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4 Floral Stories

4 Floral Stories

20 days ago

5 Stories That'll Sting
  1. musa

    musaMinute ago

    seeing this has motivated me I will not stop jogging

  2. MBT 3

    MBT 36 minutes ago

    Japanese people be like: I’ve been doing hamster cages for 3 decades

  3. Collins Eban

    Collins Eban9 minutes ago

    Shes training an army of Hit women

  4. KhakiShark

    KhakiShark13 minutes ago

    The bird when you are trying to sleep 2:34

  5. Patrick McCormack

    Patrick McCormack13 minutes ago

    So uuuuhhhh... can he say it?

  6. 1000 subscribers without any videos challenge

    1000 subscribers without any videos challenge13 minutes ago

    *Here comes to chompon*

  7. Showdown

    Showdown28 minutes ago

    If Macron does not restore it, why should we???

  8. Ampersand

    Ampersand29 minutes ago

    Facial recognition technology?

  9. Fine Life

    Fine Life31 minute ago

    Вы настоящий мужчина,который достоин великого уважения!

  10. HM Monotone

    HM Monotone32 minutes ago

    He looks like Walter White 😂 Probably he makes meth but in full form

  11. ofcuux

    ofcuux33 minutes ago


  12. he we

    he we33 minutes ago

    already solve it "send nudes"

  13. Toby Smith

    Toby Smith35 minutes ago

    Weird seeing a face I’ve impersonated the voice of 100 times.

  14. FreewillMonk92

    FreewillMonk9237 minutes ago

    No one will ever mess with that kid wanna make a statement pull up to school with a biker gang

  15. Elchin Babayev

    Elchin Babayev40 minutes ago

    I don't like coffee but I have another addiction - tea and I prefer it with thyme or some cloves :)

  16. slasher kid

    slasher kid40 minutes ago

    Nobody: Absolutely Nobody: USwork Recommendation:wanna see a black chicken at 3:00am?

  17. vijay maddikera

    vijay maddikera43 minutes ago

    God with you...

  18. ASMR with Sofia

    ASMR with Sofia48 minutes ago

    They should have a youtube channel, what a beautiful family!

  19. Richmond Arellano

    Richmond Arellano50 minutes ago

    The chicken must be from the old 80s, it is still not colourized

  20. UselessYT

    UselessYT50 minutes ago

    White chicken Black chicken Asian chicken?

  21. SassyPsyduck

    SassyPsyduck57 minutes ago

    Wouldn't they have run out by now

  22. Tezar Kenan

    Tezar KenanHour ago

    2:18 when your mom give you 💰 money

  23. RadResale

    RadResaleHour ago

    Wow! Just when you think you've seen everything!

  24. ya yeet

    ya yeetHour ago

    why is there a job to "up" demons?

  25. XD Daniel

    XD DanielHour ago

    His vending machine is rare tho 1% of finding it

  26. Unknown Elijah

    Unknown ElijahHour ago

    Imagine if we are in a game. And our language was english. That would mean the game is "The Engs".

  27. Lord Chanka

    Lord ChankaHour ago

    Im gonna call it the demon chicken

  28. Garlic Bread

    Garlic BreadHour ago

    Only he can say the n word

  29. 香迪卡

    香迪卡Hour ago

    Wow! It is amazing!😆 He dances so beautifully! And he does that with high heels!

  30. Pablo De Jesus Fieiro

    Pablo De Jesus FieiroHour ago


  31. Pessimistic Sharkie

    Pessimistic SharkieHour ago

    *gently dips chicken in water*

  32. Govind Singh

    Govind SinghHour ago

    Samose wale ko pakad ke koi jail me dalo be, chocolate samosa sahi me?

  33. Red Brick Productions

    Red Brick ProductionsHour ago

    I got a great big story ad with that kid making a Lego arm irony

  34. Sam R

    Sam RHour ago

    Activists: use chicken species to speak against oil companies because of oil spills People, with sense of knowledge: *bruh*

  35. 1500 subscribers without a video

    1500 subscribers without a videoHour ago

    Micromachine man : im the fastest talker ever. Eminem : hold my textbook

  36. Danny Lee

    Danny LeeHour ago

    We liked her better as Wednesday on The Adam's Family

  37. firery cheese sold

    firery cheese soldHour ago

    i got a add from great big story

  38. Thomas Cool

    Thomas CoolHour ago

    Better than modern architects

  39. Nora Xxx

    Nora XxxHour ago

    Imagine having to talk as if ur a sim who’s busy woohooing

  40. Lavanya Rahul

    Lavanya RahulHour ago

    It’s also like music 🎵

  41. Guccialien

    GuccialienHour ago

    Me in search tab: n Search recommendation: this chicken is entirely black

  42. Night Fury

    Night FuryHour ago

    When I visit italy Italians : Let's eat this cheese together Me : *Sweating*

  43. TheLost

    TheLostHour ago

    *clicks on great big story's video, a great big story ad plays before the video.* ;-; this cant be a coincidence or somekind of system right?

