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10 months ago

Happy Birthday Sonja
#HausWork Manchester


7 years ago

monstervision no 3
The Edge of Jonas
  1. Rosalia Perrytose

    Rosalia Perrytose3 hours ago


  2. Ari Panto

    Ari Panto5 hours ago

    Listen 10 november 2019 from jakarta Indonesia

  3. Juliana Navarro

    Juliana Navarro5 hours ago

    Linda perfeita 👏👏👏👏👏👏

  4. Nicole Ortega

    Nicole Ortega7 hours ago

    Ooo ctm, la amo


    BRIDGETTE DY10 hours ago

    November 2019 , who’s with me? 🤘

  6. Aida Henry

    Aida Henry10 hours ago

    Lady Gaga is a Goddess!!!! She's authentic, sooooo her, that's what I love about her, genuine! Long Live Lady Gaga, the QUEEN! God bless you Lady Gaga & everything you do!!!!!

  7. Karoliny Cardoso

    Karoliny Cardoso11 hours ago


  8. Shawn’s Lawn

    Shawn’s Lawn16 hours ago

    What R.Kelly did is awful we all know this But.. don’t lie and say this version is better

  9. André Felipe

    André Felipe20 hours ago


  10. Jose Lopez

    Jose Lopez20 hours ago

    How did she do the tentacle thing tho 💀

  11. Estepherson

    Estepherson21 hour ago

    Era isso que eu tava procurando 👏🏽✌🏽🤙🏽👁


    TOP VIDEO22 hours ago

    Lady Gaga😘😘😘 hi love you

  13. Mohd Fakhrolruzi

    Mohd Fakhrolruzi22 hours ago

    She could easily rocked 2000 rap crowds with this kind of aggression

  14. Josh Adams

    Josh AdamsDay ago

    Dam!!! What a voice!!!

  15. mert germanotta

    mert germanottaDay ago


  16. César Hein

    César HeinDay ago

    The only DWUW we need 👑

  17. Lisbeth Salander

    Lisbeth SalanderDay ago

    P!nk would say: Try it,bitch...!

  18. mc star

    mc starDay ago

    She is so sweeeeeeeet i love her

  19. Chelsea Hale

    Chelsea HaleDay ago

    This version slaps

  20. manny castillo

    manny castilloDay ago

    😭 rlly need the full thing

  21. Kasey Hendrickson

    Kasey HendricksonDay ago

    One of my favorite songs‼️‼️‼️ I love it

  22. Dave Gibson

    Dave Gibson2 days ago

    Lady gaga the only one I can compare to is madonna who always she is the greatest always wanted to be a actor she won her first ever award starring in a star is born I love her and her music. Nolan

  23. Tere Jiménez cover

    Tere Jiménez cover2 days ago

    Brilliant!!!!! 😍😍😍

  24. Toma Plugaru

    Toma Plugaru2 days ago

    A star was born

  25. robson da conceicao

    robson da conceicao2 days ago

    The best

  26. Daniel

    Daniel3 days ago

    this was a SERVE!!!

  27. Jeff Gogo

    Jeff Gogo3 days ago

    I was never a fan before, but after listening to her sing this song, I`ve changed my mind. I couldn`t get into all that costume shit. To me, it took away from her talent. It was too distracting for me. I never cut her completely off and I`m glad I didn`t. She certainly can carry a tune. You don`t need to hide behind all the fluff and glitter, just be Stefani.


    ROMINA CAPOCCIA3 days ago

    Song from rarity dress up rocking hairstyle my little pony equestria girls rainbow rocks

  29. marcus jones

    marcus jones3 days ago

    I don’t like R Kelly but that version was🔥this one okay , but I can’t listen to this song without the beginning vocals of R Kelly it just sound incomplete tbh.

  30. Angela McFarland

    Angela McFarland3 days ago

    Love Gaga..this is one of my favorite songs since it came out, and Gaga did it justice...actually it's in my list of songs when I die for my funeral

  31. Ashley V. Morisson

    Ashley V. Morisson3 days ago

    I want whatever she had too! #BadGaga

  32. Larissa Menezes

    Larissa Menezes3 days ago

    Eu amor essa mulher lady gaga. Amor da minha vida. Sou fã.

