The Epic Rap Battles of History is a video series created by Nice Peter, epicLLOYD, Dave McCary, and Maker Studios.
Banner photo by Adam Hendershott

  1. Razer craft11

    Razer craft1113 minutes ago


  2. Anas IQ

    Anas IQ18 minutes ago

    Real title: Steven Spielberg vs Alfred Hitchcock vs Quentin Tarantino vs Stanley Kubrick vs Michael Bay. Epic Rap Battle of Directors

  3. PrinceUriel01

    PrinceUriel0121 minute ago

    Funny and so wrong on so many levels but i give props to t-pain

  4. Skigo & Romeo

    Skigo & Romeo32 minutes ago

    Mother Teresa Vs Sigmund Freud Darkseid Vs Thanos Cardi B Vs Nicki Minaj The Undertaker Vs Uncle Sam Coyote Peterson Vs Jeff Corwin T-900/Cameron Vs Leni Loud Arnold Schwarzenegger Vs Rocky Balboa Billy Ray Cyrus Vs Ariana Grande Will Smith Vs Adam Conover Kevin Hart Vs Hannibal Buress

  5. LazyRare

    LazyRare32 minutes ago

    Nice good cool

  6. Austin Plays games

    Austin Plays games35 minutes ago

    Accuracy 9/10 Only thing different is that Catherine was actually Prussian

  7. William G

    William G36 minutes ago

    Where's the new rap battle?

  8. Regal Garcia

    Regal Garcia39 minutes ago

    Hey guys which erb video was the quote “ oh look who’s talking! A lowlife dickwad who sucks dick for a living” from?

  9. Tasha LovesLarryAndFood

    Tasha LovesLarryAndFood43 minutes ago

    "Ooh, what's that? A missle backpack? Well, I guess you'll be alright if a fucking bird attacks." Dead.

  10. L30n G

    L30n G44 minutes ago

    Lets be real the norse woman would Kick Zeus ass if he tried any shit with them.

  11. L30n G

    L30n G45 minutes ago

    Thor freaking slaughtered Zeus.

  12. 916mw

    916mw56 minutes ago

    The fact that all you dumb fucks in the comments like Robin Williams more than any of the other comedians featured shows how stupid people are. You all think a whacky guy that wears funny wigs and does impressions is better than people that actually write and tell jokes.

  13. Дмитрий Спириденко

    Дмитрий СпириденкоHour ago

    Yuri Gagarin vs Alan Shepard

  14. Rita the Hamstew

    Rita the HamstewHour ago

    Putin sounds like Rocky Balboa

  15. Kiddie the Newbie

    Kiddie the NewbieHour ago

    Guy Fawkes saying "S-word" reminded me of Stewie from family guy saying "Cool whip"

  16. jacob nicks

    jacob nicksHour ago

    Pennywise vs baby from FNAF

  17. Commu Nism

    Commu NismHour ago

    A bunch of battle ideas -hans christian anderson vs. Jacob&wilhelm grimm -monty python spanish inquisition vs. IRL spanish inquisition -john wilkes booth vs. ahn jung gun(famous korean assassin from the 1900s that assassinated a major japanese leader when korea was ruled bh japan) -hercules vs. he-man -bascou(idk if im spelling this right) dagama vs. marco polo

  18. Shane Aycock

    Shane AycockHour ago

    How about Pennywise Vs Joker?

  19. Frédérick Condette

    Frédérick CondetteHour ago

    Jeanne can't loose against that

  20. Brian Naylor

    Brian NaylorHour ago

    Oh. Just thought of another one maybe people have suggested before: Tony Stark VS. Margaret Thatcher. (Iron Man VS. The Iron Lady)

  21. Caiden-Lee Goode

    Caiden-Lee GoodeHour ago

    The expression on Poe's face in the second verse scare me more then his stories While stevins throughout were expressive Anyone else notice this?

