Zac Efron
  1. Sup Dude

    Sup Dude36 minutes ago

    Kelsey’s cute

  2. INSTC-Pcket

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  3. Morgan Voorhees

    Morgan Voorhees7 hours ago

    I think Nina and Zac would make a great duo

  4. Maimouna Cisse

    Maimouna Cisse11 hours ago


  5. Anthony Di-Perini

    Anthony Di-Perini13 hours ago

    If ( IF ) Jeninfer Lopez talks to you, it won't be for good reasons even if she seems innocent. Trust me.

  6. Outlaw Immortal

    Outlaw Immortal15 hours ago

    Please do one with zendaya

  7. Jay Hockey

    Jay Hockey17 hours ago

    Why is the timer so fast

  8. Anthony Di-Perini

    Anthony Di-Perini19 hours ago

    Oh baby sweet 👶 yes im gonna take care if you 💋 Im a baby too 👶

  9. Ruth Chinzah

    Ruth Chinzah21 hour ago

    Wow Zac your hair makes you look a lot older 😅😅😅. But im a fan not a hater, but still it's hilarious 😂😂😂😂

  10. ももか

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  11. ManOfConstantSorrow

    ManOfConstantSorrowDay ago

    I googled Nina once now her vids keep Poppin up on my recc. Hey Nina, cumquat 😉

  12. Javier Aliendro

    Javier AliendroDay ago

    6:35 Never seen such amazing photoshop skills before bro

  13. Sudhir Kakar

    Sudhir KakarDay ago

    who is she ?

  14. Justin Mcmanus

    Justin McmanusDay ago

    I'd let her throw a medicine ball at my face... 😑

  15. jettrink13

    jettrink13Day ago

    why no women in this video ??

  16. patlat gelsin

    patlat gelsinDay ago

    I recommend you watch my videos are not bad

  17. Cole Weston

    Cole WestonDay ago

    From cute to old in 5 years. Time for a makeover bro

  18. no te wua a decir xd

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  19. justin thompson

    justin thompsonDay ago

    That interview in the shop killed me! 😅😂😂😂

  20. Atlas Odyssey

    Atlas OdysseyDay ago

    *2 months later and still waiting for another video*

  21. C P

    C P2 days ago @ "off the gid"......




  23. nunya

    nunya2 days ago

    She's on my Bucket List

  24. Jeff Calvin

    Jeff Calvin2 days ago

    daz da crappiest

  25. Mark A

    Mark A2 days ago

    Definitely smashed 👊🏽

  26. Gabe Freecss

    Gabe Freecss2 days ago

    *What? Zac Efron has his own YT Channel???* *I love you Nina 'Elena Gilbert Dobrev* 😍

  27. Alizee Nirvana

    Alizee Nirvana3 days ago

    I Love Zac

  28. Melissa's World It Takes Five

    Melissa's World It Takes Five3 days ago

    I would love to workout with michael vazquez. He is a trainer i have followed on instagram. He is sick.. Here is his instgram page. An he is in California i think LA. Not syre how far from you since i never been to Cali an i know it is a big

  29. Melissa's World It Takes Five

    Melissa's World It Takes Five3 days ago

    Jason Moamoa. He has an extreme workout an he would so join you

  30. Dedish

    Dedish3 days ago

    The frosted tips makes you look like you lost your boy band and you're on the hunt for a underage fan girl to pee on.

  31. arianagrandeworld____

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  32. Maimouna Cisse

    Maimouna Cisse3 days ago

    BECAREFUL Zac Efron

  33. Tyrese Ryan

    Tyrese Ryan3 days ago

    Let's not talk about how we are watching two people exercise while we lay down and eat.

