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Greedfall Review
Gears 5 Review

Gears 5 Review

11 days ago

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Control - Spoiler Chat
Gearbox PAX West Panel 2019
Astral Chain Review
Control Review

Control Review

29 days ago

  1. Rookie Hooman

    Rookie Hooman3 minutes ago

    What about when you die in redzone?

  2. Allyson Pangilinan

    Allyson Pangilinan21 minute ago

    Luke Skywalker vs Joker

  3. Falu

    Falu24 minutes ago

    Can you switch your characters' subclasses or are they set in stone once you choose?

  4. IT WAS ME DIO!!!

    IT WAS ME DIO!!!46 minutes ago

    I'm stuck between Amara and FL4K

  5. Jordan Layton

    Jordan Layton48 minutes ago

    Both sets of games are amazing, however Spyro would be the choice I'd go for.

  6. Tony Greek

    Tony Greek49 minutes ago

    u tried to ban nixxiom?

  7. TheBrainandBrawn

    TheBrainandBrawn51 minute ago

    Next stop: Remastered Oracles games.

  8. TheBrainandBrawn

    TheBrainandBrawn56 minutes ago

    So the hookshot works in the rapids now? Also, add to the list to undo the save feature if you die at all to get the perfect ending.

  9. Sounds German

    Sounds German57 minutes ago

    I don't believe you played the game for more than maybe the first 3-4 hours. Otherwise some of the statements made are not explainable.

  10. Matin Far

    Matin FarHour ago

    I hate this review format.

  11. Alwyn Philip

    Alwyn PhilipHour ago

    Anyone else feel the tarantino vibes????

  12. KELEO2000

    KELEO2000Hour ago

    the last silent hill... is a really good silent hill

  13. VNSIN

    VNSIN2 hours ago

    Spawn belongs in MK

  14. Gir The Spurr

    Gir The Spurr2 hours ago

    0:30 they predicted Tonys death in 2012

  15. Paradox555

    Paradox5552 hours ago

    First of all those who are agree with gamespot just unsubscribes these sell out. Of course they rate low becoz they did pay them to give greedfall gud review. Just unsubscribe these sellout.

  16. Liu kang MK

    Liu kang MK2 hours ago


  17. Dman009

    Dman0092 hours ago

    It’s been six years. Phil’s not coming back. The dream is dead, guys.

  18. El

    El2 hours ago

    I’d like to see an Oracle of Ages/Seasons remake next.

  19. bj71000

    bj710002 hours ago

    *every fatality*

  20. Enzo Rhys Thunderer

    Enzo Rhys Thunderer2 hours ago

    What’s wrong with you gamespot? Picked this up in day one and I said “now this is a finished game!” While thinking of anthem. And here you give it a 5??? Wtf

  21. dovahkiingod 50

    dovahkiingod 502 hours ago

    Parents vs kids came to my mind

  22. Star Gazer

    Star Gazer2 hours ago

    You guys need to do another review now that multiplayer is fixed.

  23. ladybeava

    ladybeava2 hours ago

    This is one of the best games to come out this year I have loved every minute of it so yeah your wrong

  24. Bruhster

    Bruhster2 hours ago

    5:51 The funniest few seconds in the trailer.

  25. dlink1013

    dlink10132 hours ago

    I wish I knew not to die in order to get the perfect ending.

  26. Blade Storm

    Blade Storm2 hours ago

    idk if i want this or cod vein

  27. Stephen Vincent Giles

    Stephen Vincent Giles2 hours ago

    fuck this waste of time

  28. Randy Bell

    Randy Bell2 hours ago

    Back in the first Lego Star Wars, when Yoda jumped once, he gained the ability to glide using a hoverchair. I need that back.

  29. Colonel Capatilism

    Colonel Capatilism2 hours ago

    I think New Vegas was the better story, but Fallout 3 was the better game.

  30. do you even praise

    do you even praise2 hours ago

    by the sun, One of the Worst Review i have ever seen.

  31. Adrian Schneider

    Adrian Schneider2 hours ago

    Never seen rifles with such a low velocity 0.o

  32. very hot poteita

    very hot poteita3 hours ago

    Go to 1:55 and turn on subtitles

  33. Samurai

    Samurai3 hours ago

    So is this not in the beta right now? I don’t see an option for it

  34. 如月

    如月3 hours ago


  35. Revo Design

    Revo Design3 hours ago

    J surmises that V stands for Vergeltungswaffen. Whats's Vergeltungswaffen you ask? I interpret like this. To pay someone back, or to compensate them. Could Hideo have thought similarly? Vergeltungswaffen, or V for short... To reward. To bless. Its possible.

  36. Brushstroke

    Brushstroke3 hours ago

    I prefer the art style of Rage 2011 to Rage 2. Despite a more grounded and drab colour palate, characters had more… character. Rage 2 barely even feels like an apocalypse ever happened.

