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  1. Sam T

    Sam T19 minutes ago

    why doesn't everyone just get their own Iron Man suit?

  2. Jordan Schmidt

    Jordan Schmidt38 minutes ago

    I don’t the get Nighcrawler/Jake Gyllenhaal joke...?

  3. Prajwal M.S

    Prajwal M.SHour ago

    Captain Clench 🀣🀣

  4. kiran vinay

    kiran vinayHour ago

    Spiderman far from home please

  5. Richie Dee

    Richie DeeHour ago

    Do the Buffy movie!!!

  6. Daniel Bentley

    Daniel BentleyHour ago

    The office... Please do the office

  7. CKing

    CKingHour ago

    The science behind that guy getting injected with enough electricity to gain the ability to harness said electricity and shoot it at people must be investigated.

  8. VC YT

    VC YTHour ago

    '' The north remembers ''

  9. Camilla Scanlon

    Camilla ScanlonHour ago

    "Literal snatcher of wigs" "Expert in weaponized memes"

  10. ThirteenthAndy

    ThirteenthAndyHour ago

    Come on, do Rob Zombie's House Of 1000 Corpses, Devil's Rejects, and 3 From Hell!

  11. Camilla Scanlon

    Camilla ScanlonHour ago

    Oooh do Lilo and Stitch

  12. Lief Bamberg

    Lief BambergHour ago

    really bro you couldn't get the rights to venga boys?

  13. Camilla Scanlon

    Camilla Scanlon2 hours ago

    "And this Chris Pratt"

  14. F1rst World NomaD

    F1rst World NomaD2 hours ago

    Salma Hayek is goddame *fiiiiine!*

  15. michael king

    michael king2 hours ago

    do Attack On Titan !!!!!!

  16. Leonard Chan

    Leonard Chan2 hours ago

    Can we get a Captain Planet Honest Trailer...?

  17. michael king

    michael king2 hours ago

    do attack on titan!!

  18. farrel mukhesh

    farrel mukhesh2 hours ago

    oh yes... classic movie fights... and veterans.. wow... all three of them know the games so damn well.. its tight... love the format... keep this show going...

  19. horror fantasy sciencefiction gek

    horror fantasy sciencefiction gek2 hours ago

    Make a honest trailer for the libriarian movies .

  20. Alex Unknown

    Alex Unknown2 hours ago

    So the human characters are boring despite everyone expecting them to just move the plot along to get to the Kaiju fights for 6 and a half decades. I mean the only film with monster action AND a good cast of human characters is the original in 1954. The rest sounds like they had no understanding of the franchise - Ken Wantanabe is not trying to say Godzilla - he's referring to it by it's Japanese name - Gojira... You literally only need to spend 2 minutes on imdb to find that out. With the action I mean it's 2 or more monsters the size of skyscrapers fighting each other, it's going to be chaotic when they are going for shooting the action from a human perspective. Like this or not - it's still the best American Godzilla film.

  21. Slayer Runefrost

    Slayer Runefrost2 hours ago

    You really didn't use a Princess Bride reference for Jenny?😡 Epic fail!

  22. efstorm

    efstorm2 hours ago

    Actually my boyfriend made me watch this. So...

  23. Slayer Runefrost

    Slayer Runefrost2 hours ago

    Bubba Gump Shrimp existed LONG before the movie. Along with all the other things they credit him with in the movieπŸ˜‰

  24. thepoiuyt98

    thepoiuyt982 hours ago

    I feel like I could of done better πŸ˜† I remember buying the first X-Men movie book in school scholastic πŸ‘ŒπŸΎ

  25. Ehsan Abir

    Ehsan Abir2 hours ago

    I knew this movie is horrible. But I had to watch it so that I could watch the honest trailer.

  26. Ask to seduce Miss

    Ask to seduce Miss2 hours ago

    I always pretend this franchise ended with Days of Future Past and Logan.

  27. Daniel Bentley

    Daniel Bentley2 hours ago

    When you gonna do the office?

  28. F1rst World NomaD

    F1rst World NomaD2 hours ago

    Why not Jojos? Cuz Jojos suck next to Gunnm.

  29. Senie Brummet

    Senie Brummet2 hours ago

    I looked it up. There is no Jedi Temple in Staplehurst Nebraska

  30. MultiUnreal

    MultiUnreal2 hours ago


  31. Ayrton Chitwood

    Ayrton Chitwood2 hours ago

    Magneto had the F-bomb in Apocalypse, when Apocalypse and his horseman appear before him at the smelting plant, right before he kills all of the workers.

