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  1. Want Peace

    Want Peace10 minutes ago

    Eggslut sandwich only slutty with basil green .... otherwise bacon hog just makes it greedy ho

  2. krystalfan

    krystalfan10 minutes ago

    im sorry an eggWHAT?!

  3. hungrig_geboren

    hungrig_geboren18 minutes ago

    Whats wrong with the little dude in the background, why is he spinning around? Is he a "egg timer you"? :D

  4. Dustin Salz

    Dustin Salz20 minutes ago

    Okay so I'm confused 😅 I watch a lot of cooking videos on USwork. Some say "never season the eggs before cooking them cause it will break them down" but on the other hand other ones just do it. Anyone knows which it is? Sam? 😅

  5. Ethan's Tech World

    Ethan's Tech World21 minute ago

    Well Sam.... Was it tasty? 🤔😶

  6. The YouTube Algorithm

    The YouTube Algorithm25 minutes ago

    There goes the monetization

  7. ike kissel

    ike kissel33 minutes ago

    Yall da best

  8. Abe Arambula

    Abe Arambula39 minutes ago

    Fuck off airplane haha you’re awesome Sam

  9. Autumn killion

    Autumn killion39 minutes ago

    So gonna make this and add avocado and some roasted potatoes instead and make a homemade salsa!

  10. - Mr.ToniBoss-

    - Mr.ToniBoss-40 minutes ago

    15:42 Sam the cooking guy's first orgasm

  11. Mattias Klement

    Mattias Klement45 minutes ago

    Ok, so we want a salisbury steak.

  12. Michele Elehcim

    Michele Elehcim57 minutes ago

    So I’ve been binging these videos for 6 hours now and I’m hungry and I can’t sleep and I just want to say I enjoy the SHIT out of your content. You are one of a kind!

  13. Zack

    Zack58 minutes ago

    Oh my god this rules. The technique for slow cooking the egg changes everything. holy shit. best breakfast sandwich ever.

  14. jack graham

    jack grahamHour ago

    Do NOT watch until the end it’s disgusting

  15. Muhammad Shah

    Muhammad ShahHour ago

    Ur quite annoying

  16. Eric McHenry

    Eric McHenryHour ago

    How about 1 recipe from not not tacos! Would be so awesome. Made just about 80% of the things you have posted. And my family and I love everyone of them

  17. Koji 888

    Koji 888Hour ago

    Flour keeps the bacon from shrinking because it sucks up the bacon grease. Instead of oil dripping into the pan ... it stays in the flour. If it was any good everyone would be doing it. So in a sense they're just. ... Bacon gravy roux sticks.

  18. Hamza Jafri

    Hamza JafriHour ago

    You should make salisbury steak traditionally and then make your own version too

  19. Frank Tedesco

    Frank TedescoHour ago

    Sammie, please... BOLL-ON-YAIZE. Not BOLL-UN-AIZE.. But I luv ya.

  20. Jim Austin

    Jim AustinHour ago

    Bacon in flower? I think you have jumped the shark.... blame as many as you want but this not necessary. (Bob is full of sheet.)

  21. Frank Tedesco

    Frank TedescoHour ago

    "... gets in the corners..." But the pan is ROUND. LOL.

  22. Sam Vance

    Sam VanceHour ago

    Omitting the onions & chives. Fuck onions.

  23. monseuir candie

    monseuir candieHour ago


  24. Scott Iverson

    Scott IversonHour ago

    Hey Sam... how about doing something like a make your own bacon... curing, smoking, etc... 2 diff ways. I realize this is a magic of time kind of thing, but maybe one quick and one 7 day deal cure type. I have my own recipe that is fantastic... however would like to see your takes on it. All else fails... maybe a pork belly recipe of some sort.

  25. j96ccarter

    j96ccarterHour ago

    Me bro!! I've never tried avocado oil before.

  26. MattInBoise

    MattInBoiseHour ago

    Get in the corners of a round pan. Fascinating.

  27. Dwight Reed

    Dwight ReedHour ago

    No, No, No what the hell kind of drugs are you on? Dredging bacon fu@k that man! Wow.

  28. frie jemi

    frie jemi2 hours ago

    The EGG SLUT SAMMY - egg-spurt edition.

  29. Jeremy Lamson

    Jeremy Lamson2 hours ago

    6:19 for the most satisfying transition

  30. Aroxeh

    Aroxeh2 hours ago

    Sam, thank you.

  31. Stephan T

    Stephan T2 hours ago


  32. Jash Vatsaraj

    Jash Vatsaraj2 hours ago

    It's called The Fairfax sandwich!

  33. Carl S

    Carl S2 hours ago

    well now you HAVE to make Salisbury Steak--w/ gravy mushroooms and onions..since you hate it and alll. Fix it - make it better.

  34. polishjerk

    polishjerk2 hours ago

    It would be pretty weird if your Jewish cook-book had a bacon recipe in it. xD

  35. TicketFit - Traffic Ticket & Criminal Attorney

    TicketFit - Traffic Ticket & Criminal Attorney2 hours ago

    When is "Sam the Cooking Guy Cookbook with companion Video Recipes" coming!? This attorney loves your food!

