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  1. Jessie

    Jessie3 minutes ago

    Nylander is 6.9 not 5.8

  2. Mark Curtis

    Mark Curtis9 minutes ago

    Hall looked like a douche after scoring lol

  3. Jason G

    Jason G21 minute ago

    It was a beauty!!!

  4. chris scorpio

    chris scorpio23 minutes ago

    Old man strength vs young man stupidity.

  5. DAJ Mayn

    DAJ Mayn41 minute ago

    Jake Allen was in net.. goals are irrelevant

  6. Michael Atkinson

    Michael Atkinson52 minutes ago

    I was with you until you said you would give ANYBODY 45 Million for a season. Holy Hell, F to the no.

  7. J. Nybergh

    J. Nybergh55 minutes ago

    You really need Kappy's comments for a video like this..

  8. Dustin Bell

    Dustin Bell56 minutes ago

    Kadri ain’t even a leaf anymore man

  9. James Bande

    James Bande57 minutes ago

    Welcome to Montreal!

  10. Red River Ninja

    Red River NinjaHour ago

    This is actually the best case scenario for the Jets. They should have traded him 4 years ago, if you actually follow and watch the Jets you would know that for every highlight he has he has an equally unimpressive lowlight. Let him retire, get that money free, sign Connor and Laine. I’m a Boston fan living in Winnipeg and I can tell you firsthand that a young unknown D group can accomplish great things if the coaching is right. Maurice should have been fired after the playoffs, who cares if Buff retires, the Jets are fine. If they sign Connor and Laine yet still doubt this team, you are going to look the fool. Jets are fine, relax.

  11. John Smith

    John SmithHour ago

    Jets wont make playoffs

  12. LikeOrigami

    LikeOrigamiHour ago

    Wait since when were advertisements painted on the trapezoid area?

  13. LikeOrigami

    LikeOrigamiHour ago

    The title is so confusing

  14. Jake

    JakeHour ago

    Hughes was setting up plays all night

  15. Captiankirk games

    Captiankirk gamesHour ago

    Jack hugushe is showing he is worth every penny and what he is made of I know pre season but jack is going be the best USA Born player

  16. Torsti Tapiola

    Torsti TapiolaHour ago

    Hughes: Does nothing Hughes: Does absolutely nothing Sportsnet: WATCH JACK HUGHES' AMAZING PERFORMANCE

  17. Fash out

    Fash out2 hours ago

    Future RFA holdout with hands like that

  18. Baji Kimran

    Baji Kimran2 hours ago

    I like Torts. He's got balls. It's a good thing Hartley's players protected him because Torts would have kicked his ass.

  19. nexushockeyHD

    nexushockeyHD2 hours ago

    this kid is insane. calder incoming

  20. Manifested Logic

    Manifested Logic2 hours ago

    All those stupid boomers hating on Nylander last year can stfu. 6.9 is a decent AAV. Willy will bag 80 pts easy

  21. Andrew Persaud

    Andrew Persaud2 hours ago

    Pretty sure Wheeler agrees with Laine. Best sniper on the team isn't with the best play maker. Good job Jets

  22. JeremyCuddles

    JeremyCuddles2 hours ago

    I like Nylander, I think last season he took a lot of heat unfairly. This will be a big season for him. I can see him hitting 70 points. Still dislike the Leafs though. Lol. But I can like Rielly and Nylander.

  23. PuthSardaraDha

    PuthSardaraDha2 hours ago

    NJD - is gonna be dangerous offensively this year. D could use some help, and the goaltending.......

  24. Yan Kerouac

    Yan Kerouac2 hours ago

    Let’s see if they know what bare, ahlie, or dunnoe means

  25. SEMAJ

    SEMAJ3 hours ago

    He put his stick between his legs and lifted him up by it and then slammed him

  26. Chewy Ltd

    Chewy Ltd3 hours ago

    Ehlers showing that he wants to play while they ponder the future of Laine... Could a trade happen?

  27. Peter Dejong

    Peter Dejong3 hours ago

    Get rid of the baby girl wheeler too.

  28. Tyler Dowd

    Tyler Dowd3 hours ago

    matthews and nylander are about to go off this season

  29. Chris Trudell

    Chris Trudell3 hours ago

    Great player, cheesey 'stache. Crosby's is cheesy too.☮️🇨🇦

  30. SammySTL5

    SammySTL53 hours ago

    Where are all the Finns from the predraft? I haven't heard from them in awhile....

