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  1. ProteqTV

    ProteqTVMinute ago

    The vibe on this show is so different when they have someone who actually knows what they are talking about...Wish the doods that really mattered had more clout so we can keep seeing dope interviews like this one. btw get Bobbito Garcia aka DJ Cucumber Slice on the show!

  2. ThaDentMan

    ThaDentMan5 minutes ago

    I know Mayor has a dope collection but, better than Jordan Gellars? Idk so bro bro


    I NEED MONEY35 minutes ago

    Did they eat the cheetah gotta take that L

  4. jay Astronomical

    jay Astronomical37 minutes ago

    worst Take Is Brandon forgetting to ask Dad If Its A Drip!!

  5. cesar carreras

    cesar carreras56 minutes ago

    That ball is so bad that if u dont swish it it dont go in

  6. Josh L

    Josh L58 minutes ago

    "the spezial guy" lmaoooo

  7. Manny King Money

    Manny King MoneyHour ago

    2:56 *SHADY 😂*

  8. Polo

    PoloHour ago

    The Mayor for Mayor of NY 2020

  9. Tyler Win

    Tyler WinHour ago

    That white guy is a dick bro😡

  10. David Franco

    David FrancoHour ago Big Boy Cheng

  11. Chris Aldridge

    Chris AldridgeHour ago

    The Perfect Pair Collection would murder his. No cap

  12. GOS

    GOSHour ago

    this dude is the worst

  13. NK

    NKHour ago


  14. Jimonaldo

    Jimonaldo2 hours ago

    easily one of the best episodes of FSR, drop the like on the video and show mayor the love

  15. Gregory Burns

    Gregory Burns2 hours ago

    Perfect pair collection is soo slept on

  16. Daron Cannon

    Daron Cannon2 hours ago

    People have the word hater an opinion confused

  17. Treez

    Treez2 hours ago

    I laughed so hard for 30 minutes THANK YOU GUYS lmao

  18. Simon Seang

    Simon Seang2 hours ago

    Where do I rank with my bufu athletics? 😒

  19. AlanaGotta LottaSay

    AlanaGotta LottaSay2 hours ago

    as many have far one of the best guests/ much info and honesty...James dance routine nice touch as well...

  20. Evan Trowbridge

    Evan Trowbridge2 hours ago

    Curry has a broken hand?

  21. christian madrid

    christian madrid2 hours ago

    What about the perfect pair ???????

  22. some idiot

    some idiot2 hours ago

    Joseph a dumbass

  23. Arthur Catigbe

    Arthur Catigbe3 hours ago

    I like Mayor a lot but I can't stand his non-stop humble bragging.

  24. Michael Guilus

    Michael Guilus3 hours ago

    I hate the bitch who wants the girls to win and not the guy I wanna fucking kill her

  25. J K

    J K3 hours ago

    Whys everyone looking they get red blotchy faces?

  26. mirle

    mirle3 hours ago

    Hosts are so annoying like stfu

  27. QTube

    QTube3 hours ago

    What about "The Perfect Pair" ??? His collection is insane! Definitely top 5!

  28. Carlton Harris

    Carlton Harris3 hours ago

    The Clark inserts had me dying 😂😂

  29. Javi Trujillo

    Javi Trujillo3 hours ago

    Welty's F U at the End!! 🤣😂 Set it off!! Followed by Dunne's and Mayor's F U!! Rewinded like 4 times!! Had me rolling!! Always a great way to get a point across!! F-n Hilarious!! 😂🤣😭

  30. The Joose

    The Joose3 hours ago

    Mayor is the definition of cringe... a walking caricature of “that guy”.

  31. ektopae

    ektopae3 hours ago

    Bro needs to shave that shit off

  32. [AIR] Norvie Mark Alidio

    [AIR] Norvie Mark Alidio4 hours ago

    Please check Big Boy Cheng's collection

  33. Omar Torres

    Omar Torres4 hours ago

    This is the first time i didnt watch this show on snapchat

  34. James Murley

    James Murley4 hours ago

    Welty peace sign long stare is a great new meme format I think. Funniest shit.

