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  1. Daniel Karim

    Daniel KarimMinute ago

    Kristaps is going to win an Mvp Award in the next five years, mark my words.

  2. Sam195

    Sam1956 minutes ago

    Clippers hit a hat trick proving they are a classless organization even under Ballmer's ownership. 1). Kidnapping Deandre Jordan and making him change his mind about signing with the Mavericks to lock him to a shorter 4 year $88M Max instead of the 5 year $110M he should have got. They made him ink the deal without his agent and I am pretty sure Deandre has lost guaranteed money from 2015 through 2020 seasons after bouncing between Mavs, Knicks and now signing with Nets for discounted 4 year $40M deal. 2). Pitching to Blake Griffin he will be a Clipper for Life just to ink him to a max contract at 5 years $175M in 2017 so he would be a more valuable trade asset under term when he got flipped to the Pistons literally months later. Fucking Clippers defrauded Blake's free agency just like they did Deandre two summers prior. 3). Ballmer and whoever from the Clippers sitting courtside or in the stands during every Raptors home and away game to woo Kawhi is the equivalent of a scumbag hitting on a married man's wife right infront of him while the couple has their wedding rings on. Fucking Disgusting.

  3. Miguel’s universe

    Miguel’s universe6 minutes ago

    Mpj >> mj don’t even @ me

  4. Amazing Food

    Amazing Food6 minutes ago

    Ramona Shelburne kinda looks like Yubaba from Spirited Away.

  5. Pre Law

    Pre Law6 minutes ago

    Top shooter? He could be their best player eventually

  6. Moonroof

    Moonroof10 minutes ago

    Rubio cooked him

  7. Hs F_08

    Hs F_0811 minutes ago

    Too many Thirsty Kawhi haters in the comment section aha

  8. Carson Turley

    Carson Turley23 minutes ago

    Bruhhh go watch Donovan Mitchell’s put back dunk on capela his rookie year in the playoffs!!!!!

  9. ???? ¿¿¿¿

    ???? ¿¿¿¿24 minutes ago

    Replace jacoby with malica permanently jacoby is a square

  10. Jack s Chima

    Jack s Chima25 minutes ago

    She's fine, black women are just😥😥

  11. Colin Xiong

    Colin Xiong30 minutes ago

    Surprised the suns passed on mpj dude gonna be a baller

  12. Justin Tran

    Justin Tran37 minutes ago

    When did the nuggets drafted laMelo Ball?

  13. Central Lifestyle

    Central Lifestyle37 minutes ago

    Clippers should be forced to release that list of players they showed Kawhi, on Freedom of Information Act basis.

  14. King Cartrell

    King Cartrell40 minutes ago

    Shut up that’s it

  15. Abinav Sankaranthi

    Abinav Sankaranthi49 minutes ago


  16. Dylan N

    Dylan N54 minutes ago

    dude how would you guys feel if porter and lamelo ball dated and hooked up?

  17. Aaron

    AaronHour ago

    lol Porter will never be the leader so long as Jokic is on the team. Jokic will be their best player for the next 15 years

  18. Nobel Bisrat

    Nobel BisratHour ago

    Rank of the espn queens 1.Malika Andrews 2. Rachel Nichols 3.Mollly 4.Jacoby Unranked: Ramona and Beezus Shelburne

  19. Marcin P.

    Marcin P.Hour ago

    Clyde Drexler is better

  20. Edwin Martinez

    Edwin MartinezHour ago

    I bet Lonzo wanted to change it to Big Baller Bust

  21. H DLT

    H DLTHour ago

    Malika 😍

  22. Karim Banks

    Karim BanksHour ago

    Marry me❤️❤️❤️

  23. Big Worm

    Big WormHour ago

    My girlfriend looks great on Jalen's seat

  24. Tito Denino

    Tito DeninoHour ago

    Pelicans are lakers if they stayed with the process. Lakers 2.0

  25. Sam sam

    Sam samHour ago

    I love this 2 non pros talking like jalen is a scrub

  26. Kwame Maat Ra Nyame-Mentuhotep

    Kwame Maat Ra Nyame-MentuhotepHour ago

    Sect. Jk.

  27. Mitchell S

    Mitchell SHour ago

    Malika is fine af

  28. Adam Alfred

    Adam AlfredHour ago

    Awww man I was hoping Jalen was here that's why I clicked 👍👍

  29. Gerald Cheo

    Gerald CheoHour ago

    Show bobs and vagene!

  30. Essag Ghim

    Essag GhimHour ago

    Steve balmer is the new age nba owner? She must have forgotten mark cuban...

