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  1. checky monkey

    checky monkey9 seconds ago

    Why it has nothing to do with his joker 👿

  2. The Pixelizer

    The Pixelizer16 seconds ago

    3:07 How do these kind of people get to such a position. What an idiot...

  3. DemonixDreams

    DemonixDreams59 seconds ago

    Poor leto

  4. The Pixelizer

    The PixelizerMinute ago

    How is it a Superhero movie?

  5. Jason Wilson

    Jason Wilson4 minutes ago

    So, alot of the members are dumb as shit...cool.

  6. Meek Pinrad

    Meek Pinrad5 minutes ago

    Fuck Jared Leto go back to making music for sad teenagers

  7. charlietuba

    charlietuba6 minutes ago

    What about the death of Tasha Yar, and her strange reappearance in STNG?

  8. Saif Gmdi

    Saif Gmdi7 minutes ago

    Because he needs Mr.White

  9. 48162342

    481623429 minutes ago

    My USwork name has literally been adapted from this show....

  10. anvil067

    anvil0679 minutes ago

    I wish I could watch Lost again for the first time. It is such a good series.

  11. View This

    View This10 minutes ago

    I've been walking around, asking people questions upon questions about El Camino. No one could answer them or is unwilling to answer them. It's been horrible.

  12. The Count

    The Count11 minutes ago

    Who the fuck is anyone to say what a movie can be and can't be? Not all of us want every film to play out like the novel you based it on, Scorsese 😂😂😂

  13. Mr. Go-in

    Mr. Go-in14 minutes ago

    I liked the movie!

  14. mkeonine

    mkeonine15 minutes ago

    Hey min. Gonna be in the sequel. Wanna come?

  15. Derpy

    Derpy15 minutes ago

    Leto won't be in the new "The Suicide Squad" since Harley and Him break up Post-Suicide Squad/Pre-Birds of Prey and Birds of Prey will take place before The Suicide Squad which Margo Robbies Harley will re-appear in, but not Leto as the Joker, there will be no Joker.

  16. Imagine RacooN

    Imagine RacooN16 minutes ago

    Christian Bale, I think

  17. David Spicer

    David Spicer16 minutes ago

    Didnt dare talk about kappys death.

  18. Original Gaming

    Original Gaming17 minutes ago

    Adam Sandler is still a great actor. I don’t understand why they made this video

  19. Michael Dupreez

    Michael Dupreez17 minutes ago

    looks greate hope they will make a 3..4..5

  20. Ballconei

    Ballconei18 minutes ago

    Most of these make no sense.

  21. Waltdood

    Waltdood19 minutes ago

    Civil War is so, so, SO much better than Black Panther. Are you guys using Rotten Tomatoes scores? Cause that's a weird way to do a list.

  22. Moodachris

    Moodachris20 minutes ago

    “There’s nothing in it that starts a conversation.” My friend and I talked for like 20 minutes about it afterwards. It was amazing. So..........WRONG.

  23. Ablack Attack

    Ablack Attack20 minutes ago

    Robert doesn’t have any issues getting money from the movies...guess it isn’t as bad as everyone on a particular side is trying to make it seem like

  24. Derpy

    Derpy21 minute ago

    Leto's Joker is just a Skinny White Boy with an attitude.

  25. Peace but No love

    Peace but No love21 minute ago

    It’s just a movie and yes it was one of the greatest in a while if you really what to see dark and evil go see cartel torture videos you will spot the difference real quick

  26. DOMKQ

    DOMKQ23 minutes ago

    If this movie wont get the nominations it deserves, lets end the oscars all together

  27. Eddie Boggs

    Eddie Boggs25 minutes ago

    The lost Highway. Anyone walk out on that one?

  28. Cooba Dzik

    Cooba Dzik25 minutes ago

    I think that the gate needs too be opened for the demodog too be alive

  29. Connor McAnerney

    Connor McAnerney25 minutes ago

    I read a theory that I personally believe is what the ending means The final scene in Arkham is set in the future, after Bruce became the Batman and captured Joker, that's why he doesn't have his dyed hair anymore. He was thinking back on the night of the riot when the Waynes were killed and puts two and two together that Bruce became the Batman. Thats why the psychiatrist wouldn't get what he's laughing at. He just got the ultimate punchline: he was the one to create the Batman.

