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Toy Story 4 Ever

Toy Story 4 Ever

2 months ago

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A Pixar Fireplace

A Pixar Fireplace

9 months ago

  1. Amanda Carey

    Amanda Carey45 minutes ago

    Toy story: I'm a jealous cowboy 2: SAVE ME- 3:ANGRY MOB OF CHILDREN- 4:sPORK- 5: bONNIE FIGURED OUT WE TALK- 6:WE ARE ON THE FBI'S MOST WANTED- 7: AHHHHHHHH- 8: WE FOUND ANDY- 9: (I'm not sure yet.)

  2. Zevi M

    Zevi M46 minutes ago

    I just cried my eyes out

  3. Nic C

    Nic C54 minutes ago

    The moral is never be yourself

  4. Green marx the real awesome pro

    Green marx the real awesome proHour ago

    This made my class gasped

  5. Jordan Needs friends

    Jordan Needs friendsHour ago

    Pixtar curseword (rest of world *shock noises*)

  6. HH ! Motions

    HH ! Motions2 hours ago

    Anger & Disgust are one of my favorite characters of all time Disgust is so pretty & beautiful while Anger is so cute & adorable

  7. Gunzman

    Gunzman2 hours ago

    10/10 short film

  8. MeMe Matt

    MeMe Matt2 hours ago

    2:01 5:06 5:45 Jeez. I thought this was pixar.

  9. Gabriela Fuentes

    Gabriela Fuentes4 hours ago

    Que que bonito 😭😂😻😢

  10. Captain Laf Animation

    Captain Laf Animation4 hours ago

    They said bad word

  11. Lindsey Tosh

    Lindsey Tosh4 hours ago

    i watched this at school and the teacher has too pause at the a word XD

  12. jerel

    jerel4 hours ago

    Does anyone else see the similarities between Buzz Lightyear and this new character Duke Caboom from Toy Story 4 ? Caboom was rejected by his owner because he couldn't do what the toy did in his commercials, which is like how Buzz thought he was real in the first Toy Story until the same thing happened to him, but unlike Duke, he did that on his own terms.

  13. Luiz Henrique Inignes Divieso

    Luiz Henrique Inignes Divieso5 hours ago

    its amazing animation for pixar

  14. StayAlive MnM

    StayAlive MnM5 hours ago

    Boo:kitty Sully: kitty has to go now... Me: instant tears* no for real I’m crying

  15. ITZOC Ø

    ITZOC Ø5 hours ago

    But like.....why yarn?

  16. Victoria McKown

    Victoria McKown5 hours ago

    How does this relate to fullmetal alchemist?

  17. Wayne RR

    Wayne RR5 hours ago

    800th comment

  18. Elizabeth Villaseñor Patiño

    Elizabeth Villaseñor Patiño5 hours ago


  19. Kate Meadows

    Kate Meadows5 hours ago

    This us sooo good!!!! And some people are just horrible

  20. MLP Magic Thunder

    MLP Magic Thunder5 hours ago

    This video made me cry!!!😭😭😭😢😢😢But I still think pit bulls are mean.

  21. Pastelillo Unicornio

    Pastelillo Unicornio6 hours ago

    Que tierno lo amo 🐱🐶🐈🐕😍😍

  22. Andrea Dos santos

    Andrea Dos santos6 hours ago

    LIKI dog cat 👍👍👍👍👍💕💕💕💕💕🐱🐕🐶

  23. ShadowBoy Dark

    ShadowBoy Dark7 hours ago


  24. Laging Bigo Dezperado

    Laging Bigo Dezperado7 hours ago

    Toy Story XX(20) by the Year 2040. Toy Story XXX(30) by the year 2055.

  25. MrPumpkinMan 712

    MrPumpkinMan 7127 hours ago

    I really don’t remember this scene what

  26. Carlos Gutierrez

    Carlos Gutierrez7 hours ago

    I wonder how Tony Anselmo and Bill Farmer (the two guys who currently voice Donald Duck and Goofy respectively) would feel or react to Disney/Pixar's "Onward".

