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  1. Salina Rocha

    Salina Rocha16 seconds ago

    I love you Gwen! ❤️🌙🌙

  2. {}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}

    {}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}26 seconds ago

    I use Manic Panic :)

  3. Cherisse Fernandes

    Cherisse Fernandes33 seconds ago


  4. AyeAyeSP

    AyeAyeSPMinute ago

    I literally grew up on Gwen but I don't think I ever realized how drop dead gorgeous she is.

  5. Crystal ASMR

    Crystal ASMR2 minutes ago

    YASSSS QUEEEEN Where's Katya?

  6. Li O

    Li O2 minutes ago

    Is this on green screen? Did anyone can see this?

  7. Emma H. Edward

    Emma H. Edward2 minutes ago

    ميكب تورتيلا

  8. Alanna Duke

    Alanna Duke2 minutes ago

    The fact that she got braces with her money instead of just new teeth says a lot about her and her personality. So humble and sweet and honest, I just love her!

  9. Niiikkoo Chan

    Niiikkoo Chan3 minutes ago

    Tell me that’s a wigs by vanity?? 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻

  10. Joshima M

    Joshima M7 minutes ago

    That terrible top lip filler tho. And her excuse for not having spent time with indian cause she lived in Anaheim? We are all over the place in the LA area sis. Considering her fiasco with native american head dress, i dont buy it

  11. Fact 's Nothing but. The facts

    Fact 's Nothing but. The facts11 minutes ago

    Is any of the models real woman every one I see is transgender nothing against transgender people it the lies real woman see this and? How come my body not like there's your harming so many people with be in dishonest you don't care I imagine I no you practice alkamy it wrong plz be honest

  12. Eleisha Tamiya

    Eleisha Tamiya12 minutes ago

    Gwen kind of sounds like Dojo Cat

  13. irene

    irene12 minutes ago

    Shes so stunning

  14. Solveig Furu

    Solveig Furu15 minutes ago

    1342 is hilarious

  15. Julie

    Julie16 minutes ago

    I got braces with my first paycheck (well started the process I guess) but yeah, my parents couldn’t afford it so when I got my first job and my first paycheck I went straight to the orthodontist! GWEN IS A FRKN VAMPIRE (cuz she doesn’t age) 🤘🏼🤪

  16. Jesse S

    Jesse S17 minutes ago

    Brian has beautiful eyes.

  17. Andres CV

    Andres CV17 minutes ago

    She's very creative, no stylists, all by herself, an icon of the 90's, shame the new generation is so cheap and vulgar

  18. Ole Schmöker

    Ole Schmöker17 minutes ago

    would love to see TLC looking back at some of their looks, they def killed it too!

  19. bemygetaway

    bemygetaway18 minutes ago

    Does she have lip fillers?

  20. Mr. Single

    Mr. Single19 minutes ago

    Love U Gwen then and now ❤❤❤

  21. Steph

    Steph21 minute ago

    I can’t believe she’s 50

  22. Charly Mex

    Charly Mex22 minutes ago

    finally!!!! a real beautiful human in VOGUE!

  23. craz4jaymz

    craz4jaymz23 minutes ago

    She's like that older sister I wished I had.

  24. Hardeep Meena

    Hardeep Meena24 minutes ago

    I love her accent ❤️😍

  25. Mary T

    Mary T25 minutes ago

    She's such an Icon!! I love her ! The vibe she brings is amazing

  26. mona shihab

    mona shihab31 minute ago

    she is gorgeous please her skin care routine

  27. Coline POVEDA

    Coline POVEDA32 minutes ago

    Best video ever

  28. caz dinleyen kamyon şoförü

    caz dinleyen kamyon şoförü32 minutes ago


  29. Pearapat Lertchanon

    Pearapat Lertchanon33 minutes ago

    What shade of the lipstick that she used? (The red packaging one, or is it 999 as same as the other one?)

  30. Reut Ahdut

    Reut Ahdut33 minutes ago

    Shes so amazing

  31. Gabriel R.

    Gabriel R.35 minutes ago

    why is no one talking about the 100% on point kim chi impersonation???

  32. alacarteno

    alacarteno36 minutes ago

    what happened to her lips?