  44. Abs Ken

    Abs KenHour ago

    I'm more intrigued about the black meat and entrails...

  45. BeautySavesWorld

    BeautySavesWorld2 hours ago

    Monumental statues of the Pantheon of the Armenian Gods at Mount Nemrut. From Left to Right . Lion, Eagle, Tir, Anahit, Aramazd, Mihr, Vahagn, Eagle, Lion. The eagle and lion are ancient Armenian symbols dating from the first Armenian kingdoms that existed prior to Christ. These symbols are found on the Armenian Highland from times immemorial.They have always been represented throughout various Armenian dynasties including, Aramian, Orontid (Yervanduni), Artaxiad (Artashessian), Arsacid (Arshakuni), Bagratid, Rubenid and many others. In Armenian Kingdom of Kamakh (Commagene) the row of statues starts with a lion and eagle statue. The lion, the king of animals, represents earthly power, and the eagle, herald of the gods, represents heavenly. Traditional themes of Eagles and Lions trademark to Armenian imagery and identification. The largest things on the Armenian coat of arms are the two animals: a lion and an eagle. They were chosen because of their power, nobility, wisdom, patience, and bravery.

  46. BeautySavesWorld

    BeautySavesWorld2 hours ago

    Mountain with Armenian Gods is named Nemrut after the story of Hayk and Nimrod (Bel). "In this very country, passing through Hayots-Dzor, an Armenian recalled his ancestor Hayk and his struggle against the Titans. He was showing to his sons the Mount Nemrut, where our ancestor Hayk raised the corpse of Nimrod, whom he defeated. To show the arrogance of this titan to his countrymen, he nailed his body to the top of the mountain and burned it. And up to these days, petrified camels are still standing at the foot of the mountain, which carried on their back supplies for the army of Nimrod and at the behest of the Armenian God were petrified here. The Armenian always proudly recalls the victory of his ancestor, the hero Hayk and he proudly thinks that he is a descendant of a great man, who was descended of the gods. "

  47. Jake Moretti

    Jake Moretti2 hours ago

    Looks like a Minecraft mod 🤔

  48. BeautySavesWorld

    BeautySavesWorld2 hours ago

    Antiochus I of Armenian Ervanduni Dynasty. King of Armenian Kingdom of Kamakh (better known through its Greek name Commagene). His great-great grandfather was King of Armenia Ervanduni IV (Orontes IV). Kamakh is mentioned in Assyrian inscriptions as "Kumukhu" part of ARME. Antiochus practised astrology of a very esoteric kind, and laid the basis for a calendrical reform, by linking the Kamakh-Commagene year, which till then had been based on the movements of the Sun and Moon, to the Sothic-Anahit (Star of Sirius) and Hayk (Star of Orion) cycle used by the Egyptians as the basis of their calendar. The name of the dynasty Ervand is derived from the Sumerian (Armenoids by anthropology) name Urbanda. This name is found in well-known Hittite inscription that speaks about Naram Sin's 17 enemies; it occupies the 15 the place in that list of kings. Urbanda (Ervanduni) family has been one of the most important of the Nairian-Subarian tribes, who being in constant conflict with Assyria , had formed the tribal union of Uriatri which, under continuous Assyrian pressure, was forced to move its administrative centre to the north, near lake Van, and constituted the nucleus of the future powerful Armenian Kingdom of Van (Ararat-Urartu) Kingdom.

  49. Squidward Tortellini

    Squidward Tortellini2 hours ago

    Dumb beardo face??

  50. Carbiniz3r

    Carbiniz3r2 hours ago

    "Doesnt get any higher than that" FROGGER

  51. thecoolguy 22

    thecoolguy 222 hours ago

    Wallace is triggered

  52. tiny whale man person

    tiny whale man person2 hours ago

    I love how it has been simmering for 45 years but still has a little amount of raw beef

  53. hate will never win

    hate will never win2 hours ago

    I would give u my heart Bc I want to die so u can have my heart

  54. Tan Jorel

    Tan Jorel2 hours ago

    Fortnite: *A R E Y O U C H A L L E N G I N G M E*

  55. Lavanya Rahul

    Lavanya Rahul2 hours ago

    My favorite is the baby 👶🏿 buddy

  56. Ather Z

    Ather Z2 hours ago

    They have so many pigment cells their body said “fuck it”

