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Tetris 99 2.0 (with Paul)
Astral Chain (with Tim!)
CONTROL (Tim Rogers plays)
RAD (with Riley & Tim!)
Tetris Effect PC Gameplay
  1. Raion Kazutrash

    Raion Kazutrash28 minutes ago

    "A door to the up"

  2. GameFuMaster

    GameFuMasterHour ago

    1:55 Me IRL Me: "Hey, how you doing?" Other: "Bad. Want to listen?" Me: *This isn't how the conversation is meant to go*

  3. j mart

    j mart2 hours ago

    He realy loves the sun 🙌

  4. WildGooseberry

    WildGooseberry2 hours ago

    So I lived long enough to see Zelda rip 3D Dot Game Heroes

  5. William White

    William White3 hours ago

    I have a rendezvous with death, at some disputed barricade It may be he shall take my hand And lead me into his dark land And close my eyes and quench my breath- I have a rendezvous with death But I to my pledged word am true *I shall not fail that rendezvous* Damn, I still remember that trailer and how it's one of my all time favorites. Which is saying a lot because they were all masterpieces. Gears of War's Mad World, Gear's of War 2's Rendezvous with Death and it's Last Day trailer with "How it ends", etc. But somehow now we got this god awful Gears 5 trailer that had the stupid emo music and presentation style of Billie Eilish targeted for 13 year old "depressed" white girls. Fire your marketing team NOW. Hire Epic's old team.

  6. parth Gupta

    parth Gupta3 hours ago

    motherfucker Bennett fody

  7. Erick  Hart

    Erick Hart3 hours ago

    Oof when glavenus is a better team mate than some longsword users. 😈

  8. Arthur Dobler

    Arthur Dobler4 hours ago

    We want Tim back

  9. Tim Plusminus

    Tim Plusminus6 hours ago

    I love how much you love games, history, stories, leather jackets, and everything. You ever mess with the menu colors in FF7? I always have 4 different colors at each corner. Odd, muddy greens and purples and pinks, ending up like the surface of a bubble or a Fruit by the Foot.

  10. Ed Winchester

    Ed Winchester9 hours ago

    What about fake spoilers?

  11. MRVN

    MRVN10 hours ago

    Zigzagging from side to side is the best way to play that part in parallel universe

  12. Jesse DeRousse

    Jesse DeRousse11 hours ago

    Awesome! Thanks for using my clip at 3:12

  13. Hatchepsut

    Hatchepsut12 hours ago

    whens it coming to pc :(

  14. Nikola Jovanović

    Nikola Jovanović13 hours ago

    damn skyrim looks old

  15. thamestreal _

    thamestreal _13 hours ago

    @1:50 couldnt he just have fast travelled?

  16. helios396

    helios39614 hours ago

    You know Paul, I wasn't paying attention to the music either until you said it. And then it was like, whoa... That's a really neat touch!

  17. Teh Foxx

    Teh Foxx14 hours ago

    0:18 "The Plane" rofl yes that is exactly what planes are 10/10 kotaku

  18. mongorians22

    mongorians2215 hours ago

    I'm not going to whine about animations, graphics ect, it's not great, but people who go on and on about it are insufferable. My main complaint is the delayed steam release, but I'm buying it anyway, because everyone seems to be missing what could actually make this game really good: open-ended problem solving, distinctive writing, and player choice. If you're not interested in the game for those reasons, you should really just not bother.

  19. Stephen Harrison

    Stephen Harrison15 hours ago

    I love mech anime, bought this day one: I love it so much. It's one of my favorite titles on the Switch.

  20. Stephen Harrison

    Stephen Harrison15 hours ago

    I agree with the others... Good review, probably buying this right now. haha.

  21. Mathew Lipperd

    Mathew Lipperd15 hours ago

    Anybody remember on halo 2 the glitch where you’d ram a buddy with a wraith against a wall and it’d kill them but if you did it right, there would be a huge spartan dead in the sky

  22. Joe Mitchell

    Joe Mitchell16 hours ago

    Freakazoid reference at 4:12.

  23. o0pigpig0o

    o0pigpig0o16 hours ago

    For those dont want to watch the video, The release date is 16 April 2077

  24. Collin Anderson

    Collin Anderson17 hours ago

    That’s a helicopter not a plane in the second clip

  25. Rusty3296

    Rusty329617 hours ago

    Im glad so many of you enjoyed my Cripps scream submission lol and thank you to Chris for accepting it!

