Alex Terranova
  1. Jazmin Gross

    Jazmin Gross18 minutes ago

    You’re so awesome lol

  2. Karina Chavez

    Karina ChavezHour ago

    yes! such a feel good chill vlog :)) Penny looks sooo soft

  3. Lyssa Gsep

    Lyssa Gsep2 hours ago

    Why can’t all youtubers be like Alex? I feel happier and uplifted from his videos. Love that there is no tea and negativity. This man deserves millions of subs. Thanks for the encouragement. :)

  4. Amyleigh Hoffine

    Amyleigh Hoffine2 hours ago

    Content game is strong! Very excited to see the next vlog! 🙏🏻

  5. Cn L

    Cn L2 hours ago

    Alex always keeping it real! Love your Vlogs and love that you show you acne even though you are a model it’s so cool to see people with big followings showing there real skin issues. I have a acne positivity account @honestacne if you wanna check it out🌺

  6. agniezka reis

    agniezka reis2 hours ago

    So much love to you Alex ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  7. cheyanna simpson

    cheyanna simpson4 hours ago

    Loving your videos. Your positivity makes me smile. 😊 keep doing what your doing! God bless.

  8. Gabriela Alvarez

    Gabriela Alvarez4 hours ago

    Damn editing is on point!

  9. Stacy Mathew

    Stacy Mathew5 hours ago

    Love your videos! 😊

  10. Melissa A

    Melissa A5 hours ago

    highly appreciate the fact that a dude cares about his skin care, AND THE BROWS. lmao heck yes.

  11. Lainey

    Lainey5 hours ago

    Love your videos Alex! They're so raw and genuine 😀 Keep making more!

  12. nicolemayho

    nicolemayho5 hours ago

    Loving this video and all of your others! Love to see that you’re doing great 💕 Continue to thrive and be the best you that you can be! We’re all rooting for you❤️ Also love the fact that you brush out your eyebrows in the morning, it’s super cute 😂❤️

  13. Maria Razo

    Maria Razo5 hours ago

    Awh don’t put a timer on your dad lol. I like his talks.

  14. Carmina Haskil

    Carmina Haskil5 hours ago

    Yay! New video!

  15. Abla Ouahi

    Abla Ouahi5 hours ago

    Great video again ❤️👌

  16. Nikita Klassen

    Nikita Klassen6 hours ago

    Proud of you for completing one of your dreams for running the NYC marathon. Btw you look good with a scruff lol Love ya! Wish I could meet you one day and talk about faith and God!

  17. Hadassa Phillip-Friday

    Hadassa Phillip-Friday6 hours ago

    I have laryngitis, I would really appreciate some prayers. Thank you guys.🙏❤

  18. Alyssa Leiann

    Alyssa Leiann6 hours ago

    You have been crushing USwork 💕👌🏽 your personality is so awesome, I’m glad you have your own channel it feels like watching old school USwork again instead of all the over produced stuff.

  19. Sam

    Sam6 hours ago

    obsessed with your channel 😍 videos like these are extremely helpful so thank you

  20. Alyssa Leiann

    Alyssa Leiann6 hours ago

    Also when she said “crystals” I thought she said “pretzels” cuz my ears are plugged from a cold 😂 I was like why is she using pretzels for manifestation ???

  21. Vanessa Marin

    Vanessa Marin6 hours ago

    Seeing you stand by the sink makes me grateful for being short 😂

  22. Yasmine EL AZIZI

    Yasmine EL AZIZI6 hours ago


  23. Alyssa Leiann

    Alyssa Leiann6 hours ago

    Wow I love you 💕

  24. Taymaa Hamaideh

    Taymaa Hamaideh9 hours ago

    Me: Alex: *gets his hair done* Me: 💀 But all jokes aside (wasnt a joke tho) you look so goooood!! I hope you also feel amazing, much love all the way from Europe! 💙

  25. Taymaa Hamaideh

    Taymaa Hamaideh9 hours ago

    100% relate and accurate. I am also on a break since september but for a year and it feels so refreshing. I’ve never felt so free and it’s the best feeling ever. You are such a great person, I wish you the best with my whole heart. 💙

  26. Taymaa Hamaideh

    Taymaa Hamaideh10 hours ago

    How can someone be this precious I mean, he needs to be protected at all costs

  27. Taymaa Hamaideh

    Taymaa Hamaideh10 hours ago

    You are so precious, honestly. I wish you the best with everything. May God protect you, your friends and your family 💙 Also (sorry I couldn’t hold myself) I am also looking for a husband so 👀

  28. Cortney K

    Cortney K18 hours ago

    You seem so happy now being back home!