  22. Eyleen Colon

    Eyleen ColonHour ago


  23. Lukewizard 1287

    Lukewizard 1287Hour ago

    Kakarot won

  24. flippin perv

    flippin pervHour ago

    Chuck Norris vs Chuck Norris (pioneer of forensics!)

  25. thunder cloud

    thunder cloudHour ago

    Jack skellington vs skeletor

  26. Christopher Maslak

    Christopher Maslak2 hours ago

    If you listen closely, you can hear Quentin Tarantino masterbating to this

  27. Bublito HeizCrew

    Bublito HeizCrew2 hours ago

    Fact is, Trump won. Get over it libtards (: #Trump2020

  28. thunder cloud

    thunder cloud2 hours ago

    He-man vs lion-o

  29. yokainat

    yokainat2 hours ago

    bruh ngl this used to slap so hard when i was 9

  30. Luka D Neville

    Luka D Neville2 hours ago

    I seen this in the comments and i think its amazing. Kurt Cobain in one of them, someone suggested to match him with Jimi Hendriks but id be more into him versing Anthony Kiedes from RHCP

  31. Emmanuel Cadichon

    Emmanuel Cadichon2 hours ago

    Theodore Roosevelt vs Winston Churchill round 2 please and thank you 😍😍😍🥰🥰🥰

  32. A Wet Tombstone POV

    A Wet Tombstone POV2 hours ago

    Steve Irwins lines are, in my Opinion, has the best lines in ERB history

  33. Regent Coyote

    Regent Coyote2 hours ago

    You should do ninja vs nickmercs

  34. Mae Barrett-Fox

    Mae Barrett-Fox2 hours ago

    I am.sp sorry to pollution this comment section with my nerd shit; but ash has caught a ghost type (in indigo league).

  35. Regent Coyote

    Regent Coyote2 hours ago

    You should do pew die pie vs jacksepticeye

  36. John Martinez

    John Martinez2 hours ago

    Daammmm nigga .....

  37. Scarf Seo

    Scarf Seo2 hours ago

    Who the fuck is Bill Nye compared to Sir Isaac Newton

  38. Ihave Aheadache

    Ihave Aheadache2 hours ago

    Guys the only way our country is going to survive is if Charles is in charge.

  39. kayla m

    kayla m2 hours ago

    0:24 anyone gonna talk about that line? That shit was fire

  40. scorpianz studioz

    scorpianz studioz2 hours ago

    What if you did thanos v.s kylo-ren?

  41. Mighty Mitch

    Mighty Mitch2 hours ago

    Geralt of Rivia vs Van Helsing Johnny Cash vs Ozzy Osbourne

  42. Tyler Cullen

    Tyler Cullen2 hours ago

    These were probably the most fire verses in any ERB video

  43. Sir William Touchabs

    Sir William Touchabs2 hours ago

    NEXT ONE IS GONNA BE Mother Teresa vs Sigmund Freud

  44. Zan.

    Zan.2 hours ago

    Just your healthy reminder that the Clintons, the DNC, the FBI, and the Rusiians manufactured a fake investigation into the Trump campaign in 2015 and they've been using this to attack a duly-elected President. * Lowest UNemployment for Black people in history * Lowest UNemployment for women in history * Booming economy * Top 10 highest record LEGAL immigration in history * Promoted more women and minorities in a US Presidential administration in history * Passed the First Step Act, causing huge strides towards prison reform * Brought hundreds of thousands of jobs back to the US - Obama was the person to lock kids in cages - Obama had way more (relative - year by year) deportations than Trump - Clintons are tied to multiple rapists and pedophiles (Harvey Weinstein, Jeffrey Epstein, John Podesta) - (Oh, Trump TALKED once about grabbing a pu$$y? Oh no! Your poor fee-fees!) - Every major metropolitan city with sky-rocketing violence is run historically by Democrats - News agencies ignore the vast majority of violence against conservatives by "tolerant liberals", but give endless coverage to allegations, fake hate crimes, and ghost-chasing cases (FAKE Russia collusion) against conservative politicians. - Jussie Smollet (LUL) - Trump reinstated OBAMA'S TRAVEL (""""Muslim"""") BAN, which was in effect years before Trump reinstated it. If you care about Black and Hispanic people, you need to vote Trump for 2020. ILLEGAL immigration is wrecking Black communities! Trump 2020! Vote for the love of Black people! Vote for the love of Hispanic people! Vote for TRUMP for the love of ALL of the people across the world seeking a safe and prosperous home in the United States!

