The Slow Mo Guys
The Slow Mo Guys
The Slow Mo Guys

Gav and Dan take on the world in Slow Motion!
We shoot all of our videos in HD using high-speed cinema cameras and we highly recommend you watch them that way if you can!
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  1. Woken Lunatic

    Woken Lunatic4 minutes ago

    Gavin: I go on the roof and hopefully don’t break the camera or my leg Me: or you neck

  2. Maddi Cosner-Muir

    Maddi Cosner-Muir21 minute ago



    DJBATMANGOLD28 minutes ago

    I didn't read the title, then when the video started, I thought I had a stroke.

  4. Peter Bear

    Peter BearHour ago

    That looks exactly like a rain bomb.

  5. holla holla

    holla hollaHour ago

    make slow mo reflection from the mirror.LIKE TO ACTIVATE

  6. Random Plush Adventures

    Random Plush AdventuresHour ago

    Put down a chilli dog

  7. Qinghui Ou

    Qinghui Ou2 hours ago

    love it

  8. Chilly _Lilly

    Chilly _Lilly2 hours ago

    This video is good

  9. patrick adams

    patrick adams3 hours ago

    Like at his mouth at slow motion

  10. oncebo oncebo

    oncebo oncebo3 hours ago

    Dorris and frank are in SaW

  11. Really not Rob

    Really not Rob3 hours ago

    Dude is this how u make a wormhole?

  12. McBoogle

    McBoogle3 hours ago

    fockin cowboy hat, innit

  13. NCOIC

    NCOIC4 hours ago

    Disgusting. The unhealthy condition of the bigger guy can be seen on his skin.

  14. NipItInTheBud100

    NipItInTheBud1004 hours ago

    I must admit...that was one of the coolest videos you guys have ever made!

  15. Sailor OnDaTea

    Sailor OnDaTea5 hours ago

    Can you do llama spit sometime?

  16. Steven Feil

    Steven Feil5 hours ago

    Anyone else notice him adjust himself right at the end.... LOL

  17. dustin roberson

    dustin roberson6 hours ago

    Korea's missile be like 10:51

  18. GhostRider2224

    GhostRider22246 hours ago

    Put it in a sifter

  19. dual8288

    dual82886 hours ago

    ok but at that size, is it actualy a sniper or is it a small cannon?

  20. Fatal Crashes

    Fatal Crashes6 hours ago

    5:56 Seatbelt can't hold you on this, either on the backseat thrown forward. Superb slowmo!

  21. Royal Eagle

    Royal Eagle7 hours ago

    I understand that lightning (the flash) is roughly 186,000 miles/s but what about the strike (bolt); the one that hits the surface? How fast is it?

  22. Kelly Hamilton

    Kelly Hamilton7 hours ago

    This is the most important video on USwork

  23. CoderGirl248

    CoderGirl2487 hours ago

    lets hope they dont get used to this and blow up the backyard

  24. CoderGirl248

    CoderGirl2487 hours ago

    Debris: DEbree DEbris I thought it was pronounced deBRIS

  25. Sean T

    Sean T7 hours ago

    "Theres probably some kind of gas in there, it's like a vacuum" Gav must have started watching Destin around this time.

  26. IKnowPlaces 13

    IKnowPlaces 137 hours ago

    I saw them at their Universal show a few weeks ago and it was so much fun and so hilarious my friend and I were laughing the whole time😂 we even got a picture with them, it was so fun😂😂💕 they hung a guy upside down, covered him in paint, and swung him into a canvass and called it art🤣🤣🤣🤣

  27. Giovanni Zanusso

    Giovanni Zanusso7 hours ago

    How 1\8000 should be faster than 1\1000, they take the same time

  28. CoderGirl248

    CoderGirl2488 hours ago

    Show this to your kids if they don't get "Arriving in Style." Maybe they'll even take up motorcycling.

  29. moises lara

    moises lara8 hours ago

    How are you recording him while he’s vomiting ? I have emetophobia.

  30. funtimefoxy and foxy gacha kitty cat dw

    funtimefoxy and foxy gacha kitty cat dw8 hours ago

    He made me sick I have school today but I thorn up lol

  31. Соломон Человечный

    Соломон Человечный8 hours ago


  32. Harlan Mote

    Harlan Mote9 hours ago

    The round was pitching not yawning...

  33. Slython

    Slython9 hours ago

    Great job guys! I love your channel Just want you to know your making millions of people’s day better

  34. Connorshark

    Connorshark10 hours ago

    Wait, Google is sponsoring someone on their own website?

