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  1. - LightSwitch -

    - LightSwitch -24 seconds ago

    My most used emoji is 👀

  2. Icy

    Icy2 minutes ago

    *Wait you guys are getting paid?*

  3. Ashley Xo

    Ashley Xo3 minutes ago

    “Norman reedus” YEAAAAA

  4. Diamondmlgman MLGPRO

    Diamondmlgman MLGPRO5 minutes ago

    Amazing video!!!

  5. ace leafeo

    ace leafeo5 minutes ago


  6. loomianlegacy_info

    loomianlegacy_info6 minutes ago

    11 year old on this a key chane that keeps bad dreams away Me an 11 year old my grandpa

  7. Alexander Trujillo

    Alexander Trujillo7 minutes ago

    31 year guy looks like he gave up lmao

  8. Bitchwhatt

    Bitchwhatt7 minutes ago

    Normal 13 yo: I go to bed at 9 😙 Me: **Feels ashamed**

  9. qυєєи

    qυєєи7 minutes ago

    I love how there’s not even one darkskin or brownskin female on each and every episodeof this series ahhh us darker tones love us some colorists 😍😍😍😍😍 Oh and I also love how no ones noticing it🥰🥰🥰😻😍😘

  10. Fernanda Loves Voltron

    Fernanda Loves Voltron9 minutes ago

    What's your bedtime? Me: No, just no

  11. J C

    J C9 minutes ago

    The last guy is Stephen king

  12. Freeza Newer

    Freeza Newer10 minutes ago

    During weekdays I sleep at 10 pm and during weekends I go to bed at 4 am and wake up at 1 pm.

  13. Jorge Lon

    Jorge Lon12 minutes ago

    Allie Sherlock is amazing

  14. The Fat Pomeranian

    The Fat Pomeranian12 minutes ago

    Ello I’m EleVen On mIddLE SCHooL DAyS I dO 11:00 pm AnD On THe WEEkEnds IT Be ArOuNd 4:00 To 5:00 aM

  15. Eghost12

    Eghost1213 minutes ago

    2:23 That aint no women 🤢🤢🤢🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮

  16. PhukaTheGamer

    PhukaTheGamer13 minutes ago

    The last lady did not look 75

  17. Star Wars Encyclopaedia

    Star Wars Encyclopaedia14 minutes ago

    She was on America’s got talent: Sophie Pecora

  18. Galactic Gacha

    Galactic Gacha14 minutes ago

    When i was 7 i needed to go to bed at 7 PM 😂

  19. Alaina Shaw

    Alaina Shaw16 minutes ago

    So essentially, you creeped her out because you were taking too many photos of her on the first date and then she didn’t want to go out with you again…

  20. Fedor Smolin

    Fedor Smolin17 minutes ago

    13 year old: *"I wOnDeR iF sAnTa ClAuSe Is ReAl"* A few seconds before that 11 year old: *ALCATRAZ*

  21. Barcagranny Fut20

    Barcagranny Fut2018 minutes ago

    That 40 yr old ain’t a woman

  22. Braxton'sWay

    Braxton'sWay20 minutes ago

    Is the one that is 40 actually a girl

  23. Ugnė A

    Ugnė A21 minute ago

    all these teenage girls saying 9pm-1am me when i was like 9 *what? so not 5am?*

  24. The senate

    The senate21 minute ago

    Am i the only one who never had a bedtime and just ran around a lot as a child and went to bed at like 8 o’clock?

  25. Jamie Sweet

    Jamie Sweet22 minutes ago

    If someone asked me this question. I honestly wouldn’t know what to answer. My sleeping time is so bipolar. I could be sleeping at 8PM one day and another day it would be at 10PM and the next day could be at 3AM who knows.

  26. Amari Inasad

    Amari Inasad23 minutes ago

    Awwww, “remember to try to sleeping on you back.” Idk why that made me smile, but it did.