  31. K won

    K wonHour ago

    He won’t be healthy.. all his family members suffer serious injuries or career ending

  32. Apollo

    ApolloHour ago

    Michael Porter Jr is KD w/ athletic ability💯

  33. Fran Batista

    Fran BatistaHour ago

    West has become harder than ever: Clippers LAL Houston Denver GSW

  34. kelcey mccray

    kelcey mccrayHour ago

    As long he healthy he can be scoring threat

  35. P X

    P X2 hours ago

    Espn on youtube has been using pretty bad titles for their videos lately

  36. Mirka Ava videos

    Mirka Ava videos2 hours ago

    I rememeber,1st time i saw u Dennis,i was fell in love at u that 1st time..and i was 15yo girl than..when u went to Bulls,than i started to love bball cuz of u..i watched every frk Bulls game cuz of u Dennis,and that feeling is still here today..i cant wait next seasson to start,and that feeling is same,every time when the last game of the Finals is over...i just felt that u needed one,big,huge hug ,full of sincerely love..and im SO HAPPY cuz u today!!! U r one crazy,but strong and honest man today! Thank u for this love for bball,for all the nights that i was awake ,waitting for the game! Big hug Dennis 💞

  37. Juwop Deniro

    Juwop Deniro2 hours ago

    Shooter? How about top player🤨

  38. Makanaky love

    Makanaky love2 hours ago

    clippers tampered real hard and they didn't even get fined by the league but they would slandered Earvin or bron just for answering a question about a player on a different team.

  39. Al McIntosh

    Al McIntosh2 hours ago

    F’ing Kanter. Goes straight for the hot topic to get as much attention as he can possibly get.

  40. Makanaky love

    Makanaky love2 hours ago

    is she married?

  41. MyOpinion

    MyOpinion2 hours ago

    People kill me with leadership talk for young athletes...kills me!

  42. Brian Bradley

    Brian Bradley2 hours ago

    Theodore is the the chipmunk that is getting the best head.

  43. Cristian Alvarado

    Cristian Alvarado2 hours ago

    Cómo terminó ese partido?

  44. Mike Flo

    Mike Flo2 hours ago

    This would be mine: C: Shaq, PF: Tim Duncan, SF: Lebron James, SG: Michael Jordan, PG: Magic Johnson

  45. Makanaky love

    Makanaky love2 hours ago

    to think he liked a comment saying luka Doncic was overrated 🤔

  46. Lj Storyahey

    Lj Storyahey2 hours ago

    Well he better prove it before he gets injured AGAIN.. 😂😂😂🤣😂🤣🤣🤣🤣

  47. Moses Malone

    Moses Malone2 hours ago

    Porzingis is getting ready to go off. Y'all watch.

  48. Battlers Paradise

    Battlers Paradise2 hours ago

    Best hype job ever man hasn’t played a full season since high school. Only person to ever get hurt and it helps his career out

  49. Dlavelle100

    Dlavelle1002 hours ago

    Gentlemen’s Quarterly huh....need to find that publication

  50. Linken manta

    Linken manta2 hours ago

    Kanter will be retire on Nba with 0 ring . Weak

  51. Jabrony Lin

    Jabrony Lin2 hours ago

    Yooo imagine if the clippers didn’t pass on MPJ twice 😐, OKC could’ve had him

  52. Vito Corleone

    Vito Corleone2 hours ago

    You choose. Rodman, Pippen, Big Ben?

  53. Kev

    Kev3 hours ago

    Disrespecting nba champ pascal siakam and also would rather have john collins

  54. Romeo Tene

    Romeo Tene3 hours ago

    His bones are made of dust so until I see him actually playing in a NBA game none of this matters

  55. Chris Castaneda

    Chris Castaneda3 hours ago

    I HATE that tone that everyone in the world uses 1:59

  56. tintman831

    tintman8313 hours ago

    Yeah hes lower

  57. MODUBZ1

    MODUBZ13 hours ago

    Funny how no one acknowledge blake griffin ,joel embiid, ben simmons were out over a year,Nuggets are still a top team in entire nba without mpj ,and if he lives up to potential they are hands down the best,sorry only real nba fans know this

  58. ethan whitehouse

    ethan whitehouse3 hours ago

    Bol Bol finna be their best shooter

  59. Dominique Andrade

    Dominique Andrade3 hours ago

    Isn't he like broken?

  60. Bobby Trump

    Bobby Trump3 hours ago

    im in love😍😍😍

  61. James Winny

    James Winny3 hours ago

    And they already have Jokie at center and Murray at PG dang

  62. Y Hideit

    Y Hideit3 hours ago

    You can tell he's got a kind soul...but he was a Beast on the Basketball court !

  63. balthorpayne

    balthorpayne3 hours ago

    Shout to to my fellow OKC fans who are pissed off about this offseason.

