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Hi, my name is Jack Douglass. You found my USwork channel where I like to make fun of everything because I'm too scared to confront reality. Enjoy your stay!

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iPhone 11 (parody)


2 months ago



4 months ago

$999 for a stand

$999 for a stand

4 months ago

quick question

quick question

5 months ago



7 months ago

Will Smith grunt

Will Smith grunt

10 months ago

thank u, ness

thank u, ness

10 months ago



10 months ago



10 months ago



11 months ago

iPhone XS (parody)
  1. The Rubber Duckie

    The Rubber Duckie8 minutes ago

    I would bring Abraham Lincoln back from the dead and tell him to never go to a theater #YIAYdead

  2. Capt Camtastic

    Capt Camtastic9 minutes ago

    Loving my second amendment

  3. jedimastercobra

    jedimastercobra19 minutes ago

    Me me big disappointment

  4. jedimastercobra

    jedimastercobra21 minute ago

    Me me big disappointment

  5. EineKartoffel

    EineKartoffel24 minutes ago

    #jack² I ship it.

  6. The CunningHam

    The CunningHam29 minutes ago

    Endgame: get fucked

  7. oogie boogie power!!

    oogie boogie power!!Hour ago

    Not even more internet #YIAY

  8. Ninja

    NinjaHour ago

    I would buy drugs with 300$

  9. Smiesik

    SmiesikHour ago

    #YIAYpfp Well.... i can explain

  10. charlie 919

    charlie 919Hour ago

    Sorry rapping

  11. מר. גבר

    מר. גברHour ago

    I weel take the spiners from the dead and put thre my wet blanket

  12. Marin Pavišić

    Marin PavišićHour ago

    #YIAYDead YGS

  13. Uncomfortable Cat

    Uncomfortable CatHour ago

    Except you Kevin. FUCk you.

  14. OnMelancholyHill69

    OnMelancholyHill69Hour ago

    Do your best.

  15. I have jams BANGTAN

    I have jams BANGTANHour ago

    Where is " its haram before marriage"

  16. J4K - FIFA

    J4K - FIFAHour ago

    Your a disgrace

  17. Krytacc

    KrytaccHour ago

    i wanttttttt yiaybook chapter 2 yiaybook chapter 2 yiaybook chapter 2 yiaybook chapter 2 yiaybook chapter 2 yiaybook chapter 2 yiaybook chapter 2 yiaybook chapter 2 yiaybook chapter 2 yiaybook chapter 2yiaybook chapter 2 yiaybook chapter 2yiaybook chapter 2yiaybook chapter 2 yiaybook chapter 2

  18. LaIQ

    LaIQHour ago

    1:15 wtf in da background

  19. LudaMeri

    LudaMeriHour ago

    Sorry this is inaccurate I didn't get cancer from watching this

  20. totally normal gamer

    totally normal gamerHour ago


  21. Amanul Islam

    Amanul Islam2 hours ago

    Hehe, 420 lol

  22. KAAN Dlgz

    KAAN Dlgz2 hours ago

    This is more like Iphone 11 Prody

  23. Anonymous

    Anonymous2 hours ago

    How deer you that’s my langwij 🇳🇵🇳🇵🇳🇵you ander stand😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡I’m angry

  24. Polly the Bird

    Polly the Bird2 hours ago

    I liked the part when he said “me me big boy

  25. The Gaming Dude

    The Gaming Dude2 hours ago

    Demonetised in a second

  26. FS-Jake

    FS-Jake2 hours ago

    4:01 I remember when my sister fell for that and was trying to make fun of me for having two more years of school

  27. zacawatt

    zacawatt2 hours ago

    Holy shit, Holy shit, Holy shit KiDZboB QuIz with Fantano, Jakey. DRew. AND. DaNny.

  28. Ollie 5x9

    Ollie 5x92 hours ago

    Me me me big boy boy boy boy boy boy boy boy boy boy boy boy boy boy 🦊 Garfield

  29. Luxury Gap Productions

    Luxury Gap Productions2 hours ago

    When Twilight came out.

