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  1. Justin Agame

    Justin Agame47 seconds ago

    The design dont look to durable

  2. Pranay Mathur

    Pranay Mathur53 seconds ago


  3. Mein

    MeinMinute ago

    Fck you

  4. 연우

    연우Minute ago

    Oh, another fold review.... Oh...does he just... Ohhhhhhhhhh

  5. Justin Agame

    Justin AgameMinute ago

    Omg that translator so much better then the phone

  6. Lov!ingL!fe

    Lov!ingL!feMinute ago

    I have iPhone 8 Plus used it for two years now dropped numerous times never broke aluminum not scratched at all glass one tiny scratch that it for two year old phone Apple makes amazing quality phones


    SWAPNIL MULAY2 minutes ago

    It barely failed !

  8. IceSeeBoy

    IceSeeBoy2 minutes ago

    1:20 OMFG I didn't know that was even possible!!!

  9. peter Brezinski

    peter Brezinski2 minutes ago

    Big fail from samsung! That screen is horrible, scratches so easy... what you want to do with such a thing? Store it in some silk case before you take it with you? For 2000 dollar would expect way more scratch and dust resistance

  10. Ellinon Enosis

    Ellinon Enosis2 minutes ago

    I'll just wait for 5 years....

  11. red88alert

    red88alert3 minutes ago

    I have a Q80R QLED TV and I'm happy with it.

  12. RedNasty7

    RedNasty73 minutes ago

    Since the screen is made of plastic you could repair it with heat and form it back👍🏻 MAYBE

  13. master frukkerred

    master frukkerred4 minutes ago

    no good

  14. MrJohnnyJohnster

    MrJohnnyJohnster4 minutes ago

    Thanks for the info, bloke. I'm now going to avoid buying this phone because of what you just demonstrated, totally not because I can't afford it...

  15. CJ Movyz

    CJ Movyz4 minutes ago

    Worst phone I've ever seen...this is straight garbage

  16. Hasan güler

    Hasan güler4 minutes ago

    Jerry türkish language pls

  17. ps Jff

    ps Jff5 minutes ago


  18. 6969 subscribers with no videos

    6969 subscribers with no videos5 minutes ago

    jokes on you, I found the iPhone 69 in Area 51 wait, wrong video

  19. Kosaqu .u

    Kosaqu .u5 minutes ago

    Damn dude you look like hit man

  20. Marcus Victorian

    Marcus Victorian5 minutes ago

    Oh the pain of watching someone destroy a phone I cannot afford.....

  21. Ahnaf Samin

    Ahnaf Samin6 minutes ago

    8:20 mkbhd's inner apple hatred joined the chat: at least samsung tried something new....(and failed)

  22. Pras Dimas

    Pras Dimas6 minutes ago

    Dasar.casing hp nya gambar nya mata satu ilmunati

  23. Ila Nassah

    Ila Nassah6 minutes ago

    Terrible Samsung device ever.

  24. Mohit Saini

    Mohit Saini6 minutes ago

    U r incredible

  25. JongHo Lee

    JongHo Lee6 minutes ago

    This is just a cell phone. Not a tank.😂😂😂

  26. Nosherwan Adil

    Nosherwan Adil7 minutes ago

    😷 Very expensive phone

  27. Western Ranger

    Western Ranger7 minutes ago

    Tri force... obviously zelda

  28. ani mouse

    ani mouse8 minutes ago

    That feeling: he just simply rigged a 2000 dollar phone while me still watching some phone review and cant even avail one haha

  29. Sub Way

    Sub Way8 minutes ago

    Kinda disappointed you didn't do any art on the screen Jerry 💔

  30. SHoRM

    SHoRM8 minutes ago

    Best tare down ever

  31. Rj Usman

    Rj Usman8 minutes ago

    Jerry brother Give me one mobile i have no budget to buy any phone

  32. Ayla Rodriguez

    Ayla Rodriguez9 minutes ago

    This would be a good Try not to cringe video

  33. Dylan Matheson

    Dylan Matheson9 minutes ago

    Why doesn't Samsung send their phones to this guy before releasing to the public??

  34. Rohit Kumar

    Rohit Kumar9 minutes ago

    I feel so sorry to say this thing,it failed again..

  35. hello gamee

    hello gamee9 minutes ago

    I have that shittt

  36. Di_on Play2_28

    Di_on Play2_289 minutes ago

    Ска за шо так ти зним мені лутше віддав би

  37. Sumanth Sa

    Sumanth Sa10 minutes ago

    That’s a win win situation orr

  38. Bob Zang

    Bob Zang10 minutes ago

    Why not just two separate screen protector plates and just leave the hinge in the middle without a screen protector?