  26. Berk Can

    Berk Can17 hours ago

    omg making that kind of stupid game after that amazing rendered cutscene made me sick

  27. Etienne Levesque

    Etienne Levesque18 hours ago

    La toué!

  28. Kevin Rodriguez

    Kevin Rodriguez18 hours ago

    Right in the jewls xD

  29. Plush Hunter

    Plush Hunter19 hours ago

    Get well soon, Chris!

  30. Harsono Ng

    Harsono Ng19 hours ago

    Cannolii1 is better

  31. biohazard724

    biohazard72420 hours ago

    Why are people asking him to sell them on the game? That's what reviews are for.

  32. okjaye

    okjaye20 hours ago


  33. YaKU2z alpha

    YaKU2z alpha21 hour ago

    Godlike photo mode👍

  34. Dee Dubya

    Dee Dubya21 hour ago

    So criminally unreatted and glossed over becasue they ddnt care for a boy.man who isdustrusting of his allies at first but boy he plays it straight and genuine. I still say ppl who dismiss Squall are ashamed of who they were deep down. Her's hard, distrustful for a reason and learns to love is a genuine way. Love FF8, love FF12.. two hot takes I know. 9 makes it number 3, F7 lucky to make it to top 5. Yeah i said it

  35. Will Miles

    Will Miles21 hour ago

    "Where are my desert friends going?" *watches them disappear into the void, sinks to his knees in defeated despair.

  36. biohazard724

    biohazard72422 hours ago

    Not a football fan, are you?

  37. Jan Černín

    Jan Černín22 hours ago

    that UI from the year 1950 or 2050..


    WEABOBOSS22 hours ago


  39. Range viper Cobra

    Range viper Cobra23 hours ago

    It feels like i'm playing warface not cod the "mount" mechanic is cool but that's the only new thing about mw4 don't buy it activision is threatening cod series cancellation if you don't buy mw4 so call their buff because microtransactions are confirmed and its all but guaranteed too be outrageous like blops4

  40. Ralf Rackelhahn

    Ralf RackelhahnDay ago


  41. Ak47

    Ak47Day ago

    came for heather

  42. sheamus

    sheamusDay ago

    3:48 me trying to escape depression

  43. sheamus

    sheamusDay ago

    That horse was more scary than the clown

  44. 8523wsxc

    8523wsxcDay ago

    Games be broken.

  45. Roman Trukhin

    Roman TrukhinDay ago

    What about PC??

  46. DIABLO318

    DIABLO318Day ago

    'the punt is good 'lol

  47. Cao-Manh Nguyen

    Cao-Manh NguyenDay ago

    who does not know the soundtrack means rage awakened

  48. WarPigz0

    WarPigz0Day ago

    AAAAAHHHHHHHHHH ......Nice work.

  49. Taista

    TaistaDay ago

    High school friendships in a nutshell 1:30

  50. Taista

    TaistaDay ago

    LMAO THE GUY AT 1:30

  51. M W

    M WDay ago

    Thanks for reaching out to me bro. I enjoyed our chat and I went through this channel. Really fucking cool

  52. Joao Pedro da Costa

    Joao Pedro da CostaDay ago

    They always go for that place in TABS

  53. Tristan

    TristanDay ago

    I'm hoping for the part 2 of this "review" for the Switch edition and all the huge bonus content. 😁

  54. Zerofighter99 (Alpha Zero)

    Zerofighter99 (Alpha Zero)Day ago

    AH! I felt that spear...!

  55. Seth Feldpausch

    Seth FeldpauschDay ago

    Is Pennywise a mod, or did they actually patch him into the game? I assume it’s a mod, but it just looked so good!

  56. W R

    W RDay ago

    That’s not a plane

  57. David M. W.

    David M. W.Day ago

    Hey mate, you sound a little off (not meaning disrespect), are you with a cold or something? Great as usual, cheers

  58. Aaron H.

    Aaron H.Day ago

    Cripp's scream is the funniest thing ever, that caught me off guard. How did that happen?

  59. David Jacaré

    David JacaréDay ago

    Beautiful review, beautiful game!

  60. Cody Schieber

    Cody SchieberDay ago

    Don't ever stop making these. You're one of about five USwork videos i watch regularly. I appreciate you and everything you do, and have been watching since day one. Thank you.

  61. TheOmniHero

    TheOmniHeroDay ago

    I'd rather sink than float with you Pennywise.

