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10 Vlogs in 10 Minutes!
Man vs Flood

Man vs Flood

7 months ago

Chopstick Hands for 24hrs
Best Videos of 2018
360° Camera in a Cannon!
Corridor Job Opening
How Sam Does Ghost Effects
Sam's PTSD as a Filmmaker
  1. Parker Bloom

    Parker BloomMinute ago

    Ah big fuckin rocket ... sorry I had to say it

  2. T G

    T G2 minutes ago

    Man that is scary guys AI will get all the understanding even more we are getting in a more ahead of our times watch out, Hope me putting this our does n get me killed. so watch your back true Americans !!!

  3. Jarvis Coleman

    Jarvis Coleman2 minutes ago

    The swinging hands thing is part of Silat, but well just talk that up to western ignorance.

  4. عاشق القيصر للأبد

    عاشق القيصر للأبد2 minutes ago

    try Egypt films specifically old ones

  5. Dinesh Kumar

    Dinesh Kumar3 minutes ago

    2.0 and

  6. Jeksewn OLeeray

    Jeksewn OLeeray4 minutes ago

    New face filters on Instagram today, this is my favourite one so far. Great job team!

  7. Odin

    Odin6 minutes ago

    South Indian Film industry deny the existence of Physics XD

  8. Odin

    Odin7 minutes ago

    Bollywood movies can break the laws of Physics 😂

  9. Ramki Asmath

    Ramki Asmath8 minutes ago

    I like how this video is sensible rather than just complaining!

  10. Adarsh Kotian

    Adarsh Kotian9 minutes ago

    Ra one creation reaction

  11. Fazen107

    Fazen10712 minutes ago

    It’s not about how old it is, it is the matter about the type of mechanism, range, fire rate and jam stabilisation.

  12. Just Mister P

    Just Mister P12 minutes ago

    Lmao. Too funny

  13. mattricks 13

    mattricks 1315 minutes ago

    AHA zombie land G rated

  14. writer jey

    writer jey17 minutes ago

    Fuckers robot film is not bollywood, its a Tamil movie.

  15. writer jey

    writer jey17 minutes ago

    Fuckers robot film is not bollywood, its a Tamil movie.

  16. MrDipendraa

    MrDipendraa18 minutes ago


  17. Heathen

    Heathen18 minutes ago

    18:17 tho lmaooo that was the best Jenga game ive ever watched

  18. yrevli5 Music

    yrevli5 Music20 minutes ago

    When these guys talk about CGI & their processes, I have no idea what they're talking about..... But I still watch their videos 😂😂

  19. Derek Lamb

    Derek Lamb24 minutes ago

    How about when Ironman breaks out of the cave and takes out the terrorists inside and out of the cave.

  20. Michael Goonan

    Michael Goonan25 minutes ago

    For a challenge make zombieland g rated if you agree please give me a shout out thanks

  21. Alejandro Peña Ortega

    Alejandro Peña Ortega26 minutes ago

    So, a human has bullied.... 🤪

  22. vydhic kancherla

    vydhic kancherla28 minutes ago

    U can try SAAHO

  23. Crystal dino123

    Crystal dino12328 minutes ago

    Final destination g rated

  24. Aymerick Roy

    Aymerick Roy28 minutes ago

    i don't know whos messed up kevin or this channel

  25. PurpleLightning6was9

    PurpleLightning6was933 minutes ago

    You whites do some crazy shit

  26. Vibo2 Aomi

    Vibo2 Aomi34 minutes ago

    Lmfao all that money and resources and thats the best bollywood has to offer xD creativity level = -100

  27. yrevli5 Music

    yrevli5 Music34 minutes ago

    That 808 though

  28. Joel Robert

    Joel Robert36 minutes ago

    And KGF... its literarly lit

  29. Jaimin Parmar

    Jaimin Parmar36 minutes ago

    you guys picked a boring shot to analyze ngl

  30. Jaimin Parmar

    Jaimin Parmar36 minutes ago

    you guys picked a boring shot to analyze ngl

  31. EazLet Creations

    EazLet Creations37 minutes ago

    React to *Mersal Bar fight scene* 😂🔥

  32. ΜΘVΙΞΒUZZinternational

    ΜΘVΙΞΒUZZinternational37 minutes ago

    Inn chudapo ko Kon smjhaye ki vo bahubali h😂😂

  33. Rithik Pandian

    Rithik Pandian40 minutes ago

    The robot movie named Enthiran ain’t Bollywood it’s a Tamil movie its called kollywood 👍

  34. Joel Robert

    Joel Robert41 minute ago

    Guys please review of the second part of the indian terminator movie 2.0 and also the movie saaho...