  30. monkeyboy8me

    monkeyboy8me25 minutes ago

    Awful movie

  31. Alexei Lol

    Alexei Lol25 minutes ago

    *Everyone keeps talking about Hopper... But what about me??? Who is gonna bring me my Slurpee?*

  32. Gary Thornton

    Gary Thornton26 minutes ago

    I am also a Christian message

  33. Steve E.

    Steve E.27 minutes ago

    It was over for me when Negan (sp?) started killing off the main characters. I lost all interest.

  34. Ahiga Tso

    Ahiga Tso28 minutes ago

    I dont know about all this!I think they are all paid actors!

  35. SNGameplay YT

    SNGameplay YT31 minute ago

    Iron man : Thor and Cap are getting a 4th movie? Hulk : You guys have Sequels? Hawkeye : You guys have movies?

  36. type-dRew

    type-dRew31 minute ago

    every body who didnt like it are genuinely terrible at parties

  37. Brian Gillman

    Brian Gillman32 minutes ago

    Rob zombie is the fucking master of horror!

  38. Mike B

    Mike B32 minutes ago

    Worse click of 2019. I so regret watching this. No wonder why I never got into these dudes. Great vid tho.

  39. rameez Khan

    rameez Khan33 minutes ago

    Heath ledgers joker had a story and a multitude of characters to play with, no doubt one of the greatest acting we will ever see. What Joaquin Phoenix has done in this movie is beyond comparison just for the fact that he didn’t have a lot scenes and characters supporting what he was doing. It was just the joker and his struggles. The emotions the expressions the pain. This for me is the greatest performance by an actor ever.

  40. Les Bellis

    Les Bellis35 minutes ago

    Jim doesn't fall prey to the here and now. He's thinking eternally. Life on Earth is but a mist. With all the temptations of Hollywood, Jim stands far above the field. It's not easy, and it's impossible without faith. Thank you Jim for shining a light in the darkness.

  41. Allo Legend

    Allo Legend36 minutes ago

    Well it’s not for everyone, if you’re sensitive stay tf away and stop moaning about the violence

  42. doeboyelsancho

    doeboyelsancho36 minutes ago

    Sam as Cap??? Yea that movie would flop miserably, cuz there is only ONE Captain America, that is Steve Rogers (Chris Evans)

  43. Random sticknodes Animator

    Random sticknodes Animator36 minutes ago

    What about darth maul apprentice?

  44. Robert Robinson

    Robert Robinson36 minutes ago

    I didn't know big past away RIP big.

  45. Milkman4279

    Milkman427940 minutes ago

    Did we have to pay to see the most anti-capitalist movie ever? Hmmm....🤑

  46. Hot Flash

    Hot Flash41 minute ago

    I don't care what Jesse Plemmons does from here on out. He will ALWAYS be "Meth Damon" to me 😂🤣🤣

  47. Pebbles Stone

    Pebbles Stone42 minutes ago

    It's a Great movie. Americans heads are twisted.


    FR35H BOXX PODCAST43 minutes ago

    I'm so damn tired of John Goodman.

  49. Jinhunter Slay

    Jinhunter Slay45 minutes ago

    What this tells me is that Stephen King SUCKS at writing horror-based cosmological universes! I mean, giant turtle who puked up the universe!? How about he learn a thing or two from Lovecraft on how to create a horror universe ??

  50. Zachary Lee

    Zachary Lee46 minutes ago

    Chuy? Es mi carnal!

  51. LiveAction Link

    LiveAction Link46 minutes ago

    The title is pretty disrespectful to Jason Mewes. "The guy who plays Jay". Come on, Looper. Get some class

  52. Humphry Collins

    Humphry Collins46 minutes ago

    Tired of will Smith new action hero Michael b Jordan would have worked well for that movie

  53. Trevor Payton

    Trevor Payton46 minutes ago

    This vid radiates Jaboody Dubs energy

  54. fuck beamers

    fuck beamers47 minutes ago

    Todds spider is from the kid they killed in s5 e6

  55. Bud Man

    Bud Man47 minutes ago

    CCH PoundHer, now that's a guy I wana party with

  56. Baylor58 Duncan

    Baylor58 Duncan47 minutes ago

    Liam Neeson told the truth. The movie was better than his killer grey wolf movie a few years ago.

