Cringe has gone too far


7 months ago

YouTube Drama Awards
*Emo* Anthony Returns
Fans Roast My Hair

Fans Roast My Hair

8 months ago

Dear Virgos...
Am I Adopted?
He saved me

He saved me

Year ago

Boys night pranks
Guess who's back!
  1. Paul Romero

    Paul Romero9 minutes ago

    Pls dont every one wants you back

  2. AdrewPlays

    AdrewPlays16 minutes ago

    Well back watching hoen

  3. Britt

    Britt17 minutes ago

    Lmaoooo I lovee the kid with the braces

  4. Alex

    Alex19 minutes ago

    This might be the most hated group ever And for good reason

  5. Ohmaega

    Ohmaega31 minute ago

    Is it just me or Brendon is kinda like Mr. Bean with some of his expressions, cause I am seeing Mr Bean inside of Brendon

  6. YEET

    YEET43 minutes ago

    Literally add his cafe thing on the EXACT DAY that mha season 4 comes out😪

  7. Jeinkyo Art

    Jeinkyo Art47 minutes ago

    that ending remark tho lol

  8. Iam NotChezzBoi

    Iam NotChezzBoi51 minute ago

    I hate furries

  9. Prince Rhanjen Santiago

    Prince Rhanjen Santiago56 minutes ago

    Is it me or did Ryan’s eyes got smaller?

  10. Xx_gamedude545_YTplayz_xX :3

    Xx_gamedude545_YTplayz_xX :3Hour ago

    😥 👕 👖 👟

  11. gn lilu

    gn liluHour ago

    I hate watching cringe things.

  12. marvel comics rule

    marvel comics ruleHour ago

    Wakes up from coma i wonder what my favorite youtubers are up to dead meat:nice kill counts pewdie pie:nice he got married then anthony padilla:18+ anime maid event😲faints again

  13. Andres Homero Del Angel

    Andres Homero Del AngelHour ago

    Like si viniste por Germán :D

  14. TheXplosifBrosif

    TheXplosifBrosifHour ago

    There's Pepsi-Man.... And then there's *Husky-Man*

  15. S S

    S SHour ago

    to be fair, most of their subscribers seem to be international kpop fans which is like a billion people

  16. J

    JHour ago

    Chicken scratch

  17. TheXplosifBrosif

    TheXplosifBrosif2 hours ago

    Yall mf know what I'm dressing up as for Halloween

  18. Luka Kandareli

    Luka Kandareli2 hours ago

    and now we are here

  19. UwU UwU

    UwU UwU2 hours ago

    Work it, girl!

  20. Zarion106

    Zarion1062 hours ago

    All the hentai sites lmfao

  21. Peter Parker

    Peter Parker2 hours ago


  22. Tara M

    Tara M2 hours ago

    I was so confused for a full minute on why was i looking at the wall

  23. xxxgameboyxxx boygamexxx

    xxxgameboyxxx boygamexxx2 hours ago

    *Something's wrong,I can feel it*

  24. Yarelly Rivera

    Yarelly Rivera2 hours ago

    When the dragon lady was on Caso cerrado

  25. Jared Tunay

    Jared Tunay2 hours ago

    Im an accident as well... My mom gave birth to me when she was 16 My real father cheated He left

  26. sleepy bear

    sleepy bear2 hours ago

    October 13 is my birth day

  27. Kasia Barry

    Kasia Barry2 hours ago

    None of them plugged their social media at the end. It’s honestly honorable that they’ve reached the point where they don’t value fame so much.

  28. Mike Schmidt

    Mike Schmidt3 hours ago

    stop being mean to the people in 5 feet apart it’s really emotional i was sobbing they both have CF (Cistic fibrosis) if they touch each other they could die they did not make it from a meme AT ALL they just came up with the idea for the movie and it’s not about memes or gay stuff at all it’s pure gold so j-just stop please and thank you

  29. MightyWolf 1

    MightyWolf 13 hours ago

    Don't leave plzzzzzzzzzzzzz I'm begging you

  30. Buttface needs help

    Buttface needs help3 hours ago

    1:39 Heyyy that's my brother's friend Ow0

  31. J

    J3 hours ago

    HUMAN SHREK!!! 😄

  32. irish nugg e

    irish nugg e3 hours ago

    "Well i want to be the funniest USworkr" Anthony: *Long pause* mmhm.....

  33. James Prize

    James Prize3 hours ago

    About that Chinese "weaboo," doesn't she realize the culture of the people that she loves more than her own culture were the same nationality of people who slaughtered her ancestor's friends 82 years ago?