  30. K. J. Jürgen

    K. J. Jürgen2 hours ago

    he fucked me with a literally he fucked me with a damn toothbrush

  31. WhiteVoidGDLeopardsun

    WhiteVoidGDLeopardsun2 hours ago

    My favorite is "Transitioned to a woman now he Alexander man again"

  32. zact lee

    zact lee2 hours ago

    Thats not how he pick yiay answer. He just put in keywords of answers He wants to include. He doesnt care about our answers he already know answers he wants to include he just finds the answers using his specific keywords. Yiay spy he'll just key in the keyword "shrek 5", "police" ,"pornhub", "jacksfilm".

  33. Alyssa Olson

    Alyssa Olson2 hours ago

    "JohnMovies is mentally ill and should be executed" got me laughing during a math test so thank you

  34. scpp2small

    scpp2small2 hours ago

    Bought 400 small kazzos Alexandersucksatlife Edit:Alexander sucks at this

  35. Max Felix

    Max Felix2 hours ago

    Turn your phone upside down at 0:32 for major spooks

  36. 100 Million subscribers with videos

    100 Million subscribers with videos2 hours ago

    your so smart I learned from you're video

  37. scpp2small

    scpp2small3 hours ago

    Let's start a chain of one word

  38. Creative Kids

    Creative Kids3 hours ago

    Miwtly was my favorite one

  39. Creative Kids

    Creative Kids3 hours ago

    🤬🤬🙅🏼‍♂️🙅🏼‍♂️🙎🏻‍♂️🏹 the black hair guy is jack

  40. Creative Kids

    Creative Kids3 hours ago

    I’m thankful for you to stop saying bad words👌 got um

  41. superkoolguy96 roblox

    superkoolguy96 roblox3 hours ago

    0:49 they predicted the future..

  42. Lwood8220

    Lwood82203 hours ago

  43. CrunchySoup

    CrunchySoup3 hours ago


  44. LizLaz McCringe

    LizLaz McCringe3 hours ago

    *Jack makes out with Jack*

  45. Nathan Dawes

    Nathan Dawes3 hours ago

    Its not fix your pix it's pix your fix

  46. Ashton & Maizie channel

    Ashton & Maizie channel3 hours ago


  47. •Mimikyu Animatez•

    •Mimikyu Animatez•3 hours ago

    Gross, -An Update Video- A Beard

  48. Jan Maier

    Jan Maier3 hours ago

    I'd bring back the very first human to show him the internet... He'd probably kill himself right away

  49. TheBaconChannel

    TheBaconChannel3 hours ago

    #YIAYdead I would bring YGS back Naah juust kiding noo I wonnt

  50. Drowned Fishy

    Drowned Fishy4 hours ago

    Yo yo yo wut up it me Mc Donald Gamer

  51. A Round Thing

    A Round Thing4 hours ago

    Excellent , lol. But Where's the parody?

  52. PcCrazy

    PcCrazy4 hours ago

    The kissing jacks are fantastic

  53. Lightning Volt

    Lightning Volt4 hours ago

    6:01 This one is better

  54. gacha mermaid

    gacha mermaid4 hours ago

    Bruh im crying im thai people if im harry potter i will kill the person that tell thailand flag it bord with magic XDDDDDDdDDDdd

  55. Rusty Mew

    Rusty Mew4 hours ago

    Jack, you know you’re not supposed to use you phone in the movie theater, right?

  56. anna rosita

    anna rosita4 hours ago

    Antsantantsantsantsantsantsantaanannaanannanananaeanaara abtwnata

  57. John Gaquin

    John Gaquin4 hours ago

    What were those credits for, jack

  58. brent egelmeers

    brent egelmeers4 hours ago

    I would bring back loop cat #yiaydead

  59. Geeker

    Geeker4 hours ago

    He’S a FrAuD

  60. Powerfull Gamer

    Powerfull Gamer4 hours ago


  61. Guitar Boi

    Guitar Boi4 hours ago

    #YIAYdead I will take back my little brother that died at the 6th month

  62. Kerlon Extreme gaming

    Kerlon Extreme gaming4 hours ago

    #yiaydead Bring back uncle ben He might die again

  63. 2005 Ford GT

    2005 Ford GT4 hours ago

    July 28 is actually Soulja boys birthday?

