For people who love to eat.

  1. Paulsicles

    Paulsicles4 seconds ago

    These kids have eaten caviar, foie gras, and black truffle, and the fanciest thing I've eaten was a McDonald's Stroopwaffle McFlurry.

  2. WhimsicalEloquence

    WhimsicalEloquence40 seconds ago

    It was a bit silly to have them cook different, and varying immensely in quality, cuts of steak. Let them all have roughly the same quality of ingredients.

  3. EBX_SNIPP. Mxdy

    EBX_SNIPP. Mxdy2 minutes ago

    Level 2 all the way

  4. MrAjpurdue

    MrAjpurdue2 minutes ago

    Oh Emily....

  5. Aim Legit

    Aim Legit3 minutes ago

    Why are they all women 😂

  6. TheHortond

    TheHortond6 minutes ago

    They all made a tasty looking steak.

  7. Sochy _

    Sochy _9 minutes ago

    How did these people get past high-school...?

  8. Tom

    Tom12 minutes ago

    What's wrong with salt and pepper?

  9. ツ 햇빛어두운 ツ

    ツ 햇빛어두운 ツ12 minutes ago

    level two chef made me gay

  10. Sochy _

    Sochy _12 minutes ago

    “You gotta salt these, or else they’ll taste like my moms eggs and they’re disgusting” LOL SAVAGE

  11. MetallicaFans

    MetallicaFans13 minutes ago

    Who’s eating all those chicken when it ends

  12. INGRID Delgado

    INGRID Delgado14 minutes ago

    all three a different than my styles if lasagnas...but man they're all great reciepes...

  13. LoserPlay

    LoserPlay14 minutes ago

    People calling it tortilla bread is pissing me off 😤

  14. wildcardNS

    wildcardNS15 minutes ago

    3 ruined cuts of meat. Here's how you cook a steak: Meat+Salt+Pepper+Fire. End of.

  15. Vrijman

    Vrijman16 minutes ago

    The food scientist is hot

  16. Tomoya o

    Tomoya o17 minutes ago

    She’s really gonna talk about cutting with the grain but has a ketchup sauce lmao

  17. Fernando Rios

    Fernando Rios17 minutes ago

    Why is there a 14 year old at the end

  18. Robert Razowski

    Robert Razowski18 minutes ago

    Ne jamais utiliser une maryse dans une poêle chaude...

  19. Chasity Marie

    Chasity Marie18 minutes ago

    Gabrielle Resembles Nazanin Kavari

  20. nolon gioven

    nolon gioven19 minutes ago

    I'd like to wait about a year and come back and see how many total comments there are that mention "not whacking as hard with my left hand"

  21. TiffyChevelure910

    TiffyChevelure91019 minutes ago

    YAY! Love the old food scientist. Also I love new Level 2 Chef Julie!

  22. ABP.

    ABP.20 minutes ago

    marinate a dry aged steak... just like drop ice cubes into a glass of Grands Cru Classé.

  23. Hadibab 04

    Hadibab 0420 minutes ago

    Am i the only one thinking that the level 4 is reading a script?🤔

  24. VeetoTheDorito

    VeetoTheDorito20 minutes ago

    Just eat the coconut whole

  25. zPrxqz_YX

    zPrxqz_YX21 minute ago

    Whats the pros insta??

  26. Deniz Derya

    Deniz Derya22 minutes ago

    Im a nerd i know that salt doesnt raise the waters temperature quicker :)

  27. Damaris Montúfar

    Damaris Montúfar22 minutes ago

    Yay! My fav Level 4 is back!!!

  28. Jame Andy

    Jame Andy23 minutes ago

    I truely surprise if the stage 1 and 2 cooks are truely licensed cooks or do they simply inform them to say there chefs. Honestly if there no longer licensed then they shouldnt say that. I truely went to culinary college to be a chef and no longer certain how i experience about human beings announcing there cooks when there truely not.

  29. Fernando Rios

    Fernando Rios24 minutes ago

    Hard shell really

  30. J M

    J M25 minutes ago

    Since when do you spray the pan it gets just as crispy without..and my hands are the spatula 🤣🤣

  31. Sochy _

    Sochy _26 minutes ago

    0:50 My guy juiced a jalapeño....

  32. Khak Thui

    Khak Thui27 minutes ago

    F L A V A

  33. asdasdadasd

    asdasdadasd28 minutes ago

    bernaise with basil mint and thyme ? bernaise is with tarragon

  34. Meme god 239

    Meme god 23929 minutes ago

    OG Emily back with ketchup

  35. PolarPlayz

    PolarPlayz30 minutes ago

    I knew Emily would be here as soon as i saw ketchup in the thumbnail

  36. Weaver D2nd

    Weaver D2nd31 minute ago

    If you stay for the food science review.. you’re the real MVP

  37. Scot McColl

    Scot McColl31 minute ago

    Id eat adriana’s steak anyday... ya feel 👀😂

  38. Ryan Lauderdale

    Ryan Lauderdale32 minutes ago

    Stephen: So I'm going to add the other half of the cheesecake to the waffle batter.... Me: NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!