  39. _ HaguHagu’s YouTube하구하구의 유튜브

    _ HaguHagu’s YouTube하구하구의 유튜브10 minutes ago

    Samsung Galaxy Fold is so strong~!

  40. QkotmanYT

    QkotmanYT10 minutes ago

    This is painful to see... Somehow I feel bad for this foldable phone and also Samsung for releasing such a "vulnerable device."

  41. Jorge Giron

    Jorge Giron11 minutes ago

    Please for the love of god stop fucking using a knife and fucking scraping the sides to the phone that noise is so fucking cancer

  42. sarvesh guptan

    sarvesh guptan12 minutes ago

    Instead of burn test try doing water test

  43. Kevin Moore

    Kevin Moore12 minutes ago

    I'd use a foldable phone when they find a way to waterproof and make a hardened inside screen. Until then I'll stick with my s7 which passes my durability tests for years now.

  44. Emmanuel meric de bellefon

    Emmanuel meric de bellefon12 minutes ago

    I don't think a lighter makes a very good test to measure durability ...

  45. mrmoo

    mrmoo12 minutes ago

    I think you could iron out those wrinkles you made on the screen, it's clearly got some heat resistance there, get your ironing board out and fix up that phone 😉


    SAAD HERO13 minutes ago

    Too soft for daily use

  47. JR Bees

    JR Bees14 minutes ago

    *Cringe-worthy* video! @JerryRigEverything if your video doesn't convince _everyone_ to *not* buy this version of the Fold then I have no words for them! I was initially lusting after this way in hell would I buy it. Great Video!

  48. Marius Muntean

    Marius Muntean14 minutes ago

    As expected. Plastic screen junk prototype...

  49. Sibonelo nyide

    Sibonelo nyide14 minutes ago


  50. deepak charan

    deepak charan15 minutes ago

    Please don’t break phones bro its so painful

  51. SW Cursory Add on Xbox

    SW Cursory Add on Xbox15 minutes ago

    What scratches at a level 1?

  52. Jay Mata

    Jay Mata16 minutes ago

    that asmr audio tho

  53. Dark Angel

    Dark Angel16 minutes ago

    9:25 bill cipher does approve

  54. andy

    andy17 minutes ago

    Now let's see him try to fold that more than seven times

  55. Whopper_MAN617

    Whopper_MAN61717 minutes ago

    You son of a bitch you broke my heart 💔😢

  56. Tjaš 75

    Tjaš 7518 minutes ago

    Samsung and some other korean conpany are yesting foldable glass that might be on the fold 2

  57. John skinner

    John skinner18 minutes ago

    Shitphone for $2000 🤢🤢🤢

  58. M͓̽U͓̽F͓̽F͓̽I͓̽N͓̽ God

    M͓̽U͓̽F͓̽F͓̽I͓̽N͓̽ God18 minutes ago

    No flippy means no extendy

  59. Shinylemon

    Shinylemon18 minutes ago

    Can you just not destroy a $2000+ phone for once? I mean, you could at least make smaller scratches instead of going ACROSS THE ENTIRE DAMN SCREEN.

  60. Papia Khan

    Papia Khan18 minutes ago


  61. Alexx

    Alexx18 minutes ago

    Samsung: please stop destroying our products.

  62. Raiduh

    Raiduh19 minutes ago

    it Fassed the durability test.

  63. Phathom

    Phathom20 minutes ago

    Crunchiest phone I’ve ever heard.

  64. rinah mac

    rinah mac20 minutes ago

    You know we have nokia right?

  65. Jang Kendal

    Jang Kendal20 minutes ago

    it your fult

  66. JustArcher

    JustArcher20 minutes ago

    Idk, for now, I feel like it failed

  67. Nicholas Wright

    Nicholas Wright21 minute ago

    Unlike everyone else, I find these destruction videos relaxing.

  68. Pau Gonz Alv

    Pau Gonz Alv21 minute ago

    I suffered watching this video. XI

  69. Phantom Dea3th

    Phantom Dea3th21 minute ago

    Please sir try to unbox THE HUAWEI NOVA 3I

  70. WL Chek

    WL Chek21 minute ago

    Must bring a Ziploc bag while going to the beach...LOL!

  71. Naruto Uzumaki

    Naruto Uzumaki22 minutes ago

    6:23 6:32 6:36 7:23 7:35 7:38 7:48 Thank me later

  72. imran Khan

    imran Khan23 minutes ago

    Main chota mobele uze karta hu sir gareeb hai hum hamare pas gadi bhi lene ko paise nhi hai sir ek choti gadi hai 220 bass aur ek iphone x hai bass hai sir hum usme he kush hai

  73. Ty_Braek

    Ty_Braek23 minutes ago

    Samsung: Recalls phones and adds little pieces of plastic to "keep dirt and dust out" Jerry Rig Everything: Puts some dirt on top of the screen and it instantly fills the hinge with dirt. Did they honestly think 2 T shaped plastic thing would keep dust and rocks out?

