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  1. Oscar Home

    Oscar Home29 seconds ago

    There should be no sins on this movie made by god

  2. Beneath the Gold

    Beneath the GoldMinute ago

    There is nothing wrong with Tron legacy. You fuck!

  3. Dr. killpatient

    Dr. killpatient2 minutes ago

    This movie was where Star Wars went down the toilet.

  4. Unknown To All

    Unknown To All2 minutes ago

    I don't know whether to like or dislike. You did a movie I love, and I'm happy... I think. But you pointed out everything wrong with it. But it's kind of happy for both soooo...

  5. Gabe Strenke

    Gabe Strenke3 minutes ago

    Colonel SS Hans Landa, I died lol

  6. Yunaiko Harutoku

    Yunaiko Harutoku5 minutes ago

    The eyes are big because it’s based on manga

  7. Yunaiko Harutoku

    Yunaiko Harutoku6 minutes ago

    You can predict future logo with phenomena outcome

  8. We1rD We3b

    We1rD We3b7 minutes ago

    7 mins or less but vid 8 min

  9. B4S1C

    B4S1C8 minutes ago

    I wanted a sin to be, why the f**k does he need to have a baby toy thing when getting stung by a bee

  10. Isaac Simpson

    Isaac Simpson15 minutes ago

    I hate how movies like this make sharks look like crazy murderers that are attracted to blood for 1 it takes alot of blood to attract them and they also don't attack humans, only on rare occasions infact the cage is useless in real life it's safe to swim with the sharks. And stop gulping down air and since the sharks are this dangerous stop leaving the cage constantly. If your ever in a situation where psychotic sharks are swimming around you and your stuck 47 meters down in a cage just sit as still as possible while breathing very slowly these bitches gulped down air like they had an unlimited amount you don't take deep breaths you take short breaths also crazy sharks never attacked the coast guard?

  11. MuljoStpho

    MuljoStpho20 minutes ago

    I liked this series, despite its problems. (Have I watched the final one yet, though? I don't think I've gotten around to that one yet...) One thing that bugged me though, was that they felt the need to make the third (I think?) movie a prequel which pretty much just regurgitated the same backstory that had already been told and retold in exposition multiple times throughout all the previous movies. Didn't feel like that one added anything new to the series.

  12. SleepLess

    SleepLess21 minute ago

    U forget one thing quick silver didn’t save everyone

  13. Travis Hoover

    Travis Hoover21 minute ago

    This is so stupid

  14. AlphaZero

    AlphaZero22 minutes ago

    Add 10000000 sins because it’s Power Rangers

  15. Tobyisraw

    Tobyisraw23 minutes ago

    Where’s Troll 1 eww

  16. Mackenzie Paige

    Mackenzie Paige23 minutes ago

    Can we talk about how they can hear each other even though their ears are outside of their masks?

  17. pkphantom

    pkphantom28 minutes ago

    Everything wrong with spiderverse: NOTHING, IT'S AN AWESOME MOVIE lol

  18. Anni Burgoyne

    Anni Burgoyne30 minutes ago

    3:03 I see you haven't been introduced to the complicated Highway designs of Utah my friend.

  19. Macchu Perito

    Macchu Perito34 minutes ago

    2:32 lol

  20. Martin Greer

    Martin Greer35 minutes ago

    In 17 minutes or "frewer" 1 *Ding* Cinema Sin Counter

  21. Dr. killpatient

    Dr. killpatient36 minutes ago

    Why did Hollywood bring back a soap opera that no one in America's seen since the early 70's???

  22. rayamoroso126

    rayamoroso12636 minutes ago

    You seem like a real dousche to watch a movie with

  23. meilute sesute

    meilute sesute37 minutes ago

    I still like it

  24. Alexander Davis

    Alexander Davis42 minutes ago

    Celine Dion *ba ding*

  25. Epoch plus5

    Epoch plus543 minutes ago

    9:00 12 Monkeys character in the making...