  62. HipsterKitteh

    HipsterKittehDay ago

    Is the one at 4:13 available as its own video? I need to send it to people.

  63. SonOfAKing

    SonOfAKingDay ago

    That scream one caught me off guard. LOL

  64. Josh Oldham

    Josh OldhamDay ago

    Grandia 1 is 2 times better than Grandia 2 every day, and 2 times on Sunday. To clarify, Grandia 1 is 4 times better than Grandia 2 on Sunday, and 2 times better every other day.

  65. Nothing

    NothingDay ago

    Mistakes were made

  66. C Olsen

    C OlsenDay ago

    That's what you get for trying to shoot an elder god horse

  67. PersonWMA

    PersonWMADay ago

    That "Defeat" was well timed.

  68. Jesse Carey

    Jesse CareyDay ago

    I really wanna know what that chill song is that you put in on the videos with no sound.

  69. Han Woi

    Han WoiDay ago

    The amount of anxiety that Bloodborne player must have after going through all that would've given me a heart attack.

  70. LuisXGP

    LuisXGPDay ago

    I hate in game communitcations, they are so buggy... but hey, I play on real gaming machine (aka PC)

  71. Mr. C2Kk

    Mr. C2KkDay ago

    0:36 at least he died happy 😂

  72. James Graham

    James GrahamDay ago

    Right in the jewels

  73. Zeco117

    Zeco117Day ago

    4:52 “Thürsday”

  74. Blueboy0

    Blueboy0Day ago


  75. Adler

    AdlerDay ago

    How i tell my deaf friends good job 4:13

  76. Albert_Fn_Wesker

    Albert_Fn_WeskerDay ago

    Thanks for using my Pennywise vid!

  77. Settings Con

    Settings ConDay ago

    cmon Person this is a helicopter man

  78. tylma001

    tylma001Day ago

    I love this stuff

  79. sugar daddy

    sugar daddyDay ago

    Guys you shoud put the video from the thumbnail first, so ppl stay for what they clickled

  80. Tar Yosh

    Tar YoshDay ago

    Thank you for using my vid(right in the jewels)!

  81. This is BAXTER

    This is BAXTERDay ago

    Roses are red violets are blue I clicked for Pennywise And so did you

  82. Steven Universe

    Steven UniverseDay ago

    An elder God! By Lovecrafts ghost!

  83. Andrew Hickinbottom

    Andrew HickinbottomDay ago

    Once again - red dead gets the biggest laughs from me! Also, you sound bassier than usual today Chris!

  84. Nunya Beezwaxx

    Nunya BeezwaxxDay ago

    Mom: “how is life son?” *Me: 4:37

  85. Ashkael113

    Ashkael113Day ago

    Legitimately more terrifying than Mr. X.

  86. Adam K

    Adam KDay ago

    C'mon that's clearly a helicopter

  87. Orions Angel

    Orions AngelDay ago

    I had a funny BFII glitch uswork.info/videos/V0NwS6fHsyw-video.html

  88. John McCarron

    John McCarronDay ago

    0:37 That jester died as he lived.

  89. AceTaldeHyde1

    AceTaldeHyde1Day ago


  90. Gambit 21

    Gambit 21Day ago

    Uhh helicopter not plane

  91. Loaf Soup

    Loaf SoupDay ago


  92. Женис Тасболатов

    Женис ТасболатовDay ago

    Just an info, it's made by a Russian guy.

  93. EVS Santiago

    EVS SantiagoDay ago

    Game is cool but I still find black ups better on gameplay graphics and sounds and brightness

  94. revistinha1

    revistinha1Day ago

    Brah of Brody Brodern Brofare

  95. Rehman Arif

    Rehman ArifDay ago

    Keanu: Do you guys wanna know...umm...when there’s uh, whenr... the release date? Everyone including me: YEAHHHHHHHH

  96. Giocherellone

    GiocherelloneDay ago

    I love play this videogame in Live! on my youtube and twitch's channels! 😍

  97. Daniel Marx

    Daniel MarxDay ago

    Its great...until release and Multiplayer gets aimbot and hack user spammend..........

  98. Cade Hollingsworth

    Cade HollingsworthDay ago


  99. mcdouches1

    mcdouches1Day ago

    Sometimes when I poop my lower back hurts

  100. jason Brown

    jason BrownDay ago

    Doesn't matter too much to be docjed if you have a ps4 you will be satisfied with either in my opinion.