  35. Parker Bennett

    Parker Bennett10 hours ago

    6:15 sasi des santihe satahi santiyaga

  36. abbitodd

    abbitodd10 hours ago

    I love this episode! I was so excited that I got to see these guys in person at the Japanese Festival in St. Louis! My 9yr old got to fight Yama. My son won! Yama may have let him win. 😆 Keep making videos!

  37. Hosanna Spencer

    Hosanna Spencer10 hours ago

    I do Taekwondo but i'm only a green and blck belt

  38. ┓┏ 凵 =╱⊿┌┬┐

    ┓┏ 凵 =╱⊿┌┬┐10 hours ago

    Hydraulic press channel CLEARLY needs a phantom camera

  39. Bro Brah

    Bro Brah11 hours ago

    This would be better if it were cocaine and dan puts his face in the cloud in slo mo

  40. Telencephelon

    Telencephelon11 hours ago

    That this is the fastest "natural" things is incorrect. The Palu quake cracked through the earth at nearly 9,200 miles an hour-fast enough to get from LA to New York City in a mere 16 minutes. Such a fast rupture causes earthquake waves to pile up in what's known as a Mach front, similar to the pressure wave from a plane traveling at supersonic speed.

  41. Jackson Sharpell

    Jackson Sharpell11 hours ago

    Who else saw the title and thought it was a sprinkler that shot fire

  42. Joe Scott-Hartley

    Joe Scott-Hartley11 hours ago

    I helped out with a photography project years ago, and we did lighting steel wool and taking stills of it under changing exposure/shutter speed, I was in the middle and it was incredibly fun, we could get a 360 going on with the sparks even though we only had the one steel wool by me twirling it to my side whilst slowly rotating myself. But not quite on the same level as 4 mechanical arms!

  43. Nunyo Bidness

    Nunyo Bidness11 hours ago


  44. adailton moraes

    adailton moraes11 hours ago

    Essa camera em um processador e uma internet na mesma potencia daria pra jogar crysis muito suave.

  45. Demiedren

    Demiedren11 hours ago

    Ok, we get it, you vape...

  46. Skyler

    Skyler12 hours ago

    8:24 i love that sound affect and the way the water warps the grid.


    DJBATMANGOLD12 hours ago

    Is Megavolt his real name? Jeez... I feel like I need to bow.

  48. Ruly Ruzette

    Ruly Ruzette12 hours ago

    6:09 looks like poseidon


    DJBATMANGOLD12 hours ago

    2:45 🤣😂

  50. FreshNick

    FreshNick12 hours ago

    Dang that's an old one. Never have changed and that's what I like

  51. Ken Kilgore

    Ken Kilgore13 hours ago

    1:47 I don’t know why I find that look on his face to be so funny

  52. Altaf Sandh

    Altaf Sandh13 hours ago


  53. Boi Boi

    Boi Boi13 hours ago

    Hello the internet

  54. Millie Hoggins

    Millie Hoggins13 hours ago


  55. Tdray24

    Tdray2414 hours ago

    Slow Mo Guys: we showed you light at 10 trillion FPS, can you give us a like? unliked viewers: ehh.. next video Slow Mo Guys: WHAT ELSE CAN WE DO TO PLEASE YOU?

  56. Circus Spider

    Circus Spider14 hours ago

    How come it feels like I legit swallowed my heart

  57. Circus Spider

    Circus Spider14 hours ago

    How the ocean was made:

  58. Circus Spider

    Circus Spider14 hours ago

    There’s a legit shower under him

  59. fa ta

    fa ta14 hours ago

    no no no this time I begining to don't like your video because you show just one shot frame fast motion not like old videos you show many frame rate slow to slower. so why? you become old?

  60. Circus Spider

    Circus Spider14 hours ago


  61. Circus Spider

    Circus Spider14 hours ago

    Dude he looked like mega-mind


    BISHAL'S CREATION14 hours ago

    Oooooooo my goodness 😳💥👌👌👌👌🙏

  63. Miss Pie Wackitt

    Miss Pie Wackitt14 hours ago

    6:47 Oh look its the bit where lucy and the minions got in the ship

  64. Steven Pecoraro

    Steven Pecoraro16 hours ago

    Looks awesome ... but, why no gloves and eye protection?!

  65. TON 618

    TON 61816 hours ago

    it's better than movie CGI

  66. Valdi96

    Valdi9616 hours ago

    "That's not gonna come out!" Oh, sweet summer child...