    OPT1CAL GH0ST43 minutes ago

    The egg joke, terrible, just terrible

  27. annunakee -

    annunakee -46 minutes ago

    This channel is always wrong ding

  28. Jim Kwim

    Jim Kwim46 minutes ago

    That's not racist

  29. Fisokuhle Sigasa

    Fisokuhle Sigasa57 minutes ago

    This is stupid 😑

  30. The Howling Gamer

    The Howling Gamer58 minutes ago

    1 sin to Cinema sins for not putting a sin in or removing a sin, for Green Lantern making a raunchy joke while Flash's life is in danger. (I get the feeling I'm gonna be editing in at least 10 more sins) And 1 sin for ignoring what Aquaman said about getting microbes to eat the bomb's wiring... Hell another 1 to Cinema sins for not even having the brains to see one bomb turn to dust while the other explodes, it's almost like these dick wagons only listened to the audio while drunk and not the visual part of the movie. 1 sin for not getting how a justice league flash OF COURSE knows how to get into the bat cave while it's not on lock down. You know they're a team right now you called them that. Also 1 sin for saying that Alfred is still under Tomas's employ when he never shows up in the movie. Then minus one sin for making me picture Alfred drunk and fucking about in the bat cave. Add another sin on for again not watching the movie and not understanding that Tomas is a raging alcoholic. Add in another sin for either adding a sin on being a better last air bender movie or at the very least not being sarcastic enough to show it was meant too be a sin and not a compliment. I'm giving another 5 sins for just sighing without giving some reason to it and calling it a sin. Tell us why you don't like it, it's your job dick holes. An alternate.... plus another 3 sins for forgetting who the president was at the time, and he's, funny enough, been on a few DC shows as president. Plus another 10 sins for not getting any of the movie. Things changed when Flash saved his mom, but minus 5 sins because none of this would have anything to do with krypton, and the odds of it effecting this war to come about is slim to none. Minus one sin because this is stupid to fuck in the open. Not only cause his wife catches him, but because it's out of left field and Diana should be taught not to trust any male. Marvel fanboying in a DC film *dings 10 times for just as many sins added* You know I would add 1 sin for calling the three headed dog Cerberus a dinosaur but we never see the three heads.... Oh wait we do? *ding* Also an extra 5 sins for not catching the discount or alternate reality deadpool in a DC movie. Are you a fan boy or not, which is it?! So were you watching re-runs or watching the show, because you only seem to tune in when someone dies, yet complain about the action finally getting on after so much explaining. Minus 2 sins for having a funny outro sequence. Plus 1 sin for the poorly timed and doesn't even remotely fit what's up bit. Sin total: 33 Sentence: Mocking your intelligence in the comment section in your video.

  31. Kevin W. Clark

    Kevin W. Clark59 minutes ago

    "I can't get the university to give me any more money." Well tell them to turn off the damn lights every night then lol.

  32. Donald Hubbard

    Donald HubbardHour ago

    My favorite thing he does is the “ohhhhh” when something complicated is explained in a complicated way.

  33. DatBoi Nebulous

    DatBoi NebulousHour ago

    Little men: dies in a car crash. Men: dies cuz of zombie attack. Legends: die cuz of slip on metal

  34. Jesse Schoedel

    Jesse SchoedelHour ago

    You don't think Tiana would memorize that story, Jeremy? The one told to her by the father whose memory she cherishes?

  35. The lightning Rod

    The lightning RodHour ago

    Wow its empty

  36. ifluro

    ifluroHour ago

    Does water buffalo chief have cornrows on his horns?

  37. Phantom weeb

    Phantom weebHour ago

    The part that bothered me are those highly trained foot clan guys getting knocked out or beaten by the weak ass squad (Casey,April,that dougebag) with objects. And another one is when that warthog guy legit SLAMMED Casey against the fucking car. It left a dent and shattered all the glass. Nope! Stood up like nothing happened! LIKE BITCH! YOU ALL SHOULD'VE DIED AWHILE AGO! JUST FUCKING DIE YOU WEAK ASS MOTHERFUCKERS! (Yeah yeah I know, I'm 2 years late. But I don't give a fuck)

  38. Tatmkt _

    Tatmkt _Hour ago

    But still with all those sins that one guy will say ”its a movie”

  39. Jesse Schoedel

    Jesse SchoedelHour ago

    And you trashed Keith David's singing? He was killing it during that song.

  40. Jesse Schoedel

    Jesse SchoedelHour ago

    Jeremy, your hatred of jazz has gone too far. "Almost There" is fucking fantastic.

  41. X Streamers

    X StreamersHour ago

    Where is endgame?

  42. Jean luc Pedanou

    Jean luc PedanouHour ago

    Nostalgia, incredible special effects and original ideas propel this movie. It’s still light years ahead of most sci-fi and still has potential. It was the Matrix before the Matrix. Those looking for more should watch the animated series Tron:Uprising - it will make you want another two movies to be made....

  43. Jesse Schoedel

    Jesse SchoedelHour ago

    3:24 Dr. Facilier's motivations for wanting to seize power really do not need to be explained, Jeremy. He was a black man in 1920s America. It really shouldn't take a lot of imagination to figure out what would drive him to seek greater power than he would normally have. And no, that's not me defending his actions. He was still planning to sacrifice an entire city of more or less innocent people to his "friends". I'm just pointing out that there's a greater context to his actions that the movie rightfully chooses not to go into because anyone with a basic knowledge of US history should be able to understand it.

  44. Trey Best

    Trey BestHour ago

    Switzerland WAS fucking Churchill while doing a whole lot more than flirting with Hitler. Learn WWII history.

