In case you're new to my videos, I get thrown into a lot of unbelievable situations, I travel a lot and I'm in the entertainment industry so crazy stories are gonna come as a result. I'm not gonna waste your time OR mine on here with fabricated videos 😎 3R8MH3

Kung FoodKung Food

Kung Food

4 months ago

Sexy SleepoverSexy Sleepover

Sexy Sleepover

8 months ago

Twitch Girl GamerTwitch Girl Gamer

Twitch Girl Gamer

9 months ago

Sleeping in SchoolSleeping in School

Sleeping in School

10 months ago

Fast and CuriousFast and Curious

Fast and Curious

2 years ago

hey hatershey haters

hey haters

2 years ago

My First KissMy First Kiss

My First Kiss

2 years ago

Dating Pro TipsDating Pro Tips

Dating Pro Tips

2 years ago



2 years ago

Down in the DMDown in the DM

Down in the DM

3 years ago

sWooZie x ObamasWooZie x Obama

sWooZie x Obama

3 years ago

Sex in MoviesSex in Movies

Sex in Movies

3 years ago

Crazy Pool PartyCrazy Pool Party

Crazy Pool Party

3 years ago

Breakups SuckBreakups Suck

Breakups Suck

3 years ago

Triple TextingTriple Texting

Triple Texting

3 years ago

California LoveCalifornia Love

California Love

4 years ago

School BullySchool Bully

School Bully

4 years ago

Gym Pet PeevesGym Pet Peeves

Gym Pet Peeves

4 years ago

Kung Fu KidsKung Fu Kids

Kung Fu Kids

4 years ago

Your BAE!!Your BAE!!

Your BAE!!

5 years ago