  34. irish nugg e

    irish nugg e3 hours ago


  35. Mr Gold

    Mr Gold3 hours ago

    “iM nOt DuMb” uum yes u r

  36. redeye _

    redeye _3 hours ago

    Hah. When in was 6 I wanted to kill myself...i just realized

  37. theogy1232

    theogy12323 hours ago

    The lady is just Completely insane.......

  38. theogy1232

    theogy12323 hours ago

    I’m A Time Traveler I Just do it very very slowly.....

  39. 408. Allan

    408. Allan3 hours ago

    That female ain’t that pretty

  40. Caleb McDuffie

    Caleb McDuffie3 hours ago

    4:11 OMG that's my age and same here!

  41. SoakingPillow

    SoakingPillow4 hours ago

    Aw man I’m 14

  42. Ahf_Verse 2k19

    Ahf_Verse 2k194 hours ago

    OK i doesnt animate but i know how Hard is

  43. gn lilu

    gn lilu4 hours ago

    This is stealing!

  44. Agent 5

    Agent 54 hours ago

    What if I'm unconsciously stashing a really rare card without even realizing it

  45. Annie_Delph

    Annie_Delph4 hours ago

    I had a sub watch porn once

  46. gn lilu

    gn lilu4 hours ago

    This is really nice ❤️

  47. Carlos R Gonzalez

    Carlos R Gonzalez4 hours ago

    How to make USwork animator sound proper I am a under paid artist that makes frame by frame art that is uploaded to a extremely professional website and have millions of fans of my frame by frame art

  48. PP Mann

    PP Mann4 hours ago

    Anthony once replied to a comment of mine. And my entire heart dropped to the floor

  49. cupcakexlindsay

    cupcakexlindsay4 hours ago

    Did Rick really just call Anthony a common person?!

  50. 3 A

    3 A4 hours ago

    It’s still crazy to think that I was 2 when Ryan started his channel. Now I’m almost 18 and still obsessed w him

  51. Adamina Veenstra

    Adamina Veenstra4 hours ago


  52. OwOブルーシュガーカブ

    OwOブルーシュガーカブ5 hours ago

    Nice Calvin Klein underwear 7w7

  53. Mark Almazan

    Mark Almazan5 hours ago

    About time you cut your hair man I really hated that long hair

  54. Vince 2020

    Vince 20205 hours ago

    Aye can anyone find the joemamagiles TV channel

  55. Langoss Xd

    Langoss Xd5 hours ago

    El español es más difícil por qué hay más sinónimos Like 2019

  56. Chris Illan Gonzalez

    Chris Illan Gonzalez5 hours ago

    I love how jaiden put pewdipie meme in youtube rewind (Sorry for my english i am mexican)

  57. Arnulfo Carlon

    Arnulfo Carlon5 hours ago


  58. Noobman42

    Noobman425 hours ago

    Dang hairy arms sorry

  59. James TDO

    James TDO5 hours ago

    Anthony thank you for interviewing our Favorite USworkrs and as I was watching this video I can say that these USworkrs need to take a break from time to time because they already did so many Videos for us.

  60. waffle kitten

    waffle kitten5 hours ago

    It's okay to do what you do in privacy and in public I can see alot of people looking at a guy or girl in a fursuit and just looking they are raping or murdering somebody in public their like covering their kids eyes just looking appalled because they are wearing a costume as long as they don't say uwu or owo then we're good or it's going to be like old yeller all over again

  61. waffle kitten

    waffle kitten5 hours ago

    It's an anime strip club basically

  62. Arnulfo Carlon

    Arnulfo Carlon5 hours ago


  63. waffle kitten

    waffle kitten5 hours ago

    The correct term is a cloud chaser or a gold digger or sometimes a thot or housewife

  64. Aggro Morality

    Aggro Morality5 hours ago

    OwO You called

  65. GØNE

    GØNE6 hours ago

    Ferries aren't bad...

