I make videos with 2 ounces of comedic value, and 4 tablespoons of stupidity.

  1. Ss v2

    Ss v228 minutes ago

    Great video idea

  2. Sam Thomas

    Sam Thomas32 minutes ago

    A dunk doesnt qualify for a BANG

  3. Sun knee The noob

    Sun knee The noobHour ago

    I see you and Jesse are keeping the facial 🔥

  4. Nate Willis

    Nate WillisHour ago

    “who tf made these” 🤣😭😭

  5. Nate Willis

    Nate WillisHour ago

    “who tf made these” 🤣😭😭

  6. Timothy Castro

    Timothy Castro2 hours ago

    You barely know the legends who are you to judge

  7. Larry Leos

    Larry Leos2 hours ago


  8. Itz_giantfreaks

    Itz_giantfreaks2 hours ago

    I feel like I find myself only commenting on the stupid things Jesse says...... "I can't wait to put the laces behind the tongue"

  9. Jack G

    Jack G3 hours ago

    jesser needed the money the least out of everyone lmao😂

  10. Itz_giantfreaks

    Itz_giantfreaks3 hours ago

    Jesse is the type of guy who uses cricket mobile

  11. Jack G

    Jack G3 hours ago

    you should make this a series this is fire

  12. Matt gachya good Matt

    Matt gachya good Matt3 hours ago

    You forgot to prep the shoe with Cotten balls andAcetone

  13. Mohammed Alin

    Mohammed Alin4 hours ago

    Bro best video nice jidel

  14. Hayden Richards

    Hayden Richards4 hours ago

    Kris saying Chef O Nasty kills me every time

  15. Jwavy2

    Jwavy24 hours ago

    do more of these

  16. Cameron Brinkman

    Cameron Brinkman4 hours ago

    Jesses are sick

  17. Mason McPhee

    Mason McPhee4 hours ago

    jiedels mic hurts my ears

  18. Bryson Washington

    Bryson Washington5 hours ago

    Keep up the good work you guys are BEST!!!

  19. Asap GODson

    Asap GODson5 hours ago

    Jiedel stole that design from Marko look him upon YT

  20. Keeshia Machinek

    Keeshia Machinek5 hours ago

    great idea! You should have them do different riddles that end up he same place so Mitchell can’t follow anyone

  21. Sam Vukasovich

    Sam Vukasovich5 hours ago

    Fr do more of these

  22. TKC That kid Corbin

    TKC That kid Corbin5 hours ago

    Mids 😑😵😪

  23. Creepzzz

    Creepzzz6 hours ago

    Imagine James playing a Kahoot. I can feel the sweat from here

  24. Iyonna Price

    Iyonna Price6 hours ago

    You said Ricky Rubio was a center

  25. SitSat

    SitSat6 hours ago


  26. Gabby Solloway

    Gabby Solloway6 hours ago

    Great idea 👍👌

  27. Juan’s Vlogs

    Juan’s Vlogs7 hours ago


  28. J.B Games

    J.B Games7 hours ago

    Hopefully u1 actually do another one of this and not just say stuff

  29. Samuel Lopez

    Samuel Lopez7 hours ago

    James shoes lowkey remind me of Majin Buu

  30. n_blond10

    n_blond107 hours ago

    This was a straight up BANGER dude, no doubt the best video from the 2HYPE boys in a while

  31. Collin K

    Collin K7 hours ago

    Jiedel with the rhymes lol

  32. Eduardo Acosta

    Eduardo Acosta8 hours ago

    Those are 2 pairs and they bought extra boxes to make it look like they bought 4😂😂

  33. MC Shnookle Dookle

    MC Shnookle Dookle8 hours ago


  34. Prospect Tv

    Prospect Tv8 hours ago

    I think mopis r the most 🔥

  35. Kyle XO

    Kyle XO8 hours ago

    All y’all really need to shave

  36. ForeignEx- -

    ForeignEx- -9 hours ago


  37. ElGabypr1 -

    ElGabypr1 -9 hours ago

    U should do custom Air Force 1s

  38. evorgalB nedyaJ

    evorgalB nedyaJ9 hours ago

    This vid was cool but all their camera angles were kinda garbage

  39. Go Cubs!

    Go Cubs!9 hours ago

    James's were the worst

  40. Go Cubs!

    Go Cubs!9 hours ago

    If Mopi's swoosh was black those would be fire!!!!🔥🔥🔥

  41. Malachi Seufale

    Malachi Seufale9 hours ago

    Whats the instrumental song at the end???

  42. Kylan Castro

    Kylan Castro10 hours ago

    I don’t have nothing to say jus make this blue 👇🏾

  43. Nick Brunozzi

    Nick Brunozzi10 hours ago

    Keldon Johnson???? Y’all disrespectful lol

  44. THE G.O.A.T

    THE G.O.A.T10 hours ago

    Ewww what happened to your hair


    RAMEELHD10 hours ago

    This should be on the 2 hype channel

  46. James Reever

    James Reever10 hours ago

    I’ve never been more annoyed in a video I got almost all these expect the last hint immediately

  47. Satvik Reddy

    Satvik Reddy10 hours ago

    Jesser needs to shave

  48. Gang time

    Gang time10 hours ago

    Who gave you the shoes

  49. YoKiwify

    YoKiwify10 hours ago

    They all look like ass

  50. davs

    davs10 hours ago


  51. Lex Martin

    Lex Martin10 hours ago

    We all liked that

  52. Melissa Baxter

    Melissa Baxter10 hours ago

    Jesser with the beard.

