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  1. Rona Lestari Kamil

    Rona Lestari Kamil2 minutes ago

    Bathroom voice effect

  2. Vallerie Bradley

    Vallerie Bradley6 minutes ago

    evryone need to see this

  3. Israt Ahmed

    Israt Ahmed8 minutes ago

    Please tell me where i was until now

  4. pablo heuheu

    pablo heuheu14 minutes ago

    I don't like songs like that. But I like it😀🎵

  5. Along Juanas

    Along Juanas47 minutes ago


  6. Minjyun Park

    Minjyun Park48 minutes ago


  7. Chrisviana

    Chrisviana51 minute ago

    I can relate the lyrics perfectly.......

  8. DIYA

    DIYAHour ago

    One of the best debut of 4th generation and in all time kpop debuts.... fighting Ateez!!!

  9. stayuwu 09

    stayuwu 09Hour ago

    still hereee

  10. Van Tae

    Van TaeHour ago

    I really love this song. Suzy 💜💜💜

  11. Ayu Diana Prashanti

    Ayu Diana PrashantiHour ago


  12. Jenn nie

    Jenn nieHour ago

    Love this song!!

  13. KindlyBonnie

    KindlyBonnieHour ago

    Vagabond!!!!!! Already Watched the first Episode!!!!!!! Out of Breath Hwaiiting! Vagabond Hwaiiting! Suzy Hwaiiting! Lee Seung Gi Hwaiiting!

  14. Jenn nie

    Jenn nieHour ago

    Beautiful song!!

  15. Jenn nie

    Jenn nieHour ago


  16. Jenn nie

    Jenn nieHour ago


  17. Maria Herawati

    Maria Herawati2 hours ago

    Ateez populer good job when.he come to jkt

  18. Lexi Shaw

    Lexi Shaw2 hours ago

    I’m confused as to why we’re not talking abt yunho with curly hair


    BLANC SPACE2 hours ago

    This song THIS!!! Ok I am interested;)

  20. ياسر العراقي

    ياسر العراقي3 hours ago

    فايتنغ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡

  21. angelic

    angelic3 hours ago

    The lyrics sums up my everyday life pls take a time to read the lyrics guys

  22. ItsjustJULZ

    ItsjustJULZ3 hours ago

    I love Suzy

  23. Amrisha Singh

    Amrisha Singh3 hours ago

    They are really talented..im soo impressed 🤩🤩

  24. Fitri Eka

    Fitri Eka3 hours ago

    Welcome back singer suzy 👏👏

  25. Amrisha Singh

    Amrisha Singh3 hours ago

    This song deserves more...many more...much more

  26. Yanti Darma

    Yanti Darma3 hours ago

    Whoaaa suzy ...😍

  27. Fenny az

    Fenny az3 hours ago


  28. eliah P.

    eliah P.4 hours ago

    Still streaming

  29. Mariel Correa

    Mariel Correa4 hours ago


  30. Camila Rodriguez

    Camila Rodriguez4 hours ago

    0:48 my favorite part of the coreo🤷🏽‍♀️

  31. Genie Echaluce

    Genie Echaluce4 hours ago

    I wanna see these two to sing it Live. Omo!. please make it happen because I also wanna be happy😍

  32. Emily Liu

    Emily Liu4 hours ago

    They should really become famous in America who agrees

  33. Elisa C tiny

    Elisa C tiny4 hours ago


  34. Yessica yuko

    Yessica yuko4 hours ago

    love it

  35. Elisa C tiny

    Elisa C tiny4 hours ago


  36. Just JKhaD

    Just JKhaD4 hours ago

    Ateez : Say my name Fan :What is your name? Ateez :my name is A to Z Fan : thank you that helps me a lot 😐 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  37. Mr. Penguin

    Mr. Penguin4 hours ago

    Hayoung brought me here.. and didn't regret it at all. I LOVED THIS! These lyrics and melody is too much.. I can't even hold my tears..

