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Tinder for Kids!

28 days ago

  1. Büşra Kaya

    Büşra Kaya30 seconds ago

    Somebody gonna make me awake from my sleep at its deepest moment and will get away with it? If s/he would be the president of the world (if it would exist) s/he has to pay for it. Hell no! My sleep is important than anyone

  2. Game Banger

    Game Banger58 seconds ago

    What an idiot.... smh

  3. Manuel Duran

    Manuel DuranMinute ago

    Do people become more stupid with ages? Or the new generation came more informed?

  4. Dana Bongard

    Dana BongardMinute ago

    3:50 why did they give him 20 points

  5. martinezandy15

    martinezandy15Minute ago

    Jimmy gave me Jared from Subway vibes

  6. Dylan Caldwell

    Dylan CaldwellMinute ago

    Hopefully Guillermo’s show doesn’t follow Jimmy’s step and turn into another orange man bad show. Ah.... the the days when Jimmy was Jimmy on The Man show. Miss that Jimmy

  7. Talia Sainclair

    Talia SainclairMinute ago

    He’s so precious 😭❤️ I love you Dave

  8. Concerned Citizen

    Concerned Citizen2 minutes ago

    Backstabbing President of the idiots should bd impeached and imprisoned. We need to restore America’s integrity and honor. Republicans have none!

  9. Pasquale Cantaro

    Pasquale Cantaro2 minutes ago


  10. Aaron

    Aaron2 minutes ago

    shout out to 4-5 year old me who was in love with the Naked Brothers Band...oh how far we’ve come

  11. Liam

    Liam2 minutes ago

    She’s one 50+ year old I would not wear a condom with... 🤤

  12. Genesis New beginnings

    Genesis New beginnings2 minutes ago

    Quit comedy if it's so hard. You don't see me watching the NFL to hear players political views and opinions. Do not. Do not! Talk about gun control when you don't even know the difference between a sem- whatever guns and laws, background checks are very very ruled to such "loooholes". That's a lie. They're are laws. Unless you are gifted a gun illegally without proper documentation.

  13. anthonymarcus48

    anthonymarcus483 minutes ago

    Are you still laughing after Trump/Pence brokered a cease fire in Turkey ? you nitwits do nothing but criticize Trump while he makes boss moves that are changing the world for the good and all you can do is drag your asses behind his boots trying to take pop shots at him.

  14. Charles Carrick

    Charles Carrick5 minutes ago

    If Brad Pitt joins then that's all she wrote

  15. J.R. Southard

    J.R. Southard5 minutes ago

    European style socialism also highly immoral.

  16. mann jack

    mann jack5 minutes ago

    Has to be jewish or half jewish to succeed in hollywood

  17. Tzvi Lieberman

    Tzvi Lieberman5 minutes ago

    He sooo has a nicotine rush

  18. DoctorCrankyFlaps

    DoctorCrankyFlaps5 minutes ago

    So many good comments deleted for telling the truth.

  19. Dana Bongard

    Dana Bongard5 minutes ago

    She's so youthful 💕

  20. osrss gp

    osrss gp5 minutes ago

    Here we see that the clown with the bad jokes is the interviewer

  21. Ed S

    Ed S6 minutes ago

    Chelsea Handler?

  22. Anna Elizabeth I

    Anna Elizabeth I6 minutes ago

    Ladies , never do Botox. You’ll look like this. Seriously. There are better ways.

  23. pgmp

    pgmp6 minutes ago

    Jimmy i like you but... you need to stop interrupting her and let her talk.

  24. Genesis New beginnings

    Genesis New beginnings7 minutes ago

    Do your job. We don't click to watch a comedy show to hear your personal political views with gun history you knew nothing about. THIS is fake news. Get off the airways also if youre going to practice crying in the dressing room keep it in the dressing room.

  25. attila

    attila7 minutes ago

    Sandra: "ich bin ein Arsc*beep*" Jimmy: Arschbombe?

  26. Landon Baty

    Landon Baty7 minutes ago

    From now on I'm gonna start people I want your questions in a box when I get done telling them things

  27. Caliboss Nelson

    Caliboss Nelson8 minutes ago

    How bout 🍀💰🇨🇮 ?!? Name that movie she's in

  28. nGon-

    nGon-8 minutes ago

    2:05 she's describing how she and her husband met

  29. Blowbaine

    Blowbaine8 minutes ago

    Anyone else see the white on the phone in the reunion pics

  30. Steve S

    Steve S8 minutes ago

    Pat Robertson isn't dead yet? Yeeeugh.

  31. Samantha Miller

    Samantha Miller9 minutes ago

    yall not gonna mention the cocaine on the phone in the insta pic lmao

  32. arash airshiraz

    arash airshiraz9 minutes ago

    trump vs media mafia and media clowns like jimmy kimmel.there was a time that i used to like jimmy clown

  33. realcolataste97

    realcolataste9710 minutes ago

    He’s never coming back on this show for sure

  34. Adam Principe

    Adam Principe10 minutes ago

    hes catching up to cnn and the TIMES

  35. All Caps

    All Caps11 minutes ago

    Best thing about this video was the visuals.