  53. Mk Aziz

    Mk Aziz11 hours ago

    Do air force one

  54. Matthew Jameson

    Matthew Jameson11 hours ago

    Good idea but they should do it at different times and be timed whoever does it fastest wins so they don’t follow each other

  55. K B

    K B11 hours ago

    The simultaneous "Tyler..."😂👌🏻

  56. Bradley t

    Bradley t11 hours ago

    Do this again

  57. dmack

    dmack12 hours ago

    They need to shave all but mopi

  58. yxng nba star

    yxng nba star12 hours ago

    Stubble gang

  59. Connrrr

    Connrrr12 hours ago

    Best video ideas in 2hype ❌🧢

  60. Foster's Way

    Foster's Way12 hours ago

    You need more coats of paint

  61. Zachary Bressard

    Zachary Bressard12 hours ago

    Mitchel and mopi

  62. Toomass Edison

    Toomass Edison12 hours ago

    Yo anyone realise that James just predicted d Lo on the warriors? Wow

  63. Joseph Cavallo

    Joseph Cavallo12 hours ago

    Do this more!!!!!!!

  64. Exzavier K

    Exzavier K13 hours ago

    This is quality content

  65. James Harden 13

    James Harden 1313 hours ago


  66. Valentin Yi

    Valentin Yi13 hours ago

    Mopi's would've been so dope if the swoosh was a different color

  67. Marco Goldblatt

    Marco Goldblatt13 hours ago

    Great video

  68. lah j7

    lah j714 hours ago

    “who tf made these”😂😂

  69. C.C.G

    C.C.G14 hours ago

    I feel like the 2 hype members just take jsr shit. Ttg

  70. Mackenzi Jackson

    Mackenzi Jackson15 hours ago

    Are you sure that mopi didn’t have an experience

  71. Omar Merriweather

    Omar Merriweather15 hours ago

    Two i thought was gone do the worst did the best

  72. David Melnichuk

    David Melnichuk15 hours ago

    Mopi oh the batting cage

  73. Cole Mcninch

    Cole Mcninch15 hours ago

    What paint did you guys buy?

  74. Jaydenkamalthetazer gaming

    Jaydenkamalthetazer gaming15 hours ago

    mopi a crip lol

  75. MJda2nd

    MJda2nd16 hours ago

    do more of these

  76. Jonathan Saunders

    Jonathan Saunders16 hours ago

    KOT4Q was able to win with Book 🤷🏽‍♂️

  77. Corbin Clements

    Corbin Clements16 hours ago

    Best vid yet make more

  78. obo the hobo

    obo the hobo16 hours ago

    love the vid my man low key would want more of these vids

  79. Brian Lesanejr

    Brian Lesanejr16 hours ago

    Do white air forces

  80. Iamactuallyted

    Iamactuallyted16 hours ago

    Best video you’ve ever done 100%

  81. Sikkk Boyy

    Sikkk Boyy17 hours ago

    Why ain’t you come to Marie Kurr ?

  82. Julie Coulter

    Julie Coulter17 hours ago


  83. Kevin Barrera

    Kevin Barrera17 hours ago

    Do a full day of customizing shoes

  84. Jordan Hulm

    Jordan Hulm18 hours ago

    Not feeling the beard Jesse

  85. Josh Goskesen

    Josh Goskesen18 hours ago

    Aaron hope you get king james

  86. Daniel H

    Daniel H18 hours ago

    Jiedel is Mike Korzemba with a 1 inch penis

  87. Inigz28

    Inigz2818 hours ago

    I want michhhell to be in 2 hype jiedel pls add him

  88. Scarlet Vieira

    Scarlet Vieira18 hours ago

    I like the gum shoe

  89. Bryan Terhaar

    Bryan Terhaar18 hours ago

    Jesse lokey is getting a beard

  90. Ryan Wolverton

    Ryan Wolverton19 hours ago

    Jesser is going to win next time

  91. The_Br0die Westbrook

    The_Br0die Westbrook19 hours ago

    This was a dope ass vid

  92. Blaze0 Rage

    Blaze0 Rage19 hours ago

    Y’all are dumb as fvck lol

  93. Welqo

    Welqo19 hours ago

    2hype fell off

  94. AlmighyQuan TV

    AlmighyQuan TV19 hours ago

    Out of creativity I'd choose Mopi's Out of my style and a shoe that I would actually wear I'd choose Mitchell

  95. Reece Olson

    Reece Olson19 hours ago

    Do more of these this was a banger

  96. Wwekidfigure06

    Wwekidfigure0619 hours ago

    Make onther one

  97. Carson's Trick Shots

    Carson's Trick Shots20 hours ago

    Yeah but Zach travels kris has a girl and cash has a girl too so i mean

  98. ExZac

    ExZac20 hours ago

    Can i purchase mitchell's shoes?

  99. Liamdabest 10

    Liamdabest 1020 hours ago

    Mopi’s and moochies are fire

  100. Revv

    Revv20 hours ago

    whats vid without jesser cheating