  74. anshul bhatia

    anshul bhatia23 minutes ago

    Dear Samsung your future is very bright if this heman couldn’t damage your galaxy fold😛😂 than for a common people it will work fine🤗🤗🤗

  75. Stevey Canuck

    Stevey Canuck23 minutes ago

    Not for 2k. What a complete piece of shit

  76. Anand Sankaran

    Anand Sankaran24 minutes ago

    Although excited on getting a FOLDING Phone, but these HUGE issues don't justify the $2k price!

  77. popcornkidxxx

    popcornkidxxx24 minutes ago

    Broooo! Make a vlogsss plz

  78. Ramya Saravanan

    Ramya Saravanan24 minutes ago

    *Samsung Insider Information* jerry's backbend test was one of the strict protocols followed by Samsung

  79. Abhirup Routh

    Abhirup Routh24 minutes ago

    Please don't break the phone. Give me this phone please. 😭😭😭😭

  80. Ali Raza Jafri

    Ali Raza Jafri24 minutes ago

    Did Anyone Notice He Picked Mobile With Knife, 😂

  81. Mr Bison

    Mr Bison25 minutes ago

    Thank you Jerry for making the industry of mobile phones better 🙏

  82. يحيى الأيوبي

    يحيى الأيوبي25 minutes ago

    إذا كان لديك الكثير من المال أرسل إلي هاتف محمول و سوف أكون من الشاكرين

  83. Fen1x

    Fen1x25 minutes ago

    Fuck you!

  84. anshul bhatia

    anshul bhatia26 minutes ago

    10:58 disclaimer Be brave enough to see video ahead Watch carefully at on your own risk. Heartache may come.. 😑😑😑

  85. Brandon Estrada

    Brandon Estrada27 minutes ago

    Me dolió hasta el culito está loco se pasó este man neta que coraje me da

  86. 실화냐

    실화냐27 minutes ago

    한국어다! Korean!

  87. Kevin Zhao

    Kevin Zhao27 minutes ago

    wait until Samsung strikes this video lol.

  88. Natalie Wenzel

    Natalie Wenzel28 minutes ago

    Followed this video and had no problems doing the same to my joycons 👌🏻 as long as you take your time and stay organized it’s not half as hard as it looks

  89. eklavya kumar

    eklavya kumar28 minutes ago

    Samsung came up with foldable phones. Le Jerry using his S8 Plus for Google Translate on the Fold. 😂😂😂😂😂

  90. Charlotte Turpie

    Charlotte Turpie29 minutes ago

    I have the Xr and it’s amazing

  91. TheDarmach

    TheDarmach29 minutes ago

    The uneven angle between the screen panels when closed would drive me mad !

  92. Maxwell mkhwanazi

    Maxwell mkhwanazi29 minutes ago

    1:16 did you just say "Galaxy A50!🤣😂🤣😂🤣

  93. 亚洲胜利

    亚洲胜利30 minutes ago

    I think the key idea here is, folding plastic screen isnt the ideal solution for a folding phone, coz no matter the durability of the plastic, it will eventually be over used & break or peel off, i hope they look into 2 glass screens that stack with each other at an angle when unfolded, that way it will form a unified screen, wont break as easily, & will last longer, also depends on mechanical construction, it can close thoroughly flat with no openings.

  94. Stiler15

    Stiler1530 minutes ago

    Microsoft really out here making xboxes for disabled people, meanwhile apple is scamming people out of a 1080p display.

  95. Eric Lrsa

    Eric Lrsa30 minutes ago

    Lucky couple.. i gonna sub 👍

  96. Fatefulcoma

    Fatefulcoma30 minutes ago

    I'm a no to the fold phone it's not quite ready yet

  97. Rachel Ann

    Rachel Ann31 minute ago

    I fucking hate that this type of shit earns someone a paycheck when we all fuckin know they ARE getting paid by the products in this video. Bad/good any press is good press.

  98. the gamers/adventures

    the gamers/adventures31 minute ago

    My second foldable phone Nokia: Am I a joke to you?

  99. David Lee

    David Lee31 minute ago

    Yeah I want one. But I thank I'll wait for the next update or two. At least salve the dust seals I think under "Normal" uses it will hold up just fine. Aside from dirt. I live in Arizona so yeah everything is dirt. And WHAT ABOUT WATER.. I also have a house in south east Texas We LOVE our rain... As y'all may see lol

  100. Eric Nar

    Eric Nar31 minute ago

    This video actually hurt my insides, yikes. Kinda surprised it survived the bend test.