  36. Shreyash Bhaskar

    Shreyash Bhaskar11 minutes ago

    Omg... I Love Her!😍😍 And Yeahh No Matter She Post Any More Content/Update On Insta Or Not.. Your Followers Gonna Stick To It! She Is Not Gonna Loose A Single Follower Cause They Don't Wanna Witness The Wrath Of Ross! 😂


    DEADMANzRUNNING11 minutes ago

    Kimmel....you're not funny...give it up!...you've become nothing more than a "propaganda comedian"...and i'm curious...how much is paid to your tiny minded tiny studio audience to applause and chuckle on demand?

  38. Stan F

    Stan F12 minutes ago

    So sad .. looks like she has been getting face work ...

  39. Michael Gonzalez

    Michael Gonzalez12 minutes ago

    I didn’t like it until I turned the volume all the way up now I can’t get enough!

  40. jjcchi

    jjcchi12 minutes ago

    Love the suit!

  41. 10k Subscribers With Some Videos Challenge

    10k Subscribers With Some Videos Challenge12 minutes ago

    Who came because of the thumbnail?

  42. A Ali

    A Ali12 minutes ago

    Great... Celebs living in celeb land, kissing each others asses.

  43. realcolataste97

    realcolataste9712 minutes ago

    Why did you show that jimmy? That’s low

  44. Uriel Alva

    Uriel Alva13 minutes ago

    This mf is funny af 😂 love how he gots that Dave chapelle way of saying some informative but funny at the same time lol

  45. j.j.cagney

    j.j.cagney13 minutes ago

    Pelosi made the U.S.A the joke of the world!

  46. TJ Vincenzi

    TJ Vincenzi14 minutes ago

    That's because Stevie wonder is NOT blind! And Elton John is the next illuminati sacrifice you watch. There coming after Elton

  47. Miguel Camarena

    Miguel Camarena14 minutes ago

    He looks on drugs and confuse.

  48. elisabeth arista

    elisabeth arista15 minutes ago

    It’s as intense as that tv show scene on the last scene of the movieeeee

  49. Scoundrull on YouTube

    Scoundrull on YouTube15 minutes ago

    Well if you think about it he's lied 20,000 less times than the emails Hillary destroyed after getting subpoenaed 😆😆

  50. j.j.cagney

    j.j.cagney15 minutes ago

    He was mistaken,yes. Pelosi is a 12th grade failure politician who is not suitable to manage even her house !

  51. malofo kanneh

    malofo kanneh15 minutes ago

    I couldn’t even laugh because people are really dying. Those poor babies and elders and women. OMG

  52. Thiantrus

    Thiantrus15 minutes ago

    I am sure you can go thru USA history and take any president and make the same show. Either you like the president or you hate him. If you like him you will see nothing wrong if you hate him you will see everything wrong.

  53. E Amos

    E Amos15 minutes ago

    As a fellow New Zealish, I hope the movie is also coming out here soon, Taika.

  54. Inspectah Calm

    Inspectah Calm16 minutes ago

    He looks like postmalone

  55. GaMeR500

    GaMeR50016 minutes ago

    She is so cute always happy

  56. Jake Mcfee

    Jake Mcfee17 minutes ago

    Will jimmy please shut up amd let her talk. The first five minutes is basically him talking.

  57. John Edward

    John Edward17 minutes ago


  58. ricardo soto

    ricardo soto18 minutes ago

    The half english and half Indian and half polish half african waifus.

  59. helpU 2health

    helpU 2health18 minutes ago

    Part of me wants to believe jimmy went over the questions with alex before hand and alex is so chill.....

  60. Jerico Lopez

    Jerico Lopez18 minutes ago

    BREAKING NEWS just 53 mins ago. Turkish army halt. P.Endrogan just announce ceasefire between kurds and turkey. Jimmy the LETTER you make fun of. And your proof that Trump is crazy just serbed its purpose and save millions of life. I no longer like you. Hope your morality finds way back to you. I miss that. Dont suffice dems. They will no longer in power. USA has changed. You too.

  61. Chris Thomas

    Chris Thomas18 minutes ago

    I love the way he didn't even get her name correct....LOL "Melissa McCartney"....lmhao

  62. Cancel-That-Bitch

    Cancel-That-Bitch19 minutes ago

    Let's face it though she might be the number one crush of young guys....You had pamela Anderson in Baywatch and Erica Elyniak but is anyone topping Rachel from friends though....I dunno man

  63. sam mich

    sam mich19 minutes ago

    More fake news.TRUMP 2020.