  64. XLL 007

    XLL 0073 hours ago

    Only if he plays ever

  65. B Liftedd

    B Liftedd3 hours ago

    MPJ > Andrew Wiggins

  66. BG303

    BG3033 hours ago

    Ima die hard fan of the Nuggets as long as i can remember and im not having high hopes for this kid

  67. Eazymontana23

    Eazymontana233 hours ago

    The nuggets are not one of the best teams in the nba

  68. Eric Clapmen

    Eric Clapmen3 hours ago

    huh? gary harris one of the best shooters in the league

  69. Nick Paul

    Nick Paul3 hours ago

    Mpj will be a glass man I hope he proves me wrong but his career over before it begun

  70. Oui Bay

    Oui Bay3 hours ago

    UBER talented kid. Unfortunately his body cant hold up.

  71. Andrei Bula

    Andrei Bula3 hours ago

    Richard Jefferson is such an eloquent speaker

  72. Saul I

    Saul I3 hours ago

    So she looks good but she’s smartt.. woahhhh🤯🤯.. RAWDOG BRO

  73. Itss Kash

    Itss Kash3 hours ago

    if yoy make porter a strech 4 its going to turn him into a one dimensional player u gatta keep him at the 3 so he can b a mismatch on some nights and b versatile

  74. Ninety Nine

    Ninety Nine3 hours ago

    Malika could get these inches

  75. Jamar Williams

    Jamar Williams3 hours ago

    Stretch 4 lol gtfo

  76. cardsblues219

    cardsblues2193 hours ago

    He'll be Greg Oden.

  77. Golden Raikou

    Golden Raikou3 hours ago

    3:00 the disrespect on DLO name

  78. Juan Reyes Jr

    Juan Reyes Jr4 hours ago

    On paper there team is loaded

  79. Taylor

    Taylor4 hours ago

    Jalen side chick

  80. Honest Rios

    Honest Rios4 hours ago

    🤣🤣🤣 in shoot around before the game yea!!! because once he gets in the game, those acl's are done

  81. Golden Raikou

    Golden Raikou4 hours ago

    Kanter also said the Knicks gonna make the playoffs, *in drake voice* we gon see

  82. Sweet James Jones II

    Sweet James Jones II4 hours ago

    People in Denver need to stay off "The Weeeeed"

  83. don ice

    don ice4 hours ago

    I smell a cat fight.

  84. Brandan Charles

    Brandan Charles4 hours ago

    9th seed 44 wins

  85. eadekolu

    eadekolu4 hours ago

    Mpj and his teammate Bol Bol

  86. heron fields

    heron fields4 hours ago

    I was shocked to see the GOAT MJ on the 30 for 30 doc. I got teary eyes for a minute. The greatest NBA team ever. And this is coming from a Knick fan.

  87. Jerry Long

    Jerry Long4 hours ago

    Don’t compare him to gordon

  88. Brian Naylor

    Brian Naylor4 hours ago

    People in Denver probably just have their fingers crossed, praying that he stays healthy.

  89. Wenotdabank _

    Wenotdabank _4 hours ago

    Media love running the “we accomplished a lot, but didn’t win anything” narrative like they did with Boston. Lol they don’t hang banners for choking game 7’s at home. Just saying

  90. iVince905

    iVince9054 hours ago

    No way 20ppg is reasonable, that team is stacked he’ll realistically only avg 11ppg with that squad

  91. The Nobody

    The Nobody4 hours ago

    MPJ could really be deadly I forgot they had him

  92. Shaun Smith

    Shaun Smith4 hours ago

    Even her obnoxious laugh is cute

  93. The Nobody

    The Nobody4 hours ago

    They sleep on lebrons dunk 😭 bruh was literally floating

  94. Nigel Deo

    Nigel Deo4 hours ago


  95. M A K O

    M A K O4 hours ago

    malika needs her own show.

  96. VVoicu25

    VVoicu254 hours ago

    How these dudes forget about Siakim when talking about power forwards

  97. Ike Nzerem

    Ike Nzerem4 hours ago

    Praying MPJ stay healthy the whole season

  98. Jamal Abdelbaset

    Jamal Abdelbaset4 hours ago

    Rachel putting her nose up at RJ mentioning Vince’s dunk as the best. Smh. Blake’s wasn’t even really a dunk!

  99. KingSavageGamin

    KingSavageGamin4 hours ago

    The difference from MPJ and Gordon Hayward is that Gordon was already established all star and the Celtics forced him out there because they knew that he is the type of player that can lead them to a chip at his best

  100. 1 A

    1 A5 hours ago

    I hope you wins rock of the year!! At least I pick them to win $1000