  35. Dylan Pulver

    Dylan Pulver4 hours ago

    Awesome episode. Brendan's cheetah comments had me dying. Mayor is the GOAT.

  36. Francisco Ascencio

    Francisco Ascencio5 hours ago

    Bring Perfect Pair to the show, he has a fire collection

  37. Genaro Sanchez

    Genaro Sanchez5 hours ago

    Mayor been the 🐐. Remember sneak peak bro had stupid kicks🤦‍♂️

  38. leonardo lopez

    leonardo lopez5 hours ago

    I love the alright cam !!

  39. James Lian

    James Lian5 hours ago

    I think he's never heard of Big Boy Cheng 🤷‍♂️

  40. Chris Rivera

    Chris Rivera5 hours ago

    Mayors hat annoying as fuck!!!

  41. Yepac Shakur

    Yepac Shakur5 hours ago

    But wrestling is fake 🤷🏿‍♂️

  42. Gumaro Martinez

    Gumaro Martinez6 hours ago

    Brendan where you get that flannel

  43. Omar Swanson

    Omar Swanson6 hours ago

    On second watch I just noticed the perpetual smoke coming from Spitta😆😆😆

  44. jose mateo

    jose mateo6 hours ago

    He need some cocaine !!

  45. Daniel Gibson

    Daniel Gibson6 hours ago

    32:55 LOL

  46. MotoPaisano

    MotoPaisano6 hours ago

    Them fucking pants have to be a joke. What else could they be?

  47. Thomas Payton

    Thomas Payton6 hours ago

    Not gone lie. If them fakes was real theyd be fire

  48. ANGEL

    ANGEL6 hours ago


  49. Martin Don

    Martin Don6 hours ago

    Steph should have just agree to come on the show than to embarrass Welty like that lol

  50. James Hawkins

    James Hawkins6 hours ago

    Finally the mayor is on my favorite sneaker king one of the goats of the game . Now all you need is fab , fat Joe .

  51. imALLn

    imALLn7 hours ago

    What kind of hat Mayor got on?

  52. Pipo Rustia

    Pipo Rustia7 hours ago

    Dj big boy cheng

  53. Socratic Methods

    Socratic Methods7 hours ago

    You should have a million subscribers I'm shocked. I don't get it

  54. Cløuted_Alex

    Cløuted_Alex7 hours ago

    Every sneaker head cried during this video

  55. blakek

    blakek7 hours ago

    this dude's hat so close to falling off all of the time why

  56. Thomas Payton

    Thomas Payton7 hours ago

    Bruh Mayor a legend if def deserve his spot on the couch!!!!!

  57. Mike G

    Mike G7 hours ago

    Stop with the face zoom ins and cheesy yellow subtitle comments. They're unnecessary distractions. It cheapens the discussion way too much

  58. Carl Harrison

    Carl Harrison7 hours ago

    That was a hell of a awkward interview.

  59. arun gill

    arun gill7 hours ago

    mayor looking like the old mayor before the wright loss???

  60. ヅbrann

    ヅbrann8 hours ago

    I know these shots are fake

  61. JONEZ

    JONEZ8 hours ago

    Grown ass men shouldn't wear baseballs caps that way. Grow the fuck up.

  62. Rjay Lammont

    Rjay Lammont8 hours ago days 💪🏾💪🏾

  63. Gerard Robert

    Gerard Robert8 hours ago

    That's crazy he only wears 14 I'm 6'6" and im a 15

  64. Rjay Lammont

    Rjay Lammont8 hours ago

    How tf did foams go up a whole $100 mfs is $280

  65. mr. cumy

    mr. cumy8 hours ago

    *little did we know curry was missing on purpose*

  66. Shawn Golmes

    Shawn Golmes8 hours ago

    It's the best been the best for a long time now

  67. adidaskid

    adidaskid8 hours ago

    Title is 🧢

  68. Huamaru

    Huamaru8 hours ago

    Recently picked up a pair of Adidas ZX8000 thanks to Welty! Next up is Reebok Instapump Fury! Trinidad what shoe are you representing?!