  45. Blue Sky

    Blue Sky2 hours ago

    "plots so thin even I can see through" lol

  46. Mayhem

    Mayhem3 hours ago

    Freddy D the O-fuckin-RIGINAL progenitor and DADDY of "Old School" we should Recognize with true props and crown this muddah fuggah Freddy "O.G." Douglass the "Duke whom DUGMOST"

  47. Anil mehta

    Anil mehta3 hours ago

    Fred and George Weasely vs. Pippin and Merry

  48. shivanie staples

    shivanie staples3 hours ago

    You need to know a lot of history to appreciate the time erb put into this

  49. John Mauk

    John Mauk3 hours ago

    I’m fairly certain that Wendy’s destroyed the competition. But if Whataburger got into the fray then it would have been a challenge

  50. Sam Morgan

    Sam Morgan3 hours ago

    *All of my film geek/rap fan dreams just came true.*

  51. athow123

    athow1233 hours ago

    Bow down to Cathy the great

  52. Marcus Games

    Marcus Games3 hours ago

    I've watched this like 10 times already

  53. Ben18ten

    Ben18ten3 hours ago

    Antonio Brown vs. Jameis Winston or Jerry Jones. I just want a battle with AB. AB vs. Terrell Owens?

  54. canithrow my poop

    canithrow my poop3 hours ago

    The part at 1:09 confused me.... then I realized what he meant by seeing doctors, and having a PC that he didn’t get from bill gates, was when he saw doctors for his Pancreatic Cancer (PC) which killed him.

  55. Ceejay Daniel

    Ceejay Daniel3 hours ago

    Ed, Edd, and Eddy vs. The Three Stooges

  56. Joseph Stalin

    Joseph Stalin3 hours ago

    The *zucc* vs. Weeaboo Tony stark

  57. Arivata Niteshade

    Arivata Niteshade3 hours ago

    Lmao I die everyone George is like “no he didn’t” 😂has me dead all the time

  58. Addison DaMan

    Addison DaMan3 hours ago

    I wanna see capn crunch vs lucky the leprechaun

  59. Sam Hardie

    Sam Hardie3 hours ago

    damn 2012 youtube was wylin these gay jokes would get cancelled in 0.435 seconds in 2019 lol

  60. Coolkid 123

    Coolkid 1233 hours ago

    This season has been banger after banger. Thank you Peter and Lloyd

  61. David Reyes

    David Reyes3 hours ago

    Pepsi>coke Android>mac Epiclloyd>nice Peter So Ronald roasted himself

  62. etdrwho

    etdrwho3 hours ago

    That last line was siiickk

  63. Draco1935

    Draco19353 hours ago

    Pennywise vs. Joker!

  64. katie gacha

    katie gacha4 hours ago

    Yass sis

  65. stainless steel pan

    stainless steel pan4 hours ago

    It would have been cool to add H.P. Lovecraft and other horror writers as well, although THIS BATTLE IS AMAZING (I’ve watched this so many times)

  66. Nightmare Fredbear

    Nightmare Fredbear4 hours ago

    Jason Voorhes vs Micheal Myers

  67. Andy Larkin

    Andy Larkin4 hours ago

    1:48 The turkey is ready.