  45. Dawn Shabs

    Dawn ShabsHour ago

    The ding came in to early 5:24

  46. Fans Perspective

    Fans PerspectiveHour ago

    Sooo nobody NOTICED The Middle reference whisper in the beginning with the kid Brick ?😂

  47. Minodora Florenta Pintilie

    Minodora Florenta PintilieHour ago

    You suck so much

  48. Ndjdjdj !

    Ndjdjdj !Hour ago

    Does anyone else not watch the movies and just watch these videos for the gist lmao

  49. Mason Macdougall

    Mason MacdougallHour ago

    Would you like to fucking die

  50. Providence

    ProvidenceHour ago

    Not even gonna lie, this movie scared the fuck out of me when I was a kid.

  51. Jesse Schoedel

    Jesse SchoedelHour ago

    2:40 Dr. Facilier is an asshole who likes to fuck with people. News at 11.

  52. Little Boogers

    Little BoogersHour ago

    "I'll stand by you." Aragorn: You have my sword-

  53. Wencatsandpigsfly

    WencatsandpigsflyHour ago

    This retard called shrek bad

  54. Harshiv Patel

    Harshiv PatelHour ago

    "The Apple is everything" - apple fans, since centuries.

  55. Valerie Thalia

    Valerie ThaliaHour ago

    The porcupined version of Scarlett Johansson... I don't think i'll be able to watch that upcoming Black Widow movie without thinking of this..

  56. Remy Wood

    Remy WoodHour ago

    For anyone to find faults with Aliens is basically a nitpicking jerk! It's a cinema classic...and the look into my eye scene was a distraction from him flipping the middle finger...

  57. Sunshiny Clouds

    Sunshiny CloudsHour ago


  58. Sugar and Cyenide

    Sugar and Cyenide2 hours ago

    This movie blew my mind as a child despite the flaws!

  59. Intan Delaila

    Intan Delaila2 hours ago

    shrek : you need to calm down cinema sins :taylor swift

  60. Scot Coon

    Scot Coon2 hours ago

    Missed two. Fans on their shoulders to hold them on the asteroid. In a vacuum. Two, the fans would push them back every time they bent over if there was air for them to work on, and they were powerful enough to hold them down.

  61. aakshii_ srivastav

    aakshii_ srivastav2 hours ago

    Finally watched the movie!!

  62. Jigga Man

    Jigga Man2 hours ago

    It’s nearly 2020 and I can certainly say $30000 is not like $500

  63. Alex Dixon

    Alex Dixon2 hours ago

    Good old governor Schwarzenegger kissing on a mexican lady then trying to become president so he could deport all the mexicans lol.... Basically because of his aretha franklin looking baby momma and trying to get rid of his bastard son..... Politics man lol

  64. Jefferson Smyth

    Jefferson Smyth2 hours ago

    So is iRobot a future where minimum wage is raised to $15?

  65. Paco Cheung

    Paco Cheung2 hours ago

    Space now stops motion, ships out of fuel won't float and keep its direction and will suddenly stop, there's a sin right there

  66. Nick Daddy

    Nick Daddy2 hours ago

    I dont think someone of science should so be against future thinking. Aka #@fuckNdGT

  67. Sienna Knobel

    Sienna Knobel2 hours ago

    1000+ sins off for Tom Hiddleston's abs

  68. Just D1z

    Just D1z2 hours ago

    There is absolutely NO reporting of tomfoolery in this movie at All. For as much cynicism that i have? I held quite abit back while watching this movie - *ANY* movie. But as soon as i didn't see Any reporting or police scouring the entire Planet for brock? Yeah, *flood gates opened*

  69. F.M ink youtube Extras

    F.M ink youtube Extras2 hours ago

    Do tad

  70. PhantomBlitz420

    PhantomBlitz4202 hours ago

    96 sins there was an attempt at 69 and there was a failure at 69

  71. gingerDoctorwho

    gingerDoctorwho2 hours ago

    scott lived in a house

  72. Brandon Prater

    Brandon Prater2 hours ago

    How would you describe the people in this movie? CINEMASINS: ... shrinky dinks. SINNY: Ding!

  73. Quichrlyn

    Quichrlyn2 hours ago

    forgot a quarter from grandpa is the same as 10 and he never gets any change

  74. Levi Samuel

    Levi Samuel2 hours ago

    Yooooo cinema sins foreshadowed will smith being deadshottt

  75. Satoru Taiyo

    Satoru Taiyo2 hours ago

    Correction, everything is wrong in Saw.

  76. Ian Hinkle

    Ian Hinkle2 hours ago

    Weird question but if each day or whatever was 7 years. What if they had they technology to talk to their families in real time. How would that work. One hour phone call is like 3 months there lol?