  32. adee ha

    adee ha2 hours ago

    Forgettable? This film and the visuals were SO good and entertaining. This is my favourite after Winter Soldier

  33. DS P

    DS P2 hours ago

    Hated Jennifer Lawrence the whole time though

  34. DS P

    DS P2 hours ago

    I liked the movie

  35. adee ha

    adee ha2 hours ago

    Who just did a marathon?

  36. F1rst World NomaD

    F1rst World NomaD2 hours ago

    "Luckily, He has his mystical sword of power... To balance his gun-shooting arm" 🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣

  37. Han Joon Lee

    Han Joon Lee3 hours ago

    Oh.. this was one of my favorite action movies. Lol!

  38. Senie Brummet

    Senie Brummet3 hours ago

    Arsenio Hall is my arch-nemesis!

  39. Camilla Scanlon

    Camilla Scanlon3 hours ago

    EY! Kirsten Stewart is a great actress, how else could she have made everyone hate Bella? Like Umbridge, just less demonic

  40. Camilla Scanlon

    Camilla Scanlon3 hours ago


  41. Gravity

    Gravity3 hours ago

    Congrats on 6.66M subscribers :)

  42. F1rst World NomaD

    F1rst World NomaD3 hours ago

    This is one of the best I've seen so far xD

  43. Camilla Scanlon

    Camilla Scanlon3 hours ago

    My sister and I secretly watched these movies when we were 12. We thought they SUCKED.

  44. Jeanne's Movie Chats

    Jeanne's Movie Chats3 hours ago

    I was laughing throughout this entire episode - but I damn near lost my MIND when Spencer and Danielle sang Come Clean by My 2000s Queen Hilary Duff this commentary was well worth the price of admission for seeing Dark Phoenix

  45. Camilla Scanlon

    Camilla Scanlon3 hours ago

    Sorry. I loved Maleficent, so did my mom, sisters, cousin, and all my friends. Can't wait for the second one!

  46. PA Sucks

    PA Sucks3 hours ago

    Iron Man 3 suits, made in 'murica, making 'muica great again :)

  47. TheMiguel

    TheMiguel3 hours ago

    They should have hired James Mangold to direct, he's on a roll.

  48. Camilla Scanlon

    Camilla Scanlon3 hours ago

    Guy: "first Disney movie to teach girls they don't need a man to save them" *Mulan and Merida want to know your location*

  49. Patrick Poulin

    Patrick Poulin3 hours ago

    I thought that whole climactic sequence on the train was absolutely awesome, but apart from that even tho there are some good elements and moments it’s just a disjointed, boring, and stupid mess that’s in no way cohesive or satisfying at all

  50. Maxi Jano

    Maxi Jano3 hours ago

    The same sensation Endgame left

  51. PoliWaat!

    PoliWaat!3 hours ago

    666m wow

  52. Ethan J

    Ethan J3 hours ago

    Do an honest trailer for brightburn!

  53. DJ Warrior

    DJ Warrior3 hours ago

    That helicopter scene with Fasbender was the greatest acting in this movie, and it didn't deserve it

  54. Robby Robby

    Robby Robby3 hours ago

    The professor is even older and sadder than Logan isn't Logan about 130 years old. honest trailers ?


    DIREWOOOLF Tv3 hours ago

    I love the stare music in every video

  56. Camilla Scanlon

    Camilla Scanlon3 hours ago

    The Jungle Book is an alternate reality fiction, of course

  57. Ben Tapia

    Ben Tapia4 hours ago

    I DID pretend this movie never happened. Still haven't attempted to watch it.

  58. AKATheWrench

    AKATheWrench4 hours ago

    Conan the Barbarian is the first feature length film released in theaters based on a Marvel comic.

  59. Jarrett Maretsky

    Jarrett Maretsky4 hours ago

    Legion is the best superhero show.

  60. Patrick Beavers

    Patrick Beavers4 hours ago

    Lol Magneto *physically* shakes when trying to _control metal harder_ *Seems legit*

  61. Kevin Gomolchak

    Kevin Gomolchak4 hours ago

    X-Men in the MCU: Third time's the charm? Still prefer the DCEU.

  62. Victor Fries

    Victor Fries4 hours ago

    The other Nick fury now

  63. mikeheartstrong

    mikeheartstrong4 hours ago

    Just saying. Dark Phoenix was not a terrible movie. Funny, however.