  27. Gorden Mushindi

    Gorden Mushindi7 hours ago

    I cannnooot wait for this to be released

  28. _ FuND _

    _ FuND _7 hours ago


  29. Regina Flores

    Regina Flores8 hours ago


  30. Nicole Mythicalbeast

    Nicole Mythicalbeast8 hours ago

    Lmao im in love with Bill hader

  31. Julius Caesar

    Julius Caesar8 hours ago

    No one gonna talk bout that sweet animation AVE PIXAR

  32. 陳靜玉

    陳靜玉9 hours ago


  33. PoliceBird Growtopia

    PoliceBird Growtopia9 hours ago


  34. Sad cube De shape

    Sad cube De shape9 hours ago

    1:31 Me when attacked by corruption

  35. Michele Falcão de Santana

    Michele Falcão de Santana9 hours ago

    Like forki

  36. Toon:it_up Squad

    Toon:it_up Squad10 hours ago

    I am....... CRYING XD 😥😥

  37. Lauren

    Lauren10 hours ago

    God bless whoever put him in that outfit

  38. The Stealthy Bomber

    The Stealthy Bomber11 hours ago

    I love bobs reaction

  39. Doge

    Doge11 hours ago


  40. Loamy Lopez

    Loamy Lopez11 hours ago

    Que bonito cortó 😍😍😍😍

  41. Matus Jacek

    Matus Jacek11 hours ago

    1998:-When I was 8 years old :)I saw it in the cinema for the first time 2019: When I was 32 years old and have wife and childern ...wooooaaawww !!!!!...-NOSTALGIA

  42. Unicorn Vundla

    Unicorn Vundla11 hours ago

    I feel so sad 😞 for her or him

  43. Mish Mirza

    Mish Mirza12 hours ago


  44. Sepehr 908

    Sepehr 90812 hours ago

    Toy story 3: You think you can take care Woody for me? Toy story 4: No

  45. just me

    just me12 hours ago

    Everyone including Bonnie will break some promise.

  46. Tanya Yermakova

    Tanya Yermakova13 hours ago


  47. Billy Buffington

    Billy Buffington13 hours ago


  48. Hans Donne Lisboa

    Hans Donne Lisboa13 hours ago

  49. Василиса Ермошкина

    Василиса Ермошкина14 hours ago

    Мне так понравилось как они изобразили котёнка и собаку... Очень реалистично (ведут себя как в жизни кот и собака) Невероятно трогательно))))


    LOUISE VALENTINE15 hours ago

    Man I’m going back to watch incredibles 2 I don’t care if that said curse words because I saw it on PG-13 one time


    LOUISE VALENTINE15 hours ago

    I’m a kid and even I know that there were dirty jokes and swear words on a kids channel T-T

  52. Rosy Sneha

    Rosy Sneha15 hours ago

    🥺🥺🥺🥺so nice

  53. Mary Shelley

    Mary Shelley15 hours ago

    Wonderful! I was misty eyed and just felt my heart smile at the end! Bravo!

  54. Masterchief

    Masterchief17 hours ago

    Andy was a far better kid to his toys than this little brat.

  55. Masterchief

    Masterchief17 hours ago

    After watching this today, Andy really ought have kept woody even if he doesn’t play with him anymore, is far better than handed off his favourite toy to this bratty inattentive child.

  56. thomas plouffe

    thomas plouffe17 hours ago

    Can you guys at Pixar explain what you did with Andy’s model XD kids got a facelift

  57. чай Эдисона :3

    чай Эдисона :317 hours ago

    2:57-3:01 ору с этого котёнка😹

  58. чай Эдисона :3

    чай Эдисона :317 hours ago

    Какой маленький, миленький котёнок! 😻😻😻

  59. Victory hyung

    Victory hyung17 hours ago

    Imagine: Kid: Dad, look at what I found in the bumper cars! Andy: Woody?

  60. Luigi Marinus Gaming

    Luigi Marinus Gaming17 hours ago

    Release the official trailer now

  61. Mr Peppa pumpkins

    Mr Peppa pumpkins18 hours ago

    Buzz:she will be fine bonnie will be fine Me:ahhhhhww😢

  62. Anthony P

    Anthony P18 hours ago

    Guys, dont worry, no kids are watching this.

  63. Rock Lee

    Rock Lee18 hours ago

    I believe that this is just Andy's DND campaign at college.