  33. Piero960

    Piero9603 days ago

    I prefer Pink cover...

  34. club of games

    club of games3 days ago

    Whats fortnight?

  35. Dragon Master

    Dragon Master3 days ago

    BTW Era Melhores Performances <3

  36. Alisson

    Alisson3 days ago


  37. Jo Genaro

    Jo Genaro3 days ago

    Bgus bngat

  38. Red VB

    Red VB3 days ago

    Stunningly Vicious!!

  39. jameshisself

    jameshisself3 days ago

    I missed all of the feminist outrage because, you know, butt cheeks.

  40. Shayur Ramsunder

    Shayur Ramsunder3 days ago

    R Kelly? We dont know her *sips tea*

  41. Sarah Wagner

    Sarah Wagner3 days ago

    How do you sound this good live😍

  42. Richard Vinicius

    Richard Vinicius3 days ago

    Why is not listed no USwork this song?

  43. Edna Kirkland

    Edna Kirkland4 days ago

    Ohhh I’m crying. It’s so nice to see her transformation through the years. She’s just like wine. The older the better. Hold on little baby Gaga. 🥰

  44. William Russell

    William Russell4 days ago

    What a talent, what a personality, Who cares about the fools.

  45. Luiz Carlos de Lima

    Luiz Carlos de Lima4 days ago

    Eta porra

  46. highkick AJ

    highkick AJ4 days ago

    Wow! Nothing beats the original but I wouldn't have expected this from her. Incredible powerful performance, she did it justice

  47. Noval Cupank

    Noval Cupank4 days ago


  48. Karen Torales

    Karen Torales4 days ago

    No murio

  49. King Of Coney Island

    King Of Coney Island4 days ago

    Who's here after her tweet saying she didn't remember artpop? :(

  50. Andrea Tribu

    Andrea Tribu4 days ago

    I love her, but its the worst cover of this beautiful song i ever heard.

  51. Dale Jolly

    Dale Jolly4 days ago

    He’s not sounding his best ?!

  52. Kelly games

    Kelly games4 days ago

    lady gaga I felt very bad when I ate something I had a vomiting sensation and when I found you I listened to your songs a lot and when I got sick I listened to them and I felt something strong a vibration between me and you and I was fine, I'm Brazilian and I'm proud to hear your songs I follow you a lot, I have been welcoming you for 3 years and I'm very happy because your songs made me very well ... And I really wanted to meet you and a big hug and bye bye baby

  53. jess

    jess4 days ago

    we are all here reunited after her iconic post today that she doesn't remember ARTPOP, making it trend on social media and getting people to stream the whole album, CHEERS ARTPOP, happy 6 years

  54. jeffisthatinnocent

    jeffisthatinnocent4 days ago

    I remember ARTPOP

  55. Gabriel Duarte

    Gabriel Duarte5 days ago


  56. Johny Cuevas

    Johny Cuevas5 days ago

    U copyied poder face by eric cartman South park /:(

  57. klári geiszler

    klári geiszler5 days ago

    She looks so tired or annoyed. Or both. But she performs the song pretty well.

  58. klári geiszler

    klári geiszler5 days ago

    When did she sing this? Can anyone tell me this please? Thank you.

  59. João César Claro

    João César Claro5 days ago

    Joga fortnite no seu celular roda

  60. Lance Jolo

    Lance Jolo5 days ago


  61. Gavin Wieland

    Gavin Wieland5 days ago

    I've got goosebumps. This is fantastic!

  62. Speak Life

    Speak Life5 days ago

    She’s disgusting

  63. Kyle McDaniel

    Kyle McDaniel5 days ago

    I ball every time. This is one of, if not The most vulnerable and honest artistic performances ive seen in my life.

  64. Andress Ruizz

    Andress Ruizz5 days ago

    R. Kelly version better. No cap. If he wasnt accused of rape, yall would say the same.

  65. Niel Gomez

    Niel Gomez6 days ago


  66. albert Zabala

    albert Zabala6 days ago

    No thanks.....

