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E-40's ABCs

E-40's ABCs

2 months ago

Yk Osiris' ABCs

Yk Osiris' ABCs

4 months ago

Blueface's ABCs

Blueface's ABCs

4 months ago

Roddy Ricch's ABCs

Roddy Ricch's ABCs

4 months ago

Lil Mosey's ABCs

Lil Mosey's ABCs

4 months ago

Tierra Whack's ABCs
  1. G Bri

    G Bri56 seconds ago

    Y‘all know he wanted to say something different at the „n”😂

  2. Chardonae

    Chardonae5 minutes ago

    Blueface ruined the cypher...

  3. Nredup 82

    Nredup 829 minutes ago


  4. Romaakx Northcrof

    Romaakx Northcrof11 minutes ago

    Yk and mosey are Garb

  5. Josue Andrade

    Josue Andrade11 minutes ago

    @chancetherapper ... let me join please :)

  6. CC11 HD

    CC11 HD20 minutes ago

    21 21 21 21 21 21 21 21

  7. Destroyer YT

    Destroyer YT36 minutes ago


  8. Hudeyfa Abdi

    Hudeyfa Abdi38 minutes ago

    Who watching this in November 2019? And who gon keep tradition and watch this every year?🔥 👇🏾👇🏾

  9. Cup of Bleach

    Cup of Bleach40 minutes ago

    My cousin used to read these animes stories all the time why is megan liking anime a problem?

  10. mr magmind

    mr magmind46 minutes ago

    Group six idk lol if u know what I mean it's six of dem

  11. scumfuckoliveboy

    scumfuckoliveboy47 minutes ago

    "you miss this pussy?" no i miss 2016 uzi 😔

  12. Meka Car

    Meka Car51 minute ago

    He should of said "O is for Off-Beat

  13. Phizz

    PhizzHour ago

    Free Melly

  14. Noxcy

    NoxcyHour ago

    Yk osiris i think u aint worth it cuz u bite ur girl in th face hahaha

  15. CJ Davis

    CJ DavisHour ago

    This is the only good cypher besides ybn nahmirs

  16. Rolando Portillo

    Rolando PortilloHour ago

    Judge: you’re looking to about 50 to life in prison. 6ix9ine: i know who picked this little sorry ass beat.

  17. Bill

    BillHour ago

    Why blueface have that story of oj flow?

  18. Jarrod McpheeJr.

    Jarrod McpheeJr.Hour ago

    Baby kill that no 🧢

  19. Cabaza Ingram

    Cabaza IngramHour ago

    You can tell the first nigga didn’t graduate lol

  20. Cris Burke

    Cris BurkeHour ago

    The DJ hearing Kodak say his beat is trash: 😶

  21. Joey Galvin

    Joey GalvinHour ago

    Gunna’s response was hilarious😂

  22. Justin Kendle

    Justin KendleHour ago

    Back before Logic sold out

  23. Money McDollah

    Money McDollahHour ago

    Without a doubt my favorite from XXL

  24. DreamsComeTrue

    DreamsComeTrueHour ago

    Who remembers the sugar sandwich’s. Bruh....

  25. Triggered Nerd

    Triggered NerdHour ago

    Everybody:lil Mosey verse was trash Me: why does Megan the Stallion look like black bulma



    He got one arm tatood

  27. J P

    J PHour ago

    Vic mensa so trash

  28. edobeci

    edobeciHour ago

    not Home Pride Bread...

  29. Shun Gun

    Shun Gun2 hours ago

    Dababy and Megan rap better then them🤘🤘💪💯💯

  30. Chris

    Chris2 hours ago

    Wow this is sad as fuck!

  31. Chris

    Chris2 hours ago

    This is so pitiful!!!

  32. Haquihana Wolf

    Haquihana Wolf2 hours ago

    Watson: So what are your feelings about Lil Mosey's freestyle? Sherlock Holmes: It's elementary Watson!

