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End of Year Q&A!

9 months ago

iPad Pro 2018 Review
  1. Adrian MH

    Adrian MH2 minutes ago

    So the wait for Pixel 5 has begun.

  2. Amit Thumar

    Amit Thumar4 minutes ago

    Is it just me or Dave said 64 gigs of RAM while mentioning price?

  3. A O

    A O17 minutes ago

    Google Pixel 4.........SKIPPPP!!!!!!!!

  4. Rio Wang

    Rio Wang17 minutes ago

    What makes it special? Nothing.

  5. Chirag

    Chirag17 minutes ago

    TLDW: nothing

  6. Alex Schwartz

    Alex Schwartz20 minutes ago

    64 gigs of ram huh 🤣

  7. Mohsen Ezady

    Mohsen Ezady26 minutes ago

    lol 😂

  8. Maciej Skrzetuski

    Maciej Skrzetuski26 minutes ago

    The hand wiggler strikes again. F*cking just stop.

  9. Viraj Singh

    Viraj Singh28 minutes ago

    wonder what a s pen fell on 90hz display.

  10. Rafael Villanueva

    Rafael Villanueva28 minutes ago

    Consumers need to start talking with their wallets. No way in 2019 that your lowest tier device should come with 64gb of storage. 128 should be the minimum or you add expanded storage capabilities. I guess they are banking on cloud storage for photos and videos? Oh wait, you don't get that as an added bonus anymore with this gen Pixel (well, you get unlimited compressed photos and vids!). I have a 1+7 pro and was thinking if Google knocked it out the park that i would finally step into the Pixel world, but alas, it's not going to happen yet...

  11. איתמר ערב

    איתמר ערב32 minutes ago

    Nice! A no brainer with 64GB of RAM.

  12. danthetechguru 1

    danthetechguru 132 minutes ago

    My first high refresh screen was the Razer phone 2

  13. Citizen Terra

    Citizen Terra36 minutes ago

    yeah, i think google is very far removed from what the customers actually want. I still have my pixel xl and love it, but i skipped upgrading to 3 cuz of the ugly and stupid iphone copying (the feature that everyone was commenting on how stupid it is, google went and blindly adopted it). and now the pixel 4 sounds very underwhelming to me. if they had added back the headphone jack i would have bought for sure tho

  14. Jorge Yepez

    Jorge Yepez37 minutes ago

    they don’t have 64gb of RAM

  15. 放課後少年

    放課後少年38 minutes ago

    It makes pixle 3 less special.

  16. MontroseThe

    MontroseThe38 minutes ago

    coil whine only bothers u when ur name is karin

  17. galvatron 43

    galvatron 4339 minutes ago

    1plus 7 pro T!!!

  18. SolidSonicTH

    SolidSonicTH40 minutes ago

    This did work for my Gigabyte Aero 15x but there is one more step where you need to assign a different driver to the MPTP device after doing this. After that I got Precision Touchpad support.

  19. Final Fantasy XIII

    Final Fantasy XIII40 minutes ago

    Batter life should be improved too. It sucks after the last update and I'll never forgive them for that!

  20. WIND Flower

    WIND Flower41 minute ago

    How is sudio? 🤔

  21. Final Fantasy XIII

    Final Fantasy XIII44 minutes ago

    Who cares about the camera on ipads?!!

  22. root8ble

    root8ble48 minutes ago

    man what happened to google... their shit are expensive as fck now

  23. Tech Mind

    Tech Mind48 minutes ago

    For those who are interested on budget gaming laptops 👉 uswork.info/videos/ozuAz27sq2Q-video.html

  24. Michael Baldwin

    Michael Baldwin49 minutes ago

    shock horror..Google joining the rip off club ! Just as well Xiaomi is around !

  25. Bingo

    Bingo54 minutes ago

    How does this stack up to the other current lightweight bois (Finalmouse Air58, Finalmouse Ultra Light, Finalmouse Ultra Light 2, Glorious Model O, Glorious Model O-, G Wolves Skoll, and Cooler Master MM710)?

  26. Pawan Yadav

    Pawan Yadav59 minutes ago

    Budget and midrange phones, 4000-6000 mA battery. Google : Everyone one here is stupid except me

  27. Meme Man

    Meme ManHour ago

    Google turning into apple

  28. Fidel Pablo

    Fidel PabloHour ago

    Bro.. have you been sleeping?

  29. blueeyedbaer

    blueeyedbaerHour ago

    When you watch 90 Hz demonstration on 60 Hz screen.

  30. Hexxa Clan

    Hexxa ClanHour ago

    Yo dave, just telling you that u made a small mistake.. while mentioning the price of the both phones u said it has 64 gigs of ram.. it is supposed to be rom right?

  31. kenniikalonji

    kenniikalonjiHour ago

    Google reps reading the comments like 😭

  32. Kartik Sethi

    Kartik SethiHour ago

    why don't you ever recommend Thinkpads. They're reasonably priced,durable and have the best keyboard known to mankind

  33. spookyhcs

    spookyhcsHour ago


  34. kenniikalonji

    kenniikalonjiHour ago

    Being the biggest flop of 2018... and it’s 2019. That’s what’s special.