  36. erik hernandez

    erik hernandez2 hours ago


  37. Kenny C

    Kenny C2 hours ago

    That’s what she said! Great joke haha lmfao

  38. Stephen White

    Stephen White2 hours ago

    I'm watching you dredge that bacon in flour and thinking you really need to go all the way and deep fry those rashers.

  39. Collin Huey

    Collin Huey2 hours ago

    video are too long I have short attention span, I get this person who cannot speak english yet the message comes accross in 1/4 time

  40. burntheobedient

    burntheobedient2 hours ago

    New Kitchen?

  41. The Googoo Man

    The Googoo Man3 hours ago

    Se Mira perron pero le hizo falta la crema, Chiles en vinagre, quezo fresco, y una coca de 1 litro en botella de vidrio. Pero se la rifo chido el viejo!

  42. Kala Her

    Kala Her3 hours ago

    OMFG you seriously crack me up! I love your sense of humor and real ness! And the going back and forth about what you’re going to do next lmao

  43. Chief King

    Chief King3 hours ago

    Make me that and u can call me a slut all day! 🤤🤤🤤 delicious

  44. Steve Miller

    Steve Miller3 hours ago

    Quote from Micheal Mina: "the beauty of the bacon"

  45. Ellen Harshman

    Ellen Harshman3 hours ago

    Did that say $144.42??

  46. Aidan JG

    Aidan JG3 hours ago

    13:29 Nonstick pan level over 9000

  47. Air Cooler

    Air Cooler3 hours ago

    Sam you should make a memory lane type video. Like telling us where you grew up, your first jobs, your first restaurant you opened, some pics of you when you were young etc!

  48. PoochooTrain

    PoochooTrain3 hours ago

    Gross. Under cooked eggs. Get rid of the egg puke, slimy onions and barfacado and you'd have yourself a beautiful bacon and cheese sandwich with spicy chipoltle mayo.

  49. DJ Revolver

    DJ Revolver3 hours ago

    It's the store's fault that you didn't check the date? dip shit

  50. faZeDank

    faZeDank3 hours ago

    you should also try the deluxe filet-o-fish its just a fillet with lettuce and tomato

  51. Lost Sol

    Lost Sol3 hours ago

    A good baguette cuts the roof of your mouth 😂😅😊

  52. Raul Echezuria

    Raul Echezuria3 hours ago

    best ending ever!

  53. GrayNeko

    GrayNeko3 hours ago

    I have a sad confession to make. I was one of those idiots that was buying packaged guacamole. I konw, I know...I'm embarrased and shamed, as I should be. Made a batch not too far off from what Sam made here. I will never buy that shit AGAIN! This stuff is FANTASTIC! Lesson learned. Thanks, Sam.

  54. C Korsmo

    C Korsmo3 hours ago

    I couldn't find the recipe up on the site. Thank God that you give (some) of the measurements so I can at least somewhat confidently follow along. Is there any chance this recipe will be going up on the site at some point?

  55. Logan B

    Logan B3 hours ago

    i am alittle bit un comfortable with the term "eggslut"

  56. Dustin Townsend

    Dustin Townsend3 hours ago

    I love how you always say ouch when you touch something hot and them proceed to keep touching it.

  57. stan giles

    stan giles3 hours ago

    Super Bacon ?

  58. NoaH Corey

    NoaH Corey3 hours ago

    2 points for consideration from the Twilight Zone. A, I learned this in home ec class circa '89-'90 the hard utensil Sam is saying not to use for eggs is a plastic spatula, what he suggests instead is a modern form of rubber scraper, Silicone rubber is an elastomer (rubber-like material) composed of silicone-itself a polymer-containing silicon together with carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen. ... Silicone rubbers are often one- or two-part polymers, and may contain fillers to improve properties or reduce cost. B, I would put the cheese on top of the beacon to help cement the sandwich together. Mayo to bottom bun glorious cheese dripping ooey gooey goodness down upon the contents within and adhering the top bun forming a cohesive unit of, perf+egg+tion

  59. Gary Moreno

    Gary Moreno3 hours ago

    You never cease to amaze me.

  60. Jalen Boyette

    Jalen Boyette3 hours ago

    Silence... Nice touch Sam! God speed!

  61. Rachel Greene

    Rachel Greene4 hours ago

    I love you

  62. Rich Bailey

    Rich Bailey4 hours ago

    And what do we do next, Max? 😂😂😂 what a great Dad!

  63. Megan Avila

    Megan Avila4 hours ago

    OMG! I’m so hooked on your videos! I love cooking at home and your videos are totally inspirational. I made a pesto pupusas stuffed with Italian sausage, peppers and mushrooms!

  64. Panda

    Panda4 hours ago

    love it!

  65. RevolverMusik

    RevolverMusik4 hours ago

    Egg whores 😭😭

  66. Adam Price

    Adam Price4 hours ago

    Nope. This guy’s a joke.