  64. Marc

    Marc19 minutes ago

    I saw him live in Toronto for the Tomorrow's Modern Boxes tour. It was the best live show I have experienced. The visuals, music, and energy were transformational.

  65. modather matin

    modather matin20 minutes ago

    Is she playing hair

  66. Matt Beeze

    Matt Beeze21 minute ago

    I could stare at this woman all dam day

  67. Lion Judah

    Lion Judah21 minute ago

    That's pretty funny, how long have you've been President of this great country oh um NEVER!!! HA HA

  68. Ella The Killer

    Ella The Killer22 minutes ago

    She is so sweet and beauty ❤️💗💗💗💗doll heart 💗💗💗💗💗💗💗

  69. 10k Subscribers With Some Videos Challenge

    10k Subscribers With Some Videos Challenge22 minutes ago

    Who came for the Thumbnail?

  70. You on Kazoo and morgz are satanic.

    You on Kazoo and morgz are satanic.22 minutes ago

    God: Creates everything except 1 thing. Humans: "Thanks God!" God: "Aight time to make snakes." Humans and mice: *Sweats uncontrollably* God: "Welp, they got bitten."

  71. William Steven

    William Steven22 minutes ago

    Interesting how they only prank men.

  72. Fadiel Benjamin

    Fadiel Benjamin24 minutes ago

    Halle is perfection

  73. raghu roxx

    raghu roxx24 minutes ago

    Why you gotta do that to my boy Ed Sheeran?

  74. Roni Cakmak

    Roni Cakmak24 minutes ago

    The best irony ever is getting him on a talkshow after the movie

  75. Steve S

    Steve S24 minutes ago

    Maybe she can use that account to cast spells on more people with her witch friends how wonderful

  76. Josue2018

    Josue201824 minutes ago

    Have no clue who this guy is.

  77. enzyme 2000

    enzyme 200024 minutes ago

    "Bye for now!"

  78. squirrelflight

    squirrelflight24 minutes ago

    I don't know about sweaters, but I want that shirt Goldbloom is wearing

  79. Eljan Rimsa

    Eljan Rimsa25 minutes ago

    Don't try to threaten a Turk. You can bet that's why Turkish missiles hit so close to American troops. Does he know nothing about basic diplomacy?

  80. Danny Aikin

    Danny Aikin25 minutes ago

    His main supporters live their entire lives based on lies, thus.................

  81. JP M

    JP M25 minutes ago

    Jen Aniston: America’s Most Likable Celebrity

  82. sarah michelle

    sarah michelle25 minutes ago

    Her arms though. ..


    GRASSFED CHARLIE25 minutes ago

    Along Came Polly was such a hilarious movie RIP SEYMOUR HOFFMAN

  84. Beefheart1

    Beefheart125 minutes ago

    If Phoenix doesn't win the Oscar for that amazing and harrowing portrayal there is something seriously wrong. Some of the best acting I've ever seen. Astounding.

  85. Togan Doğan

    Togan Doğan26 minutes ago

    If only the dentist was named crentist

  86. Mrs Thom Yorke

    Mrs Thom Yorke26 minutes ago

    Breathtaking! He’s still got it folks!

  87. Paul A Burrows

    Paul A Burrows26 minutes ago

    I'm surprised that he didn't use crayons.

  88. Christian Sørensen

    Christian Sørensen27 minutes ago

    Was the guy from the crowd who came with his phone Darin De Paul?

  89. Loi Nguyen

    Loi Nguyen27 minutes ago

    OMG...She's so cute, just can't stop loving her. Why did you make such a huge mistake Brad Pitt?

  90. Dillinger R.

    Dillinger R.27 minutes ago

    It is absolutely clear from Trump’s comments just now that he has absolutely no idea what Pence just agreed to or why it will be reviled as a shameful surrender by the worst negotiator in the history of US foreign policy.

  91. Chi-town

    Chi-town27 minutes ago

    She’s so cool and gorgeous

  92. N M

    N M27 minutes ago

    OMG, I love her!!!!!!!!!!

  93. David Murphy

    David Murphy27 minutes ago

    Hey Jimbo remember you blacked up??

  94. Lucille Reilly

    Lucille Reilly28 minutes ago

    He's seems like such a great person. Love him and his music.


    GRASSFED CHARLIE28 minutes ago

    Is this a talk show or are these two having a conversation of their own lol very natural

  96. Dillinger R.

    Dillinger R.28 minutes ago

    No, trump called her a 3rd grade politician... I'm pretty sure he meant rate.


    RHONDA ROSE29 minutes ago


  98. kunivanu

    kunivanu30 minutes ago

    If Keanu joins... it's game over! Ha!

  99. Abdullah's Channel

    Abdullah's Channel30 minutes ago

    It's that damn sugar Kennedy


    LULI LAGARTOS30 minutes ago

    Why we can’t just for once..stop talking about how he looks or have looked before..and appreciate her exceptional voice, personality, perseverance and talent.