  57. Bekezela Hadunka

    Bekezela Hadunka48 minutes ago

    Heath is the best...Legend 💚💚💚💚

  58. ronak mankale

    ronak mankale50 minutes ago

    I hope that hopper is still alive

  59. Paddle Shift

    Paddle Shift50 minutes ago

    What? Parents not well off enough? They live next door to a guy who owns a 1961 Ferrari 250 California. Had lunch at the premier restaurant in Chicago?

  60. sobi bhandari

    sobi bhandari50 minutes ago

    you must be joking

  61. No Man

    No Man51 minute ago

    Personally, i for one am SICK of 'Joker Oversaturation'-He was never one of my favorite villains anyway, And i am not a Will Smith fan..so it's The Addams Family that gets my money!!! Two of my friends saw 'Joker' and BOTH of them thought it was a TERRIBLE movie. Also not a Joaquin Phoenix fan..

  62. viktoria steinmaurer

    viktoria steinmaurer52 minutes ago

    I need a NIGHTWING movie 😭😭😭

  63. Christopher Smith

    Christopher Smith52 minutes ago

    If you need this explained to you, you need to quit gnawing on live power lines

  64. Nunya Biz

    Nunya Biz53 minutes ago

    The comment on not being political was likely targeting the actual audience.

  65. Noo Naa

    Noo Naa55 minutes ago

    She worked hard, i saw her on glee and she was not muscular at all, just really skinny, and now as supergirl she is super toned

  66. Murray Roodbaard

    Murray Roodbaard55 minutes ago

    Drag Me To Hell... Are you kidding me? One of the most overrated pieces of PG-13 crap in the genre, especially considering it came from the man who directed the actual classic "Evil Dead".

  67. Reepacheirp firewalker

    Reepacheirp firewalker56 minutes ago

    Plus is Dave Feloni minus Kennedy, will see just how badly they mess this up.

  68. Snake Pliskin

    Snake Pliskin58 minutes ago

    I def like the series overall but was I the only one slightly disappointed with last season? It was good don't get me wrong but I thought season 1&2 were better imo

  69. Jerry The Ferret

    Jerry The Ferret59 minutes ago

    Sam Wilson needs a little dose of serum

  70. joshua morales

    joshua moralesHour ago

    Better call Saul is so good

  71. Sean Frank

    Sean FrankHour ago

    So how can the Russians have a living Demidog if they don't have an open gate somewhere? At the end of season 2 all the demidogs died when El closed the gate. Those pesky Ruskies have an open gate somewhere....which would explain where all the Russians (and Hopper) went at the end of season 3 in the mall base.

  72. ChieftainHawke

    ChieftainHawkeHour ago

    Will Smith needs to fire his agent. He has no acting range and he’s so obsessed with trying to be like a 90s Denzel. Honestly haven’t enjoyed him in anything since Hitch.

  73. Erick Vasquez Peralta

    Erick Vasquez PeraltaHour ago

    I picked up yesterday some of the cast of the show, and they were immature and ridiculous, messy and wouldn't want to pick them up ever.... Unfortunately they never use their name... They used a name Tania when I pick them up

  74. 7000000000th Human

    7000000000th HumanHour ago

    Lydia most definitely died. Walt is a professional chemist and therefore must know how much ricin it took to kill a person. He knew it was too late for her because he even rubs salt into the wound by telling her she is going to die, otherwise he would have said nothing about the ricin. Even if Lydia lived next door to a hospital, she had no chance. The fact that she was mentioned on the radio as someone 'not expected to survive' means the doctors treating her also know it is too late to save her life. Ricin kills quite fast and it's damn near impossible to save someone who ingested it 12+ hours previously. In my opinion, Lydia got exactly what she deserved. I hope her daughter grows up to be a better person without her.

  75. Pintér Ákos

    Pintér ÁkosHour ago

    Great Joker performance, but I think it was very obvious what will happen in the movie from the 15th minute. It was also very very easy to understand, and I think if this movie is considered "art" movie, it is not a good thing.

  76. Carlos Swift

    Carlos SwiftHour ago

    Whoever thinks this movie is too dark and is "worried" that this movie will encourage violence or criminal acts in real life doesnt have a clue who the Joker character is. this aint avengers

  77. joshua morales

    joshua moralesHour ago

    Shit was horrible

  78. Tobias Reynaers

    Tobias ReynaersHour ago

    JK Rowling wrote a brilliant story. Too bad she's not bright enough to leave it alone.