  35. Manharjot Singh

    Manharjot SinghHour ago

    In 2019 I wouldn't expect 64gb of additional storage to cost $100 extra, its obscene

  36. Ro.

    Ro.Hour ago


  37. bassandtrebleclef

    bassandtrebleclefHour ago

    If you are concerned about security, that flip up camera is appealing.

  38. Ash Bash Sneakers

    Ash Bash SneakersHour ago

    What's funny is if Google added an ultra wide camera half the people hating would be saying take my money.

  39. i leik pi

    i leik piHour ago

    Everyone’s neglecting the fact that this will be the only phone that can use stadia for a while

  40. Rising Deity

    Rising DeityHour ago

    Dave, are you getting enough sleep?! :O

  41. Nicholas B

    Nicholas BHour ago

    Am i the only one to have noticed the pixel 4 is closer to 1080p (FHD+) than 1440p (QHD) screen? I think battery life will be on par: 90 hz + FHD+ ~= low fps QHD. BTW this is not a redeeming quality it makes me sad that a flagship in 2019 has a 1080p screen. Just food for thought for those worried about battery life since QHD has been a given for flagships for a few years now.

  42. Neil D'Souza

    Neil D'SouzaHour ago

    What Next? LMAO

  43. Kamen Petrov

    Kamen Petrov2 hours ago

    Woof bad phones. Xiaomi 9t here couldn't be happier

  44. Daniel Davila

    Daniel Davila2 hours ago

    Did I buy a broken calendar or something? Is it April fools day? What is this.

  45. BebéTechManiac 2018

    BebéTechManiac 20182 hours ago

    I think is stupid to remove the headphone jack... and yes, the reason is business, not the space, especially on the N10+. I got the + version, and I like it a lot. I got a great deal I couldn't resist... no trade-in, 15%, 250 discount, and another $150 discount (3 months free of service, $50 plan), after doing the math, $642 for the N10+, great... but, there's more... AKG wireless headphones include for free, and the sound is great. The battery las 33 hours or more on those headphones. You just need to wait a great offer, and grab it if you really want this beast.

  46. Dhanar Putra

    Dhanar Putra2 hours ago

    Are you sure?

  47. ImadCOOKIE

    ImadCOOKIE2 hours ago

    mid octover 2019: average prices are between 250-350. definetly worth it for a high end!

  48. TheOT

    TheOT2 hours ago

    I think later this year, they will release a Google pixel 4a without all the features people aren't happy with, it'll lower their costs, may even include a ultra wide lens in that but for a cheaper price point... Hard to know but they definitely need to cover this mess up and only choice is a budget phone imo

  49. Bruce Man

    Bruce Man2 hours ago

    why does the screen look like a potato?

  50. Raghesh K

    Raghesh K2 hours ago

    I miss those good old Nexus Days!❤️ Especially Nexus 6P.

  51. thisisvick

    thisisvick2 hours ago

    You can get a brand new screen when you do a keyboard repair through Apple repair program because of the way the 12in is constructed. Essentially a new computer. Cheers

  52. Rio Cahyadi

    Rio Cahyadi2 hours ago

    $799 yet no under display fingerprint sensor, not even optical one. Even mid-range phones from Samsung now have it... 🤨

  53. Jimmy Chen

    Jimmy Chen2 hours ago

    itt: people who have never and are never going to buy a Pixel phone shitting on Pixel phones

  54. Arif Jamal

    Arif Jamal2 hours ago

    Good review. Well balanced as always. Mind sharing the wallpaper in thumbnail?

  55. bofooit gojo

    bofooit gojo2 hours ago

    am I the only one who noticed him saying 64gigs of RAM? 😂

  56. Mohammed-Ali Bashir

    Mohammed-Ali Bashir2 hours ago

    4:05 Did he just say 64GB RAM?

  57. ade guntoro

    ade guntoro2 hours ago

    does the Thunderbolt 3 really works ?

  58. X_NICK_X 127

    X_NICK_X 1272 hours ago

    I just one for 77$

  59. tcgcity

    tcgcity3 hours ago

    folding this things seems impossible.

  60. Aeroking55

    Aeroking553 hours ago

    😐😆🤣🤣🤣 wtf is up with that Rihanna five head. This shit is whack lol $800 to wave at your phone lmao

  61. BatmanGhost

    BatmanGhost3 hours ago

    That music is 🔥

  62. Stefan W.

    Stefan W.3 hours ago

    The only thing I like is the orange color the rest is meh

  63. real4everh

    real4everh3 hours ago

    Nothing special They are good deal for 500$

  64. Yashwant Garud

    Yashwant Garud3 hours ago

    what about in 2019?


    SOURAV SAREN3 hours ago

    because apple likes to fool people like you and you buy them...

  66. Jayden Silva

    Jayden Silva3 hours ago

    When goole says”tElEpHoTo Is MoRe ImPoRtAnT tHaN wIdE lEnsEs

  67. GH0ST

    GH0ST3 hours ago

    Pixel f... 😧

  68. Ioannis Makridis

    Ioannis Makridis3 hours ago


  69. Jogie Glen Mait

    Jogie Glen Mait3 hours ago

    I'm an Android guy but I'll sway towards to the iPhone over this one.

