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  1. Justin Weng

    Justin Weng34 minutes ago

    If you wouldn't have spun you would have had that race forsure. As soon as you let off he gained ground..

  2. TACHU

    TACHUHour ago

    She was expecting more . I dont care, she is Sweet . I would give anything for her .

  3. ajolsen121

    ajolsen121Hour ago

    That's bracket racing for you. Think your in but the cars not on your side.

  4. Duramax 315

    Duramax 315Hour ago

    That dude in the chevelle must have gone deaf from all them bald eagles! Wicked car

  5. Wheelpower TV

    Wheelpower TV2 hours ago

    That Chevelle was insane! The Chevelle is my favorite car ever made above anything else. I like the body style that came after this one a little more, but they are all nice! I'm going to build one eventually. Always cool to see your twin turbo Zl1 in action, too!

  6. Tim Taylor

    Tim Taylor2 hours ago

    thanks GM !

  7. Adrian E

    Adrian E2 hours ago

    When will the twin turbo get a cage and chute?

  8. UPstater5.9

    UPstater5.92 hours ago

    That chevelle guy was cool af

  9. Chase Trent

    Chase Trent2 hours ago

    Yeah I follow that guy in the bmw on insta he’s real fast lol

  10. 06goatm6

    06goatm62 hours ago

    old car like that....... at least a $100k Chevelle lol

  11. Brian Samuels

    Brian Samuels2 hours ago

    Old school muscle Chevelle getting stupid!👍👍

  12. Metal Halide

    Metal Halide3 hours ago

    Dude, a turbo does not belong on a some Metallica guitar covers.. This is a F race car:

  13. Gregory Stallone

    Gregory Stallone3 hours ago

    That’s my uncles chevelle. The guy was crying say we cheated him and still talks about it on social media.

  14. stefan w

    stefan w3 hours ago

    You're getting those bean dip tittie's

  15. merkurrz

    merkurrz6 hours ago

    Great video Nick

  16. Pjw350

    Pjw3506 hours ago

    Keep that Hammerdown!!

  17. Robert Kohut

    Robert Kohut6 hours ago


  18. DT

    DT6 hours ago

    Need to figure out that trans

  19. TheDamiensdad

    TheDamiensdad7 hours ago

    Dude in the Chevelle gets it.

  20. Steve H

    Steve H7 hours ago

    Not a fan of roll ons, best way to race is from a stop.

  21. lt1z350

    lt1z3508 hours ago

    I am applying psi to the 8 speeds through a table that I also have on my 2017 zl1 for the converter. It will remove the shudder from them with no problem with out touching the apply table your talking about which we do not have. Find me on instagram and message me same name as here.

  22. rich 570

    rich 5708 hours ago

    Guy in that Chevelle really nice dude.

  23. Bart Clark

    Bart Clark8 hours ago

    Chevelle was awesome I have a 70 chevelle 454 and I love it, good job today man!

  24. Oxygen Genetics

    Oxygen Genetics8 hours ago

    That chevelle wasnt cheap to build, bet dude has close to or over 100k in that car. Gorgeous car, would have loved to see it in person. Hope you figure that trans out sooner than later, really like the twin turbo ZL1 content.

  25. Romeo Salas

    Romeo Salas8 hours ago

    N54s are hard to make more than 1000hp in no way that guy was making 1000 in the BMW

  26. Rick Tokle

    Rick Tokle8 hours ago


  27. Anthony Disessa

    Anthony Disessa9 hours ago

    Amazing on how far you came I remember the video when you took delivery of the first ZL1

  28. SN95 Mustang Garage

    SN95 Mustang Garage10 hours ago

    Love to see American Muscle win events, plus it's an old school car whooping super cars.

  29. Miguel feat. the Freedom Chronicles

    Miguel feat. the Freedom Chronicles10 hours ago

    Seems like the trans keeps that thing in Powaaa 🔥 🔥 🔥 💪 💯 ❤️

  30. Ralph Cruz

    Ralph Cruz10 hours ago

    Who rebuild your transmission Nick

  31. Dave Alayon Jr.

    Dave Alayon Jr.10 hours ago

    You should have been in the outer lane anyway so this mostly your fault

  32. Tim Taylor

    Tim Taylor10 hours ago

    diesel converter clutch design with more aggressive tuning ? Andrew have you tried a cut and paste with the 18 tables or are the controllers different


    CAMERICA D11 hours ago

    That was awesome. Love roll racing!