  34. chacky4krsma

    chacky4krsma3 days ago

    0:15 When women try to impress men with a simple "wheel" trick. Ladies, please: Any - even non-cheerleader - can do that. If you want to impress a man, do a Salto, or a Scorpion Kick: ;-)

  35. Seila Hy

    Seila Hy3 days ago

    Guy this is not sexy Do not watch

  36. justayanadim

    justayanadim3 days ago


  37. Anthony Di-Perini

    Anthony Di-Perini3 days ago

    No dont say that ! 😂 that aint awkward thats very cute Even IF you would consider me as your b*tch, I wouldnt be upset ( im kidding ) I know most of people see you as a .. doll or something always commentating about yr physic ect thats very frustrating

  38. Anthony Di-Perini

    Anthony Di-Perini3 days ago

    AHHHH so much testosterone in this video 😂

  39. قبل 12 سنه

    قبل 12 سنه3 days ago

    Lily Collins

  40. Paterno Baldemor Jr

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  41. _ OneLove

    _ OneLove3 days ago

    Nina seems sweet and a fun person.

  42. Raul Lopez

    Raul Lopez3 days ago

    Dwayne Johnson!!

  43. Anthony Di-Perini

    Anthony Di-Perini3 days ago

    0:10 cutest thing ever 👶

  44. Anthony Di-Perini

    Anthony Di-Perini3 days ago

    That's very TRUE

  45. J Hanson

    J Hanson3 days ago

    I like your exercise tips that are fun with friendly people! Maybe a martial arts workout and working with different athletes during their workouts would be really fascinating!

  46. Ivanna Manzur

    Ivanna Manzur3 days ago

    I WANT A GYM PARTNER to do that hahah

  47. Amelia Peas

    Amelia Peas3 days ago

    Zack I fucking love you dut the Beard is not cute 😦

  48. Melissa Topic Cardozo days bezerra

    Melissa Topic Cardozo days bezerra3 days ago

    What you best friend❤❤❤

  49. K'Lynn Mata

    K'Lynn Mata4 days ago

    You would probably get more viewers with a UFC fighter? I think that would be cool, you’d draw in a different audience

  50. Damir Alivojvodic

    Damir Alivojvodic4 days ago

    jojo siwa has a crush on you

  51. Dark Wing Duck

    Dark Wing Duck4 days ago

    Funny editing cool channel bra :-D

  52. Elisa Sky

    Elisa Sky4 days ago

    Good for you Zach. A lot of people take nature and the outdoors for granted. Didn't really know that about you till now.

  53. Jess Romero

    Jess Romero4 days ago

    He needs to make a workout playlist.

  54. Jess Romero

    Jess Romero4 days ago

    What’s the song at 4:00

  55. Rochelle Washington

    Rochelle Washington5 days ago

    Hi Zac I have to draw u in art class

  56. Michael Choi

    Michael Choi5 days ago

    Anyone know the name of the soundtrack at the beginning of the video?

  57. Wolf - PUBG Mobile

    Wolf - PUBG Mobile5 days ago

    Look Like Leah Gotti

  58. Amin Khalil

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  59. Tomas Castro

    Tomas Castro5 days ago

    what is the beginning song ?????????

  60. Connor Conway

    Connor Conway5 days ago

    I went to UCLA with Marcedes Lewis. He was not only a great football player, but a great and powerful basketball player as well. I saw him dunk on two guys. Dude was the epitome of an alpha male.

  61. Steve Bryan

    Steve Bryan5 days ago

    these guys obviously need to get out more

  62. John Mandrake

    John Mandrake5 days ago

    what in the world is cryo time 0.o

  63. Connor Foley

    Connor Foley6 days ago

    "If you don't want to have fun or make stories what are you doing?" Wallowing in poverty Zac, I'm wallowing in poverty.

  64. s h i n k a i

    s h i n k a i6 days ago


  65. Johan Last

    Johan Last6 days ago

    Next time you visit my country, you should really play with the lions. Well not in the wild, Those will eat ya. No we have a place where you can get real close to the king. I remember once busy doing some IT stuff at the place and some americans came to the bar counter to ask where the lion cubs were. Well they were chewing on my shoes and tugging at my shoes while I worked. I just picked up one and handed it to the lady. She was like what the....her expression was priceless.