  38. 파아란

    파아란4 hours ago


  39. tan suan liew tan

    tan suan liew tan4 hours ago

    1:08-1:09 who is he?

  40. Lexus Big Hair

    Lexus Big Hair4 hours ago

    My sister love you guts ateez

  41. NNU

    NNU4 hours ago

    2:02 I can't feel my anything...

  42. Suzy susanti

    Suzy susanti4 hours ago

    Kangen suara suzy 😢😍

  43. 그래 응

    그래 응5 hours ago

    노래 진짜 좋다...수지도 작사 참여했다는데 이런거 보면 수지 새삼 대단하게 느껴짐 노래에 연기에...ㄷㄷ 배가본드도 재밌더라 수지 화이팅!



    there should be 0 dislikes, absolutely *ZERO*

  45. pororo pororo

    pororo pororo5 hours ago

    SUZY's low register is so lovely just like her!!! Make this blue if you're looking forward to an official music video 💕

  46. Revio Murti

    Revio Murti5 hours ago



    WHITEANDPINK5 hours ago

    Yup ur officially the top 1 underrated channel on there!

  48. Izz Alyssa

    Izz Alyssa5 hours ago

    ateez i stan a right group

  49. adelinepop

    adelinepop5 hours ago

    I stumbled across this video accidentally. Girl/guys... I might just have to stan...

  50. Adead

    Adead5 hours ago

    Fuck you!!! AURORA aksnes deserves more recognition than you bunch of balless !! Kfags!!! So sick of looking AURORA related react videos and seeing your contents shows. Fuck you!!!

  51. Art Girl Abiya !!!

    Art Girl Abiya !!!5 hours ago

    There is something about this song that makes me repeat AteeZ instead of saying "Say my name"

  52. Putri Ariska Dewi

    Putri Ariska Dewi5 hours ago

    so underratedddd, please aomg sign my sonnnn

  53. MåyMåy ÇråyÇråy

    MåyMåy ÇråyÇråy5 hours ago

    2:10 Who's this dude? 2:14 Whos the guy in te blue? They stood out to me most. Someone Please tell me

  54. ItsKatteh

    ItsKatteh5 hours ago

    AYE Mingi and Jongho, I recognized them in Mixnine xD HANDSOME AS EVER.

  55. nachowo

    nachowo5 hours ago


  56. Kaylee Coleman

    Kaylee Coleman5 hours ago

    This song makes me feel some type of way 😭

  57. Ana laura Pereira

    Ana laura Pereira5 hours ago

    Love 😍

  58. 『《The GODFATHER 》』

    『《The GODFATHER 》』6 hours ago

    Sería poco si digo que me encanta

  59. EXO 엑소

    EXO 엑소6 hours ago

    Babylon the best

  60. Marita Arellano

    Marita Arellano6 hours ago

    Woah. Maddox Imma stan you now

  61. catherine rodriguez

    catherine rodriguez6 hours ago

    Omg! Amo esta canción, sus voces, el MV, la coreografía, todo, ah❤️

  62. Coffee e

    Coffee e6 hours ago

    20/19/19!!!!!! suzy’s cb as a fabulous actress & an amazing singer at the same day 💙 bae is soooooo talented !!!!!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ sueweeties are cryinggggg❤️😭

  63. 배랑둥

    배랑둥6 hours ago

    진짜 장난아니다..너무 좋다 ㅠ

  64. Ášťhēťïč ßūňňý

    Ášťhēťïč ßūňňý6 hours ago

    How to get ateez to notice Scream HAKUNA MATATA YA

  65. gummibtskz_.

    gummibtskz_.6 hours ago

    well, i'm not an atiny but they are one of the best performers that i know, should i stan?

  66. bias itu jodoh

    bias itu jodoh6 hours ago

    I'm so excited for their next comeback , ...