  64. ciga ciga

    ciga ciga19 hours ago

    1:07 no time to explain shelly meme

  65. mattson mak

    mattson mak19 hours ago

    This is the MOST sweetest and saddest moment in this movie

  66. Ook Ack

    Ook Ack19 hours ago

    0:25 did any of you hear the minecraft walk sound?

  67. Luigi Marinus Gaming

    Luigi Marinus Gaming20 hours ago

    0:02 my reaction when you dont upload a trailer of onward

  68. tompooder

    tompooder20 hours ago

    I think the ball of yarn is meant to represent a female in a Male dominated environment and that women are sometimes disregarded in this environment and to fit in she feels she needs to change and act more "matcho" per say. Then at the end she realises she shouldnt change and just be hereslf and then they are finally both female and male incorporated into the company

  69. Lestat220289

    Lestat22028920 hours ago

    When Tumblr girls start annoying you with their perverted ideas about Merida, just show them this clip 0:50

  70. Ong Huey Wern Ong

    Ong Huey Wern Ong20 hours ago

    I love gabby gabbys voice so much

  71. Jecindo Solo

    Jecindo Solo22 hours ago

    Hey . Purl is look like me We're same . Maybe

  72. Lh Lh

    Lh Lh22 hours ago

    Buzz: "to infinity..." Woody: "...and beyond." 14 year old white girls: "This is so deep"

  73. john sketcher

    john sketcher23 hours ago

    The peter and peter huh

  74. Satifa Mbo87

    Satifa Mbo8723 hours ago


  75. Satifa Mbo87

    Satifa Mbo8723 hours ago


  76. shireena- akther_

    shireena- akther_23 hours ago

    Really love is a different 💞

  77. Taylor Ackerman

    Taylor AckermanDay ago

    A dog and a cat best friends how cute

  78. cidpat123

    cidpat123Day ago

    I feel really sad after watching this movie ='( oh man. Just like the time when andy gave his toys to bonnie.

  79. Creepy LPS

    Creepy LPSDay ago

    so this teaches us about Dream about alcohol Say curse words Tell dirty jokes And that’s what you should do at your job =3

  80. Drasiera

    DrasieraDay ago

    When does Part Two finally appear?

  81. Echavez Entertainment

    Echavez EntertainmentDay ago


  82. MLG Dragon

    MLG DragonDay ago

    PIXAR IS STUPID!!!! CURES!!!!!!!

  83. InfinityBoard

    InfinityBoardDay ago

    I just regret not watching this movie in theater instead of small screen

  84. Box_boi 48

    Box_boi 48Day ago

    Is this supposed to be a metaphor for women in the work place?

  85. Olivia Jaynes

    Olivia JaynesDay ago


  86. Winston DeLaurier

    Winston DeLaurierDay ago

    arise, you workers from your slumbers!

  87. Ernest370 Gaming

    Ernest370 GamingDay ago

    I thought this was a Pixar film

  88. johanna lopez

    johanna lopezDay ago

    Llega hasta el tuétano con el doblaje en español :')

  89. dmuldoon22

    dmuldoon22Day ago

    So the yarn balls are women?

  90. BaseBallGamer360

    BaseBallGamer360Day ago

    I’m sorry but it just became cringe half way through

  91. DAC Studios

    DAC StudiosDay ago

    This is the best short ever!! Pixar your more of my Idol then Disney now.. I CANT WAIT FOR ONWARD MAN! :D

  92. Ethan Sinclair

    Ethan SinclairDay ago

    They got all wrong

  93. Dude Decent

    Dude DecentDay ago

    Pixar this is a kids channel

  94. MrGabeanator

    MrGabeanatorDay ago

    love it

  95. Zhiyi Liu

    Zhiyi LiuDay ago

    5:07 Pixar: *swears* Me: Why u say th- FBI: FBI, OPEN UP!

  96. ejoZajo

    ejoZajoDay ago

    *Goodbye Woody..*

  97. kevin palma

    kevin palmaDay ago

    1:01 song?

  98. Jack Hanson

    Jack HansonDay ago

    So all males are human and all females are balls of yarn... I don't like this universe's implications...

  99. JP Brennan

    JP BrennanDay ago

    Me: I’m gonna cry. *watches ending* Huh I *ACTUALLY* didn’t cry. Passed the test.

  100. Willinzio

    WillinzioDay ago

    My apologies for be a white man.