  31. Cole Brunelle

    Cole Brunelle3 hours ago

    "Let's make an entire video asking leafs about Matthew's mustache" great video can't wait for the next one to find out what kind of meals Austin eats😂 #MatthewsNet

  32. Lex Smith

    Lex Smith3 hours ago

    “At eastern motors We drop your credit!”

  33. True TT

    True TT3 hours ago

    Lol wait, mandem is still in use? It’s been a while since I ventured into Scarborough hahah

  34. Jacob Barker

    Jacob Barker3 hours ago

    What's the name of the song they're playing after the goal?! tried searching it but nothing!

  35. bryce rucks

    bryce rucks4 hours ago

    What do you mean "almost"

  36. Niel Thompson

    Niel Thompson4 hours ago

    Markstrom is the question as well lets face it goaltending is 90 %of the game unless you dont have it, then its 100%

  37. CanadianGirl 26

    CanadianGirl 264 hours ago

    Omg! Great video

  38. Steve Van Eyk

    Steve Van Eyk4 hours ago

    In regards to the potential issue in the dressing room due to salary differences; I think when you make the most money on the team, the rest of the team expects you to pay for more meals and drinks. Socially, it kind of balances out a little bit like that.

  39. bdawk511

    bdawk5114 hours ago

    As a Flyers fan, I'm not happy to see this. As a hockey fan, he'll be so much fun to watch for the next 15 years.

  40. Super Haze

    Super Haze4 hours ago

    Just offer sheet him someone and end this crap in a week get some real news on tv

  41. B Att

    B Att4 hours ago

    That crowd is still all over nylander pathetic losers in my mind. Fun being at the game but we’re not in the outfield shut the f up

  42. Ben B

    Ben B4 hours ago

    My man

  43. 80zforever

    80zforever4 hours ago

    So surprising that the Wild didn't draft the kid from their own block and went with the dude Joel Eriksson Ek. I think they're regretting it now.

  44. CoKo A

    CoKo A4 hours ago

    Is it me or did Hughes grow a couple inches since the draft. He looks close to 6'1

  45. Icon of Sin

    Icon of Sin4 hours ago

    Laine, start playing stop complaining.

  46. Stephanie Lynn

    Stephanie Lynn4 hours ago

    I don't hate it, but I don't love it either. Still hot though.

  47. David Oh

    David Oh4 hours ago

    Ask Chicago how it's going. At least they won cups before paying them.

  48. Pig Dubs

    Pig Dubs4 hours ago

    Best 5 10 player is obviously Tobias Reider

  49. bingo_fuel

    bingo_fuel4 hours ago

    he'll finally get 30 this year. calling it now.

  50. kevinso187

    kevinso1874 hours ago

    he came as advertised

  51. Don. Diego.98

    Don. Diego.984 hours ago

    Mcdavid seriously needs to leave this shithole... 🤦🏽‍♂️😂

  52. Michael MacRae

    Michael MacRae4 hours ago

    "Speed" did that announcer ever watch Buff play at all? Did he learn to skate backwards?

  53. Benjamin Awrey

    Benjamin Awrey4 hours ago

    It's some BS it says you need to be drinking age yet later down it says you need to be 21😒

  54. Andrew Gala

    Andrew Gala4 hours ago

    Should have dropped the gloves to get the Geordie Howe hat trick

  55. Brandon Allan

    Brandon Allan4 hours ago

    Willy just might never score again

  56. Skylightt

    Skylightt5 hours ago

    But smol

  57. Rick Robitaille

    Rick Robitaille5 hours ago

    Like Kobe said, THERE GONNA KILL IT

  58. TheSnipingShark 935

    TheSnipingShark 9355 hours ago

    Laine reaches out to Little and apologized to him for the comment and saying something he didn’t actually mean. Plus he would never say that abt Ehlers those boys r rly good buddies

  59. Michael Borneman

    Michael Borneman5 hours ago

    If Nylander out plays Marner this year the leafs have to deal Marner.

  60. Swigidi _

    Swigidi _5 hours ago

    Patrick who?

  61. Austin Luff

    Austin Luff5 hours ago

    hE's oVeRpaid

  62. you used my toothbrush?

    you used my toothbrush?5 hours ago

    the dallas stars one will give me a reason to call them cancer tumors

  63. Club Shay Shay

    Club Shay Shay5 hours ago

    Could of had more points if his teammates buried

  64. ATOMIC

    ATOMIC5 hours ago

    Would've been funny if the Oilers picked Connor McMichael. Hope he is a good addition to my Caps!

  65. SnC

    SnC5 hours ago

    Save of the year?