  27. Conor

    Conor25 minutes ago

    What's One Great Mystery You'd Want to Solve? Alcatraz

  28. WIL D

    WIL D25 minutes ago

    That trans dude is weird as f

  29. Dev Pinkham

    Dev Pinkham25 minutes ago

    #67 looks exactly like elon musks mom

  30. Liliana Elisa hoy Sánchez González

    Liliana Elisa hoy Sánchez González25 minutes ago

    We Stan the girl who said Billie eilish ✯ᴗ✯

  31. Aljona N

    Aljona N28 minutes ago

    👍👍👍👍👍оооочень рада за тебя 😍😘😘😘💙👍

  32. •coversbyme•

    •coversbyme•30 minutes ago

    Im 14 and i sleep around 3 to 5

  33. Paris Rose

    Paris Rose30 minutes ago

    Ever heard of Dave Ramsey? If anyone is having financial troubles helps them and gives really good advice.

  34. Liljatupsu/Lilytuft

    Liljatupsu/Lilytuft32 minutes ago

    "Number one costume is Fortnite, by the way" I'm so disappointed in my generation :')

  35. Hüseyin Ali Hocaoğlu

    Hüseyin Ali Hocaoğlu33 minutes ago

    Lan türkler burayıda işgal edin koşun lan

  36. Sofia XO

    Sofia XO35 minutes ago

    My age matches what She Said

  37. That guy who actually lives at 901 Shelby Drive

    That guy who actually lives at 901 Shelby Drive40 minutes ago

    Me: ight Imma go to bed Phone: _Say sike right now_

  38. It's Just Me Macy

    It's Just Me Macy40 minutes ago

    When the six year old said animals at the circus my vegan self cried inside

  39. مستر بين

    مستر بين41 minute ago

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  40. Stephanie G

    Stephanie G42 minutes ago

    Is this dita von teese??

  41. mateusz bauer

    mateusz bauer43 minutes ago

    I love the 5 year old she´s so cute ^^

  42. Debonairre Gaines

    Debonairre Gaines45 minutes ago

    Why did y’all need to script this

  43. Maja Bee

    Maja Bee46 minutes ago

    My is 🍑 hehehe

  44. klara savblom

    klara savblom47 minutes ago


  45. Kayleigh Payne

    Kayleigh Payne47 minutes ago

    The 55 year old: i got hit by a bus. Me: its regina george😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  46. Centro de Educacion Inicial Urdaneta

    Centro de Educacion Inicial Urdaneta48 minutes ago

    worthn wgddc.cjfg´hmggbm ,ngklgjlgmg, ytgkcjdnçvngotc,,c,c,c,cfdfjsñz z z zzlll´ç+`ç´++``çjcvdiwiey6hwdtrwe4e

  47. Miao Li

    Miao Li49 minutes ago

    Oh nooo I have gerontophobia, who’s with me?

  48. Michael Pfligl

    Michael Pfligl50 minutes ago

    Kid aged 6 definitely had a good story,

  49. Centro de Educacion Inicial Urdaneta

    Centro de Educacion Inicial Urdaneta50 minutes ago


  50. Raquel

    Raquel51 minute ago

    Size 14 is probably the one my legs are. :(

  51. swnangs2

    swnangs251 minute ago

    Omg this is so innacurate😭

  52. Mldn Miakhel

    Mldn Miakhel53 minutes ago

    “ What’s Dee Kay?” ~ Joe Keery 2019

  53. Knusper Cookie

    Knusper Cookie54 minutes ago

    when I was 5 I didn't even knew that emojis exist

  54. Aleksandar Vukovic

    Aleksandar Vukovic55 minutes ago


  55. Den Ro

    Den Ro58 minutes ago

    Why y'all only have cheating losers on this 🙄

  56. my gacha world

    my gacha world59 minutes ago

    person:what’s the bravest thing you’ve ever done me:step on a lego barefooted and SURVIVE

  57. joker.of.despair hehe

    joker.of.despair heheHour ago

    *anybody else just not have any sleep?*

  58. Чернова Анна

    Чернова АннаHour ago

    Это тот самый русский комент который ты ищешь!! Залайкайте чтоб иностранцы подумали что я написала что-то умное😍😍😍

  59. Mishaal Hamayun

    Mishaal HamayunHour ago

    No one : Me: 59 looks like a karen

  60. Noelle Nn

    Noelle NnHour ago

    Nikki, we need to talk about your jeans.

  61. Aljuri A

    Aljuri AHour ago

    Someone: so when's your bedtime ? Me:10 Someone:What you mea- Me:9 Me:8

  62. my gacha world

    my gacha worldHour ago


  63. mynameisliana

    mynameislianaHour ago

    She has the EXACT same voice as Mila Kunis. 0:17

  64. BlackbeltPrincess

    BlackbeltPrincessHour ago

    31 was real. Just cause something doesn't happen when you want to to, doesn't mean it wont happen ever. And sometimes, it's for the best.

