Strictly Dumpling
Strictly Dumpling
Strictly Dumpling

I LOVE FOOD!!!! So you have just entered my food universe where I will show you all the best places to eat and some awesome recipes!!!

  1. Dee Keller

    Dee Keller50 minutes ago

    I don't think I should do it ---- does it anyway

  2. WayliNotNice

    WayliNotNiceHour ago

    always amazed by how much the dude can eat

  3. Neha

    NehaHour ago

    Cajun spiced potatoes are the bomb

  4. Karla

    KarlaHour ago

    English ppl be eating slop and they be like “bloiymey this is blöödy yummy innit???”

  5. wildan syauqi

    wildan syauqiHour ago

    "ichi-who indeed"

  6. Jaden Cruz

    Jaden CruzHour ago

    Mike Chen logic 101

  7. Shah Awan

    Shah AwanHour ago

    How do you eat so much in a day??

  8. Jaime Chomik

    Jaime Chomik2 hours ago

    I can't believe I missed this one!! 😱🤩 salad bar??? You don't win friends with salad! 😂🤣😝

  9. Pinochet's Helicopter

    Pinochet's Helicopter2 hours ago

    You've not seen whole ones anywhere. You can't legally take the whole crab. Just the claw.

  10. Sophie W

    Sophie W2 hours ago


  11. J Lam

    J Lam2 hours ago

    Love noodle.

  12. swag yolo

    swag yolo2 hours ago

    :D haha " might be becuase they think im jackie chan" omg. i love you mike

  13. J Lam

    J Lam2 hours ago

    living in New York I sure don't know where to go for Chinese Food. Taste news.

  14. Leo Liu

    Leo Liu2 hours ago

    I’m so starving while watching this video,看着烤羊肉和肉pie好爽好想吃啊!

  15. Suryaprakash Shrestha

    Suryaprakash Shrestha3 hours ago

    Is he the guy hosting sunny side

  16. steven mathew

    steven mathew3 hours ago

    That shrimp ball with armor looks intimidating.

  17. Eccentric GG

    Eccentric GG3 hours ago

    Who is the man with mikey, i see him in every uzbek eating vid i mean in multiple not in every vid

  18. Arindom Chakraborty

    Arindom Chakraborty3 hours ago

    Nobody:-- Indians;- let's introduce a Chinese man to Chinese food. 😂😂😂

  19. gabh4x

    gabh4x4 hours ago

    God, that girl who sells skewers is beautiful

  20. Alexi

    Alexi4 hours ago

    What is it, Dr. Pepper Asian cousin

  21. Hemat Katuwal

    Hemat Katuwal4 hours ago

    Rice 😍🍛

  22. Khrienyuhu Dzuvichu

    Khrienyuhu Dzuvichu4 hours ago

    Your friend looks like Mushi , a professional Dota 2 player haha

  23. pj Julian

    pj Julian4 hours ago

    Yup, i have been there since i live in vegas, i give it a 6.5-7 rate.

  24. Grahisen Jones

    Grahisen Jones4 hours ago

    Just subscribed it’s wonderful seeing people and food from around the world. Love your channel. ❤️

  25. Eve Evans

    Eve Evans4 hours ago

    "The shape of my heart.. Will be this taquito!" I love that. AND THE BIRRIA IS KILLING ME SOFTLY.. ALL OF IT!!!!

  26. aira V

    aira V4 hours ago

    it looks delicious. i want to try it

  27. Faridun Bahodurzoda

    Faridun Bahodurzoda5 hours ago

    I am so jealous! :( I am originally from Tajikistan, this vid is so close to home, food is similar <3. Love your work by the way!

  28. decomposing1

    decomposing15 hours ago

    Haven't been to Mexico City yet but we have been up and down the west coast. Love Mexico and the Mexican people! Boca Tomatlan in Feb, home away from home.

  29. mohamed asaad

    mohamed asaad5 hours ago

    lesson learned: all asain people have extra stomachs :'D

  30. Gypsyy

    Gypsyy5 hours ago

    i watch these and would love to try some of them with out heading to korea or japan and well amazon has tons of asian instant noodles but picking which ones to order is difficult

  31. 中華民族偉大復興

    中華民族偉大復興5 hours ago

    Mike, you should know this, that sweet melon 🍈 is called 哈密瓜 in Xinjiang, China. The best!