  37. Asher keanu jones

    Asher keanu jones3 hours ago

    They should have incorporated the fighting style of Pokémon tournament into this. Now that would have been fun

  38. TheP1 Chill

    TheP1 Chill3 hours ago

    the fact that only says his taunt lines/monado arts/counter in his launch trailer.

  39. 404swiss

    404swiss3 hours ago

    Dreamer edition :)


    DEATH SPADE3 hours ago

    You should do a video on the top seven ability combos like the rapture tendons + chicken claw

  41. Jim Zachmann

    Jim Zachmann3 hours ago

    God of War was good but that doesn't mean every other hack n slash ever made must be compared to it. Dantes Inferno stands on it's own merit and was awsome. This review is a cringy pile of shit. Too many GOW references. Dantes Inferno is at least an 8 or 8.5. Is this guy purposely trying to sound like a prick during this review?

  42. Joshua Ludwig

    Joshua Ludwig3 hours ago

    Because of this trailer, my favorite game of all time gets made

  43. kaelin kotter

    kaelin kotter3 hours ago

    just wanna come on here and say a lil rip to my bby😔 it’s been 8 years😪

  44. Joe Govier

    Joe Govier4 hours ago

    With Zane ive never used a grenade, I have however instantly put points into the skills to add gun damage for each skill active up to a 40% bonus off the bat, and the skill to speed up active cooldowns, Zane is a damage dealing badass and with the shield and digiclone can basically become unstoppable. At max level I'll be able to deal over 100% weapon damage, freeze enemies with crits and heal from shooting frozen enemies and my clone copies my weapon when I clone it so a badass freezing gun goes a long way with them to basically freeze the entire field.

  45. Australia Gaming Theater

    Australia Gaming Theater4 hours ago

    I believe Gears 2 should deserve the Unreal Engine 4 Treatment now

  46. Bini Paston

    Bini Paston4 hours ago


  47. Jayjay

    Jayjay4 hours ago

    I'm just excited for the released of this game. I don't care about Realism Mode.

  48. pelleper

    pelleper4 hours ago

    Finally two of the "original" streamers!

  49. Mio Tenacious

    Mio Tenacious4 hours ago

    i love the girl's laugh, so fucking attractive

  50. Joyce Goff

    Joyce Goff4 hours ago

    blood sounds like a mexican

  51. JDog HT

    JDog HT4 hours ago

    A lot of people here hyping up fl4k but y’all for real sleeping on Moze

  52. ToastyDoasty

    ToastyDoasty4 hours ago

    I laughed so hard when he fell back

  53. Mecks089

    Mecks0894 hours ago

    The hud kinda reminds me of Bioshock. [Edit]: Jesus Christ, looking at this comment section kinda reinforces the ole' quoteful term, _"Entitled Gamers"._ I mean Holyshit people, I get that the game doesn't meet your exact preferable expectations, but for fuck's sake, it's no reason to complain about everything you don't like about it, say: _"They better change that before release."_ or drop it entirely before the game's launch, y'all sound like whiny children. May I remind you all, that Obsidian's specialty is RPGs, not immersive shooters. The facial animations I agree are weak, but they ain't Andromeda levels obscurity. Every other complaint is subjective, hud size, weapon position, running speed, scope perspective, all of y'all need to fucking chill.

  54. Brochacho III

    Brochacho III4 hours ago

    “Realism” and you heal within seconds? Has a long way to go. Step in the right direction tho

  55. brokennoah

    brokennoah4 hours ago

    Reviewer winged the review (and the game) sounds like. There were some factual errors even. The dismissive tone as well feels like the person didn't really gave the game a chance nor understood it and just did a quick throwaway review because it was an assignment.

  56. Dan Plocinski

    Dan Plocinski4 hours ago

    what? snake coil into a darkness of springs and the universe had a parachute?

  57. That Awesome Gamer

    That Awesome Gamer4 hours ago

    1:44 sneasel is an Area 51 raider

  58. kingofgames93

    kingofgames934 hours ago

    They should make the battles more complex, like the ones in the anime. Like maybe pokemon can heat the ground to gain advantage

  59. kingofgames93

    kingofgames934 hours ago

    Ill be coming out of retirement to buy a Switch and this. Getting too old for this

  60. Jon Jon

    Jon Jon4 hours ago

    Can't wait for this to come out

  61. Angry Man

    Angry Man5 hours ago

    Wait so they rated this 2 points higher than the original because it had better graphics? tf?

  62. Glipglop69

    Glipglop695 hours ago

    Ghost Recon isn't what you think because Ghost Recon is now The Division 2.5.

  63. Victor Furlan

    Victor Furlan5 hours ago

    Fuck Konami

  64. Aaron Jackson

    Aaron Jackson5 hours ago

    “There are some rather strong Pokémon out their...” Pits a lv. 12 Scorbunny against a lv. 26 Machoke...

  65. Krystian Blaszkowicz

    Krystian Blaszkowicz5 hours ago

    i hope the FOV can be set much wider than this, almost like quake since the guns look massive in comparison to the actual screen estate. Also please add UI resize option or even better a optiion to turn off tooltips and hud frames so its just the numbers and bars showing. borders around UI is just clunky!

