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  1. Fort Nerd

    Fort Nerd21 second ago

    Kelt the kid dog swims and hold the money

  2. Leo Butler

    Leo Butler38 seconds ago

    Wow lol

  3. The Wolf Gamer

    The Wolf Gamer58 seconds ago

    Infinite can you please pin this comment so other people can see this comment but if you had any family members that past away it barely see everyday when your doing busy stuff please go see your family and go out side plus it is very good for out heath but I barely see my dad and God thinks thatโ€™s good that I canโ€™t see my dad or itโ€™s somebody else it making my dad taking other people shifts and one other pirson helps him with the cash then he goes to the A&W to go do other shifts for the cash at the A&W too so i really want to hang out with him every day but no~ and I fell loney EVERY FREAKING DAY BRO!!! I just want to see my daddy!!! Can you please like it if you agree

  4. Hugoโ€™s Games

    Hugoโ€™s Games58 seconds ago

    Iโ€™m Subscribed with Notifications on

  5. Elijah caleb Ilao

    Elijah caleb IlaoMinute ago

    He neverd goed to the clown motel

  6. Chris Garwood

    Chris GarwoodMinute ago

    Roses are red Ketup is to Yay i got a like Wait why is that blue ๐Ÿค” ๐Ÿ‘‡๐Ÿป

  7. Kiara Rohira

    Kiara RohiraMinute ago

    It said f* off

  8. Egg Youtuber

    Egg YoutuberMinute ago

    The thumbnail says (bad word) you

  9. the undertaker

    the undertakerMinute ago

    ๐Ÿ™ƒ ๐Ÿ‘• ๐Ÿ‘– ๐Ÿ‘ž

  10. Jessica Sketchley

    Jessica Sketchley2 minutes ago

    I love foxes

  11. Julian McGlothin

    Julian McGlothin3 minutes ago

    On the buck that was a :) :)

  12. Ian Miranda

    Ian Miranda3 minutes ago

    Oh realy

  13. Memo Nemo

    Memo Nemo3 minutes ago

    They note is backwards

  14. Caleb Trent

    Caleb Trent3 minutes ago

    i bet you


    EJIAH EMRAN4 minutes ago

    If me invisibility and ice And how about we hit the USwork?๐Ÿ˜‰

  16. Ashok Singh

    Ashok Singh4 minutes ago

    I Love Dogs. ๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ’œ

  17. Joubert Familie

    Joubert Familie4 minutes ago

    I never sneezed in my live

  18. miller ants

    miller ants4 minutes ago

    I love this channel and itโ€™s vids Watch it every day :)

  19. Helz Helz

    Helz Helz4 minutes ago

    bunny ๐Ÿ‡๐Ÿฐ๐Ÿ‡๐Ÿฐ

  20. crystal diamond Hamilton

    crystal diamond Hamilton5 minutes ago

    You said two hundred thousand likes but you put 20,000 likes instead of 200,000 p.s i love you so much

  21. Ronak2010

    Ronak20105 minutes ago

    Check my out

  22. Ian Miranda

    Ian Miranda5 minutes ago


  23. Kaden Cain

    Kaden Cain5 minutes ago

    Caylus I think that u should save up 4 a Lamborghini and the make it infinite army Lamborghini

  24. alex rose

    alex rose5 minutes ago

    I saw LOL

  25. Robert Sneath

    Robert Sneath5 minutes ago

    It said f u

  26. Mohd AdamYT

    Mohd AdamYT6 minutes ago

    First one make everything blurr

  27. Lela Hemayanti

    Lela Hemayanti6 minutes ago

    Caylus : spongebob bob has sad cheecks Me : spongebob has a friend name sandy cheecks

