1. Javier

    Javier2 minutes ago

    What !!!!!!!!!!!!! this FOOL is out his rocker he has gone OWN in all the the fights he has lost

  2. SickKent

    SickKent6 minutes ago

    She'll never be champion.

  3. Andy Boy

    Andy Boy8 minutes ago

    Rampage "I pitty the fool" Jackson

  4. OutTheDoor23

    OutTheDoor2311 minutes ago

    She looks half retarded , oh sorry I meant it looks like her growth was slown down

  5. Michael Rodriguez

    Michael Rodriguez16 minutes ago

    The thumbnail reminds me of The Super troopers scene who’s going to get farva Do you think we are the two stupidest people in the world? is that Why you are mean to us?


    MAORI BRO16 minutes ago

    It is called a pofeedy lol

  7. Johnathon Hiner

    Johnathon Hiner19 minutes ago

    "Cash me Outside".

  8. Philip Hernandez

    Philip Hernandez20 minutes ago


  9. guiguijol

    guiguijol28 minutes ago

    I get it Kelvin, you lost, better than Robert....

  10. Ryne Manion

    Ryne Manion43 minutes ago

    Sounds like a WWE promotion on drugs...mmmk!

  11. Choco Loco

    Choco Loco55 minutes ago

    “Young israel” the dude is 30 he’s been Fighting for a while and had many W

  12. andrew lee lomas

    andrew lee lomas56 minutes ago

    Why is holding 2 belts, cringe alert 🚨

  13. frank thoman

    frank thomanHour ago

    Justin is a hungry fucking animal

  14. Thanos Snap

    Thanos SnapHour ago

    I’m here for the comments.

  15. PAPAxJesterx99

    PAPAxJesterx99Hour ago

    Bullshit !

  16. Justin Jones

    Justin JonesHour ago

    GSP needs to beat at least 2 contenders first before he gets a championship match. Thank Goodness Dana has been keeping GSP from cherry picking fights

  17. vlada

    vladaHour ago

    Who the fook is that to get 40mins?


    THRESHERHour ago

    She's so awkward and cringey

  19. Tom Cahill

    Tom CahillHour ago

    If it happens gsp wins,the man is a beast

  20. 504 chino

    504 chinoHour ago

    Pretty 👀

  21. Mark mcmahen

    Mark mcmahenHour ago

    Travis looks like a turtle

  22. Mark mcmahen

    Mark mcmahenHour ago

    Way too much makeup Travis, looks ridiculous.

  23. mercurial13

    mercurial13Hour ago

    The boogie man will end the eagles career.....badly!

  24. Cedric le Noir

    Cedric le NoirHour ago

    When having an interview and knowing your food is getting cold must feel so annoying.. Respect Brian! I would have cut Ariel long time haha

  25. DANIEL Catoni

    DANIEL Catoni2 hours ago

    Make it happen plz....

  26. Good one

    Good one2 hours ago

    Tony first George next

  27. the Notorious

    the Notorious2 hours ago


  28. Horten Ojongtambia

    Horten Ojongtambia2 hours ago

    Make up can make anyone look half decent lol never thought she could look attractive lol but still super butchy

  29. Raushan Mishra

    Raushan Mishra2 hours ago

    Way too make up. She looks much better without this make up.

  30. Bob Smith

    Bob Smith2 hours ago

    This is a tune up fight for mcgregor. He should Have done this before facing khabib. But it's good for McGregor

  31. Malik Ehsan

    Malik Ehsan2 hours ago

    Please Make it happen ALLAH ♥️ It would be Good.

  32. Big Hits

    Big Hits2 hours ago

    she thick doe

  33. striker3212

    striker32122 hours ago

    Thiccy Longstocking

  34. Eli B

    Eli B2 hours ago

    He reminds me of Chael so much.

  35. Will I Am

    Will I Am2 hours ago

    awwwww he like a little teddy bear :P

  36. Jeremy W

    Jeremy W2 hours ago

    She can triangle choke me out any day of the week ;)

  37. ceasar gonzalez

    ceasar gonzalez2 hours ago

    Jds vs Cain was pretty good too

  38. Big C

    Big C2 hours ago

    She could get completely stomped and the ufc would never make a peep about this girl again, this girls barely even a prospect when you look at the top 5 or 10

  39. Centurion Guards

    Centurion Guards2 hours ago

    Honestly I'd never heard or seen Jorge Masvidal before this interview, he's real gangsta.

  40. D Carreira

    D Carreira3 hours ago

    This interview is for nothing. She's gonna get wrecked against Robertson.