  66. Tim_GRIFTER_Tool

    Tim_GRIFTER_Tool5 hours ago

    Better than matthews!!

  67. The Truth

    The Truth5 hours ago

    Brodeur > Messier for 6'2

  68. phil herrup

    phil herrup5 hours ago

    Trade all of them for R.A Dickey straight up

  69. dakotuhh _

    dakotuhh _5 hours ago

    And then there's our line

  70. David Oh

    David Oh5 hours ago

    This will guarantee the leafs will not win the cup in the next 5 years. Ask the Blackhawks how spending half the salary cap on 4 players is going.

  71. Nicholas Estela

    Nicholas Estela5 hours ago

    These Devil fans are hella funny man. They’re getting excited about two games that Jack Hughes played where More than half of the NHL rosters for the Bruins and Rangers weren’t even suited up. Marc Staal was the Only NHL defenseman playing for the Rangers tonight. Dude gets a gift breakaway from a garbage line change and these delusional Devil fans are acting like they won the cup. October 17th. Kakko, Panarin, Kreider and Zibby. See ya then.

  72. Brock

    Brock5 hours ago

    He didn’t set him up he gave him the puck then he sniped

  73. Dingus

    Dingus5 hours ago

    Where's my coyotes highlights from the other day?! Sports Net blows dogs for quarters and you know this man.

  74. ablackprep

    ablackprep5 hours ago

    Nylander 🏒 needs to be robbed 🖐🏽 of that contract 🏦

  75. ablackprep

    ablackprep5 hours ago

    I love ❤️ the hyperbole when describing Toronto Maple 🍁 Leaf 🍂 plays 🏒

  76. Andrew Weinerman

    Andrew Weinerman6 hours ago

    Almost every seat is filled in pre season

  77. x Wirelesss

    x Wirelesss6 hours ago

    "KaApO KaKkO is BeTteR LuL"

  78. Tristan Fowler

    Tristan Fowler6 hours ago

    Ehlers showed Laine what’s up.

  79. Michael O'Connor

    Michael O'Connor6 hours ago

    Huh... it's the Blues that can't hold a lead against the Jets. Must be Opposite Day.

  80. ablackprep

    ablackprep6 hours ago

    MIA Kappo Kaako 🇫🇮

  81. Unknown Name

    Unknown Name6 hours ago

    Kids gonna be a superstar

  82. Snicky G

    Snicky G6 hours ago

    Kyle is such a darling!

  83. 76Dureg76

    76Dureg766 hours ago

    A lot of haters are gonna eat their words when Nylander puts up 60 assists this year

  84. CND - Snipez

    CND - Snipez6 hours ago

    Ehlers Breakout year

  85. MikeHawk Hurtz

    MikeHawk Hurtz6 hours ago

    Marchand should be suspended for this

  86. Gabriel Vandal

    Gabriel Vandal6 hours ago

    Devils are gonna be a blast to watch this year!

  87. feyyefeyye feyye

    feyyefeyye feyye6 hours ago

    Fastest Jet sine tanev joined my pens

  88. taco meat

    taco meat6 hours ago

    Stanley Cup

  89. Asleep Osprey

    Asleep Osprey6 hours ago

    Whos a bad line mate now laine!

  90. Mynameismike

    Mynameismike6 hours ago

    Let's go Devils!

  91. taco meat

    taco meat6 hours ago


  92. Asleep Osprey

    Asleep Osprey6 hours ago

    Leafsnet like horvats set up to baerchi yesterday was way more impressive then that like seriously

  93. Scavenger69_MFK

    Scavenger69_MFK6 hours ago

    Remember hughes vs kakko? Me neither.

  94. Chris Sousa

    Chris Sousa6 hours ago

    That was some weak defending on Matthews if we're being honest lol. How are you not aware that he's on the ice , even if its pre-season

  95. MHL Mini Hockey

    MHL Mini Hockey6 hours ago

    Kane at 5 10

  96. Vic Germain

    Vic Germain6 hours ago

    Honestly , I love Kaako but Hughes is just incredible!

  97. Auston Matthews

    Auston Matthews6 hours ago

    McDavid Lite. So much better than Kakko too

  98. Dillon Goldsmith

    Dillon Goldsmith6 hours ago

    Faizal Khamisa is an absolute champ

  99. Kingston Bro

    Kingston Bro6 hours ago


  100. Matheus Barros

    Matheus Barros6 hours ago

    1:06:A drunk fan jammed by 15 Sabres players hahahaha Ooo Goddees bless hockey