  29. Aliens R Real

    Aliens R Real19 hours ago

    I still think you and Sierra should get back together I mean look where you are standing subliminal messages

  30. Hadassa Phillip-Friday

    Hadassa Phillip-Friday19 hours ago

    Im sick in bed, and I just feel better knowing that you will be postin in the morning.❤

  31. Hailee Rhyason

    Hailee Rhyason20 hours ago

    So proud of you and how far you have come in the past few months. I know having so many life changes happening all at once can seem like your world is crashing down but we can all see that the pieces are falling back into place for you. Brought me to tears to see how proud you are of yourself. Keep shining :)

  32. jessica venegas

    jessica venegasDay ago

    Glad to see how much you are improving in life, you can tell how much you needed to just figure yourself out to reach happiness. Positive vibes Alex you have such a beautiful heart .

  33. raquel __

    raquel __Day ago

    I am very happy for you finishing the marathon :) :o

  34. A. Flo

    A. FloDay ago

    You inspire me so much Alex! You have the biggest heart, you definitely deserve that. You are an instrument that God sent from above to spready positity. God bless ❤️🙏🏻 hope to see more of you in this channel ☺️

  35. Dezi Kioski

    Dezi KioskiDay ago

    You're soul is so beautiful! You can tell you're Guinean and kind, all youre hard work to honor others. Kids non the less, our future. I am so happy and it's amazing to see you becoming more happy each and everyday. God Bless

  36. Chelsie Belo

    Chelsie Belo2 days ago

    Your channel is always positive 🤗❤️

  37. Luz del Alba Nin

    Luz del Alba Nin2 days ago

    Okay so I watched some of your vlogs here and there but this definitely inspired me to start running again and take control of my life. This was amazing, congratulations!

  38. Laura Adame

    Laura Adame2 days ago

    this is the sweetest thing ever! you're such a sweet guy with pure intentions you can see it when you're talking at the end of the video this is so inspiring

  39. Laura Adame

    Laura Adame2 days ago

    this is the sweetest thing ever! you're such a sweet guy with pure intentions you can see it when you're talking at the end of the video this is so inspiring

  40. mabrigen

    mabrigen2 days ago

    B E A U T I F U L, so inspiring, you're an amazing human being and I cried at the end 💙 Universe, thank you for people like Alex ❤️

  41. bluehearts 201

    bluehearts 2012 days ago

    Alex, what a GREAT accomplishment! You deserve this. Will definitely donate again next time you run =)

  42. x rooomiex

    x rooomiex3 days ago


  43. Amy Rose

    Amy Rose3 days ago

    loved this video!

  44. Geri Ramirez

    Geri Ramirez3 days ago

    This is what I love to see people’s growth I’ve always said to be in a healthy/happy relationship with someone you first need to find that alone within you. The right person will show up when you least expect it because when you’re running towards your goal you’ll look to the side and see someone running towards theirs too instead of waiting for that person just do you. I wish you the best Alex you seem so genuine and I can see God has great plans for you

  45. Sophia Riley

    Sophia Riley3 days ago

    Alex, you are such an inspiration! Thank you for being such an incredible role model. Never let anyone tell you that you can't achieve anything because you just showed that with a positive attitude and surrounding yourself with the right people you can do anything <3 keep it up :)

  46. Cielo G.

    Cielo G.3 days ago

    Great message Alex ! You can do everything you want in life !

  47. Alicia Jenkins

    Alicia Jenkins4 days ago

    So Proud of you Alex, wow. This made me emotional. You’re such a beautiful person, inside and out. You radiate so much love and positivity. God bless Alex. 💗💗❤️❤️

  48. Vilma Lopez

    Vilma Lopez4 days ago

    Woah, your hair looks awesome. You look even more handsome. Just catching up on your videos. Keep it up Alex, love the content so far. 🥰🥰💕💕👍👍

  49. Eliana Pinzon

    Eliana Pinzon4 days ago

    Alex is the guy version of me, I need him in my life😭

  50. Kimberly Mahoney

    Kimberly Mahoney4 days ago

    Congratulations 🎉🎊 what a huge accomplishment!!!

  51. Sephora Wanga

    Sephora Wanga4 days ago

    I remember Casey running these marathons!