  34. King Will1017

    King Will101714 hours ago

    Love the car

  35. Shane Bird

    Shane Bird14 hours ago

    It's always something...

  36. Travis Reising

    Travis Reising15 hours ago

    You did amazing Nick the car is awesome and it’s flying

  37. Travis Reising

    Travis Reising15 hours ago

    So you are eating up your perfectly good trans that you just built why are you doing that for there’s no need to eat up your trans up like that ??

  38. Nick Bigott

    Nick Bigott15 hours ago

    Do the guitar solo at the end of Post Malone “take what you want from me” song

  39. Just Some Guy

    Just Some Guy15 hours ago

    So what were your trap speeds? Never said it

  40. Flashcamaross

    Flashcamaross16 hours ago

    Awesome video, honesty is a virtue.

  41. Mitchell Donaldson

    Mitchell Donaldson16 hours ago

    So like what are you trapping ?

  42. Keith Lane

    Keith Lane16 hours ago

    Very cool event. Glad you guys got some runs in. Winter is coming. Speed safe Nick

  43. John Luna

    John Luna16 hours ago

    Did you not cross dw demon?

  44. Camarogirl10

    Camarogirl1016 hours ago

    Can’t wait to get the 19 zl1 riverside blue metallic

  45. DAVID Snyder

    DAVID Snyder17 hours ago

    Yes want to see lauren race your car that would be awesome

  46. Dan

    Dan17 hours ago

    Chevelle guy was super nice

  47. Good Ol Boy #76

    Good Ol Boy #7617 hours ago

    Hey man I am one of the few people who love the louder the car or truck is the better way to go. My old square body Chevy that I had sell to pay bills it had long tube headers and 3inch strait pipe all the way out the back. Every car or store with a alarm got set off. I then heard a new thing to make it better. I drilled a hole all the way threw the tip of the pipe and used vicegrips to hold the guitar string and made it tight and tacked it in. I found out fast that was not a good idea because it broke out windows in the house. Yall have a great night and god bless.

  48. Ed

    Ed17 hours ago

    I wanna see a tiny SMART car with 1700hp

  49. N B

    N B17 hours ago

    That 335 was moving! HPA

  50. SRAD_AJ _

    SRAD_AJ _17 hours ago

    Everyone makes fun of civics until they get blown by like they are parked lol Shawn Rameys Civic would embarrass everyone there..along with 20 +other similar civics, his quarter mile trap speed is the same as the Chevelle in the slip stream ... But they got nothing on the sound or looks

  51. read mypost

    read mypost17 hours ago

    That chevelle is cool as heck

  52. Mopar Medina

    Mopar Medina17 hours ago

    When you and Mike finna link up? I miss ya making a video together otc

  53. Michael Mcginnis

    Michael Mcginnis17 hours ago

    There at the end it looked like a spider was dropping from the ceiling behind you. Check it out.

  54. MrBuzz58053

    MrBuzz5805318 hours ago

    Great video Nick, that ZL1 is a beast!

  55. George Mitchell

    George Mitchell18 hours ago

    What speed did you run that 1st pass?

  56. Robert Johnson

    Robert Johnson18 hours ago

    Hey Nick awesome video like always. Been following you all the way back when you got the first mods done on the 5th gen at Andy it's been a pleasure for the two plus years I've been following you you're always humble and straight up please keep doing what you're doing always watching

  57. Zo6 Beast

    Zo6 Beast18 hours ago

    Great video. That was my car in the finals and I did jump but he definitely didn’t catch me I was at least 7-8 cars ahead by the finish line. Congratulations to him and his family he has an insane car. The video is on my IG @zo6_beast_

  58. Riley Neufeld

    Riley Neufeld18 hours ago

    John Lund Jr. From Lund Racing said that with the McLeod clutches on the 10r80 (mustang) that even with stock shifting pressures the transmission engages harder. I think that's from the friction material being more agressive, so I wouldn't worry about the trans shifting harder. The unlocked converter sucks, probably would gain 75+whp.

  59. Michael Sullivan

    Michael Sullivan18 hours ago

    '69 Chevelle - aerodynamics by cinder blocks, cool to see him rundown everyone else. Good luck getting the ZL1 to where you're happy with the converter.

  60. MadMax Farms

    MadMax Farms18 hours ago

    Respect the neighbors just a little bit you know

  61. Devan H

    Devan H18 hours ago

    That chevelle 😍😍😍😍😍

  62. Christopher G

    Christopher G18 hours ago

    Yup just makes me more excited to be picking up a ZL1


    FASTMAROS19 hours ago

    Hell yeah bud !! I love it when GM domestic muscle puts the smack down on exotics !! The ZL1 sounds bad ass !! #chevypower!!