  66. Taish Desnomie

    Taish Desnomie6 days ago

    Chris hemsworth

  67. Bleacher McAdams

    Bleacher McAdams6 days ago

    When you pulled him in he lost his probably $300 sunglasses....thanks man

  68. Catherine S

    Catherine S6 days ago

    This makes me wish I had friends to work out with

  69. Megan C

    Megan C6 days ago

    Hey Zac, just started watching your videos on Snapchat. Been looking for workout list that I can work with when I go to the gym. In the description of your videos could you post the workout list? Thank you!

  70. JL

    JL6 days ago


  71. Harshjeet Joshilkar

    Harshjeet Joshilkar6 days ago

    Any Indian fan?

  72. Milly Vinilly

    Milly Vinilly6 days ago

    Was I the only one that saw nina at the beginning of the video?

  73. Targon Labasco

    Targon Labasco6 days ago

    Why does Zach look like a ripped 55 year old dude?

  74. Emma Cordova

    Emma Cordova6 days ago

    Aww hes so in love with her 🥰

  75. ᴋɴᴏᴜʀɪsʜ

    ᴋɴᴏᴜʀɪsʜ6 days ago

    4:00 song?

  76. Brandon Saunders

    Brandon Saunders6 days ago

    Zacky pooos cheeks looking a little sucked in from the roids and cocaine.

  77. Harshita Srivastava

    Harshita Srivastava7 days ago

    Venessaaa plsss

  78. Anthony Skidmark

    Anthony Skidmark7 days ago

    Make a baby?

  79. Dead Pumpkin

    Dead Pumpkin7 days ago

    You look like a mix between Zac Efron and Logan Paul

  80. Pheobe Bell

    Pheobe Bell7 days ago

    Zac I shan’t to meet you

  81. Jason Moyle

    Jason Moyle7 days ago

    # of the girls are pretty hot, the other meh

  82. Libra

    Libra7 days ago

    love u zacc

  83. D Zxx

    D Zxx7 days ago

    Need new content my dude

  84. CasualAlfalfa

    CasualAlfalfa7 days ago

    More. :)

  85. CW Productions

    CW Productions7 days ago

    mad editing

  86. Y .Ding

    Y .Ding7 days ago

    You should try ultralight salt water fishing... micro jigs and cranks from the shore... always fun!

  87. Itzel Escobedo

    Itzel Escobedo7 days ago

    why does zac efron have white hair!

  88. Sincerely Paris

    Sincerely Paris7 days ago

    I always wanted to go skiing , but I always have this fear I’m gonna seriously hurt myself or I’m going to die lol.

  89. Wolfie dembouz

    Wolfie dembouz8 days ago

    Best couple ever💓🔥😅

  90. Lisa Crawshaw

    Lisa Crawshaw8 days ago

    You reached 1M subs Z!!! 🥰🥰

  91. Maimouna Cisse

    Maimouna Cisse8 days ago

    I really don't like your fiucking face son of a bitch

  92. anecell jael

    anecell jael8 days ago

    2:23 😳

  93. Cesiah M

    Cesiah M8 days ago

    Go ! Zac, nature is the best therapy for everything,! I do the same thing.

  94. Kez

    Kez8 days ago

    Zac looking 45 years old in the thumbnail lol

  95. Katia Vega

    Katia Vega8 days ago

    I didn’t know i needed a video of Zac Efron and Nina Dobrev working out together UNTIL now

  96. Chumaxonics

    Chumaxonics9 days ago

    When she says "She got them in South Africa", I'm like whereeeeee. . . please come back !!

  97. Tanisha Satpathy

    Tanisha Satpathy9 days ago

    Can we get Zac Efron work outs with Nina Part 2 till Part 100 .

  98. Russel Santomin

    Russel Santomin9 days ago

    Nightwing and Zatanna

  99. ortal sam

    ortal sam9 days ago

    do gym time with your brother!:)

  100. DesertOne

    DesertOne9 days ago

    hentaiiiii i watch hentai too ❤❤😂😂😂