  67. FluffyWolf_ Gaminggg

    FluffyWolf_ Gaminggg16 hours ago

    That’s so cruel just let it go

  68. Eddi_TryRelaxGaming

    Eddi_TryRelaxGaming17 hours ago

    Loved that moment at 2:29 😂

  69. Creeperboy and friends

    Creeperboy and friends17 hours ago

    Ah, my favorite one of them all Sounds like it has a Ford GAA V8 engine

  70. TgvhujntgvyuhjbntgvbbyujhRandomNot

    TgvhujntgvyuhjbntgvbbyujhRandomNot18 hours ago


  71. Juliette Wood

    Juliette Wood18 hours ago

    Thought guy on the left was Jake Gyllenhaal

  72. William Johnson

    William Johnson19 hours ago

    You should slow mo hitting a helmet with a sledge hammer and watch it deform 👌🏻👌🏻

  73. Syahrul Ardiyasa

    Syahrul Ardiyasa19 hours ago

    B U S T E D !!

  74. Steven K

    Steven K20 hours ago

    Pretty amazing fast draw, but not sure how he’d have stacked up against Bob Munden, may he Rest In Peace.

  75. Boogie Man

    Boogie Man20 hours ago

    Do Magnets!

  76. Barbara Doughty

    Barbara Doughty20 hours ago

    did anyone here something 0:38

  77. Bogdan Ionitza

    Bogdan Ionitza21 hour ago

    good to see he's wearing wrist pads this time, unlike that time when he broke his wrist

  78. Bogdan Ionitza

    Bogdan Ionitza21 hour ago

    so he's wet at 8:25 then dry at 8:26 then wet again at 8:38. Magic!

  79. harry osborne

    harry osborne21 hour ago

    yes u both bloody idiots im listening 2 u lool

  80. DaneZ Life

    DaneZ Life22 hours ago

    Put the bowl next to the grill!

  81. عبد الرحمن رأفت

    عبد الرحمن رأفت22 hours ago

    Thanke me later 4:56

  82. GoldenPlays iOS

    GoldenPlays iOS23 hours ago


  83. jj25c

    jj25c23 hours ago


  84. Brandon W.

    Brandon W.23 hours ago

    I'm happy that Dan appreciates physical keyboards. They are absolutely much better than membrane keyboards and on-screen keebs!

  85. XDusky X

    XDusky XDay ago

    the slow mo guys defense are storger then the authors

  86. Alex from Germany

    Alex from GermanyDay ago

    Does anyone of you know what song they are using when we see the slow motion? I really like those ambient tunes. It’s very relaxing.

  87. Alex from Germany

    Alex from GermanyDay ago

    Does anyone of you know what song they are using when we see the slow motion? I really like those ambient tunes. It’s very relaxing.

  88. EVIL 69 Charger R/T

    EVIL 69 Charger R/TDay ago

    This is incredible. I certainly never thought I'd be able to see light move. Absolutely amazing... I'm stunned.

  89. Bogdan Ionitza

    Bogdan IonitzaDay ago

    No wrist pads? That was bound to be disastrous! Wrist pads are the most important protection to wear when skating, more important than knee and elbow pads. You guys had it coming...

  90. MrVolodus

    MrVolodusDay ago

    If you can film at 200 000fps, it means light can travel 1500 meters in one frame... If you set up 2 mirrors at 750m and 1500m and shine at them, you should be able to see difference :)

  91. Arvin Prince

    Arvin PrinceDay ago

    Dan the water dj

  92. Chuck Desylva

    Chuck DesylvaDay ago

    Ok, how about using a camera with the highest frame rate on the planet. Point it at a 45 degree angle to a laser's light. What do you see? Zoom in. You should see a helical pattern like RNA in the boson stream.


    PAUL SLATERDay ago

    Awesomeness, may I suggest slow mo of fireworks under ice..... See this. The crack formation of the ice would be stunning.



    I caught myself squirming watching this just like I do watching American Ninja warrior.

  95. Elite

    EliteDay ago

    Where did my BMW go???

  96. Bman 1970

    Bman 1970Day ago

    Warp speed Mr. Grunchy! 🚀 The record at 11:30 sounded like the spinning table in Star Trek : What Are Little Girls Made Of.

  97. John Sears

    John SearsDay ago

    My favorite part is where he almost put his elbow in the flame of a torch.

  98. I love Satan

    I love SatanDay ago

    Are we gonna ignore all the horrible gun safety practices in this vid

  99. djd829

    djd829Day ago

    Watching this makes my ballsack hurt for some reason

  100. Ethan Beutel

    Ethan BeutelDay ago

    Satisfying if you’re a PlayStation gamer