  66. John ._.

    John ._.6 hours ago

    Where did they go in the raid? HHRRRRRRRMMMMMMMM?!? XD

  67. analia fernandez

    analia fernandez6 hours ago


  68. Johnny Fizz

    Johnny Fizz6 hours ago

    2 things 1 that chick sorta sounds like Sandra Bullock and 2. the red headed boy in glasses is a Friend of LAHWF 's Andrew Hales lmfao Not sure he's a substitute teacher at all lol

  69. cookfam1114

    cookfam11146 hours ago


  70. Santiago Romero

    Santiago Romero6 hours ago


  71. Ava The Amazing

    Ava The Amazing6 hours ago

    2 people in a hot tub sitting 5 feet apart because they're not straight

  72. Silly Summer

    Silly Summer6 hours ago

    I never seen James swear or be dirty 😂😂

  73. Aiden Lin

    Aiden Lin6 hours ago

    is it just me or does the blonde girl remind me of Courtney if she was a kid?

  74. Space??? Cadet!!!

    Space??? Cadet!!!6 hours ago

    I’m a padildo

  75. Zach does stuff

    Zach does stuff6 hours ago


  76. hikingtotoro

    hikingtotoro6 hours ago

    there's 7 GA tickets left

  77. shrek

    shrek6 hours ago

    hehe i’m 10 and a half

  78. Because of Nails

    Because of Nails6 hours ago

    That girl isn’t even that pretty

  79. yheet eskeet

    yheet eskeet6 hours ago

    It really shouldn’t be illegal. People should be able to wear how ever much they feel like or nothing at all. The Arawak people walked around naked all the time and it wasn’t weird or taboo or sexual when I learned that in history I thought that was the most beautiful thing. Aint it funny though that a man can walk around without a shirt on and the movie can still be rated pg but if a women shows her nipples it has to be rated pg13 or rated R. a man can walk around showing his nipples on a hot day in public and no one will have a problem but if a women does that she’ll be stopped by the cops called a slut, whore, skank, whatever and perverts will Approach her, and even on USwork and other social media you have to censor women’s nipples unless it’s a painting.Some people really got this twisted #freethenipple y’all 💪🏼💪🏼

  80. joe lechner

    joe lechner7 hours ago


  81. sahhhbrahhh

    sahhhbrahhh7 hours ago

    Lol they took him way too seriously.

  82. joe lechner

    joe lechner7 hours ago

    here's a thought, how is Jake Paul even this retarted oh, I mean STUPID to control little children to give him money. I don't give a shit about the Pauls. I watch other stuff. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNDDDDDDDDDDDD POST!

  83. Bpal Chhetri

    Bpal Chhetri7 hours ago

    Gotta tells you Pokémon’s are cool right

  84. Dad Nos

    Dad Nos7 hours ago

    ..l-lipstick? lipstick? is it lipstick? please-

  85. Bpal Chhetri

    Bpal Chhetri7 hours ago

    First when I heard of sugar babies I thought they were Asian gangsters

  86. Jeferson Chahuayo

    Jeferson Chahuayo7 hours ago

    like los ke estan aka por german

  87. nothing but embarrassment

    nothing but embarrassment7 hours ago

    Kelz is so rude

  88. MJ Wise

    MJ Wise7 hours ago

    Your luscious locks, gone! Honestly, this new cut looks great tho.

  89. LilEnderGirl 13

    LilEnderGirl 137 hours ago

    Fuck you

  90. Alex zhu Fortnite

    Alex zhu Fortnite7 hours ago

    I don’t like it

  91. Reptile whisperer

    Reptile whisperer7 hours ago

    Well boys, we can officially say that the 2019 Area 51 raid... Was a failure. Well hey, there’s always 2020.

  92. xTwistedxRagex

    xTwistedxRagex7 hours ago

    Me: *is trans and is bored so I'm binge watching this series see's this and thinks it would be funny to laugh at crazy people* No one: Fucking no one: Absolutely fucking nobody: Guy in glasses: "THE PENIS YOU HAVE ISN'T REAL" Me: I f U c K i N g K n E w W e L i V e D i N t H e M a T r I x

  93. Issahsayayayayay Woolwlalwwlala

    Issahsayayayayay Woolwlalwwlala7 hours ago


  94. Maria Nuam

    Maria Nuam8 hours ago

    It’s Sept 20 yallll

  95. Swag Pikachu

    Swag Pikachu8 hours ago

    get this to 100k likes reeee

  96. Misty

    Misty8 hours ago

    I'm sorry, but I can't go without clothes. I hate my body too much anyway

  97. Emily Xox

    Emily Xox8 hours ago

    Isn’t it just a well known fact that English is the hardest language to learn if u aren’t brought up speaking it( so if it isn’t ur 1st language)

  98. Entity_303

    Entity_3039 hours ago

    anthony whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  99. protechnic12345

    protechnic123459 hours ago

    Fucking leeches lol