  33. Vafire Aziri

    Vafire Aziri36 minutes ago

    shes so unique so bossy i love her personality i just adore her❤️💋😘🌹🌹🌹

  34. pickupyourlaces

    pickupyourlaces37 minutes ago

    And Gwen looks super hood meets glamour

  35. Anna Zágon

    Anna Zágon37 minutes ago

    This WOMAN is *50* ! This is insane... she looks like 30 and also so classy

  36. pickupyourlaces

    pickupyourlaces37 minutes ago

    On the Vogue shoot she really really looks like N. Murphy. 🥺

  37. isa bela

    isa bela39 minutes ago

    Can I just say...this is the most perfect human being on earth!!!! flawless speaking, dressing, performing, making expressions, on her chain of thoughts...her passions and feelings about stuff....I LOVE YOU JULIA!!

  38. Leen Sleit

    Leen Sleit39 minutes ago

    Why do i love these two so much

  39. sushma p

    sushma p40 minutes ago

    Science:Bella hadid is the most beautiful woman in the world ..!~2019 Me: true that ❤️🔥

  40. Ahmed Ismail

    Ahmed Ismail40 minutes ago

    Honestly, as a guy who couldn't stop looking at her, I just wonder what is it like to wake up everyday and know you're this gorgeous? It has to be really nice...

  41. K posada

    K posada41 minute ago

    Does she have her own channel besides music?

  42. Paige Petty

    Paige Petty41 minute ago

    Love her!!! Don’t love the lip fillers

  43. Emma Eriksson

    Emma Eriksson42 minutes ago

    I don’t know how many piece of clothing I bought in my life just to try to mimic Gwen. Like since I was 10 years old. She’s an amazing fashion icon. And I started to wear red lipstick because of her even when I was the only girl in my hometown who wore red lips

  44. Forever Seeking

    Forever Seeking43 minutes ago

    Im definitely behind this! This is my everyday look bit without the lipstick.

  45. Fernando Villalobos

    Fernando Villalobos44 minutes ago

    We need more Gwen USwork content!

  46. Aldair Cortes

    Aldair Cortes44 minutes ago

    Aww in her first Vogue cover she looks like Brittani Murphy :') ❤

  47. Partofyoursimphony X

    Partofyoursimphony X44 minutes ago

    Here after rihanna x Vogue and man 🤦🏽‍♀️ any other video seems so staged

  48. Michael C

    Michael C44 minutes ago

    an utter idiot

  49. Shawn Besabella

    Shawn Besabella46 minutes ago

    This was probably the most endearing Vogue video so far

  50. taginefc

    taginefc46 minutes ago

    She is a Notorious cultural appropriator.

  51. T! G!

    T! G!48 minutes ago

    can you believe she is 50 years old

  52. ruslan wardani

    ruslan wardani48 minutes ago

    Biological women

  53. potatomato :p

    potatomato :p48 minutes ago

    Man i really like her song cool. Reminds me of ps2 days.

  54. mehmet demir

    mehmet demir49 minutes ago

    I want 2 be a rich old white man just for her 2 murder me (allegedly). And take my billions

  55. Daisy Bekon

    Daisy Bekon49 minutes ago

    i love emma without all that editing

  56. Francisco Fassi

    Francisco Fassi51 minute ago

    No mention of her fashion brand LAMB? I wonder why.....

  57. deneilbaker

    deneilbaker52 minutes ago

    I’m devastated that Gwen Stefani pronounces picture like “pitcher”

  58. Schneemann

    Schneemann54 minutes ago

    ...Botox???!!! Die Frau erkennt man nicht mehr wieder, so sehr hat sie ihr Gesicht bearbeitet. Furchtbar!

  59. Елена Счастливая

    Елена Счастливая55 minutes ago

    Этой женщине -50! Фантастика!

  60. otis youngblood

    otis youngblood56 minutes ago

    Is she was born in DC why do she have a foreign accent??

  61. Alondra Loera

    Alondra Loera56 minutes ago

    I love her ❤️

  62. Elaine nicholson

    Elaine nicholson57 minutes ago

    Her jacket 😍

  63. Shy Ghost

    Shy Ghost58 minutes ago

    Did Gwen get her lip done or ??

  64. Jacki

    JackiHour ago

    I really like her. She’s so sweet.

  65. Luisa Maria

    Luisa MariaHour ago

    wait?!!! she tied her hair without a scrunchie???!!