  67. Érika Fernanda

    Érika Fernanda6 hours ago

    If the future of kpop depends on groups like Ateez, Stray Kids, TXT and ITZY .... this future is really good. Everyone is so talented and are making their own music. I REALLY LOVE IT

  68. dani morales

    dani morales6 hours ago

    Me encantó ♥️♥️ Realmente sus voces se escuchan bien 👍👍😁🤗

  69. Umil Kulsum

    Umil Kulsum6 hours ago

    finally suzy

  70. Nicole Peng

    Nicole Peng7 hours ago


  71. Joanna Salinas

    Joanna Salinas7 hours ago


  72. Nicole Peng

    Nicole Peng7 hours ago


  73. just fluff

    just fluff7 hours ago

    i feel bad for people sleeping on ateez : / anyway, let's get ateez a roty ♡

  74. Selina Shah

    Selina Shah7 hours ago

    who’s the guy in 2:38

  75. hey stored

    hey stored7 hours ago


  76. Da Retsmah

    Da Retsmah7 hours ago

    This is song is so epic omfg it makes me want to run at 100mpj This is my gym song

  77. agent fleet

    agent fleet8 hours ago

    Thank you USwork Recommendations for bringing me to this song. The lyrics are very relatable. Moreover, the vocals and the harmonization of Suzy and Babylon are beautiful. This will definitely be in my playlist.

  78. 수서너Kpop

    수서너Kpop8 hours ago

    Ese comienzo de la canción. Me mata!! Que lindos

  79. febi ago

    febi ago8 hours ago

    Nunggu ada yang comment bahasa Indonesia

  80. Delin resyiana

    Delin resyiana8 hours ago

    Suzy eonnie :*

  81. Vanessa Zurita

    Vanessa Zurita9 hours ago

    Mucho amor por este trabajo maravilloso💓

  82. Vanessa Zurita

    Vanessa Zurita9 hours ago

    I like it 😭💖

  83. _GAINZ_

    _GAINZ_9 hours ago

    Its amazing what Korea can do

  84. jackie valdez

    jackie valdez9 hours ago

    wait,,,,, this is so good

  85. Monster Hyunieee

    Monster Hyunieee9 hours ago

    This is all of there era’s I don’t care😂

  86. 천사숮이suzy수위티

    천사숮이suzy수위티9 hours ago


  87. Lovelyy jiminn

    Lovelyy jiminn9 hours ago

    Our boys are coming back soon guysss❤❤❤❤❤

  88. hana forever

    hana forever9 hours ago

    suzy oenni saranghae

  89. hana forever

    hana forever9 hours ago

    i like this song

  90. Lovelyy jiminn

    Lovelyy jiminn9 hours ago

    S.O : What is illusion? Me : a cute ver of pirate king ^^

  91. Lovelyy jiminn

    Lovelyy jiminn9 hours ago

    You'all i just wanna say that our boys are coming back😭❤❤❤❤❤ #ATEEZ

  92. Lovelyy jiminn

    Lovelyy jiminn9 hours ago

    Am i the only one who is obsessed with themm ? ❤❤

  93. Lee Family

    Lee Family10 hours ago

    Below...KRLS80 left his trash here. If you see it, just scroll pass it. not worth your precious time taken away from voting and getting ready for cb.

  94. えり

    えり10 hours ago


  95. Elena in Wonderland

    Elena in Wonderland10 hours ago

    Suzyyy ♡♡♡

  96. Abril San

    Abril San10 hours ago

    empieza re tranqui y termina siendo alto remix reggaetonero para mover el culo :v

  97. Nakavuma Shamim

    Nakavuma Shamim11 hours ago

    I love this💯suzy

  98. Bowie Johnson

    Bowie Johnson11 hours ago


  99. kat 05

    kat 0511 hours ago

    Kq artist never fail to surprise us with their talent

  100. kat 05

    kat 0511 hours ago

    Waaw song lyrics is so deep and nice love this song