  41. Edwin Hernández

    Edwin Hernández3 hours ago


  42. SlayinSaiyan 94

    SlayinSaiyan 943 hours ago

    Hate to say it but she just can't perform against top fighters. She's a b lvl fighter at best. Yeah she wrecked Ronda, but hasn't shown much after that. Tate took her soul I think, got her 5th round when she was winning.

  43. Alberto Villalobos

    Alberto Villalobos3 hours ago

    That happens for not respecting opponents

  44. E Nuff C Nuph

    E Nuff C Nuph3 hours ago

    Thumbnail looks like a 'MAN'nequin doll has just been positioned on a chair....

  45. Sulaiman Easan

    Sulaiman Easan3 hours ago

    It will be the only most respectful press conference, if this fight happens

  46. Olie Z

    Olie Z3 hours ago

    2:23 thats me and my friend we was with Kelvin at his interview in topeka

  47. Martin Sun

    Martin Sun3 hours ago

    Not trying to be a bully but she seriouslly looks just like a trans girl And please UFC don't over promote her, just let her be

  48. andrew herman

    andrew herman3 hours ago

    Daniel said it himself , there isn’t a rivalry when you lost both fights . More of a grudge lol

  49. DrMario Pepper

    DrMario Pepper3 hours ago

    🤢🤮🤢🤮🤢🤮 future of what? Losing?

  50. C S

    C S3 hours ago

    U need to learn to move that heAd first. Looked terrible in.last fight, valentina or a JJ wud stroll through a fight v macey

  51. Alex

    Alex3 hours ago

    It seems he can behave normally wen he is not on drugs! But like other say he is just saying what he thinks his fans want to hear, can't believe anything he says.

  52. E Nuff C Nuph

    E Nuff C Nuph3 hours ago

    Surprise surprise! Promote the pretty girl/... Boy? (maybe), and then hope she can cut it in the octagon after......I know she has had some good fights, but so have many other womMEN, where's their half hour interviews? UFC are so blatent with their biased promotional methodologies.

  53. harsh hulk broly beast

    harsh hulk broly beast3 hours ago

    Hahahha conor gonna come back,,, hope these comments are available when he comes back🔥🔥

  54. Dustin Barton

    Dustin Barton3 hours ago

    Uhhh y’all forgot one...

  55. Tim Tim

    Tim Tim3 hours ago

    it’d be more sense if Connor vs Gaethje and Tony vs Khabib . Gaethje alrd have some beef w Connor and Tony vs Khabib needs to happen for the first time after 4 failed attempts . not to mention both Khabib and Tony has 12 winstreak rn .

  56. Eddie Costa

    Eddie Costa3 hours ago

    This chick hits like a 260 pound dude... love all her fights

  57. Ayuub Ali

    Ayuub Ali3 hours ago

    She is getting too much shine lol Gillian Robertson by sub

  58. ladyheroin .v4

    ladyheroin .v43 hours ago

    Everyone he just called out would merk him in the cage

  59. Mauricio Hiure

    Mauricio Hiure3 hours ago

    she's a thicc one

  60. Beyn

    Beyn3 hours ago

    that's why she lost last fight ......

  61. Tim the Toothless

    Tim the Toothless3 hours ago

    Another UFC fighter makes a "daddy pick me next please" video

  62. Ziga Vidmar

    Ziga Vidmar3 hours ago

    They better keep Brett Okamoto away from this gawd...He would tee off of her backstage

  63. Johnny Cash

    Johnny Cash3 hours ago

    UFC is trolling her with this thumbnail.

  64. Ricky Blommaert

    Ricky Blommaert3 hours ago

    I like ortega but I'm a huge kz fan so I really want him to win but of ortega wins that's oké to

  65. Dark side

    Dark side3 hours ago

    Gd luck to her ! Remember her saying about the jon Jones record a while ago and now she's even more confident in herself. Good interview.

  66. pablo escabar

    pablo escabar3 hours ago

    Look at your face and you talk about khabib, first fight connor and prior than thinks about it. You will lost in the first round in 10 seconds against khabib.


    ●TRUST ME I GOT 30 SUBSCRIBERS ●3 hours ago

    Guys we need to get to the bottom of this bispings eye mystery. 56:03 - Ariel hilawane.

  68. Your Daddy.

    Your Daddy.4 hours ago

    Should of had her talking for 1 hr 38m. Why so short?