  39. Auria Roshan

    Auria Roshan32 minutes ago

    So we’re not gonna talk about how hot the level 3 is ?

  40. Sweet as HANI

    Sweet as HANI32 minutes ago

    Bianca: *i love a GoOd SeXy WaFfLe*

  41. John Raiden

    John Raiden33 minutes ago

    Surprisingly...all of them actually did a great job. Even the ketchup sauce looked pretty ok by the time emily was done putting everything in it. Good job all around lol.

  42. Dramamine

    Dramamine33 minutes ago

    Its 3:14 am hbu guys

  43. segev sharaby

    segev sharaby33 minutes ago

    The steak of level one see the most taste

  44. Steven Reyes

    Steven Reyes34 minutes ago

    I really wonder if the level 1 and 2 chefs are really certified chefs or do they just tell them to say there chef's. Honestly if there not certified then they shouldn't say that. I actually went to culinary school to be a chef and not sure how i feel about people saying there chef's when there actually not.

  45. Kenneth Jabay

    Kenneth Jabay35 minutes ago

    They should’ve had Guga as Level 5 🤣🤣

  46. qruzjo

    qruzjo36 minutes ago

    Level 3 has been a chef for 10yrs?! So that's like when she was 12 yrs old?

  47. Gizmo Goose.

    Gizmo Goose.36 minutes ago

    Where's the 4th Level !??!

  48. Lucas Voelker

    Lucas Voelker37 minutes ago

    Key to a good steak: PAN BUTTER SAUCE!!!!

  49. Tim Cho

    Tim Cho37 minutes ago

    The level 1 girl should be put in jail.

  50. Golden Gamer

    Golden Gamer37 minutes ago

    Personally I like John's taco the best it's just simple so kelvin can yeet himself out of the window (Lorenzo's is good too!)

  51. Shaun Christie

    Shaun Christie38 minutes ago

    It’s Herbs not Erbs... please learn how to speak English!

  52. Sweet as HANI

    Sweet as HANI39 minutes ago

    damn......gabrielle made me *ALMOST* lesbian....but emily made it official ^w^


    IG = STAYTRUECHRIS40 minutes ago

    Jesus level 3 is cute lol but I know she uses mad dishes when she cooks I’m gooddddd

  54. i have the documents

    i have the documents41 minute ago

    Omg 3 cooks why do they all have to be wamen? Triggered 🤣🤣🤣

  55. Norman Alexander

    Norman Alexander43 minutes ago

    Emily is honestly a mood

  56. zero

    zero43 minutes ago

    I really wish lorenzo is in every video of "4 levels of..."

  57. Kacchan

    Kacchan44 minutes ago

    Make the food scientist taste the dishes and guess,who made it.Or you are just scared she will fail?

  58. Tommyboy robloxian

    Tommyboy robloxian45 minutes ago

    A coconut has three dots 2 eyes and a mouth poke the mouth and it will a bhole

  59. Sochy _

    Sochy _46 minutes ago

    This is a joke right?

  60. George Francis

    George Francis47 minutes ago

    Level 3 looks like Marzia

  61. Kaeinlya

    Kaeinlya50 minutes ago

    Is no one gonna address the fact that a grown human being is out there thinking that pancakes need 4 flips to cook?

  62. Kristofer Andre

    Kristofer Andre50 minutes ago

    0:51 Damn that sirloin meat looks like a coffin...

  63. Kolina Jane

    Kolina Jane51 minute ago

    Top sirloin. Pat dry. Season liberally with salt. Hot cast iron with lots of oil with a high smoke point. 3-4 mins per side. Add butter, garlic, and herbs and baste. Let rest at LEAST 5 minutes. Done. PS please stop sous vide-ing everything, for the love of god.

  64. LG

    LG53 minutes ago

    Why is someone with arthritis gomna try to open a coconut?

  65. cristopher wong

    cristopher wong53 minutes ago

    You should get Chef John and Chef Gordon Ramsay and chef vegan to do a show

  66. kuuhaku 「」

    kuuhaku 「」55 minutes ago

    I always appereciate cook that pronounced japanese word like yuzu ir sake propperly

  67. blazzy95

    blazzy9558 minutes ago

    Anybody missing Lorenzo ??

  68. BigGary

    BigGary58 minutes ago

    What model/brand burner are they using? A good single pot heating element is hart to find.