  69. Joel Ortega

    Joel Ortega8 hours ago

    Yo why they do Kent like that in every episode ?

  70. Hoodie Cam

    Hoodie Cam8 hours ago

    Wat u need to blur it out for everybody knows it’s chase center

  71. Hoodie Cam

    Hoodie Cam8 hours ago

    That’s a tough hoodie

  72. Goldie Andretti

    Goldie Andretti8 hours ago

    The PerfectPair has a dope collection

  73. john lawsin

    john lawsin8 hours ago

    Mayor Says His $1.8 Million Sneaker Collection is the World's Best?really?for me you just spending a few penny...check this out guys..this is the real deal

  74. RoyalDudeLorenzo

    RoyalDudeLorenzo9 hours ago

    Worst Take: Brendan laughing about the cheetah dying and then seriously asking if they ate the cheetah 😂😂😂

  75. MartinWaves

    MartinWaves9 hours ago


  76. tre sav

    tre sav9 hours ago

    Shoots from 30 ft easy Curry: it’s nothin

  77. Mario Ortega

    Mario Ortega9 hours ago

    Shoutout Jim Carey

  78. James Ber

    James Ber9 hours ago

    Well, I guess he has never heard of Big Boy Cheng.

  79. KING M

    KING M10 hours ago

    Good episode 🔥🔥🔥

  80. kschaubb

    kschaubb10 hours ago

    Are you an actual mayor 🤣

  81. First Last

    First Last10 hours ago


  82. Callum CFC

    Callum CFC10 hours ago

    Welty with the aquascutum aswell👀not many people in America that dress like that surely

  83. Callum CFC

    Callum CFC11 hours ago

    Why don’t they show any Adidas releases such as the malmos?

  84. J K

    J K11 hours ago

    Currys useless. Mj is better

  85. jason

    jason11 hours ago

    This episode had me laughing! Keep it up!

  86. Ranmyaku Jouten

    Ranmyaku Jouten11 hours ago

    Anyone know where I can find Mayor bodying DJ Clark Kent?

  87. Tupac Shakur

    Tupac Shakur11 hours ago

    Its a full size run kid is a billionare so why do people just like people with money there is many great people without money he bought his friends,Dont be surprised his dad is paid so he is just a spoiled kid. You want a lick ur looking at the bag

  88. yggyphilippines

    yggyphilippines11 hours ago

    Seriously? Check out BIG BOY CHENG of the Philippines. I believe he has the best sneaker collection in the world :)

  89. Coluboi90

    Coluboi9012 hours ago

    I thought that was Big Pun in the last pic!

  90. Ledan Josef Tamayo

    Ledan Josef Tamayo12 hours ago

    Big Boy Cheng: Wuuuuut?

  91. Dillon Caicedo

    Dillon Caicedo13 hours ago

    DJ BIG BOI CHENG is bigger

  92. Yung Wolfo

    Yung Wolfo13 hours ago

    Welty looking around in the welty cam waiting... Just waiting

  93. RJ’s Kennel

    RJ’s Kennel13 hours ago

    To much damn editing 👎

  94. stephen .willcox

    stephen .willcox14 hours ago

    If your still wondering why reebok is struggling look at brendans shoes.

  95. ko sdsd

    ko sdsd14 hours ago

    "if your whole collection is grails you gotta relax" lol welp fk me

  96. Jonathan David

    Jonathan David14 hours ago

    Steph really said “it’s only 15 extra feet”😂 like that’s not a big difference😂

  97. ForrealForreal

    ForrealForreal14 hours ago

    Worlds best collection in who’s eyes? It based on opinions. All that matters is as long as you love your collection and anybody else that considers your collection and worlds best is faltering and a compliment

  98. serialkilla23

    serialkilla2315 hours ago

    The way he wear his cap...look like a clown

  99. KazeNino

    KazeNino15 hours ago

    3600 pairs of sneakers. His rotation literally could last almost a decade.

  100. blacsheep19

    blacsheep1915 hours ago

    Damn mayor a yo-yo.. Fat-skinny-fat-skinny now FAT