  65. Jennifer Kitchen

    Jennifer KitchenHour ago

    I didn't think it was possible for me to love this woman anymore than I already do...

  66. my gacha world

    my gacha worldHour ago

    person:what do you find offensive me:donald trumps attitude


    ØKAY VIBEZHour ago

    "How did Donald Trump get elected" "Why did people vote for Donald Trump" Those were my favorites

  68. Brenton18

    Brenton18Hour ago

    The girl at 40 scared me

  69. Anna S

    Anna SHour ago

    is it just me or was she on project runway junior?

  70. Karli Mojica

    Karli MojicaHour ago

    I’m really into earrings right and this is perfect!

  71. Andrew

    AndrewHour ago

    If my granny was here "WhAt'S aN eMoJi?!?!"

  72. shakuntala devi poddar

    shakuntala devi poddarHour ago

    Am i the only one who uses this 🤦🏻

  73. Hopie Hope

    Hopie HopeHour ago

    The 60 year old man looks like gargamel of smurfs to me

  74. J C

    J CHour ago

    who cares

  75. Exzile Gamez

    Exzile GamezHour ago

    Well bossman, I make 15k a year...

  76. Planeta da Anna Uma blink

    Planeta da Anna Uma blinkHour ago

    Poderia tar legendado

  77. Dakota C

    Dakota CHour ago

    They were matching 😂 Omg if you says "You already know" one more time...

  78. Elise Ghevaert

    Elise GhevaertHour ago

    I love yoe Billie ❤️❤️💖💖

  79. GUIDO

    GUIDOHour ago

    This dude is mad corny.. way too full of himself.

  80. Ella Biddy

    Ella BiddyHour ago

    So is it just a thing that every single clothing item in these videos are super unflattering?

  81. siddhant agrawal

    siddhant agrawalHour ago

    They mistakenly put a man at 0:58

  82. Bia avakim kawaii Morango

    Bia avakim kawaii MorangoHour ago

    You Love Girls my lovee billie elish sorry my brazil

  83. Haytch

    HaytchHour ago

    my dad got a tesla you want that

  84. Clara Qaissami

    Clara QaissamiHour ago

    Years 12: Emma Watson

  85. Katers1343

    Katers1343Hour ago

    Feeling a little embarrassed atm.. my bed time is around 3am to 4am 😂🤭

  86. Messed up asshole

    Messed up assholeHour ago

    🔪 this is mine lmao

  87. Rubi Camacho

    Rubi CamachoHour ago

    1:07 she looks exactly like Alisha Boe who plays Jessica on 13 reasons why.

  88. Guapo Y Rico

    Guapo Y RicoHour ago

    I go to bed at 4am

  89. Misses How 2

    Misses How 2Hour ago

    Omg they all have such beautiful voices love em all Btw small USworkr here plz plz subscribe!

  90. Melina Karapiperi

    Melina KarapiperiHour ago

    Is Billie Elisha the best woman singer.... Yes : like No : comment

  91. Guapo Y Rico

    Guapo Y RicoHour ago

    The one on the thumb nail🥰

  92. Gokul Anil

    Gokul AnilHour ago

    My bed time is when my phone's battery dies. 😅

  93. aditi ram

    aditi ramHour ago

    nct: johnny: *VOCALS!*

  94. AirSlay

    AirSlayHour ago

    Ladie there is only one god not gods 😵

  95. the boy trapper

    the boy trapperHour ago

    Joe Keery:I have to tell you something Gaten Matarazzo:What? Joe Keery:I i love you Gaten Matarazzo:WTF

  96. stupid kid mary

    stupid kid maryHour ago

    My LoL DoLl

  97. _ Tomitomo

    _ TomitomoHour ago

    1:07 completely looks like the actress of jessica davis in 13rw, can't remember her name though

  98. Theodor Banu

    Theodor BanuHour ago

    Girls love smile,heart,and laugh and makeup.

  99. noabre

    noabreHour ago

    There are two types of people am/pm and o'clock

  100. Michael Randall

    Michael RandallHour ago

    1:02 Mannn that look women give you does something to your chest frfr