    BOBINGTON19 hours ago

    lol 1700HP well gawd dang that’s a lot of Freedom my dood

  65. Hellcat Dreamin Josh

    Hellcat Dreamin Josh19 hours ago

    GuitarmageddonZL1 Great Video I'm glad your TT ZL1 did a Great Job at Pocono Raceway and that 69 Chevelle was Incredible

  66. jwb 281

    jwb 28119 hours ago

    Now is the trans shift learning when you run it

  67. Gazertime

    Gazertime19 hours ago

    Time to go holley?

  68. Paul Monico

    Paul Monico19 hours ago

    That BMW has a 2JZ in it.

  69. mdmoore23

    mdmoore2319 hours ago

    Man, I couldn't live with that trans doing all that weird shit. Maybe should've just kept the power lower and left the A10 alone. The factory A10 behaves beautifully. I feel that your car's driveability has been compromised now.

  70. mje19D

    mje19D20 hours ago


  71. AYPISTOL 2021

    AYPISTOL 202120 hours ago

    That Camaro gettin nasty out there😁😁😁

  72. Brad Stiers

    Brad Stiers20 hours ago

    Minty 👍

  73. alan316

    alan31620 hours ago

    Please bring the Rocket back. I'm dying here! Rocket Rocket Rocket! lol I miss that car!

  74. 5ThGeaRedLined

    5ThGeaRedLined20 hours ago

    Damn Nick, your car sounds like a fighter jet when you pinned it

  75. Guivensthecar guy

    Guivensthecar guy20 hours ago

    Bring the 5th gen monster

  76. Versailles

    Versailles20 hours ago

    The title lol? Any car with 1700 hp at a roll racing event will demolish a super car on a drag strip. I still would rather own a super car. Power is just power. Turning is fun too!

  77. Brad Stiers

    Brad Stiers20 hours ago

    Minty 👍

  78. Ron Jones

    Ron Jones20 hours ago


  79. Hellcat Dreamin Josh

    Hellcat Dreamin Josh20 hours ago

    Notification Squad

  80. Joseph G

    Joseph G20 hours ago


  81. Kenny Rogers

    Kenny Rogers20 hours ago

    “Yea not gonna mod it to much” year later....

  82. DemonicAim

    DemonicAim20 hours ago


  83. Barry McCockinnner

    Barry McCockinnner21 hour ago

    You bearded bitch...get these hands...

  84. Twisted Steel

    Twisted Steel21 hour ago

    "Proven set ups" don't even run perfectly right away. lol

  85. Joshua Jones

    Joshua Jones23 hours ago

    i told the bit"h shut up cause she bout to f**k my n*t up

  86. mmaman94

    mmaman94Day ago

    Nvm its 76. Bowminsville lol.

  87. mmaman94

    mmaman94Day ago

    Was this on 476?

  88. Texas Speed & Performance

    Texas Speed & PerformanceDay ago

    That car is a straight RIPPER! 🤘

  89. Francisco Brianah Gonzalez

    Francisco Brianah GonzalezDay ago

    I wonder what car you getting next

  90. firefighter7752

    firefighter7752Day ago

    After reading comments I’ve come to the decision that you are a cry baby who in fact was at fault by being in the wrong lane, but rather then own up to your mistake you’d rather grill someone who made a mistake that he wouldn’t have made if you weren’t in the wrong lane....... sad

  91. Defected Heart

    Defected HeartDay ago

    Fantastic, Mark! You are hilarious:)

  92. Hamza Bhatti

    Hamza BhattiDay ago

    9:42 that sound in cruising speed

  93. KB Productions

    KB ProductionsDay ago

    You shouldn't let a guy that wears sandals to work even touch your car

  94. Cody Hall

    Cody HallDay ago

    Cody is

  95. Cody Hall

    Cody HallDay ago

    Cody you

  96. Just CaltonZ

    Just CaltonZDay ago

    Okay Okay, We know we know, Just stop Flexing

  97. Flashcamaross

    FlashcamarossDay ago

    Great video , Can't wait to put twin turbo's in my car!

  98. Cody Hall

    Cody HallDay ago

    Cody you

  99. Cody Hall

    Cody HallDay ago

    Cody yuo

  100. Cody Hall

    Cody HallDay ago

    Cody is