  28. ShurC

    ShurC6 minutes ago

    Iโ€™m a kid and I soleved all

  29. Bella Tooth

    Bella Tooth6 minutes ago


  30. jonathan richardson

    jonathan richardson6 minutes ago


  31. Faraz Askarnia

    Faraz Askarnia6 minutes ago

    Yes I found it

  32. Vix-4

    Vix-46 minutes ago

    8:17 I think I'm gona throw up that's gonna hunt me

  33. Mariam Adam

    Mariam Adam6 minutes ago

    i love foxs

  34. joanna tarasiewicz

    joanna tarasiewicz7 minutes ago

    Hello there

  35. Maxx Lorenz

    Maxx Lorenz7 minutes ago

    I got 8 subscribers since I share a youtube account with my cousin

  36. Winsome Barker

    Winsome Barker8 minutes ago

    13 points ps love your vids

  37. Snowball :3

    Snowball :38 minutes ago

    When I heard Area 51 Iโ€™m like OH HELL NO

  38. Vale Viti

    Vale Viti8 minutes ago

    I also saw lol

  39. the undertaker

    the undertaker8 minutes ago

    So nobody is taking about the girl that went missing it was on the door

  40. jonathan richardson

    jonathan richardson9 minutes ago

    Freaking hell that's scary

  41. Ruben Hampton

    Ruben Hampton9 minutes ago

    All fake

  42. GG Gamer55

    GG Gamer559 minutes ago


  43. Jessika Regino

    Jessika Regino9 minutes ago

    gta 5

  44. Kingcraft Gaming

    Kingcraft Gaming9 minutes ago

    The soup is not good because the soup is a organ

  45. jonathan richardson

    jonathan richardson9 minutes ago

    Do you what to get killed bro if you don't want to don't unlock your door and lock your door then if we don't want to get killed

  46. Mariam Adam

    Mariam Adam10 minutes ago

    animal lover

  47. Von Bermejo

    Von Bermejo10 minutes ago

    15:44 only minecraft player would understand this

  48. Vale Viti

    Vale Viti11 minutes ago

    So I didnโ€™t see the cigar but then when u said where it was I freaked out I replayed it and then I couldnโ€™t unsee it ๐Ÿ˜ฑ

  49. GG Gamer55

    GG Gamer5511 minutes ago

    Ok soooo HALF OF THIS VIDEO WASABOUT RAPE................never thought id see it (thats a lie)

  50. Rafidah man

    Rafidah man11 minutes ago

    Ive got 100 point

  51. Saukeen Sewa

    Saukeen Sewa12 minutes ago

    I can also memorize songs

  52. Mohammed Awad

    Mohammed Awad12 minutes ago

    Infinite: Talking About demonitization 24/7 Also Infinite: Puts a swear Word in thumbnail

  53. Nick Playz

    Nick Playz12 minutes ago

    Calyus with Keira = 0.00000. Morgz with Keira = 99.9999999999999.

  54. Verity Wilkinson

    Verity Wilkinson13 minutes ago


  55. Dinofan 345

    Dinofan 34513 minutes ago

    Why does infiniteโ€™s kid friendly channel have that thumbnail

  56. Deccomo52891 Yt

    Deccomo52891 Yt13 minutes ago

    At 4:51 you can see a hand pointing at the cigaret

  57. Dark Shadowz

    Dark Shadowz13 minutes ago

    1st video was creepy

  58. Clark Vergara

    Clark Vergara13 minutes ago

    At 1:38 something moved

  59. TTV ShotZz

    TTV ShotZz13 minutes ago

    Behind scenes will be fun ๐Ÿ˜†

  60. Akeelahrae Pelaypa

    Akeelahrae Pelaypa14 minutes ago


  61. john ridwan

    john ridwan14 minutes ago

    your next infinite go to area 51 and do the fortnite dance in front of the security

  62. Haaziq Zayn Firmansyah

    Haaziq Zayn Firmansyah14 minutes ago


  63. keira Wilson

    keira Wilson14 minutes ago

    I did it i love you your channel is so awesome that I cant stop watching it

  64. Tristan Maritz

    Tristan Maritz15 minutes ago

    I hate frikin clowns

  65. 777mcduck Sudartha

    777mcduck Sudartha15 minutes ago

    Itโ€™s 11 dayyyyyyyyyyyyyy***********s

  66. Atharv Srivastava

    Atharv Srivastava15 minutes ago

    The illusion isn't moving... like it should since it's a illusion... Is it only me...