  64. koke ahmeed

    koke ahmeed5 hours ago

    I came here to see some rapping, glad i didn't miss a p

  65. Sammi's TM

    Sammi's TM5 hours ago

    Woah holy shit thanks jacksfilms! Now i don't need the transitioning surgery!

  66. 鮫Shark_172

    鮫Shark_1725 hours ago

    Dont quit, get fired

  67. Ewa Lopuszynska

    Ewa Lopuszynska5 hours ago

    'alexa play despacito' memes #yiaydead

  68. C. S.

    C. S.5 hours ago

    Take notes, Erin.

  69. Purple Boy

    Purple Boy5 hours ago

    Oh that's the guy who made COUGHT

  70. Steven Coriell

    Steven Coriell5 hours ago

    Nakeyjakey needs love

  71. Mobile Gamer

    Mobile Gamer5 hours ago

    This is the best one easily

  72. Edoge 402

    Edoge 4026 hours ago

    Jack gone visco

  73. yeonshine. ༄

    yeonshine. ༄6 hours ago

    _gah im late af but i got one_ _i bet you would struggle to remember what animal peppa pig is_

  74. Al-Jouri Alansari

    Al-Jouri Alansari6 hours ago

    Qatar’s flag it’s kinda boringg

  75. Бойко Узунов

    Бойко Узунов6 hours ago

    If you are watching this in 2019, fuck you!

  76. Brennan .mp4

    Brennan .mp46 hours ago

    0:32 "ok kids, I'm gonna teach you the N-word dance"

  77. Ben Haile

    Ben Haile6 hours ago

    bend the fingers humanly impossible double jointed people: am I a joke to you

  78. Fari _

    Fari _6 hours ago

    make cough 2

  79. Dannielle Horan

    Dannielle Horan6 hours ago

    Always forget my little brothers suggestion made it in here just to get made fun of 🤣

  80. SuperCoolName nailedit

    SuperCoolName nailedit6 hours ago

    Jack wtf

  81. H P

    H P6 hours ago

    Why is he not uploading yiays

  82. nico orangecat

    nico orangecat6 hours ago

    And that's the last time we see chad "brroseph" hummington

  83. Edmund Chua

    Edmund Chua7 hours ago

    ME ME BIG BOY ;)

  84. thedoglover adrian

    thedoglover adrian7 hours ago

    This is how you fix Luxembourg aqua fresh toothpaste

  85. Aid 4

    Aid 47 hours ago

    Why? its October?

  86. Ryzanify44

    Ryzanify447 hours ago

    Remind me to never EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER walk into a wireless carrier store if my phone lease expires 😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😡😡🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

  87. C. S.

    C. S.7 hours ago

    Grumpy cat died on my birthday

  88. GRichellMZ 06

    GRichellMZ 067 hours ago

    You sick son of a bitch...

  89. The Guy

    The Guy7 hours ago

    I must have missed that part.

  90. Deanith

    Deanith7 hours ago

    What about the clash though? Paper planes is a sample anyway

  91. timothy crichton

    timothy crichton7 hours ago


  92. patopo 1

    patopo 17 hours ago

    Anyone watching in 1987 No.... Ok

  93. Garry Stories

    Garry Stories7 hours ago

    When you said siri my iPad literally opened siri.

  94. Julz_Plays

    Julz_Plays7 hours ago


  95. Einar Rosdahl

    Einar Rosdahl7 hours ago

    #YIAYflat if the earth is round, then why is it flat.

  96. Phoenix Blue

    Phoenix Blue7 hours ago

    It's not funny

  97. Mr. Cesnakas

    Mr. Cesnakas8 hours ago

    my mom's dogo #YAYdead

  98. Rossdale Intac

    Rossdale Intac8 hours ago

    It's been years and nepalis can't take joke's lmfaoooo

  99. Game Kay Let's Plays

    Game Kay Let's Plays8 hours ago

    Can I gay? Don't know, i never really tried to gay before.

  100. Naya Jade

    Naya Jade8 hours ago

    #yiaydead My grades. Jesus Christ they are suffering