  70. Parag Naik

    Parag Naik3 hours ago

    Looks upside down.

  71. Donkey Wack

    Donkey Wack3 hours ago

    Google u suck

  72. Kush Arora

    Kush Arora3 hours ago

    For $800 I would rather get an iPhone ...

  73. The Great

    The Great3 hours ago

    I am here to compare it with my xperia 1

  74. DJ FuSixx

    DJ FuSixx3 hours ago

    This is so ugly and so disappointing. Google completely messed it up this time imo.

  75. Joseph Saber

    Joseph Saber3 hours ago

    This phone is 200$ less than the iPhone so this point must be put into consideration Personally I'm waiting for the reviews And it isn't only the refresh rate that makes the pixel stands apart from the competition it's the pure stock Android experience this phone is scheduled to receive Android updates for three years that's the real deal

  76. Kevin Tran

    Kevin Tran3 hours ago

    If Apple had made this, they would have been crucified. Google is getting some criticism but not to the extend Apple would get.

  77. Travis Crawford

    Travis Crawford3 hours ago

    what makes the pixel 4 special? absolute nothing. oh sorry except for that “advanced” radar tech that works 30% of the time and alienates an 8th of the population of planet earth from being able to buy it

  78. CinePhil101

    CinePhil1014 hours ago

    Bring back the audio jack. Enough with the stupid dongle already!

  79. Donut's World

    Donut's World4 hours ago


  80. Shashank Devashetty

    Shashank Devashetty4 hours ago

    64gb of ram😂

  81. annoyiingg

    annoyiingg4 hours ago

    I am actually really mad that they removed the unlimited photo and video thing on google fotos..

  82. Stargazer

    Stargazer4 hours ago

    Google absolutely dropped the ball on this one

  83. tonynitrox

    tonynitrox4 hours ago

    The camera bump funtionality is to look like an Iphone. Like Rene Richie said, “the best Android phone is an Iphone”.

  84. Taman Singh

    Taman Singh4 hours ago

    Dave Lee: Pixel 4 has a big forehead My girlfriend: Hold up!

  85. Going Places

    Going Places4 hours ago

    I like the phone.. but liking something isn't enough to justify that much $money$. Google had the chance to make a phone that I loved or REALLY wanted.. but they didn't. Overall, I'd be happy with this phone if it didn't cost so much. For me, adding a bigger battery and a wide angle would have been all it took. I also wish they were releasing the pixel buds along with it as well!

  86. SeanKimStyle

    SeanKimStyle4 hours ago

    Hey man... You look really tired... Are you doing okay?

  87. OSG - OS GUY

    OSG - OS GUY4 hours ago

    4:11 fuck yeh album 1 by san holo yEEt

  88. redphiveII

    redphiveII4 hours ago

    that bloody 11 pro max costs AU$2500 in its highest spec

  89. Lieutenant Starbuck

    Lieutenant Starbuck4 hours ago

    The size of that massive black bar on the top lol Somebody needs firing it has to be the ugliest display of 2019 🤮🤮🤮

  90. Ashmit Gautam

    Ashmit Gautam4 hours ago

    64 gigs of ram :(

  91. Joven Politico

    Joven Politico4 hours ago

    Also the storage what's your take with that?

  92. brambedkar59

    brambedkar594 hours ago

    I would rather have a chin than an ugly notch.

  93. One Chill Sloth

    One Chill Sloth4 hours ago

    I’ve never seen 90hz but I’ve seen 120 and 244hz

  94. brambedkar59

    brambedkar594 hours ago

    That moment when you are demonstrating a 60Hz vs 90 Hz display on a 30fps YT video.

  95. Aizawa相沢

    Aizawa相沢4 hours ago

    I saw this at bestbuy and was like bro "i have to save up for this"

  96. Landon Orr

    Landon Orr4 hours ago

    Apple users are like an abused partner in a relationship. Yeah they're getting beat and that sucks, but if they leave then they have to admit to their family that that person was a piece of shit and they should've never been with them in the first place! Momma and papa always looking out for you! LEAVE APPLE PEOPLE LEAVE!

  97. Surajkumar Waghmode

    Surajkumar Waghmode4 hours ago

    This was the most disappointing reveal. - No more unlimited photo backups - Sad size for battery - 855 snapdragon, not even an 855+ like many other recently released phones - No micro sd slot for expanded storage and the offerings are pretty low - 6GB RAM, not 8GB or 12GB like some other flagships - WTF colors? Black, White, Orange!? Then limited even further depending on model/storage choice. Around the $1,000 mark, this "deal" is not slick, even with $100 Amazon credit.

  98. mitchell2719

    mitchell27194 hours ago

    During the announcement, I ordered a Pixel 3 as an upgrade. Says it all really

  99. sdchew

    sdchew4 hours ago

    When is Pixel 4a coming out?

  100. HomeBoi

    HomeBoi5 hours ago

    Dave you look a little pale, you sure that the white balance is ok? Or are you just having a cold? :(