. Ben Rudolph

    Ben Rudolph11 hours ago

    11:19 When my uncle asks me if I want to go upstairs in the dark with him

  78. Max Magyar

    Max Magyar11 hours ago

    is that a dildo??? 11:29

  79. I’m a person Yeah

    I’m a person Yeah11 hours ago

    I literally just noticed that umbrella santa is bill murray

  80. Bob Tus

    Bob Tus11 hours ago

    Hee hee I creamed

  81. Max Arebalo

    Max Arebalo11 hours ago

    18 toys in one? Jon, *it’s 746 According to my calculations*

  82. 16bitakira

    16bitakira11 hours ago

    Hickory NC! very cool to see the show visit an area I know well! cheers jon, great video!

  83. DefinableEel 1

    DefinableEel 111 hours ago


  84. Bob Tus

    Bob Tus11 hours ago

    Grimbo lives another day

  85. Giddeon Fruean

    Giddeon Fruean12 hours ago

    whats the name of that song at 4:14

  86. Lexi Perplexy

    Lexi Perplexy12 hours ago

    Jon tron was 20 minutes away from me and.....I... Didn't fucking know about it?

  87. Acid Monroe

    Acid Monroe12 hours ago

    Jon... What the fuck. That ending lmao

  88. NG

    NG12 hours ago

    1:54 scared me I was not expecting it

  89. Bruno the Existor

    Bruno the Existor12 hours ago

    why are her eyes pennies?

  90. a dog

    a dog12 hours ago

    Basically cuphead

  91. Papau Reyes

    Papau Reyes12 hours ago

    Mufasa: *MIGHTY ROAR* Simba: Eegh! Mufasa: What da fuck was dat?? Git outta here! *Smacks* Simba: EEEEEEEAAAAAAGHHHH!!! Mufasa: Alright that was better I don't care anymore...

  92. Zachary DeSpain

    Zachary DeSpain12 hours ago

    This is all a plan. They're strengthening Jon's circle of influence so that one day Phil Swift can pass down his Quirk, Flex for All, to Jon.

  93. Brad Gregory

    Brad Gregory12 hours ago

    you can't drive a NASCAR......NASCAR is an can drive a NASCAR racecar, but not a NASCAR.

  94. CurseFlame74

    CurseFlame7412 hours ago

    0:28 plug and vibrate spiderdildo?

  95. Majin Prince.

    Majin Prince.12 hours ago

    Phil Swift what are you going to do next flex tape your face and try to breathe on the moon Phil Swift: *does exactly that.*

  96. Davina Krueger

    Davina Krueger12 hours ago

    11:00 *gasp* how did my brother get in here 🤔

  97. Confederacy 2 Electric Boogaloo

    Confederacy 2 Electric Boogaloo12 hours ago

    If only flex tape could fix my depression.

  98. Amy Mason

    Amy Mason12 hours ago

    15:54 I wonder if Flex Tape made those mercs.

  99. Kenneth Wayne

    Kenneth Wayne12 hours ago

    The dog was killer bee

  100. Caramel Coke

    Caramel Coke12 hours ago

    Nobody: Not even regular youtube: USwork in 2019: This is too A D U L T for regular audiences