  33. Taski Velasquez

    Taski Velasquez2 hours ago

    3:24 had me rolling😂

  34. Queen Stasiaaa

    Queen Stasiaaa2 hours ago

    they were both wrong periodt💯like i love them buh tht was extra

  35. Alexandra Luna

    Alexandra Luna2 hours ago

    When it was 21 savages verse it look like he was losing a roast battle and lil boat and Uzi backin him up lmaooo

  36. Nana Jaan

    Nana Jaan2 hours ago

    Kodak that one nigga that aint talk until he get knocked

  37. Juan Rojo

    Juan Rojo2 hours ago

    He said b

  38. Haquihana Wolf

    Haquihana Wolf2 hours ago

    1:35 The Dj like "Why tf am I even here!"

  39. Nana Jaan

    Nana Jaan2 hours ago

    Thank god x wasnt in this

  40. Nana Jaan

    Nana Jaan2 hours ago

    Everyone be jamming out until mr.hood depressed nigga hours comes out

  41. Juana Guzman

    Juana Guzman2 hours ago

    Blueface sitting in the corner throwing gang signs

  42. Isaac micallef

    Isaac micallef2 hours ago

    Was the best, is the best, will remain the best XXL collab.

  43. AppleMasta

    AppleMasta3 hours ago

    HARD MY NIGGA HARDDDDDD “if you man know that men dtand up! LIKE MY MOTHERS MOM FELL I HAD TO PICK GRams up” 😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳


    TRINIWIZARD3 hours ago

    3 years has passed and im still wondering y lil uzi came with a purse🤣

  45. Young Savege

    Young Savege3 hours ago

    How many people miss XXX? 😭

  46. Young Savege

    Young Savege3 hours ago

    Like this if 21 Savage is beterr than lil Uzi vert

  47. Zach ary

    Zach ary3 hours ago

    After this xxl bs I decided to make it a point to never listen to one gunna song 🤣

  48. D G

    D G3 hours ago

    people got to stop cutting the beat especially when they’re rhyming fucking basic words lmfao

  49. Team ATS

    Team ATS3 hours ago

    Lil mosey is so wack

  50. mokytalky

    mokytalky3 hours ago

    Lyrics please?

  51. Thequita Roseman

    Thequita Roseman3 hours ago


  52. Jay 56

    Jay 563 hours ago

    Free Kodak

  53. Sucuk mit Ei

    Sucuk mit Ei3 hours ago


  54. Kristine Vergith

    Kristine Vergith3 hours ago

    When he fell off the chair for "lmao" I died 😂😂😂😂

  55. Jerome Campbell

    Jerome Campbell3 hours ago

    1:06 nipple

  56. Will Morgan

    Will Morgan3 hours ago

    He smoked so much weed before this.

  57. Adan Gomez

    Adan Gomez3 hours ago

    0:39 damn I'm hurt

  58. Zekzy

    Zekzy3 hours ago

    i feel x his verse 🕊

  59. Juan Romero

    Juan Romero3 hours ago

    g herbo : starts rappin... dave east: nooooo 🙉🙉🙉

  60. siko

    siko3 hours ago


  61. Camille Whyte

    Camille Whyte3 hours ago

    Da baby🔥

  62. mind and magick

    mind and magick3 hours ago

    550 Beanz; Barz Live freestyle featuring SwaggaJack

  63. sameer shabir

    sameer shabir4 hours ago

    "I need a kapasa to play wit my rufus " -Blueface 2019

  64. Brennan Adams

    Brennan Adams4 hours ago

    Yatchy bodied this.

  65. Josue Cruz

    Josue Cruz4 hours ago

    DaBaby save that shit tbh


    ENOCH CAINE Aka DJ4 hours ago

    When lil dicky starting spitting. My face was like @3:36

  67. James Baizas

    James Baizas4 hours ago

    Lil mosey looking at megans ass

  68. Born The King

    Born The King4 hours ago

    I guess lil mosey woke up the man😂😂😂

  69. DiegoWasHere

    DiegoWasHere4 hours ago

    *i'M sO rEaDy fOr sKi mAsK tO rAp gUyS*

  70. Entrance

    Entrance4 hours ago

    Judge: You’re still looking at 45 years in prison. 6ix9ine: I know who picked this lil sorry ass beat.