  64. Blueberry Meows

    Blueberry Meows4 hours ago


  65. GABR13L

    GABR13L4 hours ago


  66. Christopher Kobata

    Christopher Kobata4 hours ago

    Do Peter Rabbit

  67. Esme Hernandez

    Esme Hernandez4 hours ago

    The sick one πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜‚

  68. meowspots

    meowspots4 hours ago

    "and TIMMEH!" omg I definitely laughed at that South Park reference XD

  69. Heather Smith

    Heather Smith4 hours ago

    Toodles IS Michael. How did you not get that?!

  70. JS B

    JS B4 hours ago

    do Detective Pikachu, you amazingly hilarious cowards

  71. MuhammadFarid

    MuhammadFarid4 hours ago

    no doubt but captain marvel just like saitama only need 1 punch haha she OP

  72. David Cosloff

    David Cosloff4 hours ago

    This is the best crossover ever. HIshe and Honest trailers so awesome

  73. Macie T

    Macie T4 hours ago


  74. Senie Brummet

    Senie Brummet4 hours ago

    I'm a Tenant girl! Tenth doctor for LIFE! ^_^

  75. Kira Mark

    Kira Mark5 hours ago

    Do Monty python and the holy grail

  76. Tran Bronstein

    Tran Bronstein5 hours ago

    I did see the movie in theaters and the most striking aspect of it was how underwhelming it was in scope compared to Avengers: Endgame despite having the same budget. (Infinity War and Endgame were shot back to back with a massive budget split between the two). I mean, the Avengers crossed time and space and the X-Men... mostly remained on Earth despite having to deal with the most cosmic powered entity in their universe, the Phoenix. The question constantly running through my head watching the movie was "Where did all that $200 million go?!?" because it sure didn't show up on screen.

  77. Sweet68Camaro

    Sweet68Camaro5 hours ago

    HA!!! I asked him to say β€œI am Taserface!!” in his epic voice. And he used it in the Starring section. πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

  78. BackPull Gaming

    BackPull Gaming5 hours ago

    A TV series made by movies made by comcis

  79. Lights

    Lights5 hours ago

    please in the next video make this the last comment u read...thanks

  80. esco Tanner

    esco Tanner6 hours ago

    I liked the prequels before they were cool.

  81. Tia Silverstone

    Tia Silverstone6 hours ago

    That was funny! I totally busted a gut!!

  82. 406 OUTDOOR

    406 OUTDOOR6 hours ago


  83. Beau Gray

    Beau Gray6 hours ago

    Oh my god! when he made the fart noises at the beginning, I was already done πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  84. 25Dayna Reeves

    25Dayna Reeves6 hours ago

    If you dont like a movie dont ruin it for everyone else please the amount of hate i see reminds me of how rude and mean people are and it sucks

  85. Dean Harkness

    Dean Harkness6 hours ago

    Ummm Jerred Leto was the best Joker!

  86. Krishan Chotkan

    Krishan Chotkan6 hours ago

    Well that was he's but

  87. Jack Habiger

    Jack Habiger6 hours ago


  88. Daniel Chavez

    Daniel Chavez6 hours ago

    The voice on this one was not epic, kinda sad and childish. I guess it matches the movie.

  89. Daniel Mendoza

    Daniel Mendoza6 hours ago

    Not monotone.

  90. Emily DiCarlo

    Emily DiCarlo6 hours ago

    so many snacks so little time XD

  91. Darth Know-It-All

    Darth Know-It-All6 hours ago

    Nice save I guess

  92. The Snookman

    The Snookman6 hours ago

    When it comes to corn, Children of the Corn was way better!!

  93. Emily DiCarlo

    Emily DiCarlo6 hours ago

    wow this was darker than i expected XD

  94. Jay Vansickle

    Jay Vansickle7 hours ago

    The snowy Bat Logo was very Arkham Origins...

  95. Aleksi Porre

    Aleksi Porre7 hours ago

    Please say: "Joel Schumacher, David Benioff and M. Night Shyamalan have the power to save x-franchise"

  96. ProfessorM.

    ProfessorM.7 hours ago

    this one was a super disappointment

  97. Bionicle Tudeeoes

    Bionicle Tudeeoes7 hours ago

    I love you 2.8 billion πŸ‘Œ

  98. Jack Wells

    Jack Wells7 hours ago

    Nope, if I got to make this movie, it would be nothing like this, because I have the sense to A) hire someone to write a good story; B) not do the same story that's already flopped; and C) get someone to teach me to direct first.

  99. Inky Owl

    Inky Owl7 hours ago


  100. Owen Likely

    Owen Likely7 hours ago

    1:40 7 page muda