  67. Aaliyah Magarro

    Aaliyah Magarro15 minutes ago

    6:28 well i will call JESUS!๐Ÿ™

  68. fucksosa300k

    fucksosa300k15 minutes ago

    Good ๐Ÿค”

  69. Johnny Gustafsson

    Johnny Gustafsson15 minutes ago

    Sorry i dont have instergram but if i had i would follow you

  70. Anthony Garrido

    Anthony Garrido15 minutes ago

    13 hahahahahhahahahaha

  71. Scott Trad

    Scott Trad15 minutes ago


  72. NubPinePlays

    NubPinePlays15 minutes ago

    5:48 to 5:53 infinite sing the universal studios song like the one they put at the beginnings of movies

  73. Shaun Andrei Hora-Boac

    Shaun Andrei Hora-Boac15 minutes ago

    8 points

  74. Lance David

    Lance David15 minutes ago

    Whoa 0:

  75. Merve Alay

    Merve Alay16 minutes ago

    i was flying

  76. Salina Smith

    Salina Smith16 minutes ago

    Are you guys dating

  77. BJaicharanreddy Reddy

    BJaicharanreddy Reddy16 minutes ago

    I got my snak drinks tishu

  78. ar.ankita Arora

    ar.ankita Arora17 minutes ago


  79. Freya Meyrick

    Freya Meyrick17 minutes ago

    My favourite animal is a horse under 10 don't READ MORE BECAUSE F.U.C.K.I.N.G. HORES ARE SO CUTE AND RELIABLE

  80. Putri lalala

    Putri lalala17 minutes ago

    Fox to

  81. Ayah The one and only spark

    Ayah The one and only spark17 minutes ago

    I like white chocolate

  82. Maria ana Lomat

    Maria ana Lomat17 minutes ago

    I have eight points only

  83. Michael Cross

    Michael Cross17 minutes ago


  84. Nicole Roberts

    Nicole Roberts17 minutes ago

    4:32 i saw a mouse though

  85. Lucas De Baere

    Lucas De Baere17 minutes ago


  86. holly bowler

    holly bowler18 minutes ago

    the firs vid Oof OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOf

  87. YT_KRYPT

    YT_KRYPT18 minutes ago

    I don't like it

  88. j dog p

    j dog p18 minutes ago

    In australia they call speed hjmp znd i live in australia

  89. Max William

    Max William18 minutes ago

    Yes I did it is in school

  90. Candy/furcorn

    Candy/furcorn18 minutes ago

    In other vid i watched

  91. Bianca Johnstone

    Bianca Johnstone18 minutes ago

    I got 6mpoints

  92. Rainbow sparkel stickers Santos

    Rainbow sparkel stickers Santos19 minutes ago

    The ghost picture is actually just the sun light

  93. NBL Production

    NBL Production19 minutes ago

    What the uck is a Sega

  94. Candy/furcorn

    Candy/furcorn19 minutes ago

    Maby thats why its called bed

  95. Amy gacha or games banal

    Amy gacha or games banal19 minutes ago


  96. Austin Roswell

    Austin Roswell19 minutes ago

    Plz make mrch 4 11 year old

  97. Shelly Brown

    Shelly Brown19 minutes ago

    Dip chip

  98. Godisalwaysfaithful1

    Godisalwaysfaithful119 minutes ago

    Where are some goddamn knickers Barbie๐Ÿ–• Barbie

  99. Eva Houda

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    i subscrib and hit the bell

  100. Shelly Brown

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