  71. Lil tecca

    Lil tecca4 hours ago

    Megan is hot😍

  72. Godly

    Godly4 hours ago

    Lil B snapped.

  73. Meme Mailer

    Meme Mailer4 hours ago

    Cordae had to say “pause” I laughed till I weesed

  74. Candice Tan

    Candice Tan4 hours ago

    These are the 2 kids that have never talked in class

  75. HyperInfinity/ ShmoneyGod

    HyperInfinity/ ShmoneyGod4 hours ago

    Man I learned real chemistry from this one vid then all of chemistry class.

  76. carlos cardoso uchia

    carlos cardoso uchia4 hours ago

    really shit...

  77. raphael dacosta

    raphael dacosta4 hours ago

    Dj drama out here flamed by lil kodak 😂😂

  78. Godly

    Godly4 hours ago

    So y’all gon say Osiris was better than Mosey? 🤣 They were both trash, but y’all cannot say Mosey was worse.

  79. joseph santos

    joseph santos5 hours ago

    “you’re a beach chair, you fold, i’m a beach towel”, “a beach towel folds too” WHAT THE HELL, IT’S ASS

  80. carlos cardoso uchia

    carlos cardoso uchia5 hours ago


  81. Bouncest YT

    Bouncest YT5 hours ago

    You have been cursed by lil moseys freestyle. Like to be healed by one of his good songs

  82. joseph santos

    joseph santos5 hours ago

    lil mosey trash, why he the first one to go on😂🤦🏻‍♂️

  83. Keymo Embryo

    Keymo Embryo5 hours ago

    i thought he died last year

  84. gamingwithslobe

    gamingwithslobe5 hours ago

    Did you know that my older made gang and I'm mad about that

  85. MDG_ 5

    MDG_ 55 hours ago

    Lmao so cuz he got boo’d by some damn idiots y’all asking this idiotic question...I dead don’t even know y’all

  86. Michael Tsaltas

    Michael Tsaltas5 hours ago

    Rico Nasty been a juggalette

  87. DAPM

    DAPM5 hours ago

    I eat rice wit ketchup

  88. Money been money Philly

    Money been money Philly5 hours ago

    lil baby performances is good and he gonna last for some years, young Thug no what’s real that’s good bro

  89. Fortnite For live

    Fortnite For live5 hours ago

    I think he is high 😂😂😂


    FANATIC TM5 hours ago


  91. Trash Playz

    Trash Playz5 hours ago

    Not to be like six9ine but Anybody complaining that 21 savage mumble rapped 😂


    PAPA CASH5 hours ago

    That verse was the reason Vic didn’t get included in the title 😂 when he was doing the cringe phone thing everyone was like tf is mans doing rn

  93. Nanno

    Nanno5 hours ago

    They seem liked they had fun


    PAPA CASH5 hours ago

    I’m being out tip I’m bringing out dre . I’m looking 3 stacks in the face I’m with the free nationals what more can I say . Y’all sleeping on this paak verse and them pajamas are dippy asf

  95. Travis Grahs

    Travis Grahs5 hours ago

    She said rich bitch shit also maid lil mosy look bad Da baby fucks all them up

  96. Nanno

    Nanno5 hours ago

    Lil Dicky was the best one there

  97. Carl Anderson

    Carl Anderson5 hours ago

    Like the fact five years ago kevin gates killed it and he knew he was the best in the room and he still is

  98. Richard Maion

    Richard Maion5 hours ago

    i’m surprsed he didn’t say v12 for v

  99. dude decent

    dude decent6 hours ago

    da baby like: t teeefth

  100. P Escobar

    P Escobar6 hours ago