  67. Trey C.

    Trey C.4 hours ago

    Never seen eggs cooked like that before, don’t think I could eat it, looks well put together though lol

  68. Fattyfatty2X

    Fattyfatty2X4 hours ago

    I'm a slut for eggs too

  69. Thomas Wilson

    Thomas Wilson4 hours ago

    Please make a bacon blue cheese burger. I like bacon on top of burger and blue cheese melted on top of bacon- please do your version, thanks man

  70. St3wGam3z

    St3wGam3z4 hours ago

    Sam 4 life !

  71. Luke Amaral

    Luke Amaral4 hours ago

    Sam you are my favorite USworkr let alone favorite cooking channel but how can you hate on Salisbury steak:(

  72. Dharri

    Dharri4 hours ago

    So now we know, egg sandwiches are your aphrodisiac leaving you speechless hence the previous video.

  73. RevolverMusik

    RevolverMusik4 hours ago

    Still loving the show. Salute to whoever edits too cause all the episodes are edited very well definitely fckn wit it makes it better for viewers. See why all the subs 😂😂 going to try cooking bacon that way too 🙏🏾


    MYSTIC_SNIPEz_4 hours ago

    Jesus has left the chat

  75. Michael Ah

    Michael Ah4 hours ago

    “Super bacony, and it’s just... It’s just better” 7:56 😂😂😂👌👌👌 🥓

  76. Nulref

    Nulref4 hours ago

    You forgot the gratuitous money shot cross section.

  77. Raymundo Felix

    Raymundo Felix4 hours ago

    What’s wrong with Sam today he’s all over the place

  78. jay hell

    jay hell4 hours ago

    the way you were eating that sandwich your wife should be jealous.

  79. J. R.

    J. R.4 hours ago

    Breakfast Pizza!! Make one! Right now!

  80. John Rozco

    John Rozco4 hours ago

    Can u make a Salisbury Steak video? 🤪🤪🤪

  81. Bruce Wayne

    Bruce Wayne4 hours ago


  82. Compatible HFH

    Compatible HFH4 hours ago

    Make gyros

  83. patrick hallyburton

    patrick hallyburton4 hours ago

    chipotle and eggs go together so well

  84. Clive Jackson

    Clive Jackson4 hours ago

    Speaking of sluts and cheese. Do you know why guys don't eat pussy in the morning? Have you ever tried to peel open a grilled cheese sandwich?

  85. Lex10999

    Lex109994 hours ago

    lol. it was sooo good he couldn't speak. :)

  86. Ryan Bond

    Ryan Bond5 hours ago

    When are you gonna use that smoker in the background??? Slow cooking in a crock pot....? Smokeing on a gas grill?? The whole time that egg is in the background like a mad Jewish grand mother saying " no honey i am fine. Go out with your friends the grill and the Crock-Pot.... I dont need any char coal i am just warm enough..... I will stay over here by myself..... Alone ..... Oh did you get smoke in your eyes... Did your friend the Crock-Pot quit on you???? Oh bubbie" i love this channel but come on man use the smoker.... With some hickory please

  87. Rich Travis

    Rich Travis5 hours ago

    Looks like Max didn't get shit though!😂😂😂😂

  88. Rich Travis

    Rich Travis5 hours ago

    That was awesome! Too much time for the flour, on a boat. Like the Johnny Horton song, "We hit the deck a running!" Sometimes we just don't have alot of time. I hold on to your recipes, and share. Like I've said before, we are a small tugboat, with a big barge, that launches big rockets. Everyone has to share the cooking chores.

  89. Narut0luva12

    Narut0luva125 hours ago

    greatest last 20 seconds of sam's life, and mine.

  90. RMadrid57

    RMadrid575 hours ago

    I like the videos in back yard better

  91. dario Fernandez

    dario Fernandez5 hours ago

    Almost lost the source 😂

  92. TheAirsoft220

    TheAirsoft2205 hours ago

    this is probably illegal but that would be great with a little mayo on it

  93. Guy Colerick

    Guy Colerick5 hours ago

    Love it, DEAD SILENCE said it all........perfect ending!

  94. Ken Karawan

    Ken Karawan5 hours ago

    immersed in egg. Ya, sounds kinda slutty. Right proper name I say.

  95. - Muthahell -

    - Muthahell -5 hours ago

    Too much work .....just get Bays english muffins....and go from there

  96. Michele Elehcim

    Michele Elehcim5 hours ago

    What’s the backpack you have on though!!

  97. Allison Stucky

    Allison Stucky5 hours ago

    New shirt idea. "Stick that on your brioche bun!" Love you Sam! Thanks for all the videos.😊

  98. Joseph Campbell

    Joseph Campbell5 hours ago

    you always start bacon in a cold oven. then turn on to 350 and cook until desired taste.

  99. Pete Smith

    Pete Smith5 hours ago

    Sam stick with what you know, you are way out of your league on,Bangers and Mash,just sayin'

  100. King Wizard

    King Wizard5 hours ago

    Hate Salisbury Steak??? I have to unsubscribe