  52. Beckywaslike

    Beckywaslike4 days ago

    this was so emotional and inspiring🥺

  53. Campbell Tucker

    Campbell Tucker5 days ago

    You did amazing, congrats! Im so happy for you! :)

  54. Keeley Chang

    Keeley Chang5 days ago

    So proud and happy for you Alex. Thanks for inspiring all of us to continue to persevere through the challenges life throws at us. I’m glad to see you accomplish something many cannot do!!

  55. olawidziewicz X

    olawidziewicz X5 days ago

    I'm from Poland and I even can't find words in polish but... you're such a positive and caring person you care and love your family and those are values that are important to me... watching your vlog was really motivational. I'm not an emotional person but when I saw the clip where you crossed the finish line a tear dropped from my eye. I feel like we have similar personalities and thanks to you I see that everything is possible. And the last part where you were standing in the proposal spot and telling about overcoming problems was ....(can't find word😅)I hope it's not to much but I'm really proud of you 😊 ps your sister is the sweetest person I've ever seen

  56. Mila Stark

    Mila Stark5 days ago

    I‘m so happy I found your channel. I’ve been in a deep hole pretty much at the same time as you and your clear vision and optimism really are inspiring. I also am feeling better ❤️

  57. Mathilde Duquennoy

    Mathilde Duquennoy5 days ago

    I am sincerely SO happy for you, you did it yeaahh!! Life can be tough sometimes and it's in those moments where people like you truly help others showing that, yes, it can be difficult, but we can go through it and come out stronger than ever! Thank you for sharing your experience. Be proud of yourself, you're a good guy. You inspire so many ❤️

  58. Bri0_1

    Bri0_15 days ago

    First video of yours I've stumbled across. Love the new hairdo.

  59. Catherine Bailie

    Catherine Bailie5 days ago

    So insanely proud of you and how far you've come!! Seeing your growth and strength through this whole journey has been incredibly motivating and moving! Your such a bright light in the world of social media for mental health and motivation, thank u!! SO much love and appreciation for u Alex!! God Bless <3 "For I know the plans I have for you,' declares the Lord, 'plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." - Jeremiah 29:11

  60. Jani Bubbles

    Jani Bubbles5 days ago


  61. Eduarda Martins

    Eduarda Martins5 days ago

    Hi Alex! I almost never wrote anything on videos , but this one? AMAZING! after all you been through this past 6 months , you deserved it!! i wish you all the best , and hope you achive all yours goals . You´re an amazing human being , dont let anything take that away from you!! ❤️ all the love ,PORTUGAL!

  62. JustSimply

    JustSimply5 days ago

    Your sister is beautiful

  63. Edesia Pamugas

    Edesia Pamugas5 days ago

    You and your family are blessed

  64. Ellena Fung

    Ellena Fung5 days ago

    maybe ill try to run a 10K next year..? i can barely run 3K LOL

  65. Kendal Hatten

    Kendal Hatten5 days ago

    I have watched you for a couple years now and this made me so proud and happy for you and how much you have grown as a person. Also your sister is BEAUTIFUL!!

  66. Logan Andrews

    Logan Andrews5 days ago

    4:50 - Any other cosmetologist here that screamed at the sight of someone getting their hair double processed in the same session?

  67. Ga Gaaabi

    Ga Gaaabi5 days ago

    You are freaking cute 👍🏻

  68. Hannah May

    Hannah May6 days ago

    Congratulations on running this year! You had great timing & it's good to know you really enjoyed the experience. Running is my favorite way to escape my own mindset, it's something so natural that humans can utilize. Ps. Was that a yorkie on the chair? So adorable, I recently lost my Jackson to an accident a few months ago.

  69. Ineskouletvickot

    Ineskouletvickot6 days ago

    Isn’t he at the end the place where he proposed?

  70. Catalina Island

    Catalina Island6 days ago

    5:08-5:20 Anna looked like she was in black and white or is it just me

  71. Catalina Island

    Catalina Island6 days ago

    5:08-5:20 Anna looked like she was in black and white or is it just me

  72. Catalina Island

    Catalina Island6 days ago

    5:08-5:20 Anna looked like she was in black and white or is it just me

  73. Catalina Island

    Catalina Island6 days ago

    5:08-5:20 Anna looked like she was in black and white or is it just me

  74. Catalina Island

    Catalina Island6 days ago

    5:08-5:20 Anna looked like she was in black and white or is it just me

  75. christina hurley

    christina hurley6 days ago

    You are so genuine. Its easy to see who was the better half now.