  68. John Gaimari

    John Gaimari4 hours ago

    Gordon Ramsay

  69. Zoë Ruiz

    Zoë Ruiz4 hours ago

    steve irwin won

  70. PaiN_AmairBLAQ

    PaiN_AmairBLAQ4 hours ago

    juliaaaaa won

  71. Zen Faith

    Zen Faith4 hours ago

    Smart. Smosh and Rhett and Link

  72. Luke Bocook

    Luke Bocook4 hours ago

    These have so many good rhymes and bars

  73. Mr.Doorbell Lmao

    Mr.Doorbell Lmao4 hours ago

    Poe: "Hey king I gotta be fair, you beat me." Stephen: "Thanks for admitting it, I was obviously superior" Poe: "Why don't we celebrate over a nice glass of amontillado?"

  74. Wonder Duncan

    Wonder Duncan4 hours ago


  75. Michael Is Here

    Michael Is Here4 hours ago

    1:41 What talent?

  76. No Name No Name

    No Name No Name4 hours ago

    I went to the mall today and there were two massive lines that stretched out of the Apple store and across the mall. Turns out they just released a new iphone. Yet here I am watching this video on an iphone 5S. Still works great!

  77. AlienLee

    AlienLee4 hours ago

    "You changed your name to Mercury, you should've been Freddie Uranus." Me: Freddie won't recover "You had a hit sing called 'My Way', but someone else wrote it." Me: NEVERMIND

  78. Tonya Smith

    Tonya Smith4 hours ago

    You should do Elton john vs Billy Joel.

  79. Sanderlin Productions

    Sanderlin Productions4 hours ago

    If they didn't add Lincoln it would have been better and I would have shared it

  80. A Johnson

    A Johnson4 hours ago

    Such a good Deadpool impression.

  81. Jonah McBonah

    Jonah McBonah4 hours ago

    yoga fire. hmmmmmm i feel like there is a reference to dhalsim { ͡• ͜ʖ ͡•}

  82. dre dre

    dre dre4 hours ago

    Bruh, ya styles like ya Ice cream machines, broken, that was the victory right there, 😆😆😆

  83. Tomoko Kawakami and Tara Strong fan

    Tomoko Kawakami and Tara Strong fan4 hours ago

    Robin Hood vs. Arsene Lupin - (The two most legendary thieves in fiction).

  84. Furyan Auror

    Furyan Auror4 hours ago

    Bob Ross was also a Master Sergeant in the USAF

  85. Parikshit Rao

    Parikshit Rao4 hours ago

    this one is kinda weird since a lot of superman's verse kinda apply to him more then to Goku, i mean. "Village of idiots" "bad animation and complicated plot" srsly superman?

  86. dembonez19

    dembonez194 hours ago

    Siri vs Alexa lol

  87. Matt Burns

    Matt Burns4 hours ago

    How about something with pee wee herman

  88. master  chief

    master chief5 hours ago

    Do LEWIS AND CLARK vs (optional)

  89. master  chief

    master chief5 hours ago


  90. Alejandra Longoria

    Alejandra Longoria5 hours ago

    Rick did

  91. Elysian Exe

    Elysian Exe5 hours ago

    Bts vs one direction

  92. Varelaboy

    Varelaboy5 hours ago

    Avatar Aang vs Jake Sully “main character in the avatar movie”

  93. Felipe Oropesa

    Felipe Oropesa5 hours ago

    Bob ross

  94. Jason Charron

    Jason Charron5 hours ago


  95. Jason Charron

    Jason Charron5 hours ago

    Carl's jr red robbin

  96. Voices In Your Head-phones

    Voices In Your Head-phones5 hours ago

    Alright, hear me out here. Judge Dredd Vs Judge Judy.

  97. Cherry Bomb

    Cherry Bomb5 hours ago

    my favorite

  98. mymainispacman

    mymainispacman5 hours ago

    Hey have you thought of samus (metroid) ellen ripley (Alien)

  99. Kenneth Tolbert

    Kenneth Tolbert5 hours ago

    Croc hunter killed him

  100. Joãopedro Pelisson

    Joãopedro Pelisson5 hours ago

    Jules Verne VS H.G wells!