  35. anarchybreed

    anarchybreed43 minutes ago

    I think Niko's rant also works inverted as justification for why I find most of Corridor's videos to be so awesome.

  36. Cobalt

    Cobalt45 minutes ago

    12:51 though

  37. edward simon

    edward simon45 minutes ago

    Those are not bollywood movies. so,before watching a video just know some details about it.only Singham is bollywood movie

  38. DC Forever

    DC Forever45 minutes ago

    Actually most of scenes were from South Indian industry.. Not from Bollywood..

  39. Rafitamma

    Rafitamma46 minutes ago

    VFX Artists React To GUNDALA! (the newest one from indonesia)

  40. Kevin Sepulveda

    Kevin Sepulveda46 minutes ago

    Review the introduction scene to Peter Jackson's critically acclaimed The Lord of the Ring The Two Towers! 2002? And the CGI with Gandalf falling is legendary!!! It looks like sir Ian Mckellen is falling with this fire breathing demon gaurdian! How?!?!?!?!?!

  41. Capella Azaria

    Capella Azaria46 minutes ago

    your edit instead makes it looks unrealistic.

  42. Abstract Ever

    Abstract Ever48 minutes ago

    Robot that does not have a finger in his hand, how is possible that he can shoot with this gun

  43. Omarion Vincent

    Omarion Vincent48 minutes ago

    Me when a doggo bit my nut: * sir pelo pain earrape *

  44. Alex Vi Venezuela

    Alex Vi Venezuela49 minutes ago

    Lone Digger and Tequila...nice

  45. ARC Phoenix

    ARC Phoenix50 minutes ago movie is also best

  46. Homely tech Malayalam

    Homely tech Malayalam51 minute ago

    Hey guys, check out Indian ghost movies it will be a lot more fun!

  47. Abstract Ever

    Abstract Ever51 minute ago

    get out of my Box

  48. adwait rathod

    adwait rathod51 minute ago

    Check out 'Bollywood' films , fan and zero starring Shah Rukh Khan.

  49. Bobby Marunko

    Bobby Marunko57 minutes ago


  50. I like Preston

    I like Preston57 minutes ago

    Make SE7EN

  51. Mama Mo

    Mama Mo58 minutes ago

    Why is this video not demonetized yet?

  52. The Gray Ghost

    The Gray GhostHour ago

    The only thing I could never understand why would Kevin want to share a bed with his cousin who wets the bed no F***ing body would.

  53. Minhaz Uddin

    Minhaz UddinHour ago

    james bond

  54. GigaStorm 3559

    GigaStorm 3559Hour ago


  55. Guru Nadhan

    Guru NadhanHour ago

    2.0 movie, Mattran movie, Aalavandhan movie which also inspired Quinten Tarantino

  56. ronnel zapanta

    ronnel zapantaHour ago


  57. Jeronimo Jr

    Jeronimo JrHour ago

    On one of your videos, in comments, I found a good idea, make Star Wars Rouge One, Darth Vader scene R-Rated.

  58. Guru Nadhan

    Guru NadhanHour ago

    Watch Mattran movie guys

  59. Guru Nadhan

    Guru NadhanHour ago

    You guys must watch Mattran movie, amazing vfx technology

  60. PopeKurt

    PopeKurtHour ago

    i didn't know what the magic castle was until i got into work comp and my company insures the magic castle fort work comp insurance.

  61. Jeronimo Jr

    Jeronimo JrHour ago

    Show this to Michael Bay.

  62. Blu Scout

    Blu ScoutHour ago

    What I tell my teacher at an exam: I gOT bIg BrAiN

  63. Discover New Stuff

    Discover New StuffHour ago

    1:12 onwards fact 🥰 Still the bloody idiots say that God does not exist and this all happened on its own. Even the biggest idiot Steven Hakings used to say that...