  76. Makayla Gaspar

    Makayla Gaspar6 days ago

    You should be so proud of everything you have accomplished Alex! Keep being the kind soul you are❤️

  77. draw craft & sew

    draw craft & sew6 days ago

    I was not expacting my self to cry ..but men i did so hard proud and very happy for you alex deserve the best in your life ..and you will be ..all love and respect ..keep the smile 😊💖

  78. Nicole Garcia

    Nicole Garcia6 days ago

    Your dad's positivity just lights up my day! It's my favorite seeing his joy in the little things. Congrats on such a huge accomplishment!

  79. Nicola B

    Nicola B6 days ago

    This has to be one of my favourite videos to see you so incredibly happy and grateful for what God has done in your life, considering all the trials you have been through, especially this year. 25 years ago, when I was born, the doctors had told my parents I was legally blind and would never be able to drive, see and have to rely on a care aid. But with years of prayer and support, I am 20/20 in one eye and 30/20 in the other. This is a miracle from the Lord. Ironically enough, I graduated with a degree in graphic design for marketing, and have a job as a marketing coordinator and graphic design that involves all visual communication and programs. It’s truly amazing how God works in our lives. Alex, I know you are going to make a big difference in this life with the passion and drive you have to help others while glorifying God.

  80. scaredy jack

    scaredy jack6 days ago

    Your black hair is far better(just my opinion), but still you look handsome..

  81. Melanie Koceski

    Melanie Koceski6 days ago

    This is so amazing Alex!! That feeling of accomplishment after a rough time sounds simple, but it means so much! Congrats. Love that your reppin my state too! CO!

  82. Joselyn Almanza

    Joselyn Almanza6 days ago

    Duuuuuuude you look like you are glowing with happiness. I am so happy for you. I pray you the best in life and even when it’s not the best, I pray you can still glow with the joy of the Lord like you are now! ❤️ blessings

  83. Shostakovich33

    Shostakovich336 days ago

    This boy is fwine XD

  84. Ashley Rae

    Ashley Rae6 days ago

    what an incredible accomplishment, congratulations sweet alex!

  85. A.T.

    A.T.6 days ago

    Congratulations! Thank you for inspiring us to persevere 🙏🏻

  86. Victoria Lopez

    Victoria Lopez6 days ago

    Aw so happy for you. Been following you for a while, but really became committed when you opened up about everything. We went through kind of the same thing and I relate to everything you say. Keep chasing your goals and keep being you!

  87. Anderina Simpson

    Anderina Simpson6 days ago

    I'm happy to see you smiling Alex ❤ your the best!! Keep with positive vibes you are actually glowing 💙 you probably won't see this but just want to say that you're one of my favorites. Love from Vancouver Canada please come and visit ☺

  88. Sarah Daoud

    Sarah Daoud6 days ago

    Seeing you smile makes me smile!!! Keep doing you Alex ❤️😭🙏🏼 we’re all rooting for you!!! Xoxo 😘

  89. kklo13

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  90. Health & Peace Alchemy

    Health & Peace Alchemy6 days ago

    Alex, you have such a beautiful soul! Congrats on finishing the marathon and raising money for the kids charity. I'm glad to see you doing so much better. Your positivity and outlook on life is really contagious.

  91. Olivia Van Den Bosch

    Olivia Van Den Bosch6 days ago

    Congratulations!! You’re genuinely an amazing person. You deserve everything and more 😊

  92. Fabiola Suárez

    Fabiola Suárez6 days ago

    God Bless You Alex! You radiate so much genuine happiness throughout this whole video!

  93. kittyred53

    kittyred536 days ago

    Way to go! Congrats...Proud to have been one of your $ supporters!

  94. J LYRIQ

    J LYRIQ6 days ago

    Ok is it just me or were you expecting a bigger/all over blonde transformation.........🤷🏽‍♂️

  95. Estrella Gómez

    Estrella Gómez6 days ago

    You deserve the love you give 💛

  96. Mic J

    Mic J6 days ago

    I loved this vlog! Thank you for inspiring all of us !!

  97. diana c

    diana c6 days ago

    I’m not crying, you are!! 😭 So happy for you Alex! So proud of how good you’ve been doing, your happiness and positivity is so contagious ✨

  98. frAnkie252473

    frAnkie2524736 days ago

    Okay so I can’t even run 100m! What an effort congrats!!

  99. Janet Santiago

    Janet Santiago6 days ago

    Thank you for this 🙏🏽🙌🏽🔥🔥

  100. whatever love

    whatever love6 days ago

    You’re Amazing!!!!! Hope you read this love your channel keep posting ❤️❤️