  69. Krakkin 89

    Krakkin 894 hours ago

    "and many many loads off Dana"


    BLONDE KITTEN GIRL4 hours ago

    Mike Tyson speaks be thankful listen bro

  71. Troy Mason

    Troy Mason4 hours ago

    14:40 - Nate is so right. The ufc basically out mcgregor in all the right places. Never had one fight in lightweight and got a title shot before khabib and tony and diaz and everyone else.

  72. Jose Morales

    Jose Morales4 hours ago

    She got lit up in the first round by a striker no where near as good as valentina or joanna

  73. Matt Sherv

    Matt Sherv4 hours ago

    Maycee Barber doing the trans community proud.

  74. veneno dulce

    veneno dulce4 hours ago

    305 babby Miami

  75. DaeguCityBoy

    DaeguCityBoy4 hours ago

    0:54 Ten years ago Maycee was given a choice

  76. Mary Fartsonin

    Mary Fartsonin4 hours ago

    She's really overlooking Gillian. I just get this vibe from her that she feels like this is just an easy fight and at the least an easier one that her last 2 bouts in the UFC - and I disagree. Gillian is very dangerous on the ground, she's way better than Aldrich on the ground which Maycee BARELY acknowledges, she's like "oh she might have more skills on the ground than JJ maybe" it's as though she's looked at Gillian's record and not much past it. Maycee has a high chance of finishing Gillian because Gillian really can't strike, but Gillian could definitely finish Maycee too she's not somebody to just ignore which is what Maycee seems to be doing.

  77. Jerry Rojas

    Jerry Rojas4 hours ago

    AUDIO!! Not a fan of getting my eardrums blown out by commercials when I can’t hear homeboy.. come on Aerial

  78. Gabino Cabarloc

    Gabino Cabarloc4 hours ago

    Shes gorgeous .....need to wax that upper lip tho. Hope she gets to fight paige

  79. skylinefootball

    skylinefootball4 hours ago

    That didn’t age well!

  80. EHMT -1

    EHMT -14 hours ago

    I see with my little eye, a stache? 😳

  81. Joelson Sabado

    Joelson Sabado4 hours ago

    Ariel helwanis kinda getting annoying with all that advertising and interviews but whatever

  82. Saqib Ali

    Saqib Ali4 hours ago

    GSP's weight cut is going well

  83. Carl Vickers

    Carl Vickers4 hours ago

    Great questions and some very good thoughtful answers.. I like Maycee and Gillian may the best woman win...

  84. Alex Mallinson

    Alex Mallinson4 hours ago

    Her eyebrows remind me of one of khabibs cousins If they weren't wearing a veil

  85. Mathius S

    Mathius S4 hours ago

    Good prospect but aging like milk. The female Justin Gaethje

  86. MrMdemon

    MrMdemon4 hours ago

    How is Khabib V McGregor not on the list?

  87. Hoover

    Hoover4 hours ago

    Who tf is she even? I have never heard her name before in my life

  88. F.I.E.L

    F.I.E.L4 hours ago

    Alright here it is mine 1. Wanderlei vs Rampage 2. DC vs Jones 3. Chael vs Silva 4. Conor vs Diaz 5. Sakuraba vs The Gracies

  89. Ershad mondal

    Ershad mondal4 hours ago

    Wwe destroyed his life.

  90. Chap Chappington

    Chap Chappington4 hours ago

    She looks like Mrs Potato Head. Hopefully she’s packed her angry eyes for the fight.

  91. F.I.E.L

    F.I.E.L4 hours ago

    James Vick vs his chin is the best one in my opinion

  92. Pat

    Pat4 hours ago

    Can you believe she's 21??

  93. Tomy Nguyen

    Tomy Nguyen4 hours ago

    Jon Jones and USADA is the greatest rivalry of all time. Bet you can’t change my mind

  94. Anthony Ferrara

    Anthony Ferrara4 hours ago

    Please use the espn tech ppl to equalize your guests volume to match Ariel, it is very annoying to have to jack my volume up to hear one person talk then jack it back down when Ariel chimes in.

  95. Janemba 112

    Janemba 1124 hours ago

    Is that a lifeless corpse in the thumbnail

  96. Melvin Colon

    Melvin Colon5 hours ago

    Her contenders series interview rubbed me the wrong way but she grew on me, she’s a top prospect with a bright future and an exciting fighting style.

  97. dutch

    dutch5 hours ago

    Maycee looks like transgender

  98. ina august

    ina august5 hours ago

    Francis Ngannou ducking Henry triple C

  99. KeepsIt REAL

    KeepsIt REAL5 hours ago

    Lol UFC litty again, I can’t wait to see this fight

  100. Jon N

    Jon N5 hours ago

    Looks like she’s gonna have to suck a couple to get there