  64. Chandan Ayaan

    Chandan AyaanHour ago

    Make the second part

  65. Bharat Kumar

    Bharat KumarHour ago

    First watch d movie n then react for vfx shots

  66. Trin Mahimac

    Trin MahimacHour ago

    And my child hood movie is ruined

  67. Ramzan Ali

    Ramzan AliHour ago


  68. syphキッド

    syphキッドHour ago

    He reminds me off Jamal from On My Block lol

  69. DooMeRocK

    DooMeRocKHour ago

    9:50 unparalleled oscar nomination event

  70. GigaStorm 3559

    GigaStorm 3559Hour ago

    I know it will already be said But you wanna challenge? Saw (G-Rated)

  71. Loyal2Royal

    Loyal2RoyalHour ago

    hey stop there supressors do supress the sound of the gun if it uses a special amunnaion called subsonic ammo

  72. Jimmy Khan

    Jimmy KhanHour ago

    Well they fucked physics so well

  73. Sarim Ashrafi

    Sarim AshrafiHour ago

    Do it for Ra.One it's a bollywood movie... Robot and Bahubali are not bollywood movies...

  74. moonshineTheleocat

    moonshineTheleocatHour ago

    The trick for CG and Smoke, is to make the smoke CG, but use a specialized camera to get depth information about the scene as its playing. This way, the smoke can react to the actors and the CG.

  75. Sunny Shen

    Sunny ShenHour ago

    Indians love drama. Indians don't bother about physics or logic, scenes must be dramatic. That's all

  76. picklepowernow plays roblox

    picklepowernow plays robloxHour ago

    5:08 to skip the ad for audible

  77. Angelica Amora

    Angelica AmoraHour ago

    It's sooo cool that they're the same as first video to today

  78. just mochi

    just mochiHour ago

    He was with hat when he teleport himself 00:52

  79. Ja'Tara Turner

    Ja'Tara TurnerHour ago

    About the CGI for Two-Face... There are all of these cameras looking at the white dots, but are all of the camera synced up to each other in some way?



    Please do chk vfx and cgi for farzand marathi movieyou guys need to check

  81. Dheeraj K S

    Dheeraj K SHour ago

    Bollywood movie 2.0 vfx video do

  82. Emo Lord 69

    Emo Lord 69Hour ago

    G-rated IT chapter 1 or 2. A clown having fun with people

  83. picklepowernow plays roblox

    picklepowernow plays robloxHour ago

    2:07 is it just me or did this make you jump

  84. Khairul Gaming

    Khairul GamingHour ago

    that money in his hand is CGI, right? 😅

  85. Satish Kumar

    Satish KumarHour ago

    I (The same movie director of Robot)

  86. Tetard Foo

    Tetard FooHour ago

    9:17 this dood looking like Adam savage had a love child with jacksfilms

  87. Satish Kumar

    Satish KumarHour ago

    1.Nani.....malayam language movie.....a movie based on a housefly. 2.Zero(SRK) 3.Ra-One 4. 2.0


    FOX CRAFTHour ago

    Do adventures of tintin

  89. VNM

    VNMHour ago

  90. jayden fernandez

    jayden fernandezHour ago

    Saw into g-rated

  91. thesmartonezz

    thesmartonezzHour ago

    thay sound like happy wheels characters 10:53

  92. Nintation Playstendo

    Nintation Playstendo2 hours ago

    After watching the remade project, I just can't help but feel bad for Harry and Marv.

  93. Blazing Plays

    Blazing Plays2 hours ago

    Why Home Alone Became 18+ only

  94. Franccesco Diaz

    Franccesco Diaz2 hours ago

    X Men First Clss

  95. Moey Youssef

    Moey Youssef2 hours ago

    Was NOT expecting that

  96. HypoCritical

    HypoCritical2 hours ago

    make annabelle not scary or any horror movie not scary at all

  97. Zhuriel Prince Gamer

    Zhuriel Prince Gamer2 hours ago

    Can you do a peppa pig

  98. Jr Iaccino

    Jr Iaccino2 hours ago

    Don't worry I'm the same way

  99. Qaz Wsx

    Qaz Wsx2 hours ago

    Wren is awesome!