  79. Evan Mook

    Evan MookHour ago

    i don't think you guys get it. El Camino, without the references to past episodes, can be a stand alone movie. it had to own it's storey. good job Vince.

  80. Terrie Thompson

    Terrie ThompsonHour ago

    Don't you think that pennywise was a regular circus clown and other people didn't think he was funny so they bullied him and teased and said things about him and they tapped into his biggest fear not being funny like a regular clown so instead of being funny he wanted to be scary a teaser a bully like his audience and he got really mad and that's how the turtle vomited our universe with pennywise in it and he was probally 27 when turned evil and clowns are suppose to make children laugh and he want's to scare children so that's why he haunts children and probably why he comes back every 27 years

  81. FreakyLynx

    FreakyLynxHour ago

    It wasn’t the competition, it was the poor script.

  82. Stevo Canuck

    Stevo CanuckHour ago

    This movie was simply amazing. It was very sad in the beginning because you could tell that this was a guy that was down on his luck, trying to make it into this world through what he loved. Movie touched on mental illness, loneliness, abusiveness.. such an incredible film and realizing that it was all a fantasy with Sophie was just unexpected. There was not one boring scene.

  83. Richard Hernandez

    Richard HernandezHour ago

    Why hasn't anyone thought about the other number we saw in San Francisco? I'm pretty sure the Russians would be extremely interested in someone else like 11 after the Hawkins Incident

  84. E Rojo

    E RojoHour ago

    Lmao the only one to blame is yourself what a loser

  85. John F

    John FHour ago

    Time will tell.👍

  86. Lobotomy Jones

    Lobotomy JonesHour ago

    I almost got nothing out of this

  87. Adka Czekolatka

    Adka CzekolatkaHour ago

    Wsumię po co ja to oglądam jak nic nie rozumiem XD

  88. Claire Taylor

    Claire TaylorHour ago

    we need one good final film to finish all off no reboots just good writers and Sam has to come back as well.

  89. Sam more like Sam

    Sam more like SamHour ago

    J.K Rowling: "Just told my parents that they're gay"

  90. kristin

    kristinHour ago

    this isn’t a movie about the comic book characters at all. This is a commentary on our social system and our treatment of mentally ill and low income people. It’s genius to use the joker theme as a format to bring these messages to the forefront to be discussed. That is what we are meant to discuss, not if Batman is coming or if his experiences were real or imagined.

  91. Bill DelFera

    Bill DelFeraHour ago

    I swear to God if Tarantino doesn't release Kill Bill vol 3 before he makes a sequel to anything else I'm going to flip my lid. The little black girl is damn sure old enough to go get revenge at this point for throwing a knife at her mom's heart

  92. meh!

    meh!Hour ago

    Sure it’s not a Revolutionary story. But I still enjoyed it

  93. Lenny Krapitz

    Lenny KrapitzHour ago

    The movie was garbage. I wish I'd never watched it at all. All that hype for a mediocre movie that had multiple let downs.

  94. Dr Grunts

    Dr GruntsHour ago

    "Biggest Questions That Don't matter"

  95. MrZombiekiller23

    MrZombiekiller23Hour ago

    i enjoyed cold pursuit enough...

  96. Matt Harrell

    Matt HarrellHour ago

    Didn't help that, imo, Lobo was completely miscast. Lobo needs to be physically intimidating. Also, with Marvel and DC having their own streaming services, it seems the best source for comic series may be imprints like Image and Dark Horse.

  97. Michael Ferguson

    Michael FergusonHour ago

    No, the reason we like movies, is because they have a plausible story, not just a scene. We relate to the characters as 'what would I do?' and if the story is solid, we respect the actions taken if they are determined to be potentially valid. Simple.

  98. Anthony Haven

    Anthony HavenHour ago

    Looper, it's ricin. Can't be cured. Lydia is dead. El Camino confirms it.

  99. Volkswagen GTI

    Volkswagen GTIHour ago

    Who Finnished watching?! Not this man!!! Keepem coming

  100. D. C.

    D. C.Hour ago

    I'd rather Play a Fun & Exciting Superheroe or Super Villian than a guy named Harry in a Boring Scorcese Movie that is Tailored to Certain Audiences that are just as Boring.