  66. Emily Moradel

    Emily MoradelHour ago

    Still missing her with the red lip, but: man! What does she use to look so young?!

  67. EllenGT500

    EllenGT500Hour ago

    "when you LIVE it sometimes transfers to the bottom" is one of the funniest and realest things I've heard a celebrity/ fashion icon say.

  68. parth agarwal

    parth agarwalHour ago

    hey so sorry dream but............... blank

  69. sushma p

    sushma pHour ago

    According to science, bella hadid is the world's most beautiful woman ~oct 2019



    Guh, she's so beautiful. Would love to walk through her closet and just gush in awe.

  71. Summer evening

    Summer eveningHour ago

    50 year olds are getting more and more beautiful. Jennifer Aniston. Gwen Stefani, JLO. Its not even about plastic surgery/fillers. Their inner beauty let's the youth shine through. 🧡💛💚

  72. Zoemzoe zoezoe

    Zoemzoe zoezoeHour ago

    The girl at 4:19 to the left

  73. Jas Virk

    Jas VirkHour ago

    ive not even watched it and i liked it cause i love her

  74. Maxime Welvaars

    Maxime WelvaarsHour ago

    Those eyelashes look greyish. Like they're full of powder

  75. Amber Tobar

    Amber TobarHour ago

    Organic is not even organic kourtney everything you drink,eat breath and use is chemicals believe it so you basically wasting your time but i mean if it makes you feel better lol just being honest its true its not the same anymore

  76. Alison Jones

    Alison JonesHour ago

    Lip fillers , face lift !

  77. Klara Hultenius

    Klara HulteniusHour ago


  78. Trippy Kato

    Trippy KatoHour ago

    We have the same birthday! I tell everyone I meet. ♡

  79. alana terrel

    alana terrelHour ago

    She is very pretty

  80. Aophia

    AophiaHour ago


  81. Max Ammo

    Max AmmoHour ago

    Oh there's a lot of looks and choices she has to explain...

  82. Space for the Soul

    Space for the SoulHour ago

    I enjoy this soooo much! It reflexs my own desire to experiment more and be beautiful☺💃🍃

  83. Victoria Souza

    Victoria SouzaHour ago

    Contorno de lábio é essencial mesmo que perfeita gente

  84. Sabrina Nelson

    Sabrina NelsonHour ago

    I just LOVE her!!! Ahhh!!

  85. Teddy Brooks

    Teddy BrooksHour ago

    Her eyebrows make her look like a whole different person it is crazy

  86. Brittany Walker

    Brittany WalkerHour ago

    I love gwen soooo much since i was young. And ive been obsessed with listening to No doubt lately. Gwen is the best and was gorgeous then and now. 😍😘❤🎤 🎶

  87. Shaka Walker

    Shaka WalkerHour ago

    Libra like 👍 me!

  88. Alisa Todorova

    Alisa TodorovaHour ago

    How is she 50?! She looks in her 30s!! 😱

  89. Daniel Rieger

    Daniel RiegerHour ago

    did anyone ever check if there really were 73 questions?

  90. Mayonnaise Boy

    Mayonnaise BoyHour ago

    i know she has her teeth done but why is this video making me notice it so much

  91. Lynette La Roche-Cervantes

    Lynette La Roche-CervantesHour ago

    She looks so good in her 40’s but she needs to stop with the Botox in her lips!

  92. Joshua Bade

    Joshua BadeHour ago

    The teeth of it all!!

  93. Jessie Vidente

    Jessie VidenteHour ago

    I dont agree when she said is what i like what about other people ?

  94. Terry Taylor

    Terry TaylorHour ago

    Gwen is a legend ❤️

  95. Tyler Ennis

    Tyler EnnisHour ago

    I'm no Brad Pitt but her upper lip looks like it sucked off a lawn mower blade.

  96. Starshine

    StarshineHour ago

    She's so effortlessly cool, I love her

  97. Lorena Sousa

    Lorena SousaHour ago

    Camila falando português = tudo pra mim

  98. Jennifer Tatiana

    Jennifer TatianaHour ago

    i love her so much

  99. Rudolph

    RudolphHour ago

    Why did they skip the harajuku period

  100. pickledyams

    pickledyamsHour ago

    Just a natural, no-make up make up look