  66. Mr. Bungle

    Mr. Bungle5 hours ago

    I think I’ll end up getting it used . The gunfights do look engaging, and it may be fun to enter a camp that’s way higher level than you. I’ll wait for reviews first. Question! Can you go prone? Just wondering..

  67. RifterBlade

    RifterBlade5 hours ago

    The resources to build our future are just sitting out there, but we have to come up with good ways to harvest them. Hope we can do that before we do something permanently stupid on Earth. :: logs into EVE and goes to hunt space rats (NPC pirates) while avoiding Pirates (Players who like shooting other players). ::

  68. Joseph Macaluso

    Joseph Macaluso5 hours ago


  69. Welshy

    Welshy5 hours ago

    0:48 those faces getting progressively more turned on

  70. nick geuh

    nick geuh5 hours ago

    don't use your brakes, they only slow you down.

  71. T0ghar

    T0ghar5 hours ago

    ME1 a painfully flawed game? Nah

  72. mackstertube

    mackstertube5 hours ago

    Imagine if they remade every Nintendo game like this. I would be broke but very very happy. It gives me da goose pimples just thinking about it.

  73. JimbobMcPeen

    JimbobMcPeen6 hours ago

    Good god these games looked so much worse in this trailer before they released shit.

  74. laxman dhole

    laxman dhole6 hours ago

    Love you cdprojekt red waiting for cyberpunk 2077

  75. Aidan Francis

    Aidan Francis6 hours ago

    So I’m hoping Khee Hoon Chan is going to be looking for a new job soon due to inability to review games right?

  76. 22nd

    22nd6 hours ago

    How is that a game like this has problems with frame rate? I understand something like Doom, but this game. 🤦🤦

  77. Pinchy

    Pinchy6 hours ago

    Vote: after watching this video would you play wildlands or breakpoint more? Lmk in the comments

  78. Jackson Rogerson

    Jackson Rogerson6 hours ago

    Doubios food

  79. fundy-16

    fundy-166 hours ago

    graphics looks cool, gameplay lets see, but epic games made me to say to me NO

  80. crimson caster

    crimson caster6 hours ago

    Ps5 + cyberpunk? I wonder if i be still a healthy human if i sell one of my kidneys.

  81. Sh0cklyz

    Sh0cklyz6 hours ago

    Of course Gamespot bashes the game for not handling political themes how they want. Seriously, nobody cares.

  82. Shaun Chng

    Shaun Chng6 hours ago

    There is a Moze build that has her tossing grenades in Carnage 3 without using the iron bear

  83. ShibaColors

    ShibaColors6 hours ago

    Kinda sad how the game die

  84. The Juicing of the Cactus

    The Juicing of the Cactus6 hours ago

    Top 10 Anime Betrayals.

  85. Rylan Schneider

    Rylan Schneider6 hours ago

    This game had THE BEST trailer man.

  86. UCMGTWOClan

    UCMGTWOClan6 hours ago

    This is an "All you had to do was follow the damn train!" moment. Why didn't they just do it right?!

  87. Sprite Cranberry

    Sprite Cranberry6 hours ago


  88. geerdude

    geerdude6 hours ago

    so Mass Effect Andromeda more innovative than Greedfall? ME:A got a 6/10

  89. Nero 592

    Nero 5927 hours ago

    Did she play it? One of the best quest system since witcher 3, great music, great voice acting, player animations leave alot to be desired,combat is fun but not reinventing the wheel, if you like old bioware you will LOVE this....

  90. NintendoGamer789

    NintendoGamer7897 hours ago

    I always and will always remember the original. To hard to forget. Where was this when the DX version came out?

  91. Gabriel Rey

    Gabriel Rey7 hours ago

    Don't like Gamespot, they always give bad score to decent games.

  92. :Dillon Wingull

    :Dillon Wingull7 hours ago

    How do I fill those cruddy holes?

  93. Lone Spectre

    Lone Spectre7 hours ago

    I... I'm sorry but does Pox kinda sound like Zim to anyone else?

  94. Sfinx Videos

    Sfinx Videos7 hours ago

    Oh Gamespot... Of course different opinions exist, but this review is just wrong. Also, only 33 hours? You definitely rushed trough the story...

  95. JiveTurkey0001

    JiveTurkey00017 hours ago

    Is Sephiroth the baddest FF character ever? Yep.

  96. Sammy 22

    Sammy 227 hours ago


  97. Richard Drown

    Richard Drown7 hours ago

    I wish I could dislike this review twice

  98. Skyler Arroniz

    Skyler Arroniz7 hours ago

    Did the mongols really invade japan ?

  99. Jordan Robinson

    Jordan Robinson7 hours ago

    This video deserves a 4/10 rating

  100. Cosmic Blvd

    Cosmic Blvd7 hours ago

    Moze goes hard🔥🔥