  77. josh lanphere

    josh lanphere2 hours ago

    I just watched this movie an hour ago, and this video suggestion popped up. My phone is listening to me!!!

  78. Tyler Bihlmaier

    Tyler Bihlmaier2 hours ago

    To the flat tire comment it's has two tires on each side and is a 4x4 and has a big block switch has a ton of torque and horse power. But other than that I get the other stuff.

  79. Daniel Lee

    Daniel Lee2 hours ago

    This movie explains 20% of the book and glosses over and oversimplifies and chnages 80% of the book. This movie deserves at LEAST 500 sins. And the giants drink and Beyond the End of the World in the mind game is so much more interesting in the book.

  80. ladycplum

    ladycplum2 hours ago

    13:41 Best part in the whole video.

  81. Satsui Nohado

    Satsui Nohado2 hours ago

    You're ruining Marvel. Leave them alone!! I 🤣🤣🤣

  82. Brandon Prater

    Brandon Prater2 hours ago

    6:10-6:15 LMAO😆👍

  83. 13LackBerry1

    13LackBerry12 hours ago


  84. Misshowzat

    Misshowzat2 hours ago

    Even though I might end up hating some of the sins I'm *SO* glad CS is covering this movie. It turned out so twisted compared to the way it was originally written. Very strange the film group did *only* this as a movie too, especially after 'relaunching' the character.

  85. Kratoscallofduty

    Kratoscallofduty2 hours ago

    Snake Eyes has the best dialogue in the film.

  86. scottthewaterwarrior

    scottthewaterwarrior2 hours ago

    Wait, you're sining Gone in 60 Seconds? OMG I cannot wait!

  87. ali

    ali2 hours ago

    either way if it has guns, dying, or action i'll watch it and not care at all

  88. Carter Hughes

    Carter Hughes2 hours ago

    I love how surprised he sounded about the fact that this movie cost 175 million dollars.

  89. Brody Baldridge

    Brody Baldridge2 hours ago

    This movie scared the shit out of me

  90. Paul L

    Paul L2 hours ago

    Do Astro Boy!!!!

  91. Read My Comment, Not My Information

    Read My Comment, Not My Information2 hours ago

    Should have taken off a sin for Muse

  92. Eli Koger

    Eli Koger2 hours ago

    Can’t stop the fact that they can SING.

  93. candy the hybrid glitter fangirl

    candy the hybrid glitter fangirl2 hours ago


  94. kevin fox

    kevin fox2 hours ago

    How many rounds are in that Pistol? Well, it's a Glock 17, Gen 2, and with a factory magazine, it holds the same number of rounds as it's model number, 17. Restricted state magazines, 10 rounds. So, assuming it was taken from a LEO early on, and has the standard magazine, Max fires 4, then another 4, so math, as it had one in the chamber (Furiosa didn't have to rack the slide) that would be either 17 - 8, or 18 - 8, so 9 or 10 rounds left in it. If there was a magazine restriction in place in this timeline, then 10 rounds at the start, leaving either 1 or 2 rounds. Cinema Sins, Google is your friend. Look up Mad Max Fury Road on the Internet Movie Firearms Database site, and see what the pistol in that scene is. Click on the page for that pistol, and you will learn all kinds of amazing facts about that model. If you want to learn even more, go to the Glock USA website, which will tell you all the specifications on the pistol. including magazine capacity. Or do those of us in the comment section have to do all your heavy lifting? : P

  95. Elizabeth Loves Sprinkles

    Elizabeth Loves Sprinkles2 hours ago

    Introducing the newest scarer, Shrek Wazowski

  96. VJ CatGirl

    VJ CatGirl2 hours ago

    I haven’t seen “Girls” and I thought he was a silly Sith Lord. He looks like an angsty teen and has absolutely no scaryness to him

  97. SoundRoutine

    SoundRoutine2 hours ago

    This sins was perfect summed up the third act of the film pin point

  98. chacachaca13

    chacachaca132 hours ago

    Hahahaaaa. Guess there is absolutely ZERO way to hide that you are either a liberal democrat or a socialist after the sins you dumped onto the movie after President Trumps appearance. Especially seeing that you did or re-did this a year ago... So does it burn your ass that as of today, 20 Sep 2019 President Trumps ratings are HIGHER than obamas were at the same time as per all the polls. Even Newsweek had to concede and write an article. But it's whatever. Your reviews are funny and it's unfortunate that TDC prevents people from keeping politics out of their work

  99. Noura Akram

    Noura Akram3 hours ago

    How the fuck does Talia's clothes still fit!!! How does Tyson's sunglasses not melt!!! Wtf!

  100. lordnastrond1

    lordnastrond13 hours ago

    9:02 - your wife is right.