  57. ZCJKF13GDG4

    ZCJKF13GDG42 hours ago

    u should make them with poison inside

  58. ok Boomer

    ok Boomer2 hours ago


  59. George Swinsick

    George Swinsick2 hours ago

    The crisis is world wide stupidity 🍔

  60. Amulya Xtha student

    Amulya Xtha student2 hours ago

    anyone from nepal

  61. Lori Sue

    Lori Sue2 hours ago


  62. PLAYER 984561

    PLAYER 9845612 hours ago

    The part where he collect the coins I was dying of laughter

  63. najam md

    najam md2 hours ago

    Imagine if someone dive and they don't know it's hot water

  64. AverageAmericanDude

    AverageAmericanDude2 hours ago

    Who tf was like "hEy lEtS mAkE a bOrdEr tO sEpEraTe cOuntrIeS"

  65. _GreyMan_

    _GreyMan_2 hours ago

    Удачи и здоровья тебе🖐....я правда нихрена непонял....но вижу ты хороший чувак...👍!!!

  66. Yurisla D. Virgusta

    Yurisla D. Virgusta2 hours ago

    some people in indonesia use this chicken for a supranatural purposes..

  67. 바투 간드류

    바투 간드류2 hours ago

    That must be heavy😥

  68. Dayan

    Dayan2 hours ago

    South African Police 1960s : So anyway I start massacring

  69. Dayan

    Dayan2 hours ago

    No one : White South African during 1950s to 1980s : _I diagnose you with Apartheid_

  70. DiscoDude752

    DiscoDude7522 hours ago

    This ain’t a joke, stuff’s delicious

  71. Max Leijen Heeneman

    Max Leijen Heeneman2 hours ago

    Netherlands and Belgie: Baarle England: barel

  72. Schblob

    Schblob2 hours ago

    The most British video i’ve ever seen

  73. Aditya Rao

    Aditya Rao2 hours ago

    Imagine how weird it sounds when's he's in the bedroom

  74. Alien skullcollector

    Alien skullcollector2 hours ago

    I feel hungry suddenly.....

  75. Jose

    Jose2 hours ago

    0:24 swear that’s not kawhi Leonard

  76. Nope No Name

    Nope No Name2 hours ago

    Chick - N

  77. Jesus55

    Jesus553 hours ago

    Socks to be me

  78. The Unknown

    The Unknown3 hours ago

    Hope never dies

  79. Worm Driver

    Worm Driver3 hours ago

    Nobody: Absolutely no one: Goth chicken:

  80. NightmareEyes

    NightmareEyes3 hours ago

    Oh that's ok, I didn't feel like eating ever again anyway ^w^

  81. xCloudy _Gachax

    xCloudy _Gachax3 hours ago

    Manok na ltim

  82. natalya hutagalung

    natalya hutagalung3 hours ago

    Ahhh I traveled to this island while living in Japan. Unfortunately, I didn't visit the soy sauce factory.. 😎 maybe one day

  83. xd TheChosenOne

    xd TheChosenOne3 hours ago

    H E N T A I

  84. Olivia Steventon

    Olivia Steventon3 hours ago

    This is so inhuman, America get your act together this is wrong! Living in the EU you never seen boarders like this, this is why I’m so scared to leave the EU in the UK.

  85. Ricky Gui

    Ricky Gui3 hours ago


  86. Pinecone Pangolin

    Pinecone Pangolin3 hours ago

    She seems very impressed with herself.

  87. Doez

    Doez3 hours ago

    Oh hell no

  88. Personal Racing Day

    Personal Racing Day3 hours ago

    i coulda swore i saw a 12 year old do this in the news and the feds had to come decontaminate the neighborhood

  89. Drawing Donuts

    Drawing Donuts3 hours ago


  90. PrinceCD _13

    PrinceCD _133 hours ago

    (2:44) When your crush takes a quick glance at you

  91. Jen Mangaoil

    Jen Mangaoil3 hours ago

    Panlaban sa manok na pula

  92. The Unknown

    The Unknown3 hours ago

    What if it runs out would they wait another 45yrs

  93. Dank Bullshitter

    Dank Bullshitter3 hours ago

    Imagine going to a restaurant and getting served a seacock

  94. MS DJA

    MS DJA3 hours ago

    Oh my Really need this job...👍🏼

  95. Better Life

    Better Life3 hours ago


  96. Yvesiwew

    Yvesiwew3 hours ago

    You cant fool us john wick

  97. khazix sm

    khazix sm3 hours ago

    Poor guy 😥


    ANEESA ARSHEEN3 hours ago

    Why? Let her go! Well now they aren't going anywhere I think? Well I don't want my mom to be there cuz... I.... i.... I'm literally crying right now! Why am I crying!