    Best Indonesian noodle indomie goreng original best in the word or planet

  33. Ngoc Quang Truong

    Ngoc Quang Truong6 hours ago

    Jackie Chan. have you retired and started eating noodles?

  34. JubieTHEJones13

    JubieTHEJones136 hours ago

    I’m at school so hungry just like, knowing I’ll never have that luxury 😂😭

  35. Dateinam Wahlang

    Dateinam Wahlang6 hours ago

    Aren't you Japanese?

  36. William Clowery

    William Clowery6 hours ago

    Can anyone tell me what music is playing in background? Thank You

  37. vincent briones

    vincent briones6 hours ago

    Jackie Chan loves steaks

  38. john nguyen

    john nguyen6 hours ago

    Do you carbon offset your trips?

  39. Samurai _3

    Samurai _36 hours ago

    When he only care food than his girl friend this is what it looks like

  40. Kare Te Wehi

    Kare Te Wehi6 hours ago

    When you remember the guy from Best review’s channel 😂

  41. StrobeFireStudios

    StrobeFireStudios7 hours ago

    My girl and I are gonna do a US tour next year. Thinking of driving down the Rockies visiting Colorado and stuff. Have to go to Austin though, what the fuck is this BBQ place I cant even believe what I'm seeing.

  42. Suresh Ruparel

    Suresh Ruparel7 hours ago

    Sorry boycott halal no for Mac Donnell in India time to teach lesson to these idiotic MNC in India common let's start campaign

  43. Vadim Tudor

    Vadim Tudor7 hours ago

    why dont you try Romania, i've seen you going to europe, Romania is cheap and the food is good

  44. William Bailey

    William Bailey7 hours ago

    you eat like a pig

  45. Ownage Spice

    Ownage Spice8 hours ago


  46. ochinchin 69

    ochinchin 698 hours ago

    I thought it was ichirakus ramen

  47. Hypotonic Gaming

    Hypotonic Gaming8 hours ago

    people in the background is watching him eat 10:09

  48. Kurokiです

    Kurokiです8 hours ago

    Hey y'all, whats the track that mike used at 15:50 ? also love the video like dang i want hot pot now ; ;

  49. GEO VEN

    GEO VEN8 hours ago

    Nice peaceful life need to spread awareness keeping nature preserved , i do farming , cooking also you can see on my channel 🤗☺️🤗

  50. letspiggi piggio

    letspiggi piggio8 hours ago

    What is btw the white thing with the pink spiral ?

  51. Pose Kekinian

    Pose Kekinian8 hours ago

    Is that jackie chan ?

  52. Ynna Kim

    Ynna Kim9 hours ago


  53. Hotsauce is Lethal

    Hotsauce is Lethal9 hours ago

    100,000 Uzbek Som= $10.64 USD :-D! That is how much their biggest bill is worth.

  54. Dave Larose

    Dave Larose9 hours ago

    Buddy is such a great host. Nice guy.

  55. Daniel Entroliso

    Daniel Entroliso9 hours ago

    Cebuano here 👋 Great video man 👑

  56. TOWER

    TOWER9 hours ago

    i grow up watching your movies jackie chan :)

  57. A Person

    A Person9 hours ago

    10:11 "This nigga squeezing his fig?"

  58. Ram lopez

    Ram lopez9 hours ago

    Dis guy in da back 🤣🤣 2:21

  59. Rokothozo Sekhose

    Rokothozo Sekhose9 hours ago

    Also can i slap the girl already? She's too overacting😂

  60. Orange Fender

    Orange Fender9 hours ago

    Interesting. Well I had no intention of ever trying fugu before. I was curious about the taste. It looks intriguing and now I am 100% next time in Tokyo going to try fugu at this very restaurant. Great video mike!

  61. Hamzah Siddique

    Hamzah Siddique10 hours ago

    Lol he took a bite on the paper at 11:34 😂

  62. Han Bi Park

    Han Bi Park10 hours ago

    The girl at 5:54 is sooooo beautiful❤️

  63. Qua TheGod

    Qua TheGod10 hours ago

    Can anyone tell me why he isn’t eating Strictly Dumplings 😂😂 Sorry I’m new here

  64. Eagle Houston

    Eagle Houston10 hours ago

    damn jackie chan had a twin brother? lol.

  65. Iron Ore

    Iron Ore11 hours ago

    So that's Hyderabad.