  69. Jay Mann

    Jay Mann59 minutes ago

    What!? No Lorenzo!? Thumbs down!

  70. C0nsequence

    C0nsequence59 minutes ago

    Lvl Guga would be the highest rank. You were not near.

  71. Ar Or

    Ar Or59 minutes ago

    I am not English native speaker so I am confused. Is chef number 3 using mushrooms??? Cause I thought mushrooms where what we call in Spain 'champiñones' , but for me, the ones she uses are 'setas'

  72. Martin Q

    Martin QHour ago

    I squirmed at every time you handled metal cutting instruments with oily hands. ,😬😯😯😬😬😬😬😬😯😯

  73. Superstar Life YT

    Superstar Life YTHour ago

    2:25 the mixer sounds like that it(movie) sound effect if you dont know what im talking about watch it trailor and youll see

  74. Adriana Grace

    Adriana GraceHour ago

    Oregano and sage aren't spices

  75. MistaJ

    MistaJHour ago

    Oh man. How do you compare apples to apples if all the steaks are different cuts

  76. Jon Kwan

    Jon KwanHour ago

    Yay! Love Rosemary is back! But @level 3 chef, why would you put all of that if your steak is already dry aged!! I think that marinate would go well with lesser quality cuts of meats like the flank or what not though!

  77. Rahm Shoshana

    Rahm ShoshanaHour ago

    Loud sigh 😔 “We are gonna add ketchup to our steak 🥩 sauce.” 😭

  78. Mr. strawberry

    Mr. strawberryHour ago

    Level 2 chef looks like the best mommy

  79. señorito

    señoritoHour ago

    Frank's burger looks stupid 😂😂😂😂

  80. Zac Dee

    Zac DeeHour ago

    Level 3 chef is a Goddess

  81. Luffy D. Monkey

    Luffy D. MonkeyHour ago

    Lvl 4 should be Gordon Ramsay

  82. Jimmy Norris

    Jimmy NorrisHour ago

    Flank steak looks the best but probably tastes the worst.

  83. Damien cy

    Damien cyHour ago

    « because i reSPECT da beef » 😂😂

  84. mwells219

    mwells219Hour ago

    You guys should stop picking on Emily. She seems nice despite her poor cooking abilities.

  85. Muiz Asri

    Muiz AsriHour ago


  86. 27johnrick

    27johnrickHour ago

    That tomato looks soo fresh, I want to pick it.

  87. MrCampo2222

    MrCampo2222Hour ago

    This is ridiculously overcomplicated. Leave the steak in a warm room for an hour or two. season it with salt and pepper beforehand, cook it for maximum a minute and a half on each side in butter and olive oil. Don't stick forks in it. Let it rest for at least 15 minutes. Finished. Don't destroy it with your weird spices and marinades. Less is definitely more here. It's a steak... With the fat in the pan you could perhaps make a sauce, but if you don't dry it out by overcooking it, like all the 'chefs' did here, there's absolutely no need.

  88. FreeSeoul

    FreeSeoulHour ago

    Wow. Too many cuts between angles. Never felt dizzy on a recipe video before...

  89. Night

    NightHour ago

    Thank you so much

  90. Nozerz

    NozerzHour ago

    lorenzo and emilie are the most iconic people of this series

  91. Missy Elliot

    Missy ElliotHour ago

    That chocolate king is everything.

  92. Night

    NightHour ago

    If I subscribe and comment on my video, I will register again

  93. Night

    NightHour ago

    Here's good wishes for your day..... Kindly press like button and activate ......?

  94. James Alexander

    James AlexanderHour ago

    How to make steak for real though... 1. beer (for drinking) 2. charcoal fire (very hot) 3. ribeye (seasoned simply)

  95. TheNBAHistory

    TheNBAHistoryHour ago

    Level 2 chef looks like an old Michelle Obama.

  96. Night

    NightHour ago

    was very satisfying

  97. Jasper Chen

    Jasper ChenHour ago

    yeah,i would like to know which oil is the first time she add in cook steak by Adriana

  98. Leia Jiang

    Leia JiangHour ago

    Cant remember a thing.

  99. Jux

    JuxHour ago

    If you don't eat steak with just a salt and pepper rub, you're doing it wrong.

  100. PatrickPaul1203

    PatrickPaul1203Hour ago

    Where's my Lorenzo at level 2? I was pulling for the level 2 but there are so many things that make me say no. Cold blue cheese butter after the steak has rested won't melt properly. A strip and a sirloin are not the same thing. And she reminded me of Carla at first, so much potential. I would rather have a steak I made rather than any of these 3. Nothing wrong with the last one, just not fan of holindays sauce.