  67. Canal Utopia

    Canal Utopia6 days ago

    I´ve never seen this entire video.. and OMFG i'm so pround

  68. Lidija Baulovska

    Lidija Baulovska6 days ago


  69. Vina Here

    Vina Here6 days ago

    November 2019 🙋🏻‍♀️🙋🏻‍♀️🙋🏻‍♀️

  70. Lidija Baulovska

    Lidija Baulovska6 days ago


  71. Lidija Baulovska

    Lidija Baulovska6 days ago


  72. francoisbalobas

    francoisbalobas6 days ago

  73. Isaiah WL

    Isaiah WL6 days ago

    STFU Lady Gaga. I hated you

  74. Martin R. L. Campos

    Martin R. L. Campos6 days ago


  75. Rick Plumridge

    Rick Plumridge6 days ago

    I L. O. V. E. You Gaga💓💕💓💕💓💕💓💕💓

  76. MixTube Vídeos

    MixTube Vídeos6 days ago


  77. Seed Fénix

    Seed Fénix6 days ago

    Really she is a legend Noh magic iconic artist pop of the human history INCREDIBLE I WHICH HER HEALTH AND LOVE


    ANDREY CODENCOV7 days ago

    Я люблю тебя...

  79. Luizz Danniel

    Luizz Danniel7 days ago

    Isso sim era música com vibração é energia, não essas músicas mornas de hoje. Não me conformo dessa música ficar apenas #29 na billboard

  80. Glenn Pitre

    Glenn Pitre7 days ago

    why would you mess this song up.. not a good version of what she could really do.. Gaga is a gr8 artist.. but she could've did better on this..

  81. shah salleh

    shah salleh7 days ago

    Pity her, this song is too high for her, she has to scream instead of just sing.

  82. MrKastaway66

    MrKastaway667 days ago

    She’s good with the music. The singing. The performing. All of it.

  83. Rafael Bernal

    Rafael Bernal7 days ago

    A headless gaga, a trip to the moon, a ballarina fantasy, a skeleton on the Grammy's nomination night... You can totally say Gaga LOVED Marry the Night, because every single one of the live performances were so diferent and iconic!

  84. Jisryl Raz

    Jisryl Raz7 days ago

    I’m literally crying 😭😭😭😭 I love you even more Gaga. November 9, 2019

  85. Andrés Madrigal

    Andrés Madrigal7 days ago

    who's watching in 2019 wow

  86. oo oo

    oo oo7 days ago


  87. GigglesClifton9

    GigglesClifton98 days ago

    When the stuffed elephant made an appearance l lost my shit.

  88. Tine Master

    Tine Master8 days ago

    Lady Gaga... Sure sings well but her acting is shit... So fake her performance.. Nothing could be faker

  89. Vuani 201920192019

    Vuani 2019201920198 days ago

    2019 anyone?????

  90. Van der linden Sacha

    Van der linden Sacha8 days ago

    Oh my god I’m a big fan. You are a fucking queen queen. So cool

  91. Brandon Now 48

    Brandon Now 488 days ago

    Wednesday 1 January 2014

  92. Richard Kruk

    Richard Kruk8 days ago

    Joanne is Nice Natural.

  93. Cameron Longknife

    Cameron Longknife8 days ago

    Couldve been the best era ever if r kelly wasnt in the picture

  94. Inferno Reviews

    Inferno Reviews9 days ago

    When people don’t recognize how much gold this performance is 🤣💯💯

  95. Brian Baker

    Brian Baker9 days ago

    She was literally trying to start the revolution and was visually upset it didnt happen.

  96. Yehoshua Singson

    Yehoshua Singson9 days ago

    Hi ! Thanks for greeting us....

  97. Notlikely Meph

    Notlikely Meph9 days ago

    Can you imagine doing that every day... I think she would just perish from the effort.

  98. floor sea

    floor sea9 days ago

    com a haus é assim

  99. tonya bohanon

    tonya bohanon9 days ago

    Beyond amazing rendition. Great girl.

  100. JanuskaJang2

    JanuskaJang29 days ago

    😭😭😭 all the raw emotion 😭😭😭 she sang from her heart and probably her struggles in this business......