  66. Beth Barclay

    Beth Barclay11 hours ago

    I want food.

  67. angel princess

    angel princess11 hours ago

    how many times did he say broth in this video?

  68. Margarither Ambrose

    Margarither Ambrose11 hours ago

    Glad to see Belcruze again..

  69. burning ice

    burning ice11 hours ago

    Watching you makes me hungry😢😢

  70. dannybflat

    dannybflat11 hours ago

    Time for a Manicure Mikey!

  71. Juju

    Juju11 hours ago

    8:05 did he just make a FRIENDS reference?

  72. 1990Thunderbolt

    1990Thunderbolt12 hours ago

    I miss Kang Ho Dong Baekjeong! Can't wait to go back!!!! <3

  73. Can't Shoot

    Can't Shoot12 hours ago

    Why is the frankie wrapped in newspaper

  74. Shrey Saxena

    Shrey Saxena12 hours ago

    0:50 guy looks like ravichandran ashwin

  75. Glitchex Dev

    Glitchex Dev12 hours ago

    Glad you enjoyed your stay in our country :)

  76. Michael Davis

    Michael Davis12 hours ago

    More brisket man

  77. Michael Davis

    Michael Davis12 hours ago

    I've been there go to the county line bro

  78. TechnoGen

    TechnoGen12 hours ago

    I need to stop watching food videos when I'm hungry

  79. Months Behind

    Months Behind12 hours ago

    lol magic Ramen window

  80. Jonathan

    Jonathan12 hours ago

    I think 1/2 the stuff he gets is either disgusting or he doesn't like it and just lies.

  81. Aikue

    Aikue12 hours ago

    Lmao did he use the theme from fortnite ?

  82. Danica L Lund

    Danica L Lund13 hours ago

    I'll just fill up on this tasty water xD

  83. Lex Luthor

    Lex Luthor13 hours ago

    Sigh...Don't forget tips are expected too ...Us...

  84. Storyteller Imphal

    Storyteller Imphal13 hours ago

    Next time you should visit northeast india and taste our foods. Very different from South, North, West Indians

  85. Paul's CCNA

    Paul's CCNA13 hours ago

    10:23 PM and I am official hungry....for those short ribs!

  86. Jack Bauer

    Jack Bauer13 hours ago

    I need to go to Eurasia. They know how to get down in the kitchen.

  87. SLOBolted 99

    SLOBolted 9913 hours ago

    Eats Tendon and says eww to broccoli haha come on Mike!

  88. Kennedy Fish

    Kennedy Fish13 hours ago

    I’m 99.9% sure that as long as meat is cooked beforehand it’s safe to bring, it just can’t be raw. Which for ramen I would assume it’s already cooked then just brought to temp by the water. You can’t bring fruits or veggies though

  89. Neztrox

    Neztrox13 hours ago

    8:22 imagine you just eating out with your friend and he randomly pulls out a camera with a TV attached on the top of it.

  90. tetrodotoxin RJA

    tetrodotoxin RJA13 hours ago

    Rock lee. Surely like this. 🤣

  91. Paul's CCNA

    Paul's CCNA13 hours ago

    Probably one of the best you-Tube Channels, ever. Fun. Informative. Great footage. And food!

  92. Javee Tagle

    Javee Tagle13 hours ago

    Asmr be łike

  93. T.Y. Hilton #ForTheShoe #GOAT #13Hunnit

    T.Y. Hilton #ForTheShoe #GOAT #13Hunnit13 hours ago

    I'm watching this video to remember if I went here for my 13th bday or not lol

  94. Sherrie A Norman

    Sherrie A Norman14 hours ago

    How BEAUTIFUL!!!

  95. Duc Anh Vu Pham

    Duc Anh Vu Pham14 hours ago

    Dude... it is new York. Everything there is overprice

  96. niña torres

    niña torres15 hours ago

    It felt like I was also there... but without having to taste the food...

  97. Juan David Guerrero

    Juan David Guerrero15 hours ago

    This is pure torture 😫

  98. Henry Cheng

    Henry Cheng16 hours ago

    Is it me or does this guy looks like Beto O'rourke

  99. Poogle Chen

    Poogle Chen16 hours ago

    Lol It's the same Uzbekistan foodie ambassador! ... and the both videos were uploaded on the same day! ?v=A3xHJzNNM2A

